Homework 1: Design Project Proposal Team Code Name: Money Bags Group No. 19 Team Members (#1 is Team Leader): #1: John Marston Areas of Expertise: Audio

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ECE 477 Digital Systems Senior Design Project Rev 8/12

Homework 1: Design Project Proposal

Team Code Name: Money Bags Group No. 19

Team Members (#1 is Team Leader):

#1: John Marston Areas of Expertise: ____Audio________________

#2: Adam Hendrickson Areas of Expertise: ____Interfacing____________

#3: Noah Bouillon Areas of Expertise: ___Software______________

#4: Calvin Mwesigwa Areas of Expertise: ___Software_______________

Project Abstract:

Our project is to design and build an electronic monopoly game console. The console will output the board and sound to a monitor and player information to android phones/tablets. Players will connect to it using android phones/tablets and be able to see game status including how much money, and what properties they own.

Design/Functionality Overview:

The purpose of this project is to construct a playable version of Monopoly that would allow up to 10 players with android smart phones to sync up to the portable monopoly box and play against each other. This is motivated though the spirit of playing a board game without the hassle of pieces or having to keep track of one’s money and properties.

The Monopoly box will consist of an interface to a monitor and will be able to display a menu, board, and animations that will allow players to see their position on a board. Further audio will play to indicate player interactions such as dice roll and possibly background music. A Bluetooth interface will be included to allow Android smart phones to connect to the box and will allow players to view what properties they own as well as how much money they have. The players will also be able to roll, trade, and purchase properties from their phone GUI.

Total Cost: $103.00

  • Microcontrollers PIC32MX ($10.00) x 3

  • RN41APL Bluetooth Controller ($23.00)

  • Miscellaneous parts ($50.00)

Noah Bouillon – Monopoly Game Logic, PCB Design, Packaging

Calvin Mwesigwa – Website maintenance, Android App, Game Logic

Adam Hendrickson – VGA driver, Bluetooth Driver, Chip-2-Chip communication

John Marston – Sound Driver, Android app, PCB Design

Project-Specific Success Criteria:

  1. An ability to communicate with android device to display player information (properties, money) over Bluetooth and accept player input such as dice roll.

  2. An ability to display board and animation on a monitor.

  3. An ability to output audio for dice roll and background music.

  4. An ability to properly simulate monopoly game (keep track of money, property, position)

  5. An ability to save game to flash memory and load game from saved data.

Block Diagram:

\\shay.ecn.purdue.edu\ahendri\pchome\.pcprefs\desktop\ece 477\monopoly_block_diagram.jpg

Division of Labor:

Design Component Homework

Professional Component Homework

4-Packaging Design and Specs


3-Design Constraint Analysis/Parts List


5-Hardware Narrative and Prelim Schematic


10-Patent Liability Analysis


6-PCB Narrative and Prelim Layout


11-Reliability and Safety Analysis


9-Software Design Narrative


12-Social/Political/Environmental Analysis


Download 13.16 Kb.

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