How to Order stlf t-shirts

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How to Order STLF T-Shirts

  1. Go to Will Enterprise’s special STLF website:

  2. Select the “Adult Pro Weight…” shirt.

  3. Choose the shirt color you want and then select “Customize It!” in the lower right hand corner of the picture of the shirt.

  4. When you’re viewing the front of the shirt, you want to select “Upload Image” in order to upload your bus’s design. Once you do that, you can resize it or center it. Note: keep in mind that your design should only be one or maybe two ink colors.

  5. Once you have the front of the shirt how you want it, select “Art Locations” on the left side of the screen and choose “Back-Back.”

  6. Once you are viewing the back of the shirt, select “Artwork” and then “Design Ideas” and then “STLF Backs” and then the first one on the list.

  7. From there, you might have to click “Zoom” in the upper left corner to ensure that you are zoomed in on the design.

  8. Once you are zoomed in, select each of the cities and type in the name of the city followed by the date like “Bacon, IN……………..March 15”. For a mystery tour you can either do underscores so participants can write it in or do question marks, it’s up to you.

  9. Once you have all the cities and dates entered, ensure that it looks nice by making the months and dates all line up (you can do this by adding more periods or stretching the date).

  10. Ensure that above the list of cities and dates you put the entire length of your trip like “March 27 – April 4, 2015”

  11. After you are done formatting your shirt, hit the green “Checkout” button in the bottom right corner.

  12. From there, you can select the sizes that you need for your bus (you can get this information from Cvent)

  13. After that you can log in if you already have an account, check out as a guest, or create an account.

  14. After that you should name your design something that is memorable and recognizable like “UMTC Atlanta Classic 2015”

  15. Hit continue and it will take you to your cart.

  16. In your cart, you can review your order and calculate your shipping. IMPORTANT: in the notes field you should say “Need in hand [a date a couple of days before the tour leaves]” and BE SURE that you hit “Save Note” otherwise that information will not be saved which is the worst.

  17. From there it will take you to payment information which is straightforward enough.

  18. Keep in mind that the artist will send you an art proof a day or two after you place your order and you need to approve that before the order can go forward. If there are any problems with your artwork, the artist can also take care of those.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Josh Hansen ( or John Hest ( we’d be more than happy to help you out.

Download 4.85 Kb.

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