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Address: C-13-7, Arena Green Apartments, Bukit Jalil,

Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

Mobile: +6017-3492395

Home: +603-89992949


Skype: ee_arsalan

Current Salary: 7k

Expected Salary: 8k

Notice Period: One Month


A professional engineer with a unique blend of tenacity, flexibility, technical skills and other motivation qualities. Earn a reputation as a valuable and cooperative co-worker by being fair, honest and willing to help others when needed, effectively resolving conflicts at appropriate times and assisting other staff to become familiar with organization policy and operations


To find out the application of theoretical in a scientific place and seek a technical position in a team oriented environment that provides a room for growth


  • Masters of Telecommunication Engineering (M. Eng.)(June2008 – October2011 )

  • University of Malaya , Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia

  • CGPA=3.16

  • Thesis title: “WiMAX handover simulation using Qualnet”

  • Bachelors of Electronic Engineering (B.Eng.) (2001 – 2005)

  • Sir Syed University Of Engineering & Technology

  • 1st Division

Work Experiences

  • POWERWARE System Sdn. Bhd. as “R&D/ Electronics Engineer” (September 2013- Present)

  • Hardware selection and setup , support for Infrastructure monitoring instruments, Data center Monitoring (DCMS) setup & BMS implementation setup using PLC controllers & Gateways using serial communication for high level monitoring devices on projects etc.

  • Manage task for Centralized monitoring software and system design for live data monitoring using protocols (Scada, Bacnet, Modbus) etc.

  • Coordination with software and Hardware team for Data center setup and testing

  • Manage automated workflow process for Data center Assets Management, change request & Hands on requests etc.

  • Documentations and procedure handling reports for project completion etc.

  • CMS panel designing using Draft sight and graphics arrangement etc.


  • Bank Rakyat Data center Infrastructure, Asset management, workflow, IT monitoring system

  • Dialog Data center Infrastructure monitoring system

  • RHB Data center design and infrastructure monitoring system

  • Hitachi Sunway Data center Infrastructure design & monitoring system

  • MYTV Data center design and infrastructure monitoring system (Ongoing)

  • Fuji Xerox Data center setup and Infrastructure monitoring system (Ongoing) etc.

  • CONVERGYS Malaysia as “Customer Support Engineer” (April 2012- September 2013)

Responsibilities are:

  • Alarm monitoring, acknowledge, troubleshooting, maintenance & technical issues resolution

  • Provisioning analysis, implementations and deployment for the faults & issues reported in instrument’s technical aspects at 1st level troubleshooting before escalating to 2nd level

  • Configuration & management of trouble ticketing system/work order system for field operation team and keeping record of the activities using Citrix, case management system etc.

  • Ensure all SLA’s are met appropriately as maintain high level of customer satisfaction.

  • UNIVERSITY MALAYA as “Technical Demonstrator” (July2009 - October2011)

Responsibilities are:

  • Technical demonstration for data communication and digital systems research departments

  • Trainer for data transmission systems using multi standard VM34 modem

  • Using Qualnet software for research based simulations etc.

  • Trainer for Maxplus II, Labview for System designing and simulate the schematics and programming on EPM7128LS

  • MUSHKO Pvt. Ltd. as an “Electronic Engineer” in Technical Dept.(July2007 - June2008)

  • Planning, deployment, installation and maintenance for industrial projects, responsible for software and hardware technical support

  • Maintenance and troubleshooting for monitoring systems for acquisition (using ASTRA software),PLC ladder logics & Labview for sequence modeling

  • Working on Vision based software (Eyetron vision ver. 1.2.606.2) and (Vision Pro Quickbuild ver5.2) for image processing production units

  • Working on Cx-programmer/C++ coding for modifications and support for industrial projects

  • Communication/ software training from Singapore in May 2008

  • Design verification & implement best standards used for the project completion

  • Technical support for equipment in production line using Codi-shell, Lotus notes etc.

  • Derive the test procedures from documentations & product specifications

  • Provide trainings to technical team etc.

  • Creative Dynamics Engineering as a Project Engineer (Jan2006 - June2007)

  • Responsible for designing, installations and technical support for electronic applications, software and hardware etc.

  • Working on different PLC based projects (using S7-200/300 Siemens, Omron etc.) for different companies such as Indus Motors Company, Suparco, Suzuki motors etc.

  • Provide technical support for blister rejection systems using Visitec Image processing technology used in production industries (Sanofi Aventis, MSD, Johnsons and Johnsons, Roche etc.)

  • Working on Matlab/C++/Labview Programming based Industrial projects

  • Installation and technical support for interconnected network equipments

  • Research & development for Visitec technology, technical documentations etc.

  • Pakistan Telecommunication Ltd. as an Internee (July 2004 – September 2004)

  • Trainings on data center operations and optical fiber transmission technology

  • Overview for handling number of IP based agents and solving issues related to them

  • Interactive voice response system, interactively processes inbound phone calls and how to answers most of the queries

  • Investigating the working of the transmission lines installed

  • Operations, maintenance and configurations manuals etc.

Industrial Projects:

• PLC based water jet system and circuit inspection system for Free scale, Carsem(2007)

• PLC based blister rejection systems for Johnson & Johnson, Aventis, GSK, Roche(2005-2007)

• PLC based counter board and FIPG for Toyota, Suzuki motors (2005-2007) etc.

Certificate & Courses

  • PhP/MySql, scripting and data base designing (Apache Server) short course from Aptech Malaysia

  • Certification of Omron PLC Cx-programmer in Nov 2009 (From Malaysia)

  • Certification of training for engineers from Oce' Pvt. Ltd (From Singapore) in May 2008

  • Certified Course of ICND(Inter Connecting Cisco & Networking devices) from Sir Syed University Of Engineering & Technology October-December 2005

  • Certified professional Electronic Engineer recognized by Pakistan Engineering Council in 2007

Research Fields

  • Wimax Network Simulation : Improving handover performance with quality of services by using simulation techniques and Qualnet software (Master’s Thesis)

  • Power Line Communication: To transmit and receive data by using main power line as a main transmission medium using LM1893 main IC serve as a transceiver using C++ for programming

Technical Skills

  • Application development for Symbian/Android etc. using Carbide.C++, eclipse etc.

  • PhP/MySql (Apache Server)/Dreamweaver, Maxplus, C/C++, Lotus Notes, Matlab, Html etc.

  • Win 98/XP/Vista, Linux, Server 2000/2003, MS Office, etc.

Electronic/Communication Software Skills

  • Qualnet 4.5/5.0, Omron Cx-Programmer, Lab view, Orcad 9.0/10.0

  • Programmable logic controller-Siemens (S7-300, S7-200)

  • Linux, Carbide.C++, Qt etc.

  • Vision based software including Eyetron vision PVI ver. 1.2.606.2

  • Vision Pro Quickbuild ver5.2

  • ASTRA for SCADA units etc.

Professional Skills

Detail oriented, strong problem solver, professional, quick learner, results and goal oriented, strong time management skills, work well under pressure, team player, multi-skilled and talented, strong leadership, decision making and problem solving abilities. Interact well with people of diverse backgrounds, cultures, professional and technical levels

Major Courses

  • Optical Fibers and Amplifiers

  • Antennas and Propagation

  • Wireless Networking

  • Telecommunication Networks

  • Network Architecture designing

  • Signal Processing Project Management

  • RF Mems Devices etc.

Interest & Activities

  • Reading books, Web browsing, playing Football, Table Tennis, Snooker etc.

  • Winner of Inter Futsal Tournament organized by Datacom Malaysia

  • Best Debater of Intermediate competitions

  • Best Performer in Inter school mega Function

  • Best Footballer of Inter School Tournament

References will be furnished upon request

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