The Hindu Temple of Atlanta

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The Hindu Temple of Atlanta

I would like support The Hindu Temple of Atlanta and make a donation in the following amount:

$25 $51 $101 $251 $501 $1001 $2001 $2501 $5001 $10,001
Other: $ __________ (use this for any other amount and also to sponsor any temple pooja or event from the list of available options.)
I would like to sponsor bricks project (siva temple front area): $116/brick. # of bricks___: Total amount:_______
I would like to become a trustee of the temple. Please contact me with more information.

I would like to designate my donation towards:


Siva Temple construction:

Yaaga Saala construction:

Sponsorship of a Pooja (Please see the list of poojas that can be sponsored and add that amount and information)




Phone: Home: Cell:



Other info:
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