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Nagekomen publicaties
Nuijten, W.P.M.; Aarts, E.H.L.; Erp Taalman Kip, D.A.A. van; Hee, K.M. van:

Randomized constraint satisfaction for job shop scheduling.

In: Proceedings IJCAI'93, Workshop on Knowled Based Production Planning, Scheduling and Control, 1993, pp. 251-623.
Wetenschappelijke publicaties (niet gerefereerd)
Alstein, D.:

Distributed Consensus and Hard Real-Time Systems.

Computer Science Report 94/40, 1994, pp. 34.
America, P.; Kammen, M. van der; Nederpelt, R.P.; Roosmalen, O.S. van; Swart, H.C.M. de:

The object-oriented paradigm.

Computing Science Report 94/01, EUT, Eindhoven, 1994, pp. 28.
Basten, A.A.; Kunz, T.; Black, J.P.; Coffin, M.H.; Taylor, D.J.:

Time and the Order of Abstract Events in Distributed Computations.

Computing Science Report 94/06, EUT, Eindhoven, pp. 29.
Basten, A.A.; Bol, R.N.; Voorhoeve, M.:

Simulating and Analyzing Railway Interlockings in Exspect.

Computing Science Report 94/37, EUT, Eindhoven, 1994, pp. 30.
Bra, P. De; Post, R.:

Finding information in the World-Wide Web.

ERCIM workshop, CWI, Amsterdam, 1994.
Ehrich, H.D.; Engels, G.; Paredaens, J.; Wegner, P. (eds.)

Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Languages, Systems and Methods.

Dagstuhl Seminar Report 95, 1994, p. 44.

Gemis,M.; Peelman, P.; Paredaens, J.; Bussche, J. van den:

A Computational Model for Generic Graph Functions, workshop in graph transformations in computer science.

Dagstuhl -Seminar-Report 53, 1994, pp. 15-16.

LNCS 776, 1994, pp. 170-188.
Hartman, L.B.; Hee, K.M. van:

Application of Marcov decision processes to search problems.

Computing Science Report 94/03, EUT, Eindhoven, 1994, pp. 21.
Houben, G.J.:

Tutorial voor de ExSpect-bibliotheek voor "Administratieve Logistiek".

Computing Science Report 94/45, EUT, Eindhoven, 1994, pp. 43.
Inuiguchi, M.; Wessels, J.:

An extended sensitivity analysis in linear programming problems.

Working paper 94-105, IIASA, Laxenburg, 1994, pp. 20. (BS)
Inuiguchi, M; Wessels, J.; Sakawa, M.:

Uncertainty analysis in linear programming problems with interval parameters.

Working paper Hiroshima university, System engineering department, 1994, pp. 10. (BS)
Lenstra, J.K.; Shmoys, D.B.:

Computing near-optimal schedules.

Memorandum COSOR 94-21, EUT, Eindhoven, 1994, pp. 13. (BS)
Matla, J.A.; Stehouwer, H.P.; Wessels, J.:

Exact solution and learning of binary classification problems with simple perceptrons.

Memorandum COSOR 94-10, EUT, Eindhoven, 1994, pp. 19. (BS)
Overveld, C.W.A.M. van:

Stars or Stripes: a comparative study of finite and transfinite techniques for surface model­ling.

Computing Science Report 94/28, EUT, Eindhoven, 1994, pp. 20.
Paredaens, J.; Peelman, P.; Ray, S.:

The Structures of Complex Venn Diagrams.

Rapport 94-08, UIA, 1994, pp. 19.

Submitted to Journal of Visual Languages and Computing.

Paredaens, J.:

Databases: Relationeel versus Object Georienteerd.

Proceedings studiedag BIRA, Antwerpen, 1994, pp. 5.
Peleska, J.; Huizing, C; Petersohn, C.:


Computing Science Report 94/11, EUT, Eindhoven, 1994, pp. 30.

Petersohn, C.; Huizing, C.; Peleska, J.; Roever, W.P. de:

Formal Semantics for Ward & Mellor's TRANSFORMATION SCHEMA: An overview.

Technical report Universiteit Twente 94-33, 1994, pp. 12.

Petersohn, C.; Peleska, J.; Huizing, C.; Roever, W.P. de:

Formal Semantics for Ward & Mellor's TRANSFORMATION SCHEMA and its Application to Fault-Tolerant Systems.

Technical report of the Christian-Albrechts -University 9420, 1994, pp. 12.
Ray, S.; Gemis, M.; Paredaens, J.:

A Measurement for the Aestetics of Graphs with broken Edges.

Report UIA-94-18, 1994, pp. 19.
Roosmalen, O.S. van:

A Hierarchial Diagrammatic Representation of Class Structure.

Computing Science Report 94/08, EUT. Eindhoven, 1994, pp. 22.
Seljée, R.:

A new method for integrity constraint checking in deductive database.

Computing Science Reports 94/13, EUT, Eindhoven, 1994, pp. 34.
Sol, M.; Savelsbergh, M.W.P.:

A branch-and-price algorithm for the pickup and delivery problem with time windows.

Memorandum COSOR 94-22, EUT, Eindhoven, 1994, pp. 23. (BS)
Stehouwer, H.P. Aarts, E.H.L.; Wessels, J.:

On the applicability of neural networks for production planning.

Memorandum COSOR 94-32, EUT, Eindhoven, 1994, pp. 13. (BS)
Vaessens, R.J.M.; Aarts, E.H.L.; Lenstra, J.K.:

Job shop scheduling by local search.

Memorandum COSOR 94-05, EUT, Eindhoven, 1994, pp. 21. (BS)
Verhoeven, M.G.A.; Aarts, E.H.L.:

A parallel Lin-Kernighan algorithm for the traveling salesman problem.

In: Joubert, G.R., Trystram, D., Peters, F.J., Evans, D.J. (eds.), Parallel Computers: Trends and Applications, Elsevier Science B.V., 1994, pp. 559-562.
Vestjens, A.P.A.:

Scheduling uniform machines on-line requires nondecreasing speed ratios. Memorandum COSOR 94-35, EUT, Eindhoven, 1994, pp. 10. (BS)

Wennink, M.; Savelsbergh, M.W.P.:

A planning board generator; Part 1: Problem instances and types.

Memorandum COSOR 94-42, EUT, Eindhoven, 1994, pp. 41. (BS)
Zhou, P.; Hooman, J.J.M.:

Formal Specification and Compositional Verification of an Atomic Broadcast Protocol.

Computing Science Report 94-05, EUT, Eindhoven, 1994, pp. 22.

Accepted for Real-Time Systems, preprint, 1994, pp. 22.

A.T.M. Aerts; J.R. van Zutphen:

OOTI-DB, Databasesystemen t.b.v. het volgen van vorderingen tweede fase studenten.

L.J. Somers:

ExSpect release 4.2 in samenwerking met Bakenist.

L.J. Somers:

ExSpect release 5.0 in samenwerking met Bakenist.

P.T.A. Thijssen:

mECCA, release 1.2; An ExSpect specification for the simulation of Concurrency Cotrol Algorithms. Inclusief diverse tools om simulaties automatisch te starten en om resultaten te visualiseren.

Documentatie: mECCA Technical Report, 1994. mECCA User's Manual, 1994.
P.T.A. Thijssen:

as12ex, release 2.2. Een compiler om applicatis geschreven in de Application Specification Language (ASL) om te zetten naar een ExSpect input voor mECCA.

Documentatie: The Application Specification Language (ASL), 1994.
M. Voorhoeve:

DONS scheduling systeem voor NS in samenwerking met Bakkenist.

A. Glim; J. Schoenmakers; E. Luit; H. van de Wetering:

Algorithme Animatie Systeem (AAS). Een animatie systeem voor het animeren van protocol­len in een netwerk.

Documentatie: A. Glim; J. Schoenmakers: Algorithm Animation, ISBN90-5282-395-2, 1994, pp. 78.
P. De Bra; R. Post: ontwikkeling en publicatie, via, van de 'Lagoon' cache-software.

Verder ontwikkeling en publicatie van de 'Fisch Search' algoritme voor Mosaic middels


Deze software, documentatie, en publikaties zijn bereikbaar onder de URLs:


Wetenschappelijke publicaties (gerefereerd)
Wetenschappelijke publicaties (niet gerefereerd)
Donkers, J.G.M.:

De XXXIVe Internationale Wiskundeolympiade 1993.

Euclides (69) no. 9, 1994, pp. 274-278.
Martens, F.J.L.:

Achter de computeralgebra: het oplossen van polynoomvergelijkingen Computeralgebra.

CWI syllabus nr. 36, Vakantiecursus 1994, Stichting Mathematisch Centrum, 18 augustus Eindhoven en 2 september Amsterdam, 1994, pp. 42-49.
Simons, F.:

Gebruik van computeralgebra: twee voorbeelden.

CWI-syllabus vakantiecursus 1994 Computeralgebra, 1994, pp. 13-25.
Asch, A.G. van:

Boekbespreking van Kooman, R.J.: Convergence properties of recurrence sequences.

Med. Wisk. Gen. 37, november 1994, p. 323.
Brouwer, A.E.:

Boekbespreking van 'Generators and relations in groups and geometries'; ed. by A. Barlotti, E.W. Ellers, P. Plaumann, K. Strambach.

Med. Wisk. Gen. 37, januari 1994, p. 19.
Post, K.A.:

Boekbespreking van Croft, H.T.; Falconer, K.J.; Guy, R.K.: Unsolved problems in geometry.

Med. Wisk. Gen. 37, februari 1994, p. 84.
Post, K.A.:

Boekbespreking van Hwang, F.K.; Richards, D.S.; Winter, P.: The Steiner tree problem.

Med. Wisk. Gen. 37, mei 1994, pp. 200-201.
Simons, F.H.:

Boekbespreking van Gray, Th.W.; Glynn, J.: Exploring mathematics with mathematica.

Med. Wisk. Gen. 37, mei 1994, pp.217-218.
Overige producten van wetenschappelijke activiteit
Bours, P.A.H.:

On the Construction of Perfect Deletion-Correcting Codes Using Design Theory.

Geaccepteerd voor Designs, Codes and Cryptography, 1994.
Cohen, A.M.:

Point-line geometries associated with buildings.

A chapter for the handbook on Incidence Geometry, Buekenhout, F. (ed.), North Holland, to appear.
Cohen, A.M.; Meertens, L.:

ACELA, Aims and Plans.

To appear in HISC Proceedings, Kaijler, N. (ed.), Springer Verlag Monograph series.
Cohen, A.M.; Wales, D.B.:

On finite subgroups of E6 (C) and F4 (C).

To appear 1994, pp. 45.
Cohen, A.M.; Nebe, G.; Plesken, W.:

Cayley Orders.

To appear, pp. 7.
Cohen, A.M.; Wales, D.B.:

Finite simple subgroups of semisimple complex Lie groups - a survey.

To appear in proceedings of Groups of Lie type and their Geometries, Como, 1993.
Cohen, A.M.; Heck, A.:

Applied Computer Algebra: Experience from Cam Design.

To appear in Bielefield.
Cohen, A.M.; Tiep, P.H.:

Splitting fields for Jordan subgroups.

Submitted to Luminy Proceedings, Birkäuser.
Cohen, A.M.; Wales, D.B.:

SL (3, 3) is not a maximal subgroup of the Lie group of type F4.

To appear in Lin. Alg. & its Appl., 1994, pp. 7.
Cohen, A.M.; Wales, D.B.:

GL4-orbits in a 16-dimensional module over char.3.

To appear.
Cohen, A.M.; Gastel, L. van; Verduyn Lunel, S. (eds.)


To appear in 2 proceedings, Wiley, Chichester.
Cuypers, H.:

Regular quaternionic polytopes.

To appear in Linear Algebra and its Applications, 1994.

Cuypers, H.:

Codes maken, codes kraken.

Intern rapport, EUT, Eindhoven, 1994, pp. 11.

Cuypers, H.:

Mathieu groups and Designs.

Intern rapport, EUT, Eindhoven, 1994, pp. 9.
Cuypers, H.:

Permutation groups.

Intern rapport, EUT, Eindhoven, 1994, pp. 15.
Cuypers, H.:

Planar Stewart plaform with parameters, a problem in Kinematics.

Intern rapport, EUT, Eindhoven, 1994, pp. 6.
Cuypers, H.; Cohen, A.M.; Riebeek, R.:

Some explorations with the group W (H3).

Intern rapport, EUT, Eindhoven, 1994, pp. 8.
Cuypers, H.; Kasikova, A.; Pasechnik, D.:

Multiple extensions of generalized hexagons related to the simple groups McL and Co3.

To appear in Journal of the London Mathematical Society, 1994.
Cuypers, H.; Bon, J. van; Maldeghem, H. van:

Hyperbolic lines in genralized polygons.

Preprint, 1994.
Dijk, M. van:

On the information rate of perfect secret sharing schemes.

Accepted by Designs, Codes and Cryptography, 1994, pp. 33.
Dijk, M. van:

A linear construction of perfect secret sharing schemes.

Submitted to Designs, Codes and Cryptography, 1994, pp. 23.
Dijk, M. van:

Broadcast channels with confidential messages, with tampering.

Submitted to IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 1994, pp. 21.
Dijk, M. van:

On a special class of broadcast channels.

Submitted to IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 1994, pp. 7.
Dijk, M. van; Gehrmann, C.; Smeets, B.:

Unconditional secure group authentication schemes.

Submitted to Eurocrypt '95, 1994, pp. 20.

Duursma, I.M.:

Class numbers for some hyperelliptic curves.

To appear in Proceedings Arithmetic, Geometry and Coding Theory IV, Luminy, Frankrijk, 1993, 1994.

Duursma, I.M.:

Decoding linear codes.

Preprints series LMD, Luminy, Frankrijk, 1994.
Duursma, I.M.; Stichtenoth, H; Voss, C:

Generalized Hamming weights for duals of BCH codes, and maximal algebraic function fields.

To appear in Proceedings Arithmetic, Geometry and Coding Theory IV, Luminy, Frankrijk, 1993, 1994.
Eupen, M. van:

Four non-existence results for ternary linear codes.

To appear in IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 1994, pp. 15.
Eupen, M. van:

Some new results for ternary linear codes of dimension 5 and 6.

Preprint, 1994, pp. 9.
Eupen, M. van; Brouwer, A.E.:

The correspondence between projective codes and 2-weight codes.

Preprint, 1994, pp. 7.
Eupen, M. van; Lisonek, P.:

Classification of some optimal ternary linear codes of small length.

Preprint, 1994, pp. 26.
Koolen, J.:

On a conjecture of Martin on the parameters of completely regular codes and the classificati­on of the completely regular codes in the Biggs-Smith graph.

Accepted, 1994.
Martens, F.J.L.:

Boekbespreking: J.R. Retherford: Hilbert Space: Compact Operators and the Trace Theorem.

To appear in Med. Wisk. Gen.
Martens, F.J.L.:

Boekbespreking: A. Anton: Multivariable Calculus.

To appear in Med. Wisk. Gen.
Pellikaan, R.:

The shift bound for cyclic, Reed-Muller and geometric Goppa codes.

To appear in Proceedings van Arithmetic, Geometry and Coding Theory 4, luminy, 1993, pp. 19.

Pellikaan, R.:

On special divisors and the two variable zeta function of algebraic curves over finite fields.

To appear in Proceedings van Arithmetic, Geometry and Coding Theory 4, Luminy, 1993, pp. 11.

Seidel, J.J.:

Geometric representations of graphs.

Accepted by Lin. Multilin. Algebra... (Gordon-Braech).
Seidel, J.J.:

Isometric embeddings and geometric designs.

Accepted by Discrete Mathematics 136. A chapter in Trends in Discrete Mathematics.
Seidel, J.J.:

Spherical Designs and Tensors.

Submitted to: Bannai, E., Munemasa, A. (eds.), Recent Progress in Algbraic Combinatorics.
Seidel, J.J.:

A soud equilibrium in linear algebra.

Submitted in Lin-Alg. Appl..
Seidel, J.J.; Calderbank, A.R.; Cameron, P.J.; Kantor, W.M.:

Z-Kerdock codes, orthogonal spreads and Euclidan line-sets.

Submitted , 1994, pp. 55.
Sterk, H.:

Compactifications of the period spaces of Enriques surfaces II.

Accepted by Mathematische Zeitschrift, 1994, pp. 16.
Blokhuis, A.:

- Extension of Redei's theorem. Meeting on Algebraic Combinatorics, Oberwolfach, Duits­land, januari 1994.

- Multiple nuclei and the Lunelli-Sce conjecture. The geometry day in honour of J.A. Thas, Gent, België, mei 1994.

- Blocking sets in desarguesian projective planes, recent developments. Combinatorics '94, Rome en Montesilvano, Italië, september 1994.

- Blocking sets in desarguesian projective planes, recent developments. MCCCC, Nebraska, USA, oktober 1994.

- Button madness. Meeting Discrete metric spaces, Bielefield, Duitsland, november 1994.

- Cyclic spaces for grassman derivatives and additive theory. Combinatorial Theory Semi­nar, Eindhoven, oktober 1994.

- Adding distinct congruence classes modulo a prime. Combinatorial Theory Seminar, Eindhoven, oktober 1994.

Boer, M.A. de:

- The generalized Hamming weights of some hyperelliptic codes. Workshop of the European

network on algebraic geometry and coding theory, Valladolid, Spanje, 11 oktober 1994.

- Codes from algebraic curves. Algebraic seminar, University of Sussex, Engeland, 6 de­cember 1994.

- The generalized Hamming weights of some hyperelliptic codes. EIDMA Winter meeting, Veldhoven, 21 december 1994.
Bruijn, N.G. de:

- Penrose Patterns. Valley Geometric Seminar, Amherst, 27 april - 13 mei 1994.

- Reflections on Automath. Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y., 27 april - 13 mei 1994.

- Reflections on Automath. Carnegy Mellon University, Pittsburg, 27 april - 13 mei 1994.

- Reflections on Automath. University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 27 april - 13 mei 1994.

- Mathematical model for human memory and consciousness. University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 27 april - 13 mei.

- Generation of Penrose tilings. University of Nebraska, Lincoln., 27 april - 13 mei.

- Reflections on Matemath. Annual workshop of the EC Basic Research Project TYPES FOR PROOFS AND PROGRAMS, Baastad, Zweden, 06-10 juni 1994.

- A formalized mathematical vernacular proposed as a Lingua Franca. Workshop W16 in het kader van 11th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI-11), Amsterdam, 09 augustus 1994.

- Highlighting the lambda-free fragment of Automath. 7th International workshop Higher Logic theorem Proving and its Applications, 17-23 september 1994.

- Penrose patronen en quasikristallen. Voordracht voor de studievereniging GEWIS, EUT, Eindhoven, 11 oktober 1994.

- Een stochastisch model voor geheugen en bewustzijn. Kaleidoscoopdag, Universiteit van Twente, 13 oktober 1994.

- Mathematical abilities of people and machines. King's college, Londen, Engeland, 25-28 oktober 1994.

- Treating a complete mathematics book as a single lambda term. Cambridge University, 25-28 oktober 1994.

Cohen, A.M.:

- On Chen Zhijie's conjecture. Algebraic Combinatorics: Association Schemes and represen­tation., Oberwolfach, 13 januari 1994.

- An introduction to Computer Algebra. Universita di Napoli, Napels, 16-17 februari 1994.

- Opening. Mar RIACAworkshop HISC, Amsterdam, 10-11 maart 1994.

- Beyond the Hurwitz numbers. Combinatorial Theory Seminar, Eindhoven, 11 mei 1994.

- Representing finite groups in algebraic groups. Banff Representations of Groups, Finite, Algebraic, Lie and Quantum, Banff AMS/Candan. Math. Soc. Summer Institute, 16-24 juni 1994.

- Integral representations of finite groups in G2. CMLT workshop, Essen, 17 augustus 1994.

- Computer Algebra in Industry, Some Experience and Two Examples. Bielefeld, Computer Algebra in Science and Engineering, 30 augustus 1994.

- Introduction. EIDMA minicourse Computer Algebra with emphasis on applications in discrete algebra and geometry, Eindhoven, 26 september 1994.

- Gröbner bases.EIDMA minicourse Computer Algebra with emphasis on applications in discrete algebra and geometry, Eindhoven, 28 september 1994.

- The conjugacy problem in Coxeter groups. Representation theory for Reductive groups. Luminy, 7 oktober 1994.

- Het woordprobleem in Coxetergroepen, Combinatorial Theory Seminar, Eindhoven, 1994.

- Introduction in Lie algebras. Universita La Sapienza, Rome, november 1994.

- Radicals. Universita La Sapienza, Rome, november 1994.

- Cartan subalgebras and classification of complex simple Lie algebras. Universita La Sapienza, Rome, november 1994.

- Rewriting in Lie algebras presented by generators and relations. Universita La Sapienza, Rome, november 1994.

- Simple modular finite-dimensional Lie algebras. Universita La Sapienza, Rome, novem­ber 1994.

- Lie algebra structure algorithms and implementations. Journées thématiques medicis "Calculs de Lie": Autour de représentations des groupes finis de type de Lie, Luminy, 29 november - -02 december 1994.

Cuypers, H.:

- Hyperbolic lines in generalized polygones. Combinatorial theory seminar, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, 2 februari 1994.

- Extended near hexagons. Michigan State University, East-Lansing, Mi., USA, 23 juni 1994.

- Line systems and extended near hexagons. Oberwolfach, Duitsland, 26 augustus 1994.

- Extensions of generalized hexagons. Kiel, Duitsland, 9 september 1994.

- Extensions of generalized polygons and simple groups. Gent, België, 7 oktober 1994.

- Affine grassmannians. Combinatorial Theory Seminar, Technische Universiteit Eindho­ven, 9 november 1994.
Donkers, J.G.M.:

- Enkele onderwerpen voor een nieuw programma wiskunde B. Landelijke bijeenkomst wiskundedidactici, Amerfoort, 22 april 1994.

- Over enkele principes bij het oplossen van Wiskundeproblemen. Workshop 'Over enkele principes bij het oplossen van wiskunde problemen' voor de Ned. Ver. van Wiskundelera­ren, Bilthoven, 12 november 1994.
Duursma, I.M.:

- Classnumbers for some Hyperelliptic curves. Laboratoire de Mathématiques Discrètes, Luminy, Frankrijk, 03 februari 1994.

- Sur les distributions de poids pour les codes de la courbe de Klein. UniversitéPaul Saba­tier, Toulouse, Frankrijk, 04 maart 1994.

- Decoding linear codes. DRET, Minitère de la Defense, Parijs, Frankrijk, 18 maart 1994.

- Three problems on the Klein quartic related to coding theory. INRIA, project codes, Rocquencourt, Frankrijk, 22 maart 1994.

- Remarks on the decoding of linear codes. Université de Valladolid, Spanje, 15 april 1994.

- Divisor class groups and weight distributions. Université Cornell, Ithaca, USA, 04 mei 1994.

- On erasure decoding of AG-codes . IEEE workshop, Moskou, Rusland, 07 juli 1994.

- Average weight enumerators for geometric Goppa codes. ACCT4 Workshop, Novgorod, Rusland, 12 september 1994.

- Decoding and error-locating ideals. EIDMA computer algebra course, Eindhoven, 29 september 1994.

- Divisor class groups and weight distributions. European workshop on AG - codes, Valla­dolid, Spanje, 10 oktober 1994.

- Théorie du corps de classe et énumération des diviseurs spéciaux. Réunion générale l'équipe arithmétique et théorie de l'information, Luminy, Frankrijk, 08 december 1994.

- On termination criteria for decoding algorithms. EIDMA Winter Meeting, Veldhoven, 21 december 1994.
Graaf, W. de:

- Analysing the structure of a Lie algebra. CADA-dag, Gent, België, 15 december 1994.

Koolen, J.H.:

- Distance-regular graphs and the metric hierarchy. Nederlands wiskundig congres, Leiden, april 1994.

- Distance-regular graphs and the metric hierarchy. Discrete Metric Spaces, Bielefield, Duitsland, 19 november 1994.
Lint, J.H. van:

- Onder verhoogde druk. Opening academisch jaar, EUT, Eindhoven, 05 september 1994.

Martens, F.J.L.:

- Het oplossen van polynoomvergelijkingen. Zevende Inter TU Studiedag, Eindhoven, 10 juni 1994.

Pellikaan, R.:

- On the shift bound of error-correcting arrays. Laboratoire de Mathétiques Discrètes, Luminy, Frankrijk, 22 februari 1994.

- On the shift bound for codes with an error-correcting array. Coding, Crypto and Informati­on Theory seminar, 18 maart 1994.

- The shift bound for cyclic, Reed-Muller and algebraic-geometric codes. IEEE Int. Work­shop on Inform. Theory, Moskou, 07 juli 1994.

- Algebraic-geometric codes without algebraic geometry. Workshop Algebraic Geometry and Coding Theory, Valladolid, Spanje, 11 oktober 1994.

- On asymptotically good codes on algebraic curves. EIDMA Midwinter Meeting, Veld-

hoven, 21 december 1994.
Peremans, W.:

- Niet manipuleerbare oplossingsmethoden voor het vinden van een locatie van een 'public bad' op een rechte lijn. Werkgroep Sociale Keuzen, KUB, Tilburg, 20 mei 1994.

- The range of strategy-proof location mechanisms for public bads. Werkgroep Sociale Keuzen, KUB, Tilburg, 14 oktober 1994.
Riebeek, R.:

- P-ranks of graphs. AIO-werkgroep, Eindhoven, 1994.

- Representations of Lie algebras. AIO-werkgroep, Eindhoven, 1994.
Simons, F.:

- Teaching of mathematics to engineering students in the computer age. (Invited speaker) Conferentie Mathematics in Engineering Education, Gotenburg, 17 januari 1994.

- Wiskundeonderwijs met de PC. TUE voorlichting, Eindhoven, 5 april 1994.

  • Undergraduate service courses in mathematics with computer algebra. Krakow, 31 mei


- Kosice, 1 juni 1994. Krakow, 31 mei 1994.

- Praag, 6 juni 1994. Krakow, 31 mei 1994.

- Computeralgebra in het wiskundeonderwijs?! Onderwijs seminar faculteit Natuur- en Sterrenkunde, Universiteit van Amsterdam, 26 oktober 1994.

- Computer algebra in the teaching of mathematics?! Universiteit van Luleaa, 28 november 1994.

- Computer algebra in the teaching of mathematics?! Universiteit van Umeaa, 1 december 1994.

- A calculus course with MATHEMATICA. Universiteit van Luleaa, 29 november 1994. Universiteit van Umeaa, 2 december 1994.

- Gebruik van computeralgebra: twee voorbeelden. Eindhoven, 18 augustus 1994.

- Gebruik van computeralgebra: twee voorbeelden. Amsterdam, 2 september 1994.
Tilborg, H.C.A. van:

- Multilevel codes; some examples, their decoding. Coding theory Gathering, Bergen, Noorwegen, 24 juni 1994.

- More efficient bounded distance decoding of the Golay code and the Leech lattice. IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, Trondheim, Noorwegen, 30 juni 1994.

- Some features of coset decoding. IEEE International Workshop on Information Theory, Moskou, rusland, 4 juli 1994.

- The role of discrete mathematics in engineering. 1st Biennial Engineering Mathematics Conference, Melbourne, Australië, 11 juli 1994.

- Kernpunten Cryptologie in het Informatica Onderwijs aan TUE en Ou. NIOC '94, Den Haag, 25 november 1994.

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