In 1985, ronald wilson reagan was president and was married to jane wyman. Jerry

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1999 Ann B. Davis Hawai'ian Getaway Pop Culture Tournament

Tossups by Party Like It's 1999

FIRST PERIOD - Get out of interrupt free cards may be used in this period only.
1. IN 1985, RONALD WILSON REAGAN WAS PRESIDENT AND WAS MARRIED TO JANE WYMAN. JERRY (*) Lewis was his Vice President, and Jack Benny was the Secretary of the Treasury. At least that's Dr. Emmet Brown's conjecture for the future in, FTP, what 1985 Robert Zemeckis film about Marty McFly?
Answer: Back to the Future

2. HE RECENTLY JOINED SAM GROSSMAN'S BID TO BUY THE TEAM THAT HE ONCE (*) coached. His non-football activities include the Youth for Tomorrow foundation to help troubled youths and, since 1993, his own NASCAR team. FTP, name this coach, who won Super Bowl titles with three different quarterbacks as coach of the Redskins.

Answer: Joe Gibbs

3. RUMORS CIRCULATING IN DECEMBER THAT HE DIED OF A HEROIN OVERDOSE (*), or from a car crash, were widespread enough to prompt a concerned phone call from his mother and a refuting statement from the publicist for his television show. FTP, name this host of Nick Jr.'s Blues Clues.

Answer: Steve(n) "Little Man" Burns

4. AS A TEENAGER, SHE ROSE TO PROMINENCE BY POSING TOPLESS FOR THE DAILY SUN TABLOID IN THE UK. (*) She then turned to singing, charting four hits in the late 1980s, among them I Only Wanna Be with You and Naughty Girls (Need Love Too). FTP, who is this singer of I Wanna Have Some Fun and Touch Me (I Want Your Body)?

Answer: Samantha Fox (prompt on "Stacia Therese Angela Micula" or "Stasha Bergoff")

5. SHERMY AND VIOLET, TWO OF THE ORIGINAL CHARACTERS, (*) are rarely seen today. Other characters that have fallen by the wayside include Frieda, with her cat and "naturally curly hair" and Franklin, who helped integrate comic strips. FTP, what is this comic strip that still features Marcie, Sally, Rerun and Peppermint Patty?

Answer: Peanuts

6. HE WAS THE FIRST DIRECTOR OF VOICE OF AMERICA. HE WAS AN UNCREDITED CO-WRITER OF CITIZEN KANE. HE WAS A PRODUCER FOR RKO AND (*) Warner Brothers whose films included Lust for Life and Julius Caesar. He co-founded the Mercury Theater with Orson Welles. In spite of all of this, he didn't achieve fame until he started his acting career, at age 71. FTP, name this winner of the 1974 Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role as Kingsfield in The Paper Chase.

Answer: John Houseman (accept "Jacques Haussman")

7. HIS NO CONTEST PLEA TO CHARGES STEMMING FROM AN AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT IN MARYLAND (*) may make Judge Patricia Gifford his toughest opponent. This makes Gifford a far tougher opponent than Peter McNeely, Little Mac, or even the Fresh Prince. FTP, name this boxer, who was scheduled to fight Franscois Botha last night.

Answer: Mike Tyson

8. HIS CAREER STARTED IN 1992 AS AN INTERN AT KCMJ IN PALM SPRINGS, FL. HE BECAME A DJ AND MOVED ON TO SAN FRANCISCO IN 1995 AND, LATER THAT YEAR, SAN JOSE'S KOME. IN 1997, HE JOINED (*) MTV. FTP, name this boyfriend of Jennifer Love Hewitt and host of MTV Live and Total Request.

Answer: Carson Daly

9. HER ACTING CREDITS INCLUDE THE MOVIE UNION CITY AND THE ABC AFTERSCHOOL SPECIAL TORN BETWEEN TWO FATHERS. (*) She has released some all-blues albums, but also recorded early-'80s hits such as Heartbreaker, Invincible and We Belong. FTP, who is this woman, who best-known songs are probably Love Is a Battlefield and Hit Me with Your Best Shot?

Answer: Patricia "Pat" Benatar (née Anderzjeweski)

10. ONE OF HIS PICTURE EXHIBITIONS INCLUDES SOME PICTURES OF FLOWERS AND BUTTERFLIES. HOWEVER, THIS ARTIST WHO DIED OF AIDS (*) in 1991 was often a bit more risqué, including pictures of naked men and homosexual copulation. FTP, who is this artist that attracted attention from Jesse Helms and the NEA for presenting pictures of bullwhips stuck into recta?

Answer: Robert Mapplethorpe

11. CHRISTOPHER LLOYD, JOHN LAROQUETTE, AND JOHN TESH HAVE MORE IN COMMON (*) than making you laugh - they've all played one of these. Christopher Plummer played one named General Chang - he expounded upon Shakespeare while wearing an eye patch. FTP, what species from Star Trek are all these characters, the same as Lursa, B'Etor [pron.: BAY-tohr], and Lt. Cmdr. Worf.

Answer: Klingon

12. THEIR 1961 INAGURAL SEASON WAS PLAYED AT WRIGLEY FIELD. (*) This team has been haunted by late-season failure, such as blowing a 2-0 series lead in 1982 against Milwaukee, losing a playoff in 1995 to Seattle, and losing in 1986 to Boston. FTP, name this team, formerly owned by Gene Autry and currently owned by Disney.

Answer: Anaheim Angels (accept "Los Angeles Angels" or "California Angels")

13. THE NAME'S THE SAME. TALK ABOUT CONSPIRACIES - DAVID DUCHOVNY'S MIDDLE NAME, FOX MULDER'S MIDDLE NAME, MULDER'S (*) father's first name, Scully's father's first name, and Scully's brother's first name. FAQTP, what is this name, the first name of the actor who plays the Cigarette Smoking Man?

Answer: William (prompt on "Bill")

14. HE'S APPEARED IN AMERICATHON, ROADIE AND OUT OF BOUNDS. BORN (*) Marvin Lee Aday (*) in Texas. He sang the lead vocals on Ted Nugent's 1976 Free-For-All album. FTP, who is this ex-delivery boy, best known for Two Out of Three Ain't Bad, I'd Do Anything for Love (but I Won't Do That) and Paradise by the Dashboard Light?

Answer: Meat Loaf

THIRD PERIOD - No special tossup rules in effect.
15. BORN JOSHUA MILTON BLAHYI, THIS LIBERIAN WARLORD (*) has turned to Christianity recently and is passing out Bibles to his countrymen. FTP, who is this leader of a brigade named for him, noted for the fact that he and his unit fought wearing only boots and guns, whose name is shared by George Costanza's porn alter ego?
Answer: General Buck Naked

16. BORN IN 1923 AS TADEUSZ KONOPKA (tahd-OOSH kahn-OHP-ka), THIS COMEDIC ACTOR DIED IN 1986. HE PLAYED A PRISON GUARD IN THE ORIGINAL (*) Psycho, narrated the cartoon Super Friends, and played Judge Smails in the 1980 comedy classic Caddyshack. FTP, name this actor, best known as Ted Baxter on The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

Answer: Ted Knight

17. THIS GOALTENDER SPENT PART OF HIS CHILDHOOD IN SOUTH AFRICA, FOUND (*) his way to suburban Toronto, and started for Germany in the 1998 Olympics. He got his chance to start after Bill Ranford injured his groin in the opening game of the 1997-98 season. Unlike the Godzilla character on his mask, he fulfilled all of the hype last season. FTP, name this Washington goalie.

Answer: Olaf Kolzig

18. WARNING - TWO ANSWERS REQUIRED! THE FIRST IS TOURING AS ANNA IN THE KING AND I. THE SECOND PLAYED POLLYANNA IN POLLYANNA. THE FIRST PLAYED (*) Carrie Bliss in the Disney-channel precursor to Saved by the Bell. The second starred in the original version of That Darn Cat! FTP, give the two names Disney advertised the original Parent Trap movies with.

Answer: Hayley (Catherine Rose Vivien) Mills and Hayley (Catherine Rose Vivien) Mills

19. HE WAS BORN IN ROBBINSVILLE, NC, AND HAS BEEN BLIND SINCE BIRTH. (*) In the late 1970's, this country singer hit the charts with It Was Almost like a Song. His last pop hit was Stranger in My House. FTP, who is this artist who also sang I Wouldn't Have Missed It for the World, Any Day Now and Smoky Mountain Rain?

Answer: Ronnie Milsap

20. IT'S NOT PROPECIA, BUT PREGNANT WOMEN, THE ELDERLY, AND CHILDREN UNDER 19 SHOULD AVOID PROLONGED EXPOSURE TO IT. IT CONTAINS A LIQUID (*) core which, if exposed due to rupture, should not be touched, inhaled, or looked at. It is not to be used on concrete. Use should be discontinued if itching, vertigo, slurred speech, or heart palpitations occur. FTP, name this toy sensation that, at $14.95, is sweeping the nation.

Answer: Happy Fun Ball

21. HE'S BEEN AN AIRPLANE MECHANIC, A BEACH BUM, A DOCTOR, AND EVEN FRIEDA'S (*) boss. You may remember these characters better as Gordon Liddy, Ted Nugent, Dr. Rosenpenis, and Mr. Poon. His true calling however, has been the job he really holds: a newspaper reporter. FTP, name this titular Gregory McDonald character from a 1989 Chevy Chase movie.

Answer: I(rwin) M(aurice) "Fletch" Fletcher

EXTRA QUESTIONS - See the tournament director if you need shoot-out questions.
CAROLINA COUGARS, U.C.L.A., DENVER NUGGETS, (*) New Jersey Nets, San Antonio Spurs. FTP, these are among the coaching stops of what former Pacers head coach, who won an NCAA title with the Jayhawks in 1988 and, as mentioned, coached all four of the surviving ABA teams in addition to the Cougars?
Answer: Larry Brown

STAR WITH BILL KIRCHENBAUER [PRON.: KUHR-KIHN-BAU-UHR] AS TONY ROLETTI AND JIM VARNEY AS VIRGIL SLIMS. DON'T FORGET HAPPY (*) Kyne and The Mirthmakers! Add Fred Willard as Jerry Hubbard and you're one ingredient short of this precursor to The Larry Sanders Show. FTP, name this late-'70s talk-show parody sometimes called America 2-Night and hosted by Martin Mull as Barth Gimble.
Answer: Fernwood 2-Night (accept "America 2-Night" before it is mentioned)

1. IN PAWN OF PROPHECY, HE IS AN ORDINARY YOUNG MAN GROWING UP (*) in Sendaria with his Aunt Polgara. He is the somewhat-henpecked husband of the Dryad Princess Ce'Nedra and the grandson of Belgarath. FTP, who is this driving force of two series of five books written by David Eddings, the Malloreon and the Belgariad?

Answer: Belgarion

1999 Ann B. Davis Hawai'ian Getaway Pop Culture Tournament

Bonuses by Party Like It's 1999

1. Nothing says quality TV like CBS's Step by Step - given the character's name and assorted information about the actor, name the actor.

a. For 5: Dana Foster - her most recent movie describes her career aptly - Nowhere. She was also the daughter on My Two Dads.
Answer: Staci Keanan (accept "Anastasia Sogorsky" or "Stacy Keanan;" prompt on "Staci Love")
b. For 10: Jean-Luc Rieupeyroux - his movies have included The First Wives Club, Courage under Fire, and Beverly Hills Cops 1 and 3. You might also know him as the lovable alien Meego.
Answer: Bronson Pinchot
c. For 15: Cody Lambert - other roles include the lead in Kickboxer 2 and Kickboxer 3. He's probably best known for being sentenced to sixty days in jail in 1997 for beating up his wife, which led to his leaving the show.
Answer: Sasha "Sash" Mitchell

2. Conjunction time. For example, if we asked you to conjoin the star of M Squad with the singer of I Heard It through the Grapevine, you'd say "Lee Marvin Gaye." Fifteen points each.

a. Conjoin: an in-the-works movie starring Jennifer Lopez and Eddie Murphy (as a lunar bartender in 2087), Yasmine Bleeth's current TV home, and a movie based on a book by Robert James Waller.
Answer: Pluto Nash Bridges of Madison County, The (Give 5 points for each correct of "Pluto Nash," "Nash Bridges," and "Bridges of Madison County, The")
b. Conjoin: The author of A Clockwork Orange, the actor who played The Penguin in the Batman TV series, and the actress who played Elise [pron.: uh-LEES] Keaton on Family Ties.
Answer: Anthony Burgess Meredith Baxter(-Birney)

3. Given some Billboard number one hits of the 1970s, give the artist for the stated number of points.

a. For 5: Let's Stay Together Answer: Al Green(e)

b. For 5: You Light up My Life Answer: Debbie Boone

c. For 10: The Most Beautiful Girl Answer: Charlie Rich

d. For 10: Brandy (You're a Fine Girl) Answer: Looking Glass

4. You get to identify actors from either the Kevin Kline film In & Out or from When Harry Met Sally... on a 5-10-15 basis. Pick your movie now, so I can fulfill my "romantic movie" bonus requirement.
In & Out questions:
a. For 5: Upon kissing this actor's Peter Malloy, Kevin Kline's Howard Brackett realizes that he's gay.
Answer: Tom Selleck
b. For 10: He plays the school principal who must fire Howard for being homosexual.
Answer: Bob Newhart
c. For 15: All-or-nothing, who played Berniece and Frank Brackett, Howard's parents?
Answer: (Mary Frances) "Debbie" Reynolds and (A.) Wilford Brimley

When Harry Met Sally... questions:

a. For 5: All-or-nothing, who played Jess and Marie, Harry and Sally's best friends that end up together?
Answer: Bruno Kirby (accept "Bruno Giovanni Quidaciolu, Jr.") and Carrie Fisher
b. For 10, After Sally fakes an orgasm, what actress says "I'll have what she's having"?
Answer: Estelle Reiner (director Rob Reiner's mother)
c. For 15, Who plays Harry's first wife, Helen?
Answer: Susan "Harley" Jane Kozak

5. Identify these college football teams from clues.

a. For 5: This school is currently coached by Doug Williams, who replaced Eddie Robinson.
Answer: Grambling State University
b. For 10: This Texas school broke its record-setting losing streak in 1998 by defeating Langston.
Answer: Prairie View A&M
c. For 15: This Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference team, known as the Rattlers, made the Division I-AA playoffs along with Hampton, another MEAC school.
Answer: Florida A&M

6. Given the description of one of Oprah's "change your life TV" segment, name the expert, FTPE. You'll earn five points if you need a "the name's the same" clue.

a. 10:Find Yourself, Find Love - Discover the love you need ... and the person you want to be with.

5: The last name is pronounced the same the original and current lead singer of Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Answer: Iyanla Vanzant
b. 10: Get Real - Find the motivation to create positive changes in your life.

5: He shares his last name with a former NY Mets pitcher, known for saying "You gotta believe," and his country musician son, known for saying "One of these days you're gonna love me."

Answer: Dr. Phil McGraw
c. 10: Personal Success - Learn techniques for improving your life and attaining your dreams.

5: He shares his last name with a well-known movie monologist and author of Impossible Vacation.

Answer: John Gray, "Ph.D."

7. Name the song 40-30-20-10-1

40: Allow for a clue on the lead in.

30: It was a Billboard number one hit for 12 weeks for Vaughn Monroe in 1949, and was made into an instrumental by the Ramrods in 1961. In it, a cowboy sees the ghastly future that waits for him if he continues his wicked ways.

20: The Outlaws and Johnny Cash have also covered this song, which also features celestial cattle being chased by cowboys who have lived lives of sin.

10: These celestial cattle are owned by the devil himself, and the song is named for the location of this cattle chase, where the riders will never catch the cattle.

1: These ghost riders can often be found in the sky.
Answer: Ghost Riders in the Sky

8. Answer these questions about women FTPE.

a. Stop snickering and pay attention to this series of speeches from women in various places, delivered by humorist Eve Ensler.
Answer: The Vagina Monologues
b. The Blue Room, a two-actor play, features a brief nudity by what left-handed redhead, more famous for her film roles?
Answer: Nicole Kidman
c. The Utah chapter of NOW has recently endorsed what family option as being beneficial to women seeking to balance family and career?
Answer: Polygamy (accept equivalents)

9. Cartoons becoming live-action movies seems to the hep thing now. Identify the upcoming live-action movies from clues on a 15-5 basis.

a. For 15: Currently slated for a July 1999 release, this movie features Rupert Everett as Dr. Claw, Michelle Trachtenburg as Penny, and Sarah Jessica Parker's husband as the titular hero.
For 5: Don Adams voiced the title character in the original 1983 DiC-Entertainment cartoon. The hero is a secret agent whose niece Penny and her dog Brain do all the work.
Answer: Inspector Gadget (accept "The Real Inspector Gadget," as this was a working title for the movie)
b. For 15: Mike Myers is writing the script for a live-action version of this Hanna-Barberra cartoon. Myers plans on playing the villian, or the Maynard G. Krebs-inspired good guy.
For 5, This ever-present TV series has gone through a dozen incarnations, most of which feature two guys, two girls, and at least one dog (the title character) solving spooky mysteries. The Mystery Machine was a must for van-lovers everywhere.
Answer: Scooby Doo (accept any of many variants such as "Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?," etc.)

10. We can't bring out Robert Goulet for this bonus, but we will ask you questions about last year's college basketball season, which you will hopefully answer FTPE.

a. This school captured the imagination of the country when they reached the Sweet 16 with the father/son combo of Homer and Bryce Drew.
Answer: Valparasio
b. Jim Harrick took this team to the verge of a Final Four berth, but a late Stanford surge in the Midwest Regional Championship game knocked this Atlantic 10 school out of the tournament.
Answer: Rhode Island
c. This Big 12 school was rocked with scandal, including the controversial release of Luke Axtell's grades, leading in part to the departure of head coach Tom Penders.
Answer: Univ. Texas at Austin (accept "UT Austin")

11. Given some miscellany from the Star Trek universe, identify it FTPE.

a. This somewhat slow-witted Ferengi is an engineering officer on Deep Space Nine.
Answer: Rom (and if they answer "Nog", kill them. Nog is rather quick-witted and is in navigation.) (Editor Note: Whatever)
b. Denise Crosby played this security officer that nearly defeated Deanna Troi in the bust size department. She was killed by an oil slick named Armus during the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Answer: Lt. Natasha "Tasha" Yar
c. He was featured first in the original series episode Space Seed.
Answer: Khan Noonian Singh

12. Answer these questions about that game of games, Civilization II.

a. For 5 each, who designed Civ II and what company distributes it?
Answer: Sid Meier and Microprose
b. For 10, what type of unit does the player begin the game with, in 4000 B.C.?
Answer: Settler
c. For 10, what name is given to the twenty-eight city improvements that may only be constructed in one city, conferring benefits on the holding civilization?
Answer: Wonders

13. Thanks,! Without you, where would crappy quizbowl questions like this come from? Given titles and years of publication, give the author of the following pieces of modern ... umm ... literature.

a. For 5, Rainbow Six (1998)
Answer: Tom Clancy
b. For 10, Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mount Everest Disaster (1997)
Answer: Jon Krakauer
c. For 15, Cold Mountain: A Novel (1997)
Answer: Charles Frazier

14. Name the actor from roles 40-30-20-10-1.

40: Allow for prompt on lead in.

30: Mark in Say Anything...

20: Spence Kovak on Ellen

10: Trevor Hale on Cupid

1: He's credited as Jeremy Piven in Cupid
Answer: Jeremy Piven

15. Answer the following somewhat-related questions FTPE.

a. When The Daily Show gives weekend movie grosses, it adds a unique twist to its list. What is this twist?
Answer: All the grosses are listed in Lira (and are usually brought to you by Olive Garden)
b. Meg Ryan wasn't born with the last name Ryan. What's her real last name?
Answer: Hyra
c. Tori Amos's first name isn't really Tori. What's her real first name?
Answer: Myra (do not accept "Ellen" since that is her middle name)

16. Name the Major League Baseball team on a 10-5 basis. Warning: the teams may or may not currently exist.

a. For 10:Their only American League pennant came in 1944.

For 5: In 1954, they moved to Baltimore to become the Orioles.

Answer: St. Louis or Browns
b. For 10: Owner Bill Veeck, who once owned the Browns, later owned this team in the 1970's, which featured such innovations as exploding scoreboards, Bermuda shorts as part of the team uniform, and Disco Demolition Night.

For 5: They still play at Comiskey Park, although their current version was built in the 1990s.

Answer: Chicago White Sox
c. For 10: In addition to winning a World Series with the Tigers, Sparky Anderson also managed this team to 2 World Series titles.

For 5: In recent years, they have been known more for the controversy surrounding their owner, who also happens to own a large St. Bernard.

Answer: Cincinnati or Reds or Redledgs or Red Stockings

17. Given some songs that have been recorded multiple times, name the song FTPE.

a. Richard Harris, 1968; The Four Tops, 1971; Donna Summer, 1978.
Answer: MacArthur Park
b. The Flamingos, 1959; Art Garfunkel, 1975.
Answer: I Only Have Eyes for You
c. The Rays, 1957; The Diamonds, 1957; Herman's Hermits, 1965.
Answer: Silhouettes

18. FTPE, identify the alcoholic drinks that match the given descriptions.

a. Ol' Janx Spirit, Santraginean seawater, Arcturan Mega-gin, Fallian marsh gas, Qualatin Hypermint extract, Algolian Suntiger, Zamphour, and an olive.
Answer: Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster (from the book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)
b. ingredient-wise, it's a screwdriver with Galliano
Answer: Harvey Wallbanger
c. rum, lime juice, and cola
Answer: Cuba libre

19. Mahoney is a great name for a cop, don't you think? Well, everybody else does. Answer these three questions about cops named Mahoney.

a. For 5, he played Carey Mahoney in the first four Police Academy movies.
Answer: Steve(n) Guttenberg
b. For 10, John Mahoney plays Martin, a retired cop, in this sitcom.
Answer: Frasier
c. For 15, Although he's best known as a musician, he started out as a cop with the last name Mahoney. F15P, give the stage name of this man who recorded a top-40 duet with Ronnie Spector, among other hits.
Answer: Eddie Money

20. Hockey night in Virginia? Certainly you weren't expecting an East Coast Hockey League bonus. Instead, this is a bonus about minor league hockey. Answer these questions about minor league hockey teams from clues.

a. This former NHL city now can now cheer for the Wolf Pack, who you may have seen advertising Norelco razors. Ironically enough, the NHL team that left this town will eventually settle in a town with a collegiate team called the Wolfpack. FTPE, name these two cities.
Answer: Hartford (former home of the Whalers) and Raleigh (home of N.C. State and future home of the Hurricanes)
b. For 5: Name the city that once had a minor-league franchise known as the Roadrunners.
Answer: Phoenix
c. For 5: Teams such as the Hyannisport Presidents played against this fictitious team from Charleston in the Paul Newman film Slap Shot.
Answer: Charleston Chiefs

21. Some bands only get one hit, but they make it a good one. Given a group, name their one shot at fame, at least on the Billboard pop charts, FTPE.

a. Taco
Answer: Puttin' on the Ritz
b. Delbert McClinton
Answer: Giving It up for Your Love
c. After the Fire
Answer: Der Komissar

22. Answer these questions about Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, first edition, FTPE.

a. How many alignments were possible?
Answer: Nine
b. Which of the character classes had to be of a pure neutral alignment?
Answer: Druid
c. Which of the Outer Planes, with 666 levels, was the ultimate destination for people of Chaotic Evil persuasion?
Answer: The Abyss

23. Answer these questions about '90s teens FTPE.

a. This sixteen-year-old that married R. Kelly in 1994. Hint: her name sounds like a Donnie Iris song title.
Answer: Aaliyah Haughton

(Moderator's note: the Donnie Iris song is Ah! Leah!)

b. She was sixteen when she charted with I Wanna Be Down in 1994.
Answer: Brandy Norwood
c. She appeared on L.L. Cool J.'s Mr. Smith in 1995, just after releasing her first of two albums, Miss Thang. Her second album was released late last year.
Answer: Monica Arnold

1999 Ann B. Davis Party Like It’s 1999 of

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