In each space provided, respond to the question about each event. Atlanta Race Riot of 1906

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In each space provided, respond to the question about each event.
Atlanta Race Riot of 1906

(Use the following websites for citing examples:,,,
Watch the following video:
What impact did the race riot of 1906 have on the culture of the city of Atlanta?

The Leo Frank Case

Watch the following video:
Use the following websites to cite examples:,,
How did the events of the Leo Frank case contribute to racial violence and segregation in Georgia?

Jim Crow Laws
Click on the link to the following website: for your assignment details. Click the link for the Jim Crow Narratives: Chose one of the narratives and complete your response to the questions in the space below.

In a minimum of 2 paragraphs: answer the following questions:

A. How did you feel while listening to this person’s story? 

B. What effect did hearing the person’s voice have on you? 

C. Which did you find to have the most impact on you, reading or listening to the personal narrative? Why?

D. Do you think that if you lived under these rigid and unjust laws, it would affect how you perceive yourself and the world around you? Would it affect how you deal with conflict? Explain. 
Plessy v. Ferguson

Watch the following video:
Plessy v. Ferguson was an 1896 Supreme Court decision allowing separate facilities on the basis of race, a doctrine which became known as "separate but equal." The case originated when Homer Plessy, an African American, boarded a railroad card reserved for white passengers, thus violating a Louisiana statute. The Court upheld the state law.

How does the Plessy decision reflect the dominant racial views of the time?

Write a journal entry (present day) if you lived in a world where the Plessy v. Ferguson case had NOT been overturned, a place where “Separate but Equal” was still the law. Make sure to consider schools, recreation, travel & work.

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