Sweden’s Policy towards a Nuclear Free Zone in the Middle East

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Donovan Yeager


First Committee

Establishment of a Nuclear Free Zone in the Region of the Middle East.

Sweden’s Policy towards a Nuclear Free Zone in the Middle East

Nuclear Weaponry has been an incredible concern among the members of the United Nations for the last two centuries. As, being one of those member nations, the Nation of Sweden would like to express its concerns toward the growing Crisis in the Middle East. Ever since the creation of the Israeli State, the Middle East has grown consistently unstable more and more every year. Many wars have broken out due to the increased friction in that area. We are not against Israel at all, or any other country in the Middle East. We just simply have a desire to create and maintain peace in that area for as long as we can. We fear that if we just sit back and allow Middle Eastern Countries to produce and maintain a nuclear weapon program, the results could potentially be devastating and costly. We are not, however making the assumption, that countries with Nuclear Programs in the Middle East cannot maintain peace. Instead, we our encouraging Middle Eastern Countries to not take that step towards nuclear weapons, in fear of the possible loss of life in those areas.

In the Past decade, our Country of Sweden has indeed contained WMD’s (Weapons of Mass Destruction). Our reason behind containing the weapons was out of a need of Defense, against the surging Soviet Expansion during the Cold War period. During those uncertain times, we felt that Nuclear and Chemical Weapons was a necessary requirement, considering our neighbor was the Soviet Union. We maintained Chemical and Nuclear Programs from the year of 1940 to around the year of 1970. In 1960, criticism started surfacing about countries holding onto and maintaining WMD’s. Our nation began to adamantly consider the destruction of Nuclear and Chemical weapons program; and by the year of 1970, the Swedish Government formally stated that the Country of Sweden would no longer develop or produce any nuclear weapons. The Nuclear and Chemical weapons that were already developed and built, we still contain. However, we have no attentions of ever using those Nuclear and Chemical Weapons on anyone, or any nation; unless of course if we are under Nuclear Attack ourselves. In order to reassure any troubled nations, and also the Swedish people; the Swedish Government has signed the Chemical Weapons Convention, which prohibits the production, development, and stockpiling of chemical weapons. We believe that if the Middle East makes the same sort of agreement among the various countries, involving a nuclear free Middle East; the threat of nuclear conflicts in the Middle East will be diminished considerably.

To reassure you that Sweden is adamantly against the spread and development of nuclear weapons, we want to inform you of our commitment to the NPT. The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, commonly known as the Non-Proliferation Treaty or NPT, is an International landmark treaty whose objective is to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons, and to promote the cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear power. The NPT also has a goal to one day reach a disbarment of nuclear weapons and elimination of the weapons globally from the world. When this Treaty became available to sign in 1968, Sweden signed it almost immediately. We are committed to this cause and believe that a nuclear free world is a safer world. Turning our eyes on the Middle East, the Swedish Government agrees with many other nations that the area is very unstable. Nuclear weapons in an area as dangerous and conflicting as the Middle East would not be a road that the world or Middle Eastern Countries, hopefully would not go down. This issue of Israel not signing the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty is understandable in some senses; but there choice to not sign is a threat to future peace in the region. I understand Israel’s argument that they need nuclear weapons for protection against attack from the Middle Eastern Countries. Israel has been involved in multiple wars with Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon; due to cultural and border tensions. Their act of Defense is completely understandable due to their worsening situation. We however, argue that Israel can defend themselves in less violent and destructive ways through their use of the Army, Navy and Air Force. Using Nuclear Weapons as a means of Defense against attack is not a very intelligent idea, which many nations, including the Country of Sweden, would condemn immediately if Israel were to acquire nuclear weapons. We are not against Israel in anyway; we only wish to work with them in order to achieve a nuclear free zone in the Middle East. Sweden is dedicated and willing to go the distance, in order to rid the world of nuclear weapons and promote the disbarment and shutdown of all nuclear programs and weaponry. A Nuclear Free World is a Safer World.

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