Health Information System

Management Functions in a Health Service System

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Management Functions in a Health Service System

  • The central level (Ministry of Health) is responsible for:
    • Health policy formulation
    • Production of national health plans and guidelines for local planning
    • Advisory role on allocation of resources, particularly capital funds
    • Source of high level technical advice for specific programs
    • Training and regulation of health personal development
    • Regulation of private profit and nonprofit health organization
    • Control of national health organizations and research institutes
    • Liaison with international health organizations and aid agencies
    • Co-ordination of all regional health activities
    • Employment and control of the health personnel
    • Budgeting and Auditing the health expenditure
    • Managerial and technical supervision of district health teams
    • Provision of supplies and other logistical support

Hospital Information System

  • An example would be a hospital information system This is a system which is comprehensive in that it contains the clinical, administrative, financial, and demographic information about each patient.
  • In addition, administrative, billing, and financial systems that facilitate the revenue cycle and other administrative tasks are components of information systems used in provider and health care organizations.

Hospital Information System

Hospital information systems make available:

What’s the HIS objectives?

  • Ensuring the quality of all health data.
  • Strengthening the ability to analyze and use the data.
  • Making informed decisions that will positively affect the health and lives of the people.
  • Planning, organizing, leading, controlling and decision-making.

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