Word Wall Chants Use these as fun ways to practice word wall words at home!

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Word Wall Chants

Use these as fun ways to practice word wall words at home!

1. Blowing Kisses- Children blow a kiss for each letter. Use two hands for vowels.

2. Caribbean Spelling- Everyone stands up with hands on the hips and swivel each letter with hips.

3. Like a Robot- In robotic voices with arms moving back & forth

4. Sing Opera Style-Sing the words like an opera

5. Fly It Like A Bird- Arms flapping up and dow

6. Ketchup Bottle- Shake your hands as if you are trying to get the ketchup out of the bottle

7.Drummer- Beat out the letters, like a drum, on your table

8. Smelly- Hold your nose and spell it

9. Raise the Roof- Push up towards the ceiling, one push for each letter

10. Letter Size- This highlights movement with tall, short, and tail letters. The hands are over the head for tall letters, straight out for short letters, and bent to the knee for tail letters.

11. Frisbee- Throw each letter as you would a Frisbee

12. Yo-Yo- Ben d your arms at the elbow and alternate your hands up and down as you say each letter

13. Voices- Change voices for each repetition- loud, soft, whisper, growl, baby talk, etc.

14. Be the letter- just like Y.M.C.A.!

15. Make up your own! What silly movements can you think up? Can you vary them for consonants and vowels? Have fun!

Download 4.38 Kb.

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