I. Introduction to Department or Program


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A. University

Search committee for reference Librarian

Serving as advisor for Asian Studies majors with an emphasis on Chinese literature.

Coordinating “Conversation Partners” between the Chinese program with ESL.

Guest lecturer for CHIN 461, Chinese Cinema (February 6, 2007)

The Third Annual Asian Culture Night hosted by International House Living Learning Community (February 15, 2007) Calligraphy Stand.

Central Washington University Spring 2007 Open House (April 14, 2007)

Representative for Department of Foreign Languages

Central Washington University Fall 2006 Open House (October 28, 2006)

Representative for Department of Foreign Languages

Member of the Scholarship Luncheon Society

D. Department

Advisor for majors and minors in Chinese

Coordinator of the Chinese program


A. Membership: Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association


Kitticom Dispatch Translators Pool for the Police Department, City of Ellensburg, since October 2006.
Saint Louis Diaspora Chinese Community Newspaper, Column “Around Four Corners” contributor, 1999-2004.

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

East Asian History Reading Group, 2004-2006


Nathalie Kasselis-Smith
A. Central Washington University, Department of Foreign Languages

B. 102 E, Language and Literature Building

Ellensburg, WA 98926

(509) 963-3321

E-mail: kasselin@cwu.edu

Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan,

Doctor of Philosophy, Spanish, 2000

Dissertation title: The Game(s) of Love and Language in Antón de Montoro,

Rodrigo Cota and Fernando de Rojas. Director of Dissertation: Prof J. Snow
Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Masters of Arts, Spanish, 1992

Shippensburg University, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

Bachelor of Arts, Major: Spanish, Minor: English, 1990

Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour, Pau, France

Licence de Langues Etrangeres Appliquées, Spanish and English, 1988

Lycée Ozenne, Toulouse, France

Brevet de Technicien Supérieur, 1986

Associate Professor of Spanish, Central Washington University, 2002-2007

Assistant Professor of Spanish, Central Washington University, 1996-2002

Teaching Assistant of Spanish, Michigan State University, 1992-1996

Teaching Assistant of Spanish, Marquette University, 1990-1992
A. Teaching interests and specialties

  • First through Fourth Year of Spanish Language Acquisition

  • First and Third Year French Language Acquisition

  • Medieval Spanish Literature

  • Spanish in Translation

B. Graduate Council Representative

  • Active

C. Graduate committee

  • Weiss, Lindsay, Department of Physical Education, November 2007

  • Hovey D., Greg, Department of Physical Education, April 2007

  • Ripplinger, Jennifer, Department of Physical Education, November 2003

  • Britton, Kimberly L., Department of Physical Education, May 2001

  • Counsell, Darci, Department of Education, May 2000

D. Courses taught
a) Central Washington University: Spanish and French courses

  • Spanish 151, 153 (First-Year Language)

  • Spanish 251, 252 (Second-Year Language)

  • Spanish 301 (Introduction to Hispanic Literature)

  • Spanish 310 (Hispanic Culture)

  • Spanish 341, 342 (Third Year Spanish Grammar)

  • Spanish 343, 344 (Spanish Conversation)

  • Spanish 346 (Spanish for Spanish Speakers)

  • Spanish 431 (Advanced Spanish Grammar)

  • Spanish 432 (Advanced Spanish Writing)

  • Spanish 441 (Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition)

  • Spanish 442 (Spanish Translation)

  • Spanish 445 (Spanish Medieval Literature)

  • Spanish 449 (Spanish Golden Age Literature)

  • Spanish 496 (Independent Study in Spanish Theater)

  • Spanish 498 (The Hispanic Short Story)

  • French 151 (First-Year Language)

  • French 343, 344 (French Conversation)

b) Lectures for the Douglas Honors College

  • Guest lecture on Moliere , (November 2007)

  • Guest lecture on Voltaire, (January 2007)

  • Guest lecture on Moliere, (November 2006)

  • Guest lecture on Moliere, (November 2005)

  • Guest lecture on Don Quixote de la Mancha, (Spring 2002, 2004)

  • Guest lecture on Malory, (Spring 2002)

c) Other CWU lectures

  • Guest Lecture on Miguel de Cervantes and Don Quixote, for the Department of Theatre Arts (January 2002)

  • Guest lecture on Modern France (Intercultural Experiences course, Department of Foreign Languages, 2001)

d) Herzen University, St Petersburg Russia (Spring 2006)

  • First through fifth level of Spanish Conversation courses

e) University of Pécs, Hungary (Fall 2002)

  • French Medieval Literature Seminar: “Du Chevalier a l’amant courtois”

  • Spanish Golden Age Literature

  • Spanish Grammar and Composition

f) CWU Faculty-led program in Pau, France, (Summers of 2002, 2003,

2005, 2007)

  • FNST 310: Insights into French Culture

  • FNST 300: Independent study in advisor-approved electives

g) Michigan State University, Department of Romance and Classical


  • Spanish First-Year Language Acquisition courses, (1992-1996)

h) Marquette University, Department of Foreign Languages

  • Spanish First Year Language Acquisition courses (1990- 1992)

i) University of Washington, Pullman. Department of Foreign


  • Lecture on Medieval Literature for Graduate Seminar (Winter 1998)

E. Advisory work

  • Faculty mentor, International House (LLC), (1999 to 2007)

  • Advisor, Spanish majors and minors (1998 to present)

  • Advisor, French Club (1999- 2007)

A. Interests and Specialties
a) Literature: Fifteenth-century Spanish Literature; use of language in

the philosophy of Courtly Love; French Troubadours’poetry;

comparative study of Fifteenth century Spanish Poetry and the

poetry of the French Troubadours.

b) Language: Bilingual Translation (Spanish to English; English to

B. Current project(s)

Translation project in collaboration with Dr. Stella Moreno: Translation

from English to Spanish of CWU Professor Philip Garrison’s collection of

essays Because I do not have wings: Stories of Mexican Immigrant Life, in

collaboration with Dr. Stella Moreno. Projected completion date: Summer of


C. Publications
a) Book published

The Game(s) of Love and Language in Antón de Montoro, Rodrigo Cota y

Fernando de Rojas.” Pliegos Publishers. Madrid, Spain, 2004
b) Journal articles

  • “Wets” Translation of an excerpt from Philip Garrison’s book Because I don’t have wings: Stories of Immigrant Life in collaboration with Dr. Stella Moreno. Forthcoming in Aurora Boreal. University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark (December 2007)

  • “Postales de Michoacán”. Translation of an excerpt from Dr. Philip Garrison’s Because I don’t have wings: Stories of Immigrant Life, in collaboration with Dr. Stella Moreno. Ventana Abierta: Revista Latina de Literatura, Arte y Cultura. Santa Barbara. Volume VI-22 (2007): 69-71

  • “Mojados” Translation of an excerpt from Dr. Philip Garrison’s Because I don’t have wings: Stories of Immigrant Life, in collaboration with Dr. Stella Moreno. Shadows and Echoes. PLU. Volume 5-1 (2007): 17-19

c) Conference Presentations

  • "Juegos Amorosos y Linguísticos en la Poesía de los Conversos Antón de Montoro Rodrigo de Cota." PAMLA Conference, UCLA, November 10, 2000.

  • "Treacherous Language Practices in La Celestina and the Poetry of Antón de Montoro.” PAMLA, Portland, Oregon, November 7, 1999.

  • "Mirrors and Mirages: The Game of Love and Language in La Celestina” International Conference on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, Michigan, May 7, 1999.

  • "El Escudero: Figura Esperpéntica del Lazarillo de Tormes.” PNCFL, Boise, Idaho, April, 1998.

  • "Games, Love and Deceit: Treacherous Language Practices in Antón de Montoro." PNCFL, Eugene, Oregon, April 1997.

d) Conference(s) attended

  • International Medieval Conference. Kalamazoo, Michigan (Spring 2007)

e) Literary criticism

  • Literary evaluator for the Rocky Mountain Review (RAMLA) (2000-2004)

A. University committees

  • OISP Search committee (Spring 2007): Search Committee for Study-Abroad Advisor

  • Salary Equity Adjustment Committee (Spring 2003)

  • Living Learning Communities Advisory Committee (Spring 2003)

  • ISPAC: International Studies and Programs Advisory Committee (1999 to present)

B. College committees

  • Scholars’ Committee (Fall 2005 to Spring 2007)

  • Scholars’ Committee (Fall 2003)

C. Departmental committees

  • Member, Search committee for a tenure-track position in Spanish (Present)

  • Member of the Personnel Committee (2006-2007)

  • Chair, Search committee for a three-year position in Chinese (Spring 2003)

  • Member, Spanish Curriculum Committee (2003-present)

  • Member, Search committee for a tenure-track position in Spanish (Fall 2003)

  • Member, Scholarship Committee (2000-present)

  • Member, Search Committee (One-year position in Spanish, Summer 1999)

  • World Language Day Committee (1996-2001)


  • Presenter at the Wildcat orientation weekend. Topic: Faculty-led French

Program in Pau, France (Fall 2005)

  • Presenter at the Wildcat orientation week-end: Topic: Learning Living communities (Fall 2004)

  • Presenter at the World Language Day. Topic: French Publicity (May 2002)

  • Foreign Language Department representative for CWU Open House (recruitment of prospective freshmen, Fall 2001)

  • Director of a faculty-led language program in Pau, France (July 2000, 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2007)

  • Creation and Coordination of the French Banquet (May 1999)

  • Faculty representative at the HEC Board (Higher Education Coordinating Board) meeting in Seattle, to create a competency-based admission language test for students applying to college (Summer of 1997)


  • Translation of the “After School Program” announcement from English to Spanish. Gallery One, Ellensburg, (Fall 2007)

  • Member of APOYO: Organization that provides support and assistance to the Hispanic Community in the Kittitas Valley and the Yakima County (2006 to present)


(Updated 10/24/’07)
I.      Personal Information                
        A.  Name:  Kelton Wallace Knight

        B.  Date of birth:  March 23, l942

        C.  Place of birth:  Ogden, Utah

        D.  Office Address:  Central Washington University, Department of Foreign Languages, Ellensburg, WA  98926

        E.  Office Phone:  (509) 963-3327

        F.  Home Address:  1722 N. Water Street, Ellensburg, WA  98926

        G.  Home Phone:  (509) 933-1735

        H.  E-mail:  knightk@cwu.edu

II.     Education
           A.  Ph.D. French Literature, June, l975, University of Utah, Salt Lake City

            (Allied Field: Spanish)

        B.  M.A. French/English, June, l972, University of Utah, Salt Lake City

        C.  M.A. (course work only) French/English, Brigham Young University, Provo,

            Utah, l966-l968

        D.  B.A. French/English, June, l967, Weber State College, Ogden, Utah

III.        Dissertation / Thesis
        A.  Ph.D. dissertation: Death as a Metaphor of Being in the Works of René

            Daumal, directed by Dr. Richard Berchan, University of Utah, l975.

        B.  M.A. thesis: The Development of the Spirit of Rebellion in the Works of

            Charles Baudelaire, directed by Dr. John Harvey, University of Utah, l972

IV.     Personal Statement of Teaching Philosophy, Goals and Achievements
During my twenty years as a teacher at CWU, I have continued to emphasize relevance as it pertains to the study of French.  In beginning and intermediate classes I teach.  Students are encouraged to integrate aspects of their day-to-day activities into drills and exercises.  In this way, linguistic and cultural abstractions of the textbook are gradually replaced by concrete experiences and, as a result, students see how the study of a foreign language can work for them in a manner that is more germane to their daily lives.  In addition, I have directed the focus of my teaching toward making the enjoyment of foreign language studies an experience that does not stop once the students leave the classroom.  I have sponsored several out of class activities such as French Table (a conversation group that meets weekly) and French Film Week so students can develop their language skills in a less structured, more relaxed atmosphere.  Here again,  I encourage students to examine their personal world as it meshes with the Francophone community.
V.       Academic Acticities
        A.  Percentage of official time (three most recent years) devoted to:  Instruction: (75%)    Research: (20%)    Public Service (5%)
        B.  Positions Held
            1.  Faculty Coordinator, French Language and Culture Program, Pau, France, summer, 2004             

            2.. Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Full Professor of French, Central Washington University, Ellensburg, WA,  l983-present

            3.  Exchange Professor, Shimane Women's Junior College, Matsue,                     Japan, l994-l995.

            4.  Assistant Professor of French, Oregon State University,                         Corvallis, OR,  l977-l983

            5.  Instructor, Central Washington State College,  Ellensburg, WA,                      l973  (one quarter appointment)

            6.  Instructor, Western State College, Gunnison, COLO,  l97l-l972                   (one year appointment)

            7.  Teaching Associate, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT,                     l968-l975

            8.  Teaching Assistant, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT,                    l966-l968


VI.     Research, Teaching, Service

        A.  Publications        


            1.  Articles in refereed journals
                (a)     "I Remember, Therefore I was: A Study of the Function of Memory in Anne Hébert's Kamouraska," in Selecta, vol.14, 1993.


                (b) "Memory, the Imperfect Mirror: A Study of Anne Hébert's 'Le Printemps de Catherine,'" in Selecta, Vol. 13, 1992.
                (c) "The Hands of the Poet: A Study of Hand Imagery in Anne Hébert's Le Tombeau des rois," in Selecta, Vol. 12, 1991.


                (d) "René Daumal: The Lost Surrealist," in Selecta Vol. 11, 1990
                (e) "René Daumal:  A Poet on Poetry," in Selecta Vol. 9, l988.
                (f) "René Daumal and the Language of Negation," in Selecta, Vol. 8, l987
                (g) "Death and Affirmation in the Works of René Daumal, in Selecta, Vol. 5, l984
            2.  Books
                (a)  Anne Hébert: In Search of the First Garden ( published by Peter Lang Publishing, Spring, 1998)
                (b) Translation of René Daumal's poetic work, Le Contre Ciel with an introduction by the translator, Peter Lang Publishing, Inc., l990
            3.      Book reviews
            (a)     New textbook using the "Communicative Approach"  for Harper & Row, Publishers, Inc. July, 1990
            (b)     Bonjour, ça va?  Rochester/Muyskens/Omaggio and Chalmers, for Random House, January, l989
            (c)      Qu'est-ce qui se passe?  Balais/Rice, for Houghton Mifflin Company, March, l982


        4.  Interviews  
             (a)  Maurice Emond, in Québec City, on the French/Canadian writer, Anne Hébert, January, 1991.*


              (b)     Anne Hébert, in Paris, February, 1991.*
*Parts of these interviews are included in my book In Search of the First Garden  (see under “Publications.”)

        5.  Translations (poetry)


            (a)     "The Shadow's Skin," "Yellow Laughter," René Daumal, in Webster Review  (Webster College, Webster Groves, Missouri, Nancy Schapiro, ed.), l977

            (b)     "The Other Surrender," René Daumal, in Fireweed (Columbus, Ohio, Galen Green, ed.), l977
            (c) "One Word is Sufficient," "The Death Laugh," "The Comforter," "A Little Known Voice," by René Daumal in Weid (Homestead, Florida, D.V. Smith, ed.), l977
        6.  Other Publications (Poetry)


            (a)     "The Daytime Marionettes," "The Dancer," in Honors College Tales, Volume Four  (Published by The William O. Douglas Honors College, Central Washington University), 1991.


            (b)     "Criticism Unswered," in Honors College Tales, Volume Three  (Published by The William O. Douglas Honors College, Central Washington University), 1988.
            (c)     "To Tell the Truth," "It's Just My Bad Luck," "Lessons," in Ellensburg Anthology (Washington State Arts Commission, Richard Denner, ed.), l987.


            (d)     "On Leaving," "Time for a Change," in Ellensburg Anthology (Washington State Arts Commission, Tom Lineham, ed.), l986.
            (e)     "An Afternoon in Salamanca," "The Last Light, "I Am a Child," in Harvest, Vol. 40 (University of Houston, Houston, Texas, Donna Peterson, ed.), l978.
            (f)     "Easter Poem," "Lost in New York City," in  New York Poetry Forum, 1978.
            (g)     "The Poet," in Poetry Newsletter (Temple University, Philadelphia, PA. Richard O'Connell, ed.), l977.
            (h) "View From a Window," in Poetry Venture (St. Petersburg, FL, Marjoria Schuck, ed.), l977.
            (i)     "No Regrets," in The American Poet (Charleston, IL., Stella Craft Tremble, ed.), l977.

            (j)     "Waking," in Poet (Phoenix, AR, Mabelle A. Lyon, ed.), l976.

            (k)     "A Call to Repentance," in Fireweed (Columbus, OH., Galen Green, ed.), l976.
        7.  Research Papers Delivered (Refereed)
            (a) “Voltaire, Rousseau and the Social Contract,” at the Pacific Northwest Council on Foreign Languages, April, ‘99, Tacoma, Washington.
            (b) “Deconstruction and Reconstruction in Anne Hébert” at the Pacific   Northwest Council of Foreign Languages, April, 1998, Boise, Idaho
            (c) "Memory and Genealogy in Anne Hébert's Les Fous de Bassan, at the Rock Mountain Modern Language Association annual conference, October, 1994, Spokane, Washington
            (d)     "In Search of the First Garden: A Study of the Function of Memory in Anne Hébert's Le Premier Jardin, at the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association annual conference, October, 1993, Denver, Colorado
            (e) "I Remember Therefore I was: A Study of the function of Memory in Anne Hébert's Kamouraska, at the Pacific Northwest Council on Foreign Languages annual conference, Eugene, Oregon, May, 1993
            (f)     "The Hands of the Poet: A Study of Hand Imagery in Anne Hébert's Le Tombeau des rois" at the PNCFL annual conference, Boise, Idaho, 1991
         (g)     "René Daumal: The Lost Surrealist," at the PNCF annual conference, May, 1990.  Also at International Conference on Surrealism and the Oneiric Process, Atlanta, Georgia, October, 1990
            (h)     "Confrontation and Retreat:  An Analysis of Selected Poems in Anne Hébert's "Le Tombeau des rois" at the PNCFL annual conference, May, l989
            (i) "René Daumal: a Poet on Poetry," at the PNCFL annual conference, May, l988


            (j)     "René Daumal and the Language of Negation," at the PNCFL annual conference, May, 1987

            (k)     "Baudelaire on Nature," at the PNCFL annual conference, May, l986

            (l)     "Death and Affirmation in the Works of René Daumal," at the PNCFL annual conference, May, l984.
            (m)     "Prime-Time Teaching: Popular Media at the Service of Foreign Languages," at the PNCFL annual conference, April, l98l
            (n)     "Contemporary French Poetry and the Little Magazines and Small Presses," at the PNCFL annual conference, May, l980


        8.  Lectures
            (a) “Anne Hébert’s Poèmes, for the Kamola Forum, June, 2004.
            (b) "Voltaire and Candide," for the William O Douglas Honors College lecture series (Junior Year), 12 lectures 1993-2004.
            (c) "Flaubert's Madame Bovary, for the William O Douglas Honors College lecture series (Junior Year), 3 lectures, 1994 - 1996.
            (d)     "Foreign Language Study at CWU" Central Investment Fund lecture to prospective CIF students, February, 1990.


            (e)     "René Daumal, the Lost Surrealist," presented as part of Central Washington University's CLAS lecture series, November, l989.
        9.   Work in progress
            (a) This paper, to be submitted 2005 RMMLA conference, outlines the role of the black poet, Aimé Césaire, in the African "Négritude" movement of the 1930's.
    C.  Other Creative and Scholarly Activities
        1.  During the summer of 2007, I acted as pronunciation director for Dr. Brenda Hubbard of the Theatre Department prepare for a French role she played for the Artists Repertory Theatre in Seattle.
  2.    I acted as a liaison person for a company called "Immersion Excursions in 'La France Profonde'" which wanted to connect its program with our alumni association headed by Jim Armstrong.  
        3.  In 2006 I helped to completed a booklet called "Pau-Pourri"  which is a small brochure assembled by students I directed during the summer of 2004 and is meant to be an instructive booklet designed to help prospective students understand the nature of our summer Pau program in France.  It was a project that was part of a civilisation class I taught while I served as acting director there
        4.  I was named the Faculty Coordinator of the French Language and Culture Program in Pau, France from July 5 through July 30, 2004 (see appointment letter).  As part of that program, I taught a 3 credit class on regional culture.  Students completed a photo-journal project called “Pau Pourri” which I will edit and which will serve the office of International Programs as promotion material for the Pau program (see FNLA 310 course outline)
        5.  I was selected to be CWU's exchange professor at Shimane Women's Junior College in Matsue, Japan for 6 months (September, 1994-March, 1995).  At SWJC I taught English conversation classes and a French conversation class, acted as a consultant for professors of other English classes taught at SWJC and participated in local and regional cultural activities.
        6.  I took a professional leave winter and spring quarters, 1991, to do research and collect materials in France and Canada for a book on the French/Canadian writer, Anne Hébert.  The book has now been published (see above).
        7.  Grant:  Faculty Research Appointment, summer, l987, provided funds to translate the major poetic work of the French poet, René Daumal, entitled Le Contre-Ciel.
        8.  Project:  I developed and presented the instructional components of the television French language series Les Gammas! Les Gammas!   This series is part of a book of the same title published by Macmillan in l982.  The series is shown internationally.  I have also developed French language publicity programs for KBVR Radio, Oregon State University, l982.
    D.  Instruction         
        1.  Courses Taught (five year record)
            (a)     First and Second-Year French (language)
            (b)     Third-Year French (composition, conversation, translation, introduction to French Literature
            (c)     Fourth-Year French (l4th-l6th, l7th, l8th, l9th -Century French Literature, French Poetry Through the Ages, French History and Civilization, Advanced Grammar and Translation)
        2.  Other Teaching Activities
            (a) I teach Humanities 102 (Western Culture from the High Renaissance to the Victorian Era), Spring 2002 - present
            (b) University 100 (Advising Seminar),  Fall Quarter, 1997.
            (c) Developed and taught courses on English language and local culture to Japanese students from Kyoto University and Shimane Women's Junior College for CWU's English as a Second Language Program, summers, 1990, 1993, and for SWJC only in 1997 and 1998.


            (d) Through Central Washington University's Extended University Programs, I developed a French course titled "French for Travelers" as part of the l987-88 Elderhostel program.
            (e) During the CWU summer session of l986, I was appointed program assistant of the English as a Second Language Programs for Shimane University, Obunsha Language school and Kyoto University.  As part of this appointment, I developed conversational programs to expand student facility in spoken English.
            (f) During the CWU summer session of l985, I offered, through the Extended University Programs, an intensive beginning French series.  The courses attracted high-school and community college students as well as several persons from the general public.  In addition to the regular program of language study, special presentations of French folk music along with films on various aspects of French culture and history were integrated into the courses.
            (g) I directed a colloquium for Central Washington University's Douglas Honors College, l985-2000.
            (h) I coordinated the Douglas Honors College lecture series (Junior Year), 1992-2000.  
        3.  Undergraduate advising  


            (a) Major advisor, ten students per year, 1983-present
            (b) University 100 advisor, 1997    
    E.  Service
        l.  Professional, public:
            (a)     Member, Pacific Northwest Council on Foreign Languages (PNCFL), 1983-present.   I served as Chair of the French Literature Section at the May conference, l985 and Chair of the Pedagogy section at the May conference , l983.
            (b)     Member of the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association, 1993-present
        2.  University Service
            (a) Chair, Foreign Languages Department Personnel Committee, 1997- 2007.

            (b) Library representative for the Foreign Languages Department 2005-2007

            (c) Member, Classified Staff Grievance Committee, 2006-2007

            (d) Member, Student/Staff Grievance Committee, 2005-2006        

            (e) International Programs Advisory Committee (ISPAC), 1995-1999  (Interim chair, l996-1997)

            (f) Dean’s Promotion and Tenure Committee, 1997-1998

            (g) Search Committee, Dean of CAH, 1996.            

            (h) Faculty Grievance Committee, 1992-94 / 2004-present

            (i) Affirmative Action Grievance Committee, 1992-94

            (j) Senate Academic Affairs Committee, l989-90

            (k) Senate Curriculum Committee, l988-89

            (l) Faculty Senate, Alternate, l987-2000

            (m) University Code Committee, l987-88

            (n) University Teacher Education Council, Winter, l986 and 1988

            (o) General Education Committee, l984-87

            (p) Faculty Senate, Senator, l984-86

            (q) Distinguished Professor Selection Committee, l985

            (r) Search Committee for International Programs Director, l989

            (s) Search Committee for six ESL instructors, l989

            (t) Accreditation Committee (Research and Scholarship section) for the l989-90 NASC Accreditation Report.

            (u) Scholarship Committee, Department of Foreign Languages, l985-2000

            (v) Direct McNair Scholars Program thesis, Spring, 2000.

            (w) Masters Thesis committee member, Philosophy Department candidate, Spring, 2000.

            (x) Served as theses advisor for the McNair Scholar's program and the Douglas Honors program (2000-2001).

            (y) Thesis Director, Charlotte Bemis, for the Douglas Honors College, 2002.

            (z) Serve as outside faculty member on Jeffrey Dippmann’s Tenure Committee, Dept of Philosophy, January, 2005.

        3.  Other University and Community Service
            (a) Taught French Folk Songs to children, Mount Stewart Elementary School, Spring Quarter (one class), 1997.

            (b) Reader, Head Start Program, Lincoln Elementary School, Fall Quarter, 1996.

            (c) Represented the French section at the Academic Department fair, September, 1996.

            (d) Participant in the Foreign Language Day at CWU, October, 1996.

            (e) Participant in international exchange interviews for International Programs, 1994 & 1996.

            (f) Team Captain, Central Investment Fund, 1993.

            (g) Organizer, Co-organizer of Classic French Film Week.  In cooperation with the French Embassy in New York, five classic French films were shown to students and the general public, 1984-89, 90, 92.

            (h) Participant in "An Evening of International Music" Peaceful Valley Community Center" (Ellensburg) November 8, 1991.

            (i) With other members of the Foreign Language Department, I organized an International Film Week.  One film each from France, Spain, Germany and Russia was shown. Films were shown at a local theater, February, 1990.

            (j) Served as "Community Friend" for Japanese summer programs, l990.

            (k) I have organized a weekly "French Table" where students and other interested persons met to speak and improve their French.  In addition to conversation practice, members of the group are exposed to other aspects of French culture and civilization such as French music, poetry, art, etc., l984-1998.

            (l) I have participated in the UESL “homestay” program and have hosted Japanese students for the UESL International Dinner, 1999.

            (m) I taught, on an emergency basis, a second-year French class at Ellensburg High-school.  (academic year 2000-2001).

            (n) I was selected by the “Bridges” program (a program that brings regional high-school students to central for a “getting to know Central” day) to serve as one of its faculty mentors, 2004.  



Assistant Professor of Spanish

Department of Foreign Languages

Central Washington University

400 E. University Way

Ellensburg, WA 98926


email: mayere@cwu.edu

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