Instructions for the Group Assignment

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Acct 3015- GROUP assignment 2 Semester 1 2022-23-cg
Ramjohn Hunte wants to store the following data about Helsinki C

Instructions for the Group Assignment.
This assignment is a group assignment. This means that all the students assigned to the respective groups MUST contribute to the final product submitted by the group. The group leader will coordinate and organize this group activity, ensuring that contributions are received from EACH GROUP MEMBER. On the date of submission, ONLY THE GROUP LEADER will submit the assignment on behalf of the entire group. Submission from the GROUP LEADER MUST HAVE a cover page with the names and student number of each member of the group. All group members will submit a peer evaluation form. You are only to rate each of your peers, not yourself. The peer review form will be tallied and your final grade will be based on the scores received on the peer evaluation and the group’s score.
SECTION 1- Unit 5 Conceptual Questions
Question 1 (10 marks)
You have been asked to review the process through which cash collections are handled in a small business. You observe that a staff member in the accounts receivable department receives all incoming payments and, since the business does not accept any cheques unless approved in advance by the management, most payments are cash payments. There are the odd cheque payments, but all of them were accepted because of prior approval by the management.
What would your advice be to the management of this business in the context of what you observed?
QUESTION 2- Unit 6 Conceptual Question (10 marks)
You are auditing a local pharmaceutical company. One of the newly appointed purchasing staff is an old school friend of yours. During lunch one day he tells you that the company’s purchasing department is looking at their list of preferred suppliers and wonders why his line manager was adamant that purchase orders should be sent only to preferred suppliers. Adding that he personally knows a supplier that can provide raw materials at a much better price than the preferred suppliers, your friend believes that he can save the company thousands in the long run.
What action should the local pharmaceutical company take? Provide evidence to support your decision and explain how supplier selection should be managed.

Ramjohn Hunte wants to store the following data about Helsinki Company’s purchases of inventory:
item number
date of purchase
vendor number
vendor address
vendor name
purchase price
quantity purchased
employee number
employee name
purchase order number
quantity on hand
extended amount
total amount of purchase

  1. Design a set of relational tables to store this data. Name each table and field in accordance with good database design. Do all the data items need to be stored in a table? If not, which ones do not need to be stored, and why do they not need to be stored? (14 marks)

  2. Identify the primary key for each table. (3 marks)

Identify the foreign keys needed in the tables to implement referential integrity. (3 marks)

QUESTION 4 (20 marks)
Renton Business Supplies sells building material and plumbing equipment to individual as well as corporate customers. Individual customers are typically walk-in customers who pay for their purchases before leaving the store. Corporate customers often have accounts with Renton’s and these customers prefer to call through their orders, have them made up, and then send a driver to collect the items. These types of corporate purchases are charged to the accounts of the corporate customers. At the end of the month, the corporate customers can either pay off the entire balance on the account, or they can pay off the balance over a period of three months. The arrangement with corporate customers is that all payments should be made via Electronic Funds Transfer.
Draw an REA diagram for the revenue cycle of Renton Building Supplies. Include all entities and cardinalities.

Download 59.05 Kb.

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