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2005-2006 Management Associate (MA) Program

At Citigroup, FMAs are part of a world-class finance team that guides the financial business functions of the world’s largest financial services firm. The access and responsibility we give our FMAs puts them on a ‘fast track’ career path towards a leadership role at Citigroup.

FMAs are provided with the challenge of diverse rotational assignments in several of Citigroup’s finance functions: Strategy, Planning and Analysis, Treasury, Accounting and Tax Policy and Financial Control. Rotating through various finance functions allows MBA graduates the opportunity to utilize their broad skill set. Additionally, FMAs have the opportunity to work closely with senior level business and finance managers in key finance areas. Because Citigroup is a truly global company, FMAs choose the location they want to be based, including New York, Europe, Asia, Japan and Latin America. We offer FMAs an optional international rotation outside their regional hub in a wide range of geographies, which broadens FMAs’ global perspective both professionally and personally. By exposing FMAs to various financial functions within Citigroup's businesses, the program can provide FMAs with access to a career path that best serves both their interests and the interests of Citigroup.
After learning and contributing to the business during the program, FMAs graduate the program at a Vice President level and launch their career in finance positions that ultimately lead to important leadership roles inside diverse Citigroup businesses.
The FMA program is highly supported by senior management at the firm. Management’s vision of the program is to place FMAs in senior finance roles throughout the global organization after gaining solid experience in a wide array of finance areas.

FMAs spend four weeks in an intensive, best-in-class training program. After successful completion of the training program, FMAs begin the 18-month program divided across three, six-month rotations. What makes the FMA program unique is its emphasis on leadership within financial management roles combined with a global experience. Additionally, FMAs are provided the opportunity to work in more than one Citigroup business.

Access – Start at the top. You can gain direct access to Citigroup's senior financial officers and management team while working with carefully selected managers who know how to maximize your potential and develop your career. Learn about global finance from the people who shape it everyday.

Global Reach – Build an endless network. As a FMA, you select your region from five major global regions. Additionally, you can be exposed to varied global perspectives and businesses by spending one of your three rotations on an international assignment outside your regional hub. Much like the business school experience, you develop close ties within the FMA community at Citigroup and strengthen these relationships throughout your career.

Leadership – As a leadership development program, FMAs are viewed as the future finance leaders of Citigroup. FMAs are encouraged to develop their management skills during their three rotations.

Mentoring: From the start, you will be paired up with a Senior Mentor who will guide, support and mentor you throughout the program. These are professionals who have volunteered their time to mentor FMAs, therefore have a strong commitment to the program and the future leaders of Citigroup

Responsibility – Contribute from day one. Part of Citigroup's growth strategy depends on the entrepreneurial spirit of our employees. As a full-time member of the team, you can apply your leadership skills in a customized curriculum to accelerate your learning and professional development.


We value people who are committed to excellence in whatever they do, who have a sense of urgency and excitement, and who thrive in a challenging environment of change and competition.

Experience: Three to five years of significant related work experience

Leadership: People ready to take initiative and offer creative solutions

Adaptability: Individuals excited by international assignments and new business challenges

Enthusiasm: People eager for a broad and increasingly demanding career in financial management

Communication: Individuals skilled at building and maintaining relationships

Language: People who speak native languages (not mandatory)

Entrepreneurship: Individuals willing to take risks and build businesses

Degree(s): MBA/MS

Work Authorizations: Generally upon employment, applicants must be authorized to work on a full-time basis in the country in which the position they are applying for is located in accordance with applicable laws.
application process (both steps are required WHEN POSSIBLE):

Interested applicants should submit a cover letter and resume to:

1. Complete the Citigroup apply on-line application at

  1. Where offered, register with your School Career Center in order to drop your resume


Citigroup is an equal opportunity employer


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