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Houghton Talent, INC.

IronE Singleton.com

The Hungry Rabbit Jumps Scar (lead henchman)/stunts Endgame/Maguire (Roger Donaldson)

The Lottery Ticket Neighbor 4 Alcon Productions (Erik White)

The Blind Side (Oscar Nominated) Alton (lead villain)/stunts Alcon Productions (John Lee Hancock)

A Box For Rob Tim (lead) Uptone Pictures (Renzo Vasquez)

Between Love & A Hard Place Mark (lead) Unique Productions

White Man Black Man Jew Man Revo (lead) IronE Productions (IronE Singleton)

Riff Osiel Villain Pictures (Rob Vil)

The Effect Omar Villain Pictures (Rob Vil)

Somebodies Janoah Athens Film Foundation (Hadjii)

Remember the Titans Football Player Disney (Boaz Yakin)

Dead Wait Junebug Stone Glass Productions (Alton Glass)

Fled Chef Paramount Productions (Kevin Hooks)

The Walking Dead T-Dog AMC(Frank Darabont)

Single Ladies Dion VH1 (Tamra Davis)

Franklin & Bash Worker TBS (Jason Ensler)

187 Detroit Priest ABC/Disney (Jason Richman)

One Tree Hill Homeless Man Warner Brothers (Les Butler)

Somebodies Epitome BET (Rusty Cundieff)

It Happens To Be Funny Preacherman Stone Glass Productions (Alton Glass)

Transitions Multi-Characters Georgia Public Television (Andy Permar)

IronE…The Resurrected One Man Show IronE Productions

Wanda Smith & Friends Jimmy Lee WVEE/V-103 Radio

The Penis Monologues Big Penis Lube For The Mind Productions (National Tour)

Twelve Angry Men Juror #4 Renaissance Project

El Hajj Malik Malcom X IKAM Productions

Miss Evers Boys Willie Renaissance Project

Dracula Harker Soulstice (Atlanta)

The America Play Brazil Actors Express (Atlanta)

Sugar Daddy Multi- Characters Rowe Entertainment (National Tour)

Othello Montano Atlanta Classical Theater

A Soldiers Play Davenport Black Theater Ensemble, Univ. of GA

Angels In America Belize Georgia Repertory Theater, Univ. of GA

Revolution Multi-Characters Georgia Rep. Theater, Univ. of GA

African Company Presents- James Hewlett Georgia Repertory Theater, Univ. of GA

Richard III


  • University of Georgia, Theater and Speech Communication Degrees

  • Atlanta Classical Theater


  • Board Member @ The Renaissance Project & Acting Coach @ Atlanta’s Young Faces and Talent Agency

  • Emcee – NASCAR, Atlanta Hawks, NBA All Star Game, Little League and Babe Ruth World Series, Atlanta Football Classic, Essence Music Festival, etc.

  • Mascot - Atlanta Braves-Hawks-Thrashers-Beat,,Georgia Force, Raggs Kids Club, Captain Clean Stream, Victorian Character, Batman, Spiderman, Teletubby, Power Ranger, Clown, etc.

  • Sports Official – Basketball, Softball, Football Director, Writer, Producer, Spoken Word, Rapper, Athlete, Server, Sub-Maker, Mover (hip- hop & street), Cook

  • Accents (Southern, Ghetto, British, Indian, Latino - all other accents with advanced notice)

Download 14.05 Kb.

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