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There shall be a AM/FM/Weatherband stereo radio with compact disc player and MP3 jack installed.

The radio shall be within reach of the driver

The compact disc stereo radio shall be mounted within reach of the driver.

The quantity and location of the speakers shall be one (1) pair of speakers located in the cab and one (1) pair of speakers located in the crew cab.

The type and location of the antenna shall be a roof-mounted rubber antenna located in an open space, on the cab roof.


An information center employing a color LCD display encased in an ABS plastic housing.

The information center shall have the following specifications:

- Operate in temperatures from -40 to 185 degrees F

- An Optical Gel shall be placed between the LCD and protective lens

- Five weather resistant user interface switches

- Black enclosure with gray decal

- Sunlight Readable

- Linux operating system

- Minimum of 400nits rated display

- Display can be changed to an available foreign langauge.


The information center shall be designed for easy operation for everyday use.

The page button shall cycle from one screen to the next screen in a rotating fashion.

A video button shall allow a NTSC signal into the information center to be displayed on the LCD.  Pressing any button while viewing a video feed shall return the information center to the vehicle information screens.

A menu button shall provide access to maintenance, setup and diagnostic screens.

All other button labels shall be specific to the information being viewed.


Where possible, background colors shall be used to provide "At a Glance" vehicle information.  If information provided on a screen is within acceptable limits, a green background shall be used.  If a caution or warning situation arises the following shall occur:

- An amber background/text color shall indicate a caution condition.

- A red background/text color shall indicate a warning condition.

Every screen shall include the following:

- Exterior Ambient Temperature

- Time (12 or 24 hour mode)

- Text Alert Center:

- The information center shall utilize an "Alert Center" to display text messages for audible alarm tones.  The text messages shall be written to identify the item(s) causing the audible alarm to sound.  If more than one (1) text message occurs, the messages shall cycle every second until the problem(s) have been resolved.  The background color for the "Alert Center" shall change to indicate the severity of the "warning" message.  If a warning and a caution condition occur simultaneously, the red background color shall be shown for all alert center messages.

- Button Labels: A label for each button shall exist.  The label shall indicate the function for each active button for each screen.  Buttons that are not utilized on specific screens shall have a button label with no text.


The Information center shall include the following screens:

Load Manager Screen: A list of items to be load managed shall be provided.  The list shall provide:

- Description of the load

- Individual load shed priority: The lower the priority number the earlier the device shall be shed should a low voltage condition occur.

- Load Status: The screen shall indicate if a load has been shed (disabled) or not shed.

"At a Glance" color features are utilized on this screen

Do Not Move Truck: The Do Not Move Truck screen shall indicate the approximate location and type of item that is open or is not stowed for travel.  The actual status of the following devices shall be indicated:

- Driver Side Cab Door

- Passenger's Side Cab Door

- Driver Side Crew Cab Door

- Passenger's Side Crew Cab Door

- Driver Side Body Doors

- Passenger's Side Body Doors

- Rear Body Door(s)

- Ladder Rack (if applicable)

- Deck Gun (if applicable)

- Light Tower (if applicable)

- Hatch Door (if applicable)

- Stabilizers (if applicable)

- Steps (if applicable)

- Any other device that is opened, extended, or deployed that creates a hazard or is likely to cause damage to the apparatus if the apparatus is moved, shall cause an "Alert Center" message if the parking brake is disengaged.

Chassis Information: The following information shall be shown:

- Engine RPM

- Fuel Level

- Battery Voltage

- Engine Coolant Temperature

- Engine Oil Pressure

"At a Glance" color features are utilized on this screen

Active Alarms List: This screen shall show a list of all active text messages. The list items text shall match the text messages shown in the "Alert Center".  The date and time the message occurred is displayed with each message in the list.


The following screens shall be available through the Menu button:

View System Information: A detailed list of vehicle information:

- Battery Volts

- Pump Hours

- Transmission Oil Temperature

- Pump Engaged

- Engine Coolant Level

- Engine Oil Level

- Oil level shall only be shown when the engine is not running

- Power Steering Level

Set daytime and nighttime Display Brightness:

- Brightness:  Increase and decrease

- Default setting button

Configure Video Mode:

- Set Video Contrast

- Set Video Color

- Set Video Tint

Set Startup Screen:

- Choose the screen that shall be active at vehicle power-up

Set Date & Time:

- 12 or 24 hour format

- Set time

- Set date

View Active Alarms:

- Shows a list of all active alarms

- Date and time of the occurrence is shown with each alarm

- Silence alarms

- All alarms are silenced

System Diagnostics:

- Module type and ID number

- Module version

- Module diagnostics information:

- Input or output number

- Circuit number connected to that input or output

- Circuit name (item connected to the circuit)

- Status of the input or output

- Power and Constant Current module diagnostic information

Button functions and button labels may change with each screen.

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