Illinois hiv care Connect Extending the treatment and prevention of hiv

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Illinois HIV Care Connect

Extending the treatment and prevention of HIV
Illinois HIV Care Connect is an extensive network of medical case management, health care, and support services for people living with HIV. Through HIV Care Connect, HIV+ individuals can find the services they need to achieve optimal health and self-sufficiency. Health care providers treating HIV+ individuals are encouraged to refer them to HIV Care Connect. 
Medical case management, health care & support

Once enrolled in HIV Care Connect, people living with HIV receive confidential medical case management services at no charge, regardless of income. Also, they may qualify for a range of other services, such as:

• Outpatient/ambulatory health care • Mental health care • Oral health care • Medical nutritional therapy • Substance abuse services (outpatient) • Food bank • Legal assistance • Medical transportation • Psychosocial support • Rehabilitation • Utility and short-term rent assistance.

Call to enroll or to learn more about HIV Care Connect

Go to for regional information about whom to contact to gain a referral to a case manager who will verify your eligibility for enrollment and discuss available services.

For information about drug or insurance assistance

People living with HIV also may qualify for the Illinois AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) or Continuation of Health Insurance Coverage (CHIC) Program. To learn more about these programs, go to

For more useful information about living with HIV

Go to


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