Honest is the Best Policy

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Honest is the Best Policy

Cheating amongst students has always been a problem within school systems, but is it an issue at Brownsburg High School?
The cheating scandal in Atlanta Public Schools that happened in 2009 still affects the public school system today. The investigation by Georgia Bureau of Investigation found that 44 of the 56 schools cheated on the 2009 standardized testing. It still holds to be one the largest cheating scandals in the United States.
Nine out of 10 surveyed Juniors at BHS confessed they have cheated on tests and quizzes but not on standardized testing. What’s the difference?
“We [BHS] practice the utmost in testing security.” Assistant Principal, Kurt Boedicker, said.
Boedicker feels that BHS shouldn’t have to worry about big cheating scandals on standardized tests. He is more aware of cheating happening in the classroom on assignments more than tests and quizzes.
“On ECA’s, yeah. It’s not a huge problem, but a problem.” Alex Gregg, math teacher at BHS, said.
Gregg explained how students who are testing online can easily cheat off the person next to them. He brings up a good point which contradicts Boedicker’s word on good security when taking a standardized test.
Most students don't think standardized testing cheating is as common. When taking a closer look at cheating at BHS it seems that most students would say their teachers don’t prepare them enough for tests and quizzes so they feel obligated to cheat to get a good grade.
“It’s not that they want to cheat...over the years too often students over extend themselves and fall behind… then they are not honest academically” Boedicker said.
Five out of 10 Juniors at BHS said they didn’t study for their tests, but eight out of 10 Juniors at BHS felt they weren't prepared enough to be able to pass a test.
“I feel like some of the students do cheat because they don’t have availability to seek out help from their teachers.” Judi Schilling, mother of a Junior at BHS, said.
Throughout the halls of BHS one can hear the crude things said about teachers. Most complaints are about how they didn’t learn or explain anything that was on the test.
“Teachers don’t make time to meet with students.” Schilling said.
Students feel stress to get good grades and not understanding the material leads to cheating in order to pass. Six out of 10 Juniors at BHS confessed they didn’t want to fail, so they cheated to maintain good grades.
“People do it all the time.” Gregg said.
Gregg finds it to be a major problem in this classroom. He started to take phones away during tests and quizzes because he had students who would take a picture of their test and send it to their friend.
Ten out of 10 Juniors said they don’t think cheating is right because they don’t think it’s fair to the students who did study and understand the information. But at the same time, they still cheat themselves to keep themselves from falling behind.
Standardized tests seem to be safe as far as cheating goes, but assignments, tests, and quizzes are another story at Brownsburg High School.

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