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初中进阶 (2296期20151204) 1版

The 17-year-old works for NASA


Moshe Kai Cavalin has two college degrees, flies airplanes and works for NASA (美国国家航空航天局). It would be an impressive résumé for any adult. But Moshe hasn’t even turned 18.

The 17-year-old boy comes from America. He has been a newsmaker since he graduated from community college (社区学院) when he was only eleven years old. Four years later, he graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA,加州大学洛杉矶分校) with a bachelor’s degree (学士学位) in math. And now, the talented teenager has made the headlines once more, thanks to his employment at NASA.

Although he spends a lot of time studying and working, the 17-year-old also pursues his hobbies when he is free. He likes writing, and has just published his second book about school bullying. He also has won several trophies from martial arts tournaments (武术锦标赛).

Although he has achieved a lot at such a young age, Cavalin is quite humble about it. “I’m more ordinary than people think. I just work harder than most people.”

Talking about his future plans, Cavalin says he would like to get a master’s degree (硕士学位) in business from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT,麻省理工学院). Later, he wants to start his own company. Let’s wish him good luck!



  1. Do you know what are these letters shorted for? (NBA, APEC, NASA)

  2. What does NASA do?

While reading

Answer the following questions.

  1. How old was Cavalin when he graduated from college the first time?

  2. Where did Cavalin get his bachelor’s degree in math?

  3. Why did Cavalin make headlines this time?

  4. What are the hobbies of Cavalin?

  5. What are the future plans of Cavalin?


  1. He was 11 years old.

  2. He got his bachelor’s degree in math in UCLA.

  3. Because of his employment at NASA.

  4. Writing and martial arts.

  5. To get a master’s degree in business from MIT and later to start his own company.

Language study

Translate each sentence with the word in the brackets.

  1. 他那令人惊叹的点子为他赢得了老板的信任。(impressive)

  2. 我们的公司追求的是优秀的人才。(pursue)

  3. 保持谦虚,因为你从不知道你将面对什么。(humble)


  1. His impressive idea won him the trust of the boss.

  2. Our company pursues excellent talents.

  3. Stay humble, because you never know what you will face.

After reading

Do you want to work for some special places like NASA? Describe your dream work.

初中进阶 (2296期20151204) 45版

Judge Dee: Chinese Sherlock Holmes


Since 2010, the BBC TV series Sherlock has swept the world (风靡全球). But do you know that before Sherlock came to China, the Chinese detective stories of Di Renjie has already been popular around the world for decades (数十年)?

Di Renjie (630-700) was a judge and politician in Tang Dynasty China. The stories of Judge Di were carried to the west by Dutch diplomat (外交官) Robert van Gulik. His Chinese name was Gao Luopei (高罗佩).

When he was in Tokyo, in Japan, Gao found an 18th-century Chinese detective novel named Di Gong An (《狄公案》) in a second-hand bookstore. He felt so interested in the novel that he translated it into English. The English version was named Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee (即英文版《狄公案》). It was published in 1949. To his surprise, the book was welcomed by British readers and became widely popular. So he used the same style and characters to write his own original Judge Dee detective stories.

Gao’s novels achieved great success. They were translated into more than ten languages and made into movies. And Judge Di became a well-known character in Europe; he is known as the Chinese “Sherlock Holmes.”

Now, Gao’s novels about Judge Di are all translated into Chinese. The popular TV series, The mysterious detective: Di Renjie (《神探狄仁杰》), is also adapted from (改编自) Gao’s novels.



  1. Do you these figures in the pictures? What are their jobs?

  2. Do you know any other detective stories or TV series?


Fill in the blanks according to the passage.

630~700 There was a ________ called Di Rejie in Tang Dynasty China.

18th century The stories of Di Renjie were written into a book named ______

1949 The book ______ was published. It was translated by Dutch Diplomat Robert van Gulik, we can also call him ______.

Later: Because of the popularity of Gao’s novels, Judge Dee became popular in Europe and was known as the ______.

Now: The novels are also translated into Chinese and made into ______.


  1. judge and politician

  2. Di Gong An

  3. Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee

  4. Gao Luopei

  5. Chinese “Sherlock Holmes”

  6. TV series

Language study

Match the words to the right definitions.

  1. sweep

  2. publish

  3. achieve

  4. adapt

  5. welcome

  1. to ​change something to ​suit different ​conditions or uses: to ​change something to ​suit different ​conditions or uses: to ​change something to ​suit different ​conditions or uses:to change something to suit different uses

  2. to be pto be pleased about or to support something

  3. to make information available to people, especially a book, newspaper or magazine

  4. to clean especially a floor with a brush

  5. to get, to succeed in finishing something , especially after hard work


1-D 2-C 3-E 4-A 5-B

Language point

He felt so interested in the novel that he translated it into English.

“so …that …”如此……以至于

e.g. Alice liked the dress so much that she bought it with all her saving.

Translate the following sentences.

  1. 当爸爸看到了我的成绩,他太生气了,以至于一个字都说不出来。

  2. 她太高兴了以至于忘了时间。

  3. 他太有名了,这儿的每个人都知道他的名字。


  1. When my father saw my grade, he was so angry that he couldn’t say a word.

  2. She was so happy that she forgot the time.

  3. He is so famous that everyone here knows his name.

After reading

Who is your favourite detective novel writer?

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