Inseec business School Chambéry Campus

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INSEEC Business School Chambéry Campus

Since its creation in 1968, INSEEC Chambéry Business School Group

* Undergraduate and graduate programs at INSEEC Chambéry Business School, EGC Savoie and at the CESNI (Business Studies Center for International Level Athletes)

* Part-time programs in the Continuing Education Center

INSEEC Chambéry, part of the national network of graduate business schools in France, is certified by the Ministry of Education to grant a graduate diploma in business.

By way of a selective national entrance exam, INSEEC CHAMBERY Business School recruits students who have completed a high school diploma plus at least two years of higher education.

INSEEC Chambéry Business School is one of 34 members of AGERA (Association of Higher Education Institutions in the Rhône-Alpes Region), an association recognized as an important representative of regional and national public institutions. INSEEC CHAMBERY Business School participates in the work of many AGERA committees, notably the commission on international affairs. (

INSEEC CHAMBERY Business School guarantees quality education based on its practice of active research which allows us to:

* Continually improve the academic quality of our programs through the qualifications of our teaching staff

* Develop the image of Chambéry Business School Group, particularly abroad

* Contribute to the advancement of Management Science Research

* Help companies resolve their management problems.

Since the effective management of employee skills is becoming an increasing important asset for businesses and their competitiveness, INSEEC Chambéry Business School and its Continuing Education Center offer programs that meet the precise needs of the business community. These include:

* Courses centered on problem-solving

* Personalized education (in-company and mixed group courses, mentoring)

* Many programs leading to diplomas and certifications available to people

Throughout their careers (including the Management Program and INSEEC Chambéry Business School curriculum as a part-time course).

Program in International Business Management helps students to get a good understanding of the foreign market environment and the techniques of international business. It expands their perspective and ability to understand various challenges of international business in order to face them effectively.

Focused on the analysis of specific markets, namely American, European, Japanese, Chinese, Central and Eastern European and African, this program teaches how to manage and trade in an international environment in various fields (political, legal, financial and cultural). Specialized courses and in-depth analysis of case studies also allow students to develop business field knowledge and cover all the subjects regarding international trade, financing of foreign trade, import-export legislation, customs legislation and international marketing.

As the world becomes a global marketplace, the need for international trade competence within small and medium-sized companies has never been more pressing. Employment opportunities then range from becoming international entrepreneurs in the area of importing and exporting or trade researchers and why not foreign business developers. There are also international career opportunities in marketing, sales, purchasing, distribution of goods, trade consulting or as a foreign project manager. There are also opportunities in international institutions such as WTO, OECD and APEC.

The mission of INSEEC Chambéry, located in an exceptional environment in Savoie between lakes and mountains, is to meet the rising expectations of both students and companies. Through innovative programs and faculty exchanges, we seek to provide our students with an ever-increasingly attractive educational experience.

The continual improvement of our academic departments is a result of active research, including contributions to the advancement of management science research and managerial problem solutions and a highly qualified teaching staff. Students can choose undergraduate and graduate programs in Business and Management-oriented disciplines. Students also acquire valuable knowledge and global managerial skills through internships, international experiences and study periods with universities worldwide.

Since its creation in 1968, INSEEC Chambéry, Graduate School of Business has continually adapted itself to the evolving economy to offer the extensive and diversified curriculum it does today.

Students can choose undergraduate and graduate programs in Business and Management-oriented disciplines. Our school is also home to a business Centre for International-level Athletes and a Centre for Executive Education.

The international dimension is undisputable and includes work experience abroad, academic exchanges with our 75 university partners, 30 international double degree options, 100 international students per year, ECTS and North American credit system and collaboration in research and teaching expertise with foreign partners.

INSEEC Chambéry Campus - 12, avenue du Lac d’Annecy - Savoie Technolac - 73381 Le Bourget du Lac Cedex - France Tél : +33 (0)479 253 351 - Fax : +33 (0)479 253 354 -

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