How does the process work?

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How does the process work?

You can nominate your own organization, another organization, an individual or a group who has contributed to housing revitalization, economic development, or green housing in New Jersey. Resubmissions of past nominations are welcome. Please see the award criteria for specific eligibility requirements.

How do I nominate a candidate?

  1. Review the awards descriptions and their specific eligibility requirements.

  2. Complete the enclosed nomination form

  3. Fulfill the nomination requirements

  4. Submit by the July 31, 2011 due date. (Any nomination packets received after this date will automatically be disregarded.)

Who does the judging?

The winner will be selected by the DCA/HMFA/EDA Awards Committee. The Awards Committee will judge nominees according to the criteria described under each award. The decisions made by the Awards Committee are based on the information received within each nomination entry packet. Including supplementary materials will strengthen your submission.

When will I know who won?

A couple of weeks prior to the Governor’s Conference on Housing and Economic Development Conference all nominees will be sent a letter letting them know the status of their submission.

What happens if my nominee wins?

The awards are presented during the Governor’s Conference on Housing and Economic Development luncheon, Wednesday September 21, 2011, at the Atlantic City Convention Center. If your nominee wins, you will be notified and expected to be in attendance with your nominee to receive the award. If necessary, we will ask for additional pictures which will be used during the presentation ceremony.

Winners receive:

  • A framed congratulatory certificate.

  • A recognition presentation at the Annual Conference.

  • Recognition and promotion in press releases and the NJHMFA website

How do I submit my nomination?

Online or by Mail. (For detailed instructions please look under the area labeled Nomination Requirements)

Where can I get more information?

Contact Amy Palmer, NJHMFA Program Outreach Coordinator at 609.278.7423 or by email:


Please indicate the applicable category (See attached Category Descriptions).

__ Excellence in Housing Revitalization

__ Excellence in Economic Development

__ Excellence in Green Housing

Project Name:

Nominator (Your Name)

Complete Address:


E-Mail Address :

Name of Nominee:

Contact Person:
Complete Address:
E-Mail Address:

For-profit and non-profit groups, civic groups, individuals, and government entities involved in affordable housing and economic development.

1. Excellence in Housing Revitalization

This award recognizes achievement in affordable housing revitalization. This award recognizes projects directed toward revitalizing or redeveloping distressed or blighted neighborhoods. Projects must include a substantial affordable or workforce housing component.

Eligible nominees will be judged on the following project criteria:

  • Includes a key partnership of residents, stakeholders and /or local government in the initiative

  • Achieves integration and housing revitalization through specific design consideration and location

  • Addresses a challenge identified by members of the community

  • Promotes diversity, social inclusion and adds to the quality of life of neighborhood residents

  • Demonstrates the potential to have a lasting impact on the community

2. Excellence in Economic Development

This award recognizes an innovative mixed-use (non-residential), adaptive reuse, rehab, brownfield, industrial or office park that encourages private investment and the development of regional partnerships. The project should advance the community’s vision for replenishing vitality into the neighborhood, create jobs, and strengthen private investment.
Eligible nominees will be judged on the following project criteria:

  • Job creation/retention

  • Capital Investment

  • Partnerships (example: public/private)

  • Leveraging resources

  • Impact/ benefit to the neighborhood/community/region

  • Innovation / creativity

  • Excellence in design – site/building

  • Sensitivity to site/ environment

  • Transit / transportation linkage

3. Excellence in Green Housing

This award recognizes an affordable housing development that demonstrates a high level of sustainable design and has maintained the integrity of sustainable living through a sustainable operations and maintenance program. 
Eligible nominees will be judged on the following project criteria:

  • Achieves an ENERGY STAR Certificate, with a rating of 85 or better (must have certificate)

  • Implements a wide range of water saving measures

  • Provides green living manuals and information to tenants

  • Established a working and utilized recycling program for the tenants

  • Has an up-to-date and accessible operation and maintenance manual and a combination of the following features: use of renewable energy; low-VOC paints and adhesives; sustainable flooring options; ENERGY STAR lighting; and low-flow water fixtures


Nomination Requirements:
Each Nomination Entry Packet must include:

  • Nomination Form

  • Summary Narrative

    • Must describe the project or organization being nominated for an award and include a description of the project being nominated, being sure to address each of the bullets listed under the category you select.

    • Maximum of three pages typed, using 12-point type, on standard 8½ x 11 paper with the name of the project in the top right hand corner of each page.

    • Each project will be judged not only on how well the project reflects the description under its category but also the bullet points. Please quantify whenever possible. (Number of individuals or families, income level, special characteristics, etc.)

  • Up to ten images

    • Should illustrate various aspects of the project. Some suggestions would be: before and after results, overall exteriors from a variety of angles, and interior shots, community revitalization, green features, etc.

  • Proof of project being placed in service must be included.

    • Projects must be placed in service between July 1, 2008 and June 30, 2011.

  • If project has an Energy Star Certificate, a copy of the certificate with rating is required.


  • Awards, press write ups, or other pertinent information that this project has received which you feel would further distinguish your nomination from the other projects.

Submitting Nomination Packet Online:

We are very proud to offer online submittals this year. This is a very easy process by which you will be able to automatically upload each of your documents, no matter the size, in a private and secure folder online. No other Nominees will be able to view your information or Nomination Packet. We strongly encourage everyone to utilize this wonderful tool!

Step one: Go to:

Step two: Click Register

Step three: Fill in requested information

  • When providing a Username please enter the project name with no spaces.

  • Provide a valid email address you will receive an email once your account is register which will contain an activation code.

Step four: You will receive an email from Administrator (

Step five: Activate your account, follow instructions in email.

Step six: Login to 2011 Governor’s Conference on Housing and Economic Development Awards at

Step seven: Upload Nomination Packet.

If you have any questions or problems please call Amy Palmer at 609-278-7423 or email at
Submitting Nomination Packet by Mail:

All nomination materials should be submitted both in hard copy and electronically on a Windows-compatible CD.

CD must include:

  • A single folder, labeled with the project’s name

  • Nomination Entry Packet with all required materials must be inside this folder

  • Up to Ten (10) jpeg digital images at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Images that were not created electronically should be scanned and copied onto the CD.

    • Image files must include project name.

Hard Copies:

  • Please submit six unbound full copies of your Nomination Entry Packet with all the required materials in color. These materials will not be returned.

Mail all nomination materials to:

2011 Governor's Excellence in Housing and Economic Development Awards

Attn: Amy Palmer

637 S. Clinton Ave

Trenton, New Jersey 08611
Nomination Entry Packets are due by close of business on July 31, 2011.

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