Hello everybody and welcome to the podcast. My name is Josh Wentz and I’m a student here at Penn State University. I’m here today with my ist 110 classmate Greg Levine. (Greg)

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SI: Agility Systems Inc.

Podcast Script

Cloud Computing

IST 110.201


Team Members (group leader first): Josh Wentz, Greg Levine, Tyler Shelow, BoSoo Kim

Script Outline

Topic 1: What is Cloud Computing & How are we already using it?

(JOSH) Hello everybody and welcome to the podcast. My name is Josh Wentz and I’m a student here at Penn State University. I’m here today with my IST 110 classmate Greg Levine.

(GREG) Hello from the cloud! Like Josh said, this is IST 110 and we are ASI: Agility Systems Inc. Today we will be talking about the internet and technology, however we are specifically dealing with a new way of using the internet. Many of you already use this new technology without even realizing.

(JOSH) Yes, today’s topic will be Cloud Computing 101. The term is reaching saturation in the tech world, but if you’re not from the tech world you might be confused as to what cloud computing is all about. It is our job today to try to clear it all up for you.

(GREG) To start, we’ll give the most basic overview of the entire concept. Basically what we’re talking about is not having everything you do be run on your desktop. You’re actually allowing someone else to store information or host applications. You’re sharing some part of the computer process with a network of other computers. Overall, it is a concept of using third party services online rather than on your computer.

(JOSH) That’s correct. And many of us are doing this in some form or another already. If you have a web based email for example, like yahoo, hotmail, or gmail– you’re already working in the cloud. You store, access, and send information from someone else’s computer. You’re accessing it through your web browser, but the actual information and applications live somewhere else; they’re in the cloud. If you ever hear that the information is stored in the cloud somewhere – that means it is living on servers which belong to a certain company or organization that provide these services.

(GREG) So that’s Cloud Storage. Okay. So, if you’re using a web based word processing programs like google docs or Adobe’s Buzzword then that’s actually cloud computing. You are using an application. You’re doing everything on the web but the cloud is handling the actual computing power. The horse power is done by a server somewhere or “the cloud.”

Topic 2: What are the benefits of cloud computing?

(JOSH) So why is it that cloud computing is so popular? We’re going to outline four main reasons why cloud computing is becoming a mainstream concept.

1 – Accessibility – For students, what this means is that you would not have to save your essay or project on your flash drive to take it across campus. You should be able to access the same information, the same programs, anywhere, anytime, from any computer that has access to the internet.

(GREG) That’s correct – it’s supposed to really free us up. For parents, what this means is that you would not have to lug your laptop home every day because you could access the same information at home as you do at work.

(JOSH) 2 – Collaboration – For students and parents both, working & collaborating on group projects will be completely effortless. You would never have to email the other members in your group the file that you have been working on. Duplicate group files will be a thing of the past. Now, all group files will be edited and saved on the cloud.

(GREG) Exactly - this means that anyone in your group could be working on the same exact file from one side of the campus to the other, or even from one side of the nation to the other. New information would be merged into one to one file over the web. The ageless difficulty of collaborating on a project will be solved.

(JOSH) 3 – Scalability – For students, you won’t be held back by how much hard drive space you have. You will be able to expand your number of files onto the cloud. And for parents, if you own your own business or website you will no longer be restricted by the size of your server. Once your site information is in the cloud, it is free to grow to meet demand.

(GREG) 4 – Save Money – For students looking to get a new computer, and parents looking to buy a new computer, cloud computing will reduce the price. Now longer will you need the highest end super computer to get the best performance. With cloud computing, your computer will just act as a terminal to the number crunching computers on the server you are accessing. Your performance will be as good as your internet connection permits.

(JOSH) These are just a few of the really cool technologies developing in the College of Information Science and Technology.

(GREG) So the next time you are frustrated with not having a file from your desktop or working on a group project – start moving your stuff to the cloud & make your life easier.

(JOSH) Well, I think we’re just about out of time here. A big thanks to our sponsors – Agiility Systems Inc., members – Tyler Shelow & BoSoo Kim, and manager – Dr. Glantz.

(GREG) Check us out next time when we will take all of these words and turning them into a video podcast.

(JOSH) This is Josh

(GREG) & Greg

(JOSH) signing off and wishing you good luck in the cloud.

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