Chapter 27, Section 2 Notes The Organization and Organization of Man

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Chapter 27, Section 2 Notes

The Organization and Organization of Man

The Suburban Lifestyle

The Automobile Culture

Consumerism Unbound


white collar workers worked for large companies that formed conglomerates (a large corp that owns lots of smaller unrelated industries)


a company’s branches, sometimes independently owned (think McDonalds)

Social Conformity

working for a large company meant conforming to corporate culture: teamwork, cooperation, and loyalty (no creative thinkers, rebels, or boat-rockers)

The Baby Boom

population boom in 1950’s

Advances in Medicine and Childcare

polio vaccine

Dr. Spock encourages nurturing childcare + moms staying home

Women’s Roles

stay-at-home mom glorified on TV and in magazines

however, an undercurrent of dissatisfaction

Leisure in the 50s

more free time than ever! 40 hr work week + lots of vacation time

also things like washing machines, vacuums, lawn mowers

so people start playing sports, watching professional sports, and reading magazines and books way more


Cars are a necessity with the suburbs

The Interstate highway system

the results of a nationwide highway network connecting major cities: new suburbs further from cities, trucking moves goods instead of railroads, and decline of towns away from highways, also more travel

Mobility takes its toll

problems of car-culture: noise and air pollution, accidents, traffic jams, and “white flight” upper and middle class whites left cities for suburbs

New products

Consumerism: buying consumer goods equating success

household appliances, leisure goods, casual clothes

Planned obsolescence

products go out of fashion/style/outdated in short periods of time

“throwaway society”

Buy now, pay later

buy on credit or installment plans instead of saving

The advertising age

convince people to buy more stuff they don’t need

use psych theories to get people to buy stuff

summarize in 3-5 sentences how american culture changed in the 1950s?. Was this true of all Americans? Explain who was left out of this cultural change.

Chapter 27 Section 3 Notes “Popular Culture”

New Era of Mass Media

A Subculture Emerges

African Americans and Rock and Roll

Rock documentary

The Rise of Television

Early 1950’s huge growth with tech advances

Results: tv advertising + frozen “TV dinners”

Stereotypes + Gunslingers

“tv portrayed an idealized white America”

also a lot of violence with westerns

NO mention of poverty, discrimination, civil rights

women and minorities in stereotypical roles
The Beat movement

social and literary rebels + nonconformists

Allen Ginsberg + Jack Kerouac
Rock n Roll

rock: audience white, but most producers African American

Rock came out of the blues and country

early 50’s Elvis and Chuck Berry are super popular

adults believed rock would lead to immorality
The Racial Gap

African American shows broadcast on separate stations (radio)

minority representation in jazz: Miles Davis, Thelonius Monk, Charlie Parker

So, there is still major segregation in all aspects of culture, but there is minority representation in music

Changes in culture (list 4)

Section 4 “The Other America”

The Urban Poor

Poverty Leads to Activism

White Flight

middle class whites left the city + rural poor took their place

cities lost revenues → couldn’t maintain infrastructure

The Inner Cities

“poverty line” minimum amount $ for a family/4 to survive

Urban Renewal

National Housing Act called for govt construction of low income housing

HUD (Housing and Urban Development) Cabinet pos. to improve cities

criticism: urban renewal just urban removal → displacing poor people

Mexicans Seek employment

during WWII Mexicans seek employment in US and stay after the war

The Longoria Incident

refusal of burial of Mexican-American soldier of WWII encourages organization to fight discrimination

Native Americans Continue their struggle

fight in WWII, but still second class citizens and discrimination

Termination Policy

ended federal econ support + reservation system for Native Americans

total failure

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