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Memories, Opinions, Stories & Moments

Beside the thrill and excitement of seeing Julia for the time, the next best memory occurred a year later when I took my daughter to Joe's Pub in NY for her birthday to see one of Julia's shows.

In her always gracious and personable way, Julia signed a Porcelain poster; Happy Birthday, Lauren. I know she and I will always look back on that 13th birthday with fond memories.

Larry Falco, The Bluesman

New York, NY

Drove an hour and a half through Arizona traffic, dust storms, and monsoon just to see her.  Never one to let her fans down, so despite the rains, she continued to sing…while holding an umbrella!  She was absolutely charming!     

Butch Dizon

Manila, Philippines

After listening to Porcelain, I became a fan of Julia's. Somehow, I lost touch with her music during the next 10 years. On a business trip to Pittsburgh in '98, I came across "East West". For some reason, I didn't snatch it up but it renewed my interest in her music. With the release of Concrete Love and That’s Life (which I purchased ASAP) I'm now scrambling to add all of Julia's albums to my collection. "It's Another You Day" form Concrete Love reminds me so much of my wonderful wife that it has become one of my all time favorites. After missing the east coast tour, I'm really

Paul Beardsley
Sumter, SC

We had the opportunity to meet and take pictures with Julia after the show, and we told her that "Love Moves (in Mysterious Ways)" had been our wedding song in July 1994.  The band that played at our reception was so impressed that the song was added to their standard set list and they became instant fans!

Chris & Kerry DeBenedictis

Branford, CT

I witnessed Julia's gift of music during a trip to the UK during the late 80's. I've been a fan ever since. I remember the day that "Falling Forward" was released. I drove out into the deserts of Phoenix and parked high on mountain. With the top down on the car, sunset upon me, the winds making it's presence known, "I Can't Help Myself" started playing. Julia's spirit was with me at that moment. Since then, my soul feels incredible joy and ease every time I hear Julia's voice. Julia will always be my musical Goddess. Thanks, Julia!

Xavier De Castillo

Phoenix, Arizona




There's just something about Julia's voice and songs that connects with people on a personal level. She has one of the most beautiful and unique voices in music and she combines it with great British wit and flair. She's simply enchanting... seeing her in concert is like spending the evening with a dear friend and sharing the best moments in life.  I look forward to her next production.

Stephen Cieslukowski

Elk River, MN

We love to remember a show at Largo where Julia told the story of her touring days with Grant Mitchell. She had her audience laughing out loud while she waved her hands like a cheerleader as she explained how the song "More Than I Can Bear" came about. As we were still laughing to ourselves, Julia proceeded to relive the moment of that song. Emotion, passion, pain, and immense beauty poured out of Julia while she sang. The audience was numb, at least we were, and "More Than I Can Bear" will always be added to the long list of treasured Fordham moments.

Fans forever since 1988 -
Trace and Jen
San Diego, CA

Julia Fordham's music has escorted me through awkward teen years, awkward grown-up years, broken hearts, blissed-out love, and every experience in between, giving meaning to life's topsy-turvy.  To borrow loosely from Nietzsche, "Without Julia and her music, life (and love) would be a mistake."

Jonathan Gibson
Montgomery, AL

In my six years of working at the Sundance Film Festival, I never once got excited about any of the high profile movie stars and celebrities I met. That is until Julia came to Park City in January 2001 to perform in the Sundance Acoustic Music Café. I was reduced to instant star-struck jelly at the thought of meeting my favorite diva who I had always adored since high school in the 80's. Her performance in the room that day was at an all time high (and I'm not just talking about the altitude.) My experience at Sundance had reached its peak when I escorted Julia and her band into a sold-out film screening and sat her down in the V.I.P section -- right next to Nicole Kidman. As I watched the two beautiful blondes interact, I thought to myself...I'd take Julia over Nicole any day.

Derek Horne
Orange, California

I've been a fan of Julia since "Happy Ever After".

I am Japanese and been living in London since 1979.

I just love her voice so much, her lyrics touch my heart, and of course her music is always beautiful.

Julia's music always helps me to get on with life, especially when I'm down.

It's always been important to me and always will.

Keiko Egawa.(Miss)

London, UK.

Julia's music has been a part of my life for 17 years, starting with the very first album. The music and concerts are consistently brilliant. Thank your or being part of the soundtrack to my life, and for the amazing instrument that is your unmistakable voice.

Collin Kelley

Atlanta, GA

"It is hard to put into words the high I feel when Julia calls me onstage to sing with her...what a gracious, incredibly talented woman...the moment and memory stays with me as do her words and music."
Tina Angotti
Phoenix, AZ

"I first met Julia working on a Muppet shoot shortly after her first album. She was enchanting and right at home singing and acting with them. Since then I have become a shameless groupie. Her creativity and music never fails to feed my soul. Thank you Julia, for every single note, past, present and future.

Mike Quinn
San Francisco, CA

I first saw Julia Fordham live at the Gypsy Tea Room in Dallas, TX when she was promoting Concrete Love. At that time, I was a bald chick in the midst of chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer. When Julia sang the tribute to Minnie Ripperton - Roadside Hero, I could not contain my tears and it made me realize how short life is and how wonderful it is to enjoy the simple things in life - like sitting and listening to a talented and funny performer. After the show Julia was very gracious and supportive when we spoke to her at the CD signing. 

One year later, I brought my girlfriends with me to see her once again at the Gypsy Tea Room. In that year, I lost my mom to cancer and saw my sister go through a second round of breast cancer treatments.  I gave Julia Lance Armstrong's  Livestrong yellow bracelet for Cancer Survivorship at that show and she wore it - even though it's this tacky yellow piece of rubber. When I think of Julia Fordham, I think of the simple beauty of this world - that a song or a melody or a person can lift us!
Julia - you rock! Peace out.
Terri Swain
Colleyville, TX
I am so thankful that I happened into a small club where Julia was playing at the Smooth Jazz Festival in San Diego a few years ago.  I found there the most beautiful, melodic, mood-altering, life-changing music I've encountered since Chris Isaak came on the scene many years ago.  I couldn't wait for Concrete Love to be released and played it incessantly for months after I bought it.  I love the entire CD and still play it often.  It's my mood elevator of choice and it does it for me every time.  I await her new CD anxiously.

A fan for life,

Beverly Bergman
I think that Julia Fordham is very good. I like her songs much better than the songs I learn at kindergarten.  I like to sing "missing man", "Butterfly" and "Jump".  I like her very much.

Peter Scherer

Los Angeles, CA
My mom is a biggest fan of Julia Fordham. Her music is everywhere around us.

I have been listening her everyday for 12 years of my entire life. I wake up with her songs, sing along with her on the way to (and from) school in the car and go to bed with her songs.  Her music makes us happy. I love to see my mom looking happy listening to Julia.

And last summer,finally, I met Julia in person and greeted her for the first time.  She knew my name and talked to me so kind.  It was very exciting moment for both my mom and me.  (My mom has been longing for seeing her gig since she was pregnant with me!)

My mom bought me and my young brother a Julia's CD. Our own CD of Julia.

She will see us, our family often at her gig from now on.

Paul Scherer

Los Angeles, CA
It was '88, I was a freshman at university in Tokyo when I first listened Julia.

Since the moment, Julia has never left my life.  I managed to go see almost all her gigs everytime she visited Japan. Every night, I went to listen her. She was amazing. Soon after, I left my country in '93 and have lived in several countries, which has not been so easy.

I traveled with Julia's music everywhere. Her music has filled my house with comfort, encouragement, compassion, peace and LOVE.

Last summer in 2004, I saw her gig at HOB in LA after more than 12 years, she was even more radiant. And she was as sweet and considerate as ever.

And now, a marriage and two children later, I am going to start the second act of my life. And Julia will be always there to fill my heart with her incredible art of music. Because her music is the voice of my life. It always has been and it will be!  Thank you Julia, and I love you.  

Motoe Scherer

Fukuoka, Japan (currently residing in Los Angeles, CA)
julia's singing and songwriting is an inspiration and bring colour,music ,and spirit to my life,everyday.


As the years roll on, Ms Fordham's musical heights seem to have no end, with each release surpassing the next.

The US should give thanks, in having the UKs finest now on their door steps.

Come home Julia, soon (a gig or two will do just fine).

Darren Read (long standing supporter of 16 years)

London, UK
Julia is an engaging, powerful performer--a soothing voice with an astounding range. She is charming, witty and soulful. I saw her in Asia, enjoyed her in America, and would watch her again anywhere else she performs.

Rita Nazereno

West Hollywood, CA
Hi there Julia

Just received your request for information for you new album, looks good hon.  Just thought i'd add my lil bits of information for your perusal, lol.  I've included a copy of the letter you sent to me when i was in hospital getting my hip replacement.  If you remember you phoned me up but i was sleeping in bed, and the nurse wouldnt wake me up,  I fell out with her for 2 days after that because of it, lol.  Hope the new album goes well and look forward to hearing it, of course its about time you did a tour of scotland, you still have a few old fans, here, ( well less of the old ha, ha)

Hope you can see the scan of the letter here, its a bit faded now, probly been on the wall too long.  I'll see if i can find any other stuff and send em, searching under the bed at the moment lol

Take Care

All the Best

Bob Snell

I was on holiday in Spain, cycling high along a mountain pass, surrounded by incredible scenery with eagles soaring on the thermals all across the valley. I thought this is what life is for, these beautiful simple moments.

As Julia sang yet another beautiful song, with her incredible range and purity in her voice, it showed me the magic of listening to music live. Nothing else can be created in an instant but leave you with memories of a lifetime

Glyn Harper

East Sussex, United Kingdom

Thank you Julia! Your songs are always brilliant!


"Julia's brother joining her on stage for 'Where Does The Time Go' at The Subterannia in London 2002......and then meeting him for a drink at

the bar, apres show!!"

Tony & Kerry
Reading, UK

You can use my Julia stories if you want. You can find them at:

Gregg Wagener
I realize this is 3 days later than the deadline---but wanted to send it anyway for nothing other than if Julia is reading and choosing the stories herself then she can read my story...even if it doesn't get picked to be in the booklet (boohoo!). I've let it out and shared!

Hitching a ride with the cutest guy in my high school to meet our other classmates (for a team project in History urghhh), he pops in this tape and this deep enigmatic voice seeing "Happy Ever After" fills the car. "That's a girl singing-you know...Julia Fordham" he says. Thus began my journey with Julia. It was 1989 and I was in Manila Philippines. I was completely enamored, by Julia's voice, not the guy!

After college, a few years later (4 to be exact)  and in a different continent all together, I was surprised when a friend gave me tickets to see Julia at the Birchmere in Alexandria VA, to rid me of homesickness. It was a dream come true to see her live, in person and hear her live!! So starstruck was I, that I could barely breath and mouth words for her autograph at the meet and greet after the show.

I immediately signed up to become a bonafide Banana Demon (BD) and a true one to this day. I saw her again during her East West Tour and this time with my new found BD status I was brave enough to ask for her for a picture. And LOG (our lovely girl) as we BDs call her, was king enought oblige.

Well the picture never turned out. I saw her the 3rd time during "The Collection Tour" and told her of my sad state of affairs with the picture and ofcourse, no hesitation she said "the picture lady" we must take one again! Thus I became known as the Pictrue Lady! However this picture lady was cursed since again that second was mysteriously didn't turn out or is it our elusive OLG's effect on the camera!

A long wait and the Concrete Love tour came to town again at the Birchmere, I told her that this picture lady needs another photo op since I am cursed. She was tired and espite a "no picture" meet and greet policy, she told me yes we must take another snapshot. This one truned up but musch to my dismay and utter disappointment both Julia and I looked frumpy!!!! It's have to keepo and it will be my treasure till the next opportunity comes along!

It did. This past Sept 21, 2004. Julia stopped by the what she fondly calls the "Bircheremria, Alexandria, Washingtonia" area again for her That's Life Tour. A magical  concert it was! She remebered me and we chatted like old pals (without the cup of tea though!) and that made me love her even more! She agreed yet again for another picture-- frump free this time--she was absolutely radiant and beautiful! And she gave me an endearing hug!

Can you believe 10 years later, the girl merely listening to that wonderful voice in a car in a small tropical island a different continent all together was staning side by side with the owner of that angelic voice Ms Julia Fordham  herself and known by her as the Picture Lady! What a wonderful journey it has been so far and I look forward to more adventures ahead. We've come a long way Julia. Thank you for sharing your talent and yourself with us. We love you!

Marilyn Villanueva ("The Picture Lady")

P.S. This past picture was the best far!

Centreville, VA

I greatly enjoyed That’s Live at the House of Blues. I have “followed” Julia over the last 5 or so years. From Cebu Philippines, to that little gig in Santa Monica & in LA. That night when she did “Loving You” I realized I was madly & deeply in love with the guy I was with (now my boyfriend). After the show, we walked up to the parking lot holding each other‘s hands & I was singing “Mysterious Ways” for him. Truly its surprising when love appears over the horizon & its always a mystery how we ever came to be! But when love sets in, no heart can ever flee, it will just surrender sweetly…. Its beautiful how Julia brought us that spark through her songs. She’ll be remembered fondly as she is responsible for the "story of us".  P.S. We hope to get married next year.

Mae Cordero,

Mission Viejo, California

"I still recall vividly seeing Julia for the first time on television in a 30-second trailer when I was 18 - they were showing Porcelain in Concert on primetime - and since that moment I have been following the music of this lovely English muse; and oh what music !  Fourteen years later she is still impressing, sounding as good AND looking as good as ever.  Meeting her backstage at a concert in 2002 and watching her sing happy birthday to me during the concert has got to be one of my favourite memories.  Part of Julia's many charity efforts for the Step-Up LA Breast Cancer Foundation was to record a short birthday tune to the highest bidder in an auction, but being the true gem she is, she surpassed that by surprising me and my mates at her concert by performing it live !  Jules truly rules !"

Pomp H.Wong

I discovered Julia while she was A WOMAN OF THE 80's. WHERE DOES THE TIME GO? Julia through song has shown me LOVE, taken me to ITALY and been my ROADSIDE ANGEL on endless road trips. Every night of my life, I fall asleep COCOONED in my bed, to Julia's angelic voice. She makes me feel SAFE. The first time I met Julia, under a MANHATTAN SKYLINE, I was SWEPT away. I have been HAPPY EVER AFTER since that day.

In a DIFFERENT TIME, DIFFERENT PLACE (Atlanta), I met Julia again. I

designed a CONCRETE LOVE tour t-shirt for her. Julia thought it was

'bloody' GENIUS and made me feel like I was WALKING ON WATER. That

afternoon, she let me STAY for a private sound-check BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. Those minutes were MAGIC. Her voice was treating my ears like PORCELAIN. IF I were stuck on an ISLAND or in the ANTARCTICA I would want Julia music by my side. I CAN'T HELP MYSELF, Julia is doing SOMETHING RIGHT. To me, she is the greatest singer on earth. With HOPE, PRAYER AND TIME, she will sing more songs and have more records.

Julia I am WISHING YOU WELL. Thank-you for great music the touches the

soul. You make my life richer. ALLELUIA.

thanks for considering my entry.

Dr. Jeffrey Schmidt
Naples, FL
Julia has been a true breath of fresh air in this polluted world since I first heard 'Happy Ever After'

Mark Ridgewell

Cheltenham, England

Having first seen Julia on TV AM promoting "Where does the time go?" and liked the song,  I bought the first album and absolutely loved it.  I seemed to play it continuously!

After 'Porcelain' came out, I saw she was on tour and I saw Julia for the first time in concert in November 1989 at Hammersmith Appollo.  Having seen other artists in concert, I was taken aback how Julia can sound even better in concert than on her cd's.  To this day, not many artists can do this.  Having loved the concert so much, I decided to try and get to meet her afterwards and I did!  She came across as such a lovely person which as everyone knows she is!  After this first concert  and having met her, I went to see her twice more on that tour. 
Since then I have followed Julia with dedication. Her songs really touch me and her voice is amazing.  Each album is better than the last one. 
I have now seen her in concert 15 times and each time it is such a wonderful experience.  What also makes the concerts amazing, is the way she takes time out after the concerts to meet her fans, however tired she may be.  She makes us all feel special and having had the honour to meet Julia on a number of occasions,  has made her music even more important to me.
JULIA - you are an amazing person and I hope to follow you as a fan for many years to come.  Your music is very special to me and to all the dedicated fans around the world.
Jane Tillotson
Weston Turville
Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

I found myself spending a recent Friday night alone and at loose ends. I ended up at a music store thinking that some new music would lift my spirits. And there was Julia's "That's Life" album, newly released! As soon as it started playing on my car's cd player I felt better. I hear strength, vulnerability, joy, pain, and the dignity to bear it all in Julia's voice. And I felt much less lonely. Thanks Julia!

Colleen Cunningham

Boston, Massachusetts

I have many pictures and thankfully many memories of meeting Julia over the years, 22nd August 1989 is one that sticks out and one I will certainly never forget.  I found out that Julia was coming to Glasgow to do a television interview and decided to take a day off of work and pop along to say hi.  The interviewer came over and asked if I'd like to be in the interview with Julia on television, eek!!  It was a day never to be forgotten although I still cringe when I watch the tape back. 

Kindest Regards

Allison Dinnie

Glasgow, Scotland

Like a gourmet meal Julia's vocal stylings never fail to satisfy the soul.  Experiencing her live touches your heart and soul in a way that lingers beautifully long after she has taken her final bow.
Cheryl Ann

Santa Monica, CA

The first time I saw Julia in concert, I turned to my friend Marcia and said "we're witnessing something very special".  She replied "yes, this is magical".  After the transcendent performance we were lucky enough to meet Julia.  She was charming and lovely as I told her the story of how I used one of her songs as the first dance at my wedding reception.

Shawn Morrissey

Fitchburg Massachusetts

Dear Julia,

I have always find your voice mesmerizing, your melodies inspiring, and your lyrics speak to me in a personal way.  For me, your music is, at times, comforting, often uplifting, and always soothing and hauntingly beautiful. That's Life.

Best Regards,

Kim M. Steele

West Des Moines, Iowa  

Dear Julia,

I heard about your upcoming DVD at the Birchmere in Alexandria VA last week. I remember the first time I saw you live on 5/31/1990 which happened to be my birthday and it was the last time my first wife and I went out together- she did it sort of like a favor to me. My good friends Chris and Renee joined us that night and needless to say you put on a great show. I remember Dominic Miller may have been part of your touring band that time. In the intervening years, my second wife Linda and I, along with Chris and Renee have seen your shows each time and have always been treated to a great show. Your genuine connection with your audience and modest stage presence endears you to us forever. I am looking forward to your upcoming live DVD so that I can stop watching your old "Porcelain" VHS tape from 1990 although at least we were all younger then.

Your fan, Phuong Trinh, M.D.

During the Concrete Love tour, we caught Julia at a Borders in St. Louis in the afternoon. It was wonderful. We decided to spend the rest of the afternoon and early evening near the concert venue she was to perform at that night. We had already spoken with her, and gotten autographs, at Borders. Hours later, while strolling near the Duck Room, we were in a Starbucks across the street when, who waltzed in, lost and looking for directions? Julia and her sister! We gave them directions to their hotel, and laughed with them. That night, while sitting right in front, Julia asked me to reach up and adjust her microphone stand for her. A full day of Julia Fordham! It was unforgettable!

Once, at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, we begged Julia to sing "Swept", though she'd never rehearsed it or done it live with that guitarist. She graciously performed the song to absolute silence and rapture from the audience, and was so moved herself, that by the end of the song she was crying while singing. I've never seen a concert moment from anyone that could ever match that beautiful and awe-inspiring rendition. 

Lowell Richardson

Hello, there.

I've been a fan of Julia Fordham since the very start of her recording career, and would be knocked out if the following could be considered for her Live CD booklet:

"I first saw Julia in concert after the release of her first album in 1988. The venue - Bristol Colston Hall, England. The performance - staggering. I immediately realized I was listening to a unique talent, a wonderful voice. Superb albums - awesome live performances"

Many thanks.

Kevin Roberts


Northumberland, England

The first time that I heard Julia Fordham, her interpretation gave me goosebumps. "Happy Ever After" is a very powerful and emotional song.

Luis A. Del Moral
San Juan, Puerto Rico

An opinion? Julia is, quite simply, world-class. Wonderful, insightful songs, brilliantly executed. And a really smart synthesis of UK and US influences.

A Memory? Of "Concrete Love" being the cd of choice for many behind the scenes at Plymouth Argyle Football Club, as they worked hard to support the footballers win the 2003-4 English Division Two Championship.

(And among the female staff, one song in particular as they prepared for nights out on the town!)

Peter Jones

Plymouth, Devon, England 

"Julia is a songbird with rich beautiful velvety tones, a rare exotic


I first heard Julia Fordham during her "Swept" album period. Her voice

and songs blew me away and I've been a fan ever since. I always catch

her on tour and enjoy her live performances even more. Every friend

that I have introduced her music to, have become fans as well! She is a

true talent and a wonderfully sincere individual, having met here a few

times after a number of shows. She one of a kind!

Thomas Augusta

New York City, NY

I have watch Julia From the beginning. We met when we shared a gig together, 21 years ago. I have always admired her dedication to her craft. I remember when she was in Mari Wilson and the Wilsations, she was trying to get her solo career going. Every afternoon no matter what was going on or what she was in the middle of she would run home at the same time everyday to practice her music and write songs. I watched her grow from those days, as a backing vocalist/dancer, to become the polished amazing performer she is today. I think those afternoon practices paid off, don't you?

Lizzie Borden


my wife and I are so into her and her music that we just flew to Minneapolis from our home in Chicago for one night just to see her again even though we saw her the night before in Chicago. she even played a song for us that I requested. being the down to earth person she is, after the show she came out to sign some c.d.'s and not only did we get to finally meet her she also spent a few minutes talking with us. on top of all that I emailed her a couple of weeks ago and she actually replied to me. we have seen her many times and we look forward to seeing her again.

mike and flora west


Julia performing at the Bloomsbury theatre in London on my birthday in 1997. My (then) boyfriend told me he fell in love with me all over again that night as I'd introduced him to Julia's music.

Helen Blaby

Northampton, UK
Seeing Julia perform her songs, especially "Happy Ever After", live, was a wish come true for me.

Julia, your voice is a comfort, and as soothing as a great cup of tea! There is no better stress reliever than an evening with Julia and her music! 

With love always,

Barb P.

Becket, MASS
The first Julia Fordham record for me was the beginig of finding vocals and creativity in a female artist who never sold out to sell tons of records, never skipping on the things that got her here today.  Your great Julia

Patrick Pettey

Warren Michigan
I first heard Julia when she was a guest on David Letterman's show performing "Happy Ever After". The sound of her voice was incredible. I saw her perform here in Dallas at the Arcadia Theater and had 2nd row seats in 1990. It was the most powerful performance I had ever seen at the time. When she came out for the THIRD encore and started weeping while thanking us profusely, I was genuinely touched.

I have seen her twice since then, in July of 2002 and August of 2004, again here in Dallas at the Gypsy Tea Room. Both of these performances were incredible, but as Sade would say, "It's never as good as the first time."

Craig Woolheater

Dallas, TX

When I saw Julia Fordham LIVE at the PICC in Manila, Philippines, for the first time EVER, I was in awe. The only song I knew back then was “Invisible War” but I ended up loving all her songs. I became a FAN that night. Plus, she sang “Invisible War” that night twice. She came back I think, 2 or 3 times that night.

I think what separates her from a lot of singers is her humor. She has such strong stage presence and her ability to make people laugh is just amazing to me.

The most memorable for me is when I got a chance to finally meet her in San Francisco a few years ago. She was so friendly. She knows me as “Mirabel”.
julia has been with us forever and especially for my daughter carly who started liking her beautiful voice in her mothers womb. we have met her and she fills our life with the joy of life, music and positive emotions. thank you special angel. remember when u fill the albert hall with ur voice singin lovin u  - magical.

love ss and c shed sylvie n carly x

It is quite astounding to think that one small event could change your life forever, yet that is what happened to us, John and Jane.  We didn't know each other when we both bought our tickets to see Julia perform at the Birchmere in Alexandria VA on August 20th, 1997, yet 6 months later we were married.  John had been traveling back and forth between the US and England, and was planning to permanently return home to England the following month, but that night he could only think of how over-the-moon he was about finally seeing one of his favourite artists perform live.  This was a first for Jane as well and she too was filled with great anticipation.  Her friend was one of the architects for the newly built venue, so she managed to reserved table up front for her party.  John sweet talked someone into letting him sit at his table, also near the stage.  As Jane sat down John advised her that the table was reserved, and she answered, "yes I know, it is reserved for us."  John managed to move one more chair closer next to Jane and we've hardly left each other's side since!  We stayed after the show and met Julia together.  The three of us met for the first time on the same night and how fortunate we are to have a photograph of it.  Since that fateful night we have seen Julia several times, and always walk away in disbelief that such a huge talent is not, more or less, than a universal household name.
Love John & Jane

Queenstown, Maryland

“Julia not only has a great voice, but a great wit. I am mesmerized by both”

Walter Rich

Atlanta, Georgia

I still remember Julia's first appearance at Royal Albert Hall (1991?). She wandered on stage in her Porcelain pajamas, and said "I can't believe it's me, here. Imagine that!" An unforgettable night, an unforgettable voice.

David Bayendor
My favorite Julia moment is when she surprised my partner Daryll on Valentine's Day 2001 at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano by dedicating her song "Something Right" to him. Her performance of that song was beautiful and moved us both to tears.

James Gibson

Riverside, California
“One of the most amazing shows I’ve seen in a LONG time – her grace, spirit and humour are truly inspiring!! This is a show not to be missed - even a second time around! Can’t wait for the DVD!”

Lara Schuler

West Hollywood, CA

The first time I ever heard and saw Julia was back in 1989 on VH1 - back when VH1 played videos and had music specials.  The special was promoting the Porcelain album.  From the moment I saw the gorgeous video for Lock and Key, I was hooked!  In addition, not only was Julia incredibly forthcoming, honest and funny, her music and voice was full of such passion and indescribable beauty, that I ran out the next morning to Tower Records and bought the album.  I've been a fan ever since.  Did I happen to mention . . . that Julia ROCKS!

Let me give you two memories, one Julia specific and one general

I was on holiday in Spain, cycling high along a mountain pass, surrounded by incredible scenery with eagles soaring on the thermals all across the valley. I thought this is what life is for, these beautiful simple moments.

As Julia sang yet another beautiful song, with her incredible range and purity in her voice, it showed me the magic of listening to music live. Nothing else can be created in an instant but leave you with memories of a lifetime

Glyn Harper

East Sussex, United Kingdom

Anyone can see and hear a live performance.  Julia's lyrics and her vocal style enable her to connect with her audience on another level, so that you "feel" her music as well. Her voice is a gift that she continues to share with her fans.
Michael Pelaia
Atlanta, Georgia

I’ve seen Julia play both New York and Philadelphia on each of her last four times through. I’ve seen her with full band, and I’ve seen her acoustic with just a guitarist.  Her vocal talent is so strong that she carries every song regardless of the backup.  Her songwriting is superb. She has created a body of work that has the power to enrich the lives of everyone who listens. The production by Larry Klein has helped her last two albums achieve perfection. That’s Live documents an amazing artist at the absolute top of her game. Thank you for it all. Cheers.

William Kates

Buckingham, PA

It's one thing to see Julia perform live; it's another altogether to have her hand you the microphone so you can propose to your fiancee. Which is what I did at Julia's Boston show. Because my fiancee's ring is engraved "I must have done something right to be here loving you," it only seemed proper to give it to her during the show. And Julia came through for me, honoring an e-mail request to perform "Something Right" for us. She did, and also added a beautiful rendition of "Happy Ever After" to help make the evening a perfect memory.

John Shanahan

Quincy, MA
I've been hooked on Julia since a friend tossed a cassette of "Swept" my way and said, "Listen to this. You might like it."   I never miss a performance by her at the Birchmere in Alexandria, VA. 

Jack Blaylock

Alexandria, VA
I have followed the magnificent sounds of Julia Fordham since her first release of Happy Ever After. Her music is poetry, the realities of love, passion and life performed to tremendously breathe taking jazz. I attend various concerts from New York to Houston, San Francisco to Boston and Chicago to Portland to watch her performance rendition of her music live. Her vocals embody the soul, (a reminder that life is wondrous and mystical).

Rhoda McKenzie

The first time I saw Julia in concert, I was expecting to see a pretty English girl with an exquisitely beautiful voice, but one who was likely to be shy, reserved -- possibly even a bit stuffy -- onstage. Could not have been more right about the first half of the equation, nor more wrong about the second. Her sense of humor can put many a stand-up comedian to shame.

David Baker

Atlanta, Georgia
A couple of comments: It's tough to describe in words exactly all the feeling and emotions that Julia's music can evoke in her audience in her songs, but she manages to do it quite well. And I'm always amazed that she can remember all of her fans. I'm constantly amazed that each time I see her after a show that she remembers who I am. Truly a remarkable artist who's music has stood the test of time in being of a consistently high quality.

Eric Kwang

Palo Alto, CA
To whom it may concern for That's Live,

Earlier this year 2004 I emailed Julia about the domestic partnership ceremony in 2002 where Julia surprised the 200 or so same-sex couples participating in the ceremony, including my partner John and me, by singing Something Right from her then new album, Concrete Love.

Julia's response, and the original email, are below.

Suffice it to say that Julia is now forever a part of our lives, and the song, Something Right, is "our song".

Thank you, Julia, for your warmth and your love - and, of course, your beautiful music.

With love,

Jim McBride & John Williams

way way back in the late '80s a pal and I went to see Transvision

Vamp live in Leicester, England. That gig was sold out and the only

other show in town that night was a Londonbeat gig with a certain

Julia Fordham on the bill - at the Uni. I knew the student union

chap and so blagged us in for free. I'd heard Happy Ever After and

liked it, so I thought I'd check Julia out. I was literally nailed to the spot and spent her show near to tears, with my mouth open in

astonishment. I loved her voice, the tone of the songs and the

melodies. To this day, that remains one of my favourite live

experiences. I've since seen Julia all over England and California,

where she and I live (that's coincidence - I'm not a stalker). She's

lovely and her songs really do tug at the heartstrings and hit home.

Kev Lewin
Being almost as old as Jules, I first saw her play Manchester University in about 1983 when she was a backing singer for Mari Wilson. I was itching to sidle up to her in the bar later and offer her a drink...or my heart...or something like that, but courage failed me.

Back home in London I saw several Julia gigs - most notably a great show at the Riverside Studios when the first solo album came out.

Vinyl gave way to tapes to CDs - and now the DVD. While the woman of the 80s may now be a California girl, this 40 year old geezer back in Blighty is glad to be able to see such a great voice in action once again.

Mark Shanahan

Princes Risborough

Buckinghamshire, England 

" A voice to DREAM to. I remember playing Genius with Julia in NYC at Joe's Pub. We had never rehearsed it. One of my greatest stage moments ever. thanx Julia!"

New York, NY

Your song is my life itself.

Even if it is where at any times.

Also the former and future.

From Taku'tulip'

Tokyo, Japan
She brings a rare window on life - a real uncaged bird! Let her sing.

Mark Wales

Our Julia Fordham memory is from the show at the Fez in NYC about 7 years ago:  

We had the opportunity to meet and take pictures with Julia after the show, and we told her that "Love Moves (in Mysterious Ways)" had been our wedding song in July 1994.  The band that played at our reception was so impressed that the song was added to their standard set list and they became instant fans!

Chris & Kerry DeBenedictis

Branford, CT

Our most incredible Julia concert memory was in July of 2002 at the Tin Angel in partner Paula and myself drove from Northern Virginia to Philly to see Julia's show (we had been unable to attend the local Birchmere show due to a scheduling conflict.)

Julia's show was incredible and we were lucky to have seats against the wall very close to the stage.  We had befriended a couple of gals in the audience whom we had chatted with prior to the show and inbetween the opening act and Julia's show.  Throughout the concert we sang along and finger clicked our way through the songs....Julia referred to us as the "Philly Clickers" and had the 4 of us come up and accompany her throughout "Manhattan Skyline" along with a very gifted sax player whom Julia had met earlier that day at a book shop signing.  Afterwards we hugged and stayed for the meet and greet.  It was without question the biggest highlight of my concert going life!!!  It was absolute heaven...something we speak of and recount to friends frequently....thank you Julia, for your has touched my life in such varying ways and through so many personal emotional milestones....thank you for it all.....

We can't wait for the DVD and are looking forward to the opportunity to pre-order as soon as we're able!

Warm regards,

Michele McQuay & Paula De Vilbiss

1/2 of the Washington/Philly Clickers

Herndon, Virginia
That's great to hear about live album. Since 1988 I'm a big fan of Julia when I was in Japan, but I still have no chance to see live performance except video. And now I'm living in Germany and she lives in USA... I'm waiting for long time... But I think I can wait more with this new live album.  Hope to see Julia very soon.

Frankfurt, Germany 

During the radio promotion tour for Falling Forward in 1994, we had the privilege to have a 1 – 2 – 1 with Julia after a PA at Signal Radio in Stoke on Trent.  She was very friendly, amusing and kind, and recognised us from a previous gig at Birmingham.

She has always had time for her fans, and regularly recognises and acknowledges the core of ardent fans that have supported her for over 15 years. 

On a lighter note,  It’s always great to see Miles Bould at  her gigs – he is still as cute as when he was in the Lock & Key video !!

Our favourite albums are PORCELAIN and CONCRETE LOVE.

From Teresa & Julie from Crewe Cheshire

At my second Julia concert, 9-28-94, I was lucky enough to sit in front of her at the show. I was mesmerized with the music and she picked up on it. She graciously granted me a 'special request' as I was so into all the music! Of course I was thrilled to hear her sing 'comfort of strangers' with Grant Mitchell's keyboards!

Afterwards, when we and queued up to talk with her, I noticed a video or film crew in the room.  I thought nothing of it as though they were supposed to be there! LOL! I was thrilled to have Julia see the painting I did for her and sign it for me. She was so kind and gracious, it was our first meeting and I was thrilled!
Several months later I received a call from a friend who said that Julia had been on PBS the night before and I was in the video! I suddenly remembered the camera crew that was there that night.   Through the TV station, I was able to track down HMS media. When Scott heard my tale he asked' are you the girl with the painting?" I said yes Ii was, and he said;"Oh yes, you need to see this video!"
And there it was, caught on tape for all the world to see, one of the happiest nights of my life, Meeting Julia! I was overcome with tears of Joy and Shock at the same time!  Just Passing Through will always be special to me as a reminder of that Magical Night!

New Year's day 1989, after breaking up with my then boyfriend the night before, Turned on my radio and heard this sultry voice singing: "don't ask me why, I'm running out of laughter.." and I was instantly caught in the magic of Julia fordham. 

I searched from shop to shop to no avail. Nowhere could I find this magical music.  Finally, out of sheer desperation, I entered a small funky cd store by my house that had a very uninviting look!
When I asked the very handsome clerk at the desk if he had the cd, he cheerfully handed it right to me and told me it was fantastic!  I was shocked and happy all at once! We talked a bit, and realized we liked much of the same music. The conversation lasted quite a while, and I went on my way.
I then began stopping in to this shop once or twice a week, and got to know the young man better.  He got me an import copy of "Porcelain" which was so wonderful!
Within a year, He and I became a couple, and here we are 15 years later celebrating with Julia as her sincere fans and more, as Pattie Nolan & John Kowalski!!
Thanks Julia for bringing us together!
Pattie Nolan

Chicago, IL

Shortly before the birth of our son, my wife and I went to see Julia play at the Jazz Cafe in London as part of her 'Concrete Love' tour. At the time my wife was 8-months pregnant, and our unborn son had taken a particular liking to one of Julia's new tracks, "Missing Man". Every time the track was played 'bump' (later to be named Adam) began kicking and punching, one time so hard that my wife, who was driving at the time, had to pull the car over until he calmed down. After the gig, we hung around in the hope of meeting Julia along with a hoard of fellow fans. We may have been last in the queue but the wait was well worth it. After telling Julia the "Missing Man" story, she unexpectedly bend down and sang the chorus to our unborn son, who in turn gave the obligatory kick in gratitude. It was a very moving and special moment for us.

Vernon, Tanya and Adam Jenner

Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK.

having been annointed "the official no. 1 fan in the philippines" by no less that julia fordham herself, i think i'll die a happy man. she's simply to me the most important singer-songwriter to have emerge in this lifetime. to say that her music is the soundtrack of my life would be a complete understatement. her work is like a fertile ground where i plant memories that makes an enriching splendid harvest each time. i am just blessed to have met and known julia fordham, the artist and julia fordham, the person (and that's an entirely different story). the list of memories will take up too much space, needless to say: higlights would include her first manila concert in 1994 where she sang an impromptu "loving you" *dedicated to me --in exchange for the gift i gave her! he he* then meeting her and her lovely dad afterwards. then to a *teary* reunion in 1999 in her second visit then meeting her sister claire. fast forward nine months later, i proudly joined the circle of "manhattan skyline" backing vox! and to top it all, i think my "julia" tattoo (etched from her own signature) remains one

of the best decisions i've ever made in my life.

there's nothing like a "julia" always behind you.


angeles city, philippines/

dubai, united arab emirates

From the very first time I heard your luscious voice streaming across my radio I knew we would be happily everafter. I remember thinking, "How could you possibly perform 'acoustically' any of the music I had witnessed on your Cream-Colored-Tailored-Suit Tour when you played with a full band?" And afterwards, completely blown away by experiencing your voice so intimately, I again was Storybook happy! I walked away with a new appreciation for not only that luscious range of octaves, but you personalized each song in such a way I couldn't help but feel you wrote each song for me! It was the fifth time I saw you live in that steamy 'seam-ripping' over crowded Starbucks that you finalized the deal. Once more I witnessed how you wowed the crowd, but this time there was more. You shook hands with every waiting fan, took pictures with the coffee staff and yes even kissed babies. And then you smiled me over to your autograph table where I could only kneel at your feet and became for the next 45 minutes not just a fan, but a friend. It was all like a dream looking up at you, yet comfortable enough for me to say, "My God Girl, now I know why you're such a fucking-silly-thing on stage, you're exhausted!" We howled...You are the hardest working artist I've ever seen and yet so friendly, so smart and so funny. Thank you for spoiling me that afternoon and staying connected with each new cd. Love, Michael

Michael VonTanner

Portland, Oregon

Hairs standing on the back of my neck... Shivers down my spine... all she did was walk on stage! More than 10 years ago, now. The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, the only time I've managed to hear that sweet crystal clear voice live. Come back to Glasgow, Julia. After all, that's pretty much where your journey began.

Danny McCabe

that's live and that's true:

my moment with julia mas magic, we've meet at Joe's Pub, july 10, 2002 and i go on dreaming of that moment. She is so unusual and close to the public when she performs that made me felt a part of her music world. Amaizing artist and lovely person.

From Ana Paula Correia

Its been an unforgetable experience to witness my

favorite singer live in concert in house of blues and

in the coach house. I hope to hear more albums and i

will not stop listening to them, and more concerts in

los angeles.

Joy Maglantay
Hi there,

Fantastic! Just what we have wanted for ages - Julia 'Live' and some of the superb videos that just don't seem to get airplay.

I was fortunate to see Julia when she played the Jazz Cafe Camden and again at the Village Dublin last year and after so long a wait was still blown away by her down to earth relationship with the audience and her ever-improving depth of song.

My memory however is thus;

In 1983 I had been working in a little independent record store in the centre of England when one day we played a new 7" that came in as a new release. It was a slightly electronic track 'Friends' by an artist called 'Jules' - do ask her if she remembers this! - anyway I was blown away by the voice and although it didn't do well here, I bought the record, played it to death and actually still have it today. Sometime later when I was at university, I heard on the radio this unmistakable voice singing 'Happy Ever After' and knew it had to be the same person. Frustratingly the DJ never announced the name so it took me a while until I found the eponymous album. From then on I have been hooked and have slavishly bought the albums and visited the tours wherever I knew Julia was playing close to home.

The singer and without doubt the mistress of the song.

Good luck Julia, we follow you from afar but thankfully you say in your songs what we experience in our hearts and lives.

Adrian Hanstock

London, UK

I met Julia twice in one week when she played concerts in Bristol and Birmingham in England in May 1994 (the Falling Forward tour). On the Tuesday evening in Bristol, she spotted me in the second row of the audience wearing my t-shirt from the Porcelain tour - "ooh look - someone's been before! Bless her little cotton socks!" said Julia proudly... Afterwards, my friend Lynne and I hung around the stage door in the hope of meeting her - and she saw me and said "it's you! I saw the t-shirt! Well, I saw the picture of the coat on your breast" - then we joked about this and she signed one of the tour postcards with "To Angela - I saw your bristol at Bristol! - Julia Fordham". I still have it. On Friday that week, I saw her show at the Birmingham Symphony Hall - and queued up again afterwards - and she remembered me. "It's the Bristol girl!" she said, winked and smiled, and posed for a photo with me.

OK. So it may not be much of a story for some people, but to me, it felt great to have been spotted for wearing the t-shirt, great to be remembered a few days later, and FANTASTIC to have had the opportunity to meet Julia.

Angela Garry, Newcastle West, County Limerick, Republic of Ireland. Formerly of Exeter, Devon, England

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