Mission statement of International Hindu School

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Mission statement of International Hindu School:

The mission of the International Hindu School is to instill the leadership, creativity and courage in the minds of its graduates and to give them a drive for a life-long pursuit of knowledge. We strive to create international citizens who follow Indian core values while maintaining a strong character and be law abiding. 

Dear Parents and Students

International Hindu School has become a Smart School in the true sense.

We are making many important changes this session.  Please cooperate with the school and help our children get smarter.


We are adding 10 new Smart classrooms this year. There were only 3 before.  There will be a total of 13 Smart Class rooms this year. 

We are trying to ensure that each child will study in a Smart Class Room.

Every class and each section will have hardware and software with EDUCOM. This will have a very good impact on learning. This has required some realignment of classes in different shifts. I remember. All my life since early childhood I used go to school from 10 AM to 4 PM.

There is Internet facility with these Smart classes. The students will be given home work on the Internet.


The students have to have an Internet and a computer at home.  The Aakash tablets have an Internet connection. The students will have a resource to review at home what they learned at the school.

The students need to be expert in information technology to get ahead these days. The best way to do that is to have it in their hands a computer to learn and to use it. A computer is needed at home for On Line Learning experience. Computer at home should have an Internet connection. Aakash tablet is providing both.

Internet is an ocean of knowledge. One can learn any thing on the Internet.

The Aakash tablets are an attempt to make the students Smart from Technology perspective at a very affordable price. Other Computer cost a lot more.  The manufacturers are giving us a customized product. Our teachers have demanded some changes and Aakash tablet manufacturer has agreed with us. There will no social network access in these computers. The Facebook,What’s up and other social Networks have been eliminated from the Tablet. 

It will have reliance Internet connection for a year.  It will have information on what is CBSE requirement is for each student in each class. Parents and students will know what knowledge is expected from them. It will have exercises and problems as their homework.  The schoolteachers will be give them homework on these tablets. I have seen the tablet in detail. All my nine grandchildren are learning like this in USA. 


We want to train our teachers and students to do Online Learning and be able to get a degree from any famous University in the world.


These Tablets will open an ocean of knowledge for the parents. They will be able to learn many things and make progress in personal and professional lives.

Parents can take lessons at the school to use the tablets. The tablets will stay at home and patents will be using it all day for their benefit in innumerable ways. The students will use it in the evening.

Please cooperate and help us accomplish our mission and make Smart Citizens for Smart City Varanasi.

School family is working very hard. Wait for some more important changes.

Suman Kumar Mishr

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