Unit 8 (Post wwii georgia) Study Guide (teacher copy)

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Unit 8 (Post WWII Georgia) Study Guide (TEACHER COPY)

  1. Describe Georgia’s economy after WWII? (It featured new industries and more diversified farming.)

  1. Who were the two progressive mayors that guided Atlanta through times of change? (Ivan Allen Jr. and William Hartsfield.)

  1. What sports teams came to or started in Atlanta during the 1960s and early 1970s? (Atlanta Falcons, Braves, Flames, Hawks)

  1. What are two of the most significant accomplishments of the progressive governor Ellis Arnall. (ended the poll tax, created legislation so 18-year olds could vote)

  1. What company took over Bell Aircraft following WWII which produced aircraft and became Georgia’s largest employer by the end of the 1950s? (Lockheed)

  1. How did Atlanta’s professional sports teams impact the city’s reputation and economy? (boosted the city’s economy and increased its reputation.)

  1. What were some of the significant economic changes in Georgia after WWII? (Atlanta grew due to migration, annexation, and the GI Bill, concept of office parks was created, more Georgians worked in industry and manufacturing jobs than worked on the farms.)

  1. What were some of the significant changes in agriculture after WWII? (new technology, diversification)

  1. A farmer diversifies by doing what? (growing more than one crop)

  1. What was the GI Bill and what was its purpose? (A law that helped war veterans to secure loans after the war; The loans could be used for things like education and homes)

  1. Who was William Hartsfield and what were his significant contributions to the growth of Atlanta? (the longest serving mayor in the history of Atlanta; helped establish Atlanta as an aviation hub; instrumental in maintaining relatively peaceful race relations during the 1940s and 1950s)

  1. Who was Hank Aaron and what did he accomplish? (Atlanta Braves baseball player; broke Babe Ruth’s homerun record in 1974)

  1. Who was the first governor to serve a 4 year term, and supported measures to help African-Americans? (Ellis Arnall)

  1. Where are Georgia’s most important deep water ports? (Brunswick and Savannah)

  1. What impact has international business had on Georgia? (boosted the state’s economy, increased its international reputation)

  1. What are Georgia’s 4 major transportation systems? (Airports. Seaports, interstate highways, railways)

  1. Why is Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport important to the state’s economy? (It is known as the “busiest airport in the world”; ships tons of cargo annually; attracts major events and business; creates jobs; contributes billions of dollars per year to Georgia.)

  1. What are Georgia’s major interstate highway that make it easier to transport goods? (Interstate 95, Interstates 75, Interstate 85, Interstate 20)

  1. What event happened in 1996 that made Atlanta an internationally known city? (The 1996 Olympics)

  1. How do deepwater ports best contribute to Georgia’s economy? (allow ships to trade, provides millions of dollars in revenue, creates jobs.)

  1. True or False: Railroads are still important to the economy of Georgia?

  1. What is one of the BEST reasons for Georgia’s economic growth? (transportation systems)

  1. True or False: Throughout it’s history, Georgia has produced or imported rice,

indigo, lumber, tobacco, cotton, paper, machinery, and clothing.
24. What 3 things best describes what Georgia’s economy depends on? (production,

amount of debt it has, jobs for workers)
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Domain -> Evaluate key political, social & economic changes that occurred in Georgia between 1877 & 1918
Domain -> In each space provided, respond to the question about each event. Atlanta Race Riot of 1906
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Domain -> Severe Weather WebQuest
Domain -> Unit 9 – Societal and Technological Growth
Domain -> Unit 1: Geog of Ga/GA’s Beginnings Page Numbers – Textbook (p. 1-97) crct prep
Domain -> SS8H8: Analyze the important events that occurred after wwi & their impact on Georgia
Domain -> Name unit 6 Study Guide
Domain -> Earth Science Chapter 9 – a view of Earth’s Past Section 3 – The Mesozoic and Cenozoic Eras

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