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Holy Week Missions

Every Mission Has A Story …

What is Mission Youth?

Mission Youth, an apostolate of Regnum Christi, is an organization formed by young people who unite forces to give the world a spark of hope by bringing human and Christian values into society. They put their leadership and faith at the service of others through missions for families and children in need, both spiritually and materially. One of their annual projects is Holy Week Missions. Mission Youth is hosting Holy Week Missions in Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Phoenix and Dallas. Missions will include training and missionary activity.

Our Goal

We want young people to embrace their mission as apostles and decide to invest a significant part of their time and effort in the work of evangelization for the salvation of souls. We want to be a support and serve local parishes and the Church through our evangelization missionary activity.

General Information about Holy Week Missions in Dallas 2012:

Who: High school, college and young professional Men aged 15 and up.
When: Thursday, March 28th - Sunday March 31st, 2013 (Registration 5:30pm at The Highlands School)
Cost: $70 before March 15th and $80 after until March 22nd when registration closes.

Please register on line at http://dallas-hw-missions.ticketleap.com (Cost includes; Overnight Insurance, food, lodging, Mission Youth T-shirt, Mission Youth backpack, Cross, local and national fees supplies for the missions.)

  • Be sure to include:

    • Registration Packet (if under 18 yrs)

    • Or Registration Packet (if over 18 yrs.)

    • Safe Environment Certificate (if over 18 yrs.)

Registration forms send to:

Br Juan Disraely, LC

3813 Cabeza de Vaca Cir., Irving TX 75062

314 578-8148

Email: jdangeles@legionaries.org


Transportation to and from The Highlands School (before and after Holy Week Missions) is the responsibility of the participant. Transportation to and from The Highlands School and our Lady of Perpetual Help (during the Holy Week Missions) will be provided by Mission volunteer drivers. Parents are asked to sign a transportation waiver for this.


The Highlands School

1451 E. Northgate Drive

Dallas, TX 75062
Phone: 972 554-1980
( Registration 5:30pm on Thursday, April 5th)

Mission Site:

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

231 North Marsalis

Dallas, TX 75203

Phone: 214-948-6535
(Thurs. April 5th at 7 pm Mass through Closing Mass Easter Sun. April 8th 12:30 pm )

Adult Volunteers:

Several adult volunteers will assist as chaperones during the missions, as well as two legionaries of Christ, (Fr Benjamin Cieply and Br Juan Disraely) who will be present as spiritual guides for missionaries. Parish and legionary priests will be available to offer the sacraments and celebrate Holy Week Liturgical services.

Contact Phone numbers:

Br Juan Disraely 314 578-8148

Daily Missionary Activities

  • Daily Mass with parish community

  • Service work at host parish

  • Daily training sessions and guided prayer for missionaries

  • Activities of faith formation for children and teens

Missionary Checklist of What to Bring

  • All Missionaries will receive a Mission T- shirt and a cross

  • 3-4 pairs of jeans (not too tight, please!)

  • 2 casual outfits

  • 1 nicer outfit with shoes (for Easter Mass)

  • Underclothing (suggested: undershirts to go under missionary Mission Youth t-shirts) and socks.

  • Pajamas

  • Tennis shoes (comfortable walking shoes)

  • Water bottle

  • Toiletries (shampoo, soap, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc)

  • Sun block

  • Sleeping Bag and Pillow

  • Towel

  • Camera (optional)

  • Permission Slip / Consent Form

  • Photo Identification

Remember, you are a missionary, so pack light!


  • Be Catholic, baptized, and eager to live your faith according to the teachings of the Catholic Church

  • Be moved by a purity of intention and able to perform service work.

  • Be physically and psychologically ready to handle the weather, fatigue and daily challenges (missionaries never complain!)

For information or questions about registration please Contact:

Br Juan Disraely, LC

314 578-8148

Email: jdangeles@legionaries.org
For 18 yrs. and older; Information about Safe Environment Trainings:

Please Check the website:


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