Instructor – Ms. Schmidt

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Instructor – Ms. Schmidt

Grade Level: Open

Elective: 1 Term

Credit: 1/2

Prerequisite: Art I

Description: The photography course will primarily focus on the technical use of the digital 35mm SLR camera and learning techniques that make strong and effective compositions. The history of photography will also be studied.
Lab Fee: There is a $10 lab fee. This fee needs to be turned in by Thursday, September 8. If there is an extenuating circumstance and it cannot be paid by then, we can discuss that privately.
Camera: This course will be using the Nikon D60. A camera will be provided (see camera use contract). You have the option of storing your camera in a locker in the art room. A combination lock will also be provided to secure it. However, you will only be able to access the locker during school hours.
Participation: During class I expect that you will listen during lecture, participate in class discussions, and conduct yourself in a school appropriate fashion during the entire term whether we are in the classroom or out. Misbehavior will not be tolerated.
Although you must clean up after yourself on a regular basis (every day), we will have clean-up duty every Friday for the purpose of keeping our working environment clean. You will sign up for a task and perform that task.
Daily Effort and Character: Each of you needs to give 100+% effort and try your best every day of class to be productive. I expect that you will treat others with respect and display exemplary character.

Grading Procedures: You will be graded on effort and participation as well as periodic quizzes to check your understanding of each unit, homework assignments and projects. There will be evaluations provided for each of the project assignments. You will critique and respond to your own work and submit your responses and the project to the inbox.
As the projects are assigned, you will be given a list of requirements. Should you have questions or concerns, we can discuss the issue(s).
You must keep all evaluations, quizzes, exercises, tests, and homework assignments in your file “cubby” so you, your parents, administration, and your teacher can easily attain them.
We will also have exercises and discussions pertaining to art history, famous artists, aesthetics, culture, and/or to other content areas. I expect each of you to take charge of your learning by taking risks and challenging yourself.

Overview of potential projects:

  • Sun Prints

  • Traditional Film processing

Written paper

  • School addition photo

  • Final Photo Portfolio (with matted work)

Classroom Rules:

  1. Respect yourself. You will wear appropriate attire and conduct
    yourself in a school-appropriate fashion.

  2. Respect your peers. Each of your ideas, concerns, and questions
    are valuable. Each of you is an individual with various learning
    styles, needs, and speeds. Accept that each of you are different
    and respect each other as individuals.

Listen without talking during presentations and class critiques until feedback is permitted. Positive feedback in art is encouraged. Negative feedback is only permitted when intended to improve a work of art, and must be backed up with a positive suggestion.

  1. Respect your teacher(s). You must listen without private
    conversations during instruction. You will follow the rules of
    the school and the classroom. Assignments will be given and the
    requirements will be followed to the best of your ability.
    Express concerns and ask questions with respect in your voice
    and in your dialogue.

  2. Respect the materials, tools, and environment. Tools will be
    used only as instructed. Materials will be used as instructed and
    not wasted. Tools and work area will be cleaned daily and
    tools will be placed back into their appropriate storage after use.
    Classroom tools and materials may only leave the classroom
    after being properly signed out.

  3. Punctual - be on time. You must be in the classroom at the time
    of the bell and sit in your designated seat - ready to learn and

  4. Read Instructions. A list of daily instructions will be posted on
    the front board. Immediately at the beginning of class read
    those instructions and remain seated while attendance is being
    taken and wait for further directions.

  5. Safety. Mind all safety precautions and use caution and
    common sense when using or around tools/machines.

  6. Remain in the Classroom. You must remain in the classroom
    during class unless authorized by the teacher or administration.

Amery High School Photography Class Camera Use Contract

Your child has chosen to take Photography at Amery High School. The choice of this class carries with it responsibilities which you and your child need to be aware of.

What follows is a description of these responsibilities, and, specifically, a contract required for the use of the camera while your child is taking this class.

  • Each student in photography will be required to use a camera for the explicit purpose of taking pictures and artistically manipulating and rendering the images which have been taken. All students will be provided with a school camera. For instructional purposes students will need to use school assigned cameras, rather than their own, for this class. Every camera for this class is brand new as of August 2009.

  • Each student will be assigned a camera only they will use during that term and class. Students will be able to keep their cameras at school. While at school these cameras will be housed in a secure locked area, unless they are in the possession of your child. There will be assignments for which the student will need to bring their camera home. The well-being of this camera is entirely the responsibility of your child, and inherently, you, as their parent(s)/ guardian(s) once it has been checked out to your child.

  • Your child's camera must be fully operational and functional at the end of this class. Further, your child's camera must be free of any internal and external damage at the completion of this class.

  • If your child's camera is not operational and functioning, or has internal or external damage beyond the condition of the camera at the beginning of your child's enrollment in this class, you will be fully responsible for the cost of any and all damage.

  • You and your child must enter into a contract with Amery High School art instructor, Stephani Schmidt, and Amery High School Principal, Shawn Doerfler, as part of your child taking this class.

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