Information Technology (IT)

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Information Technology (IT)astrogeology

Job Details:


  • Experience in user support

  • Experience with Microsoft Windows operating systems, Microsoft Office, hardware and software troubleshooting

  • Full time or part time enrollment in a college or university

  • US Citizen


  • Unix \ Linux (Fedora) & Mac OS X experience

  • 2 or more years remaining prior to completion of degree

Daily Duties:

Benefits of Working for Astrogeology:

  • Valuable training and experience

  • Work with world class scientists on unique and exciting projects

  • Casual dress, no problems with cargo shorts and t-shirts

  • Training opportunities to learn and use new skills and technologies

Paid Student Internships Available!

The United States Geological Survey Astrogeology Science Center has a rich history of participation in space exploration and planetary mapping, starting in 1963 when the Flagstaff Science Center was established to provide lunar geologic mapping and assist in training astronauts destined for the Moon. Throughout the years, the program has participated in processing and analyzing data from numerous missions to planetary bodies in our solar system, assisting in finding potential landing sites for exploration vehicles, mapping our neighboring planets and their moons, and conducting research to better understand the origins, evolutions, and geologic processes operating on these celestial bodies.

Terrell Dockter

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