Incessant- adjective- never stopping, going on all the time

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Level D, Voc 6B Daily

  1. Incessant- adjective- never stopping, going on all the time synonyms: ceaseless, constant, uninterrupted antonyms: occasional, sporadic, intermittent

  1. Intricate- adjective – complicated; difficult to understand

Synonyms: complex, convoluted Antonyms: simple, uninvolved, uncomplicated

  1. Lucid – adjective – easy to understand, clear; rational, sane

Synonyms: limpid, intelligible Antonyms: murky, muddy, obscure, unintelligible

  1. Posthumous – adjective – occurring or published after death

Synonym: postmortem Antonym: prenatal

  1. Prim – adjective – overly neat, precise, proper, formal, prudish

Synonyms: fussy, fastidious, squeamish

Antonyms: dowdy, frumpy, sloppy, untidy, loose, lax

  1. Sardonic – adjective – grimly or scornfully mocking, bitterly sarcastic

Synonyms: caustic, mordant, acerbic, wry

Antonyms: bland, mild, good- natured

  1. Superfluous – adjective – exceeding what is sufficient or required, excess

Synonyms: surplus, over the top Antonyms: necessary, essential, vital, indispensable

  1. Supplant – verb – to take the place of, supersede

Synonyms: replace, displace, oust

  1. Taunt – verb – to jeer at, mock noun – an insulting or mocking remark

Synonyms: ridicule, deride Antonyms: cheer, applaud, acclaim

  1. Tenacious – adjective – holding fast; holding together firmly; persistent

Synonyms: obstinate, stubborn, dogged

Antonyms: yielding, weak, gentle, lax, slack

Name ________________________________

Level D Vocab 6B Cloze

Identify correct form of the vocabulary word which best completes each sentence.

____________________________ 1. A woman of strong character and noble bearing, she endured the jibes and ____ of her adversaries with great patience and fortitude.

____________________________ 2. Although the survivors were still in a state of shock, some of them were _____ enough to answer the questions posed by the police.

____________________________3. “Since their heroic deeds clearly speak for themselves,” the president remarked, “further comment on my part would be


____________________________ 4. He is a rather _____ sort of man whose sensibilities are easily shocked by other people’s less exacting standards of conduct.

____________________________ 5. “Someone with such a(n) _____ grip on life doesn’t give up the ghost easily.” I thought as I watched the old man’s struggle to stay alive.

____________________________ 6. In a touching scene on the steps of the Capitol, the president awarded _____ Medals of Honor to soldiers who had recently fallen in defense of the country.

____________________________ 7. The wily old senator derived a certain amount of _____ amusement from watching his enemies turn on and destroy one another.

____________________________ 8. Our football team would do a great deal better if we mastered a few simple plays, instead of trying to use all those____ formations.

____________________________ 9. Since my home is located at a busy intersection, I have been forced to accustom myself to the ____ hum of traffic outside.

____________________________ 10. During World War II, artificial rubber began to ___ natural rubber in American automobile tires.

Name ____________________________

Level D Vocab 6B Synonyms/Antonyms

Synonyms: Provide the correct form of the word from this week’s vocabulary words that is most nearly the same as the bold word in the given phrase.

____________________________ 1. Complex and beautiful designs

____________________________ 2. A target of the writer’s caustic criticism

____________________________ 3. A clear explanation of what is at stake

____________________________ 4. A dogged determination to overcome all obstacles

____________________________ 5. Ousted my archrival

____________________________ 6. Refuses to respond to insulting remarks

____________________________ 7. A postmortem analysis of the patient’s condition

Antonyms: Provide the correct form of the word from this week’s vocabulary words that is most nearly the opposite as the bold word in the given phrase.

____________________________ 8. Provided vital information

____________________________ 9. A rather lax attitude toward the rules

____________________________ 10. The occasional honking of horns

Name _____________________________

Level D Vocab 6B Past Word Review

Identify the letter of the word which best completes each sentence.

_____ 1. His feverish and (A. lucid B. incessant) activity cannot hide the fact that he doesn’t know what he is doing.

_____ 2. The penniless adventurer is a character so familiar to fiction readers as to provide further description of the type ( A. sardonic B. superfluous).

_____ 3. (A. Hampered B. Impoverished) by the weight I had gained over the summer, I was dropped from the basketball squad after the first practice session.

_____ 4. In a totalitarian state, people who do not (A. hew B. supplant) firmly to the party line are likely to find themselves in hot water with the authorities.

_____ 5. What real use is financial independence if a person remains forever in (A. bondage B. tenacity) to foolish fears and superstitions?

_____ 6. Frankly, I am tired of your endless (A. credible B. doleful) complaints about all the people who have been unfair to you.

_____ 7. The author’s writing style is as (A. lucid B. intricate) as the sparkling waters of a mountain lake on a spring morning.

_____ 8. The novel’s grim humor and (A. posthumous B. sardonic) portrayal of the futility of all human endeavor make it an intensely disturbing book.

_____ 9. I was amazed when I looked through the microscope and observed the (A. incessant B. intricate) pattern of blood vessels in the specimen’s body.

_____ 10.People who never give any assignment more than a “lick and a promise” may be said to belong to the (A. stagnant B. slapdash) school of working.

_____ 11. On rare occasions, the U.S. Senate will (A. reprimand B. prattle) one of its members who has violated the rules.

_____ 12. The best way to (A. facilitate B. rebut) the contention that something is not possible to do is to go out and do it.

_____ 13. The leaden silence of the afternoon was shattered by the (A. opaque B. brazen) voices of trumpets braying fanfares for the returning hero.

_____ 14. I don’t think it is fair to call him a(n) (A. incorrigible B. morose) person just because he was depressed when you met him.

_____ 15. While his (A. accomplices B. militants) acted as decoys, one of the youngsters attempted to filch a couple of apples from the unguarded bin.

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