If you haven’t been to a meeting for a while how about coming on April 14

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If you haven’t been to a meeting for a while how about coming on April 14th?

You’d be most welcome!

6, Knightwood Close

Reigate, Surrey


01737 221814




Spring 2011

Website http://www.icarusba.org.uk
We send our condolences to the families of the following absent friends:
Alan Biltcliffe Barbara Harmer Paul Hodgson
Eric Keevy Peter McKeown Colin McLeod

Peter Middleton Fred Openshaw Ray Piercey

Dave Pink George Roberts Paul Rowbottom
It is a shame that Peter Middleton did not live to see the forthcoming marriage of his granddaughter Catherine. He received a fine obituary in The Times, on November 27th 2010 which can be found later in the newsletter.
Sadly Barbara Harmer, the only woman to fly the British Concorde, lost her battle against a long illness and died on 20th February. She also received a fine obituary in the Times which can also be found at the end of the newsletter
Those of us who were fortunate enough to be at Airtours in the early years greatly miss Pete McKeown, who gained the respect and loyalty of us all whilst he led the Airtours team.

The first picture shows Captain Peter in Lufthansa uniform whilst opening up their routes for them. The second photograph shows PJ addressing those present at the Airtours 40th anniversary lunch at Brooklands, on 6th March 2010. A copy of the eulogy given by John Mason at Peter’s funeral service is also appended to this newsletter.
The death of David Pink happened in unfortunate circumstances. He was walking in the Drakensberg Mountains in SA with his wife and a guide in early February when the weather deteriorated and he was struck by lightning before they could reach a refuge. He sadly died four days later.

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