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Silicone hoses shall be used for all engine/heater coolant lines installed by the chassis manufacturer.

Hose clamps shall be stainless steel "constant torque type" to prevent coolant leakage.  They shall react to temperature changes in the cooling system and expand or contract accordingly while maintaining a constant clamping pressure on the hose.


A 75-gallon fuel tank shall be provided and mounted at rear of chassis.  The tank shall be constructed of 12-gauge, hot rolled steel.  It shall be equipped with swash partitions and a vent.  To eliminate the effects of corrosion, the fuel tank shall be mounted with stainless steel straps.  (no exception). 

A .75" drain plug shall be provided in a low point of the tank for drainage.

A fill inlet shall be located on the left hand side of the body and be covered with a hinged, spring loaded, stainless steel door that is marked "Ultra Low Sulfur - Diesel Fuel Only."

A .50" diameter vent shall be provided running from top of tank to just below fuel fill inlet.

The tank shall meet all FHWA 393.67 requirements including a fill capacity of 95 percent of tank volume.

All fuel lines shall be provided as recommended by the engine manufacturer.


A 4.5 gallon diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank shall be provided and mounted in the driver's side body forward of the rear axle.  The tank shall be constructed of 16-gauge type 304- L stainless steel.

A .50" drain plug shall be provided in a low point of the tank for drainage.

A fill inlet shall be located on the driver's side of the body and be covered with a hinged, spring loaded, stainless steel door that is marked "Diesel Exhaust Fluid Only".

The tank shall meet the engine manufacturers requirement for 10 percent expansion space in the event of tank freezing.

The tank shall include an integrated heater unit that utilizes engine coolant to thaw the DEF in the event of freezing.


A fuel line shutoff valve shall be installed on both the inlet and outlet of the primary fuel filter.


An air to fuel cooler shall be installed in the engine fuel return line.


An electronic torque converting automatic transmission shall be provided.

The transmission shall be equipped with prognostics to monitor oil life, filter life, and transmission health.  A wrench icon on the shift selector's digital display shall indicate when service is due.

Two (2) PTO openings shall be located on left side and top of converter housing (positions 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock).

A transmission temperature gauge with red light and audible alarm shall be installed on the cab dash.


A six (6)-speed push button shift module shall be mounted to right of driver on console.  Shift position indicator shall be indirectly lit for after dark operation.

The transmission ratio shall be 1st - 3.49 to 1.00, 2nd - 1.86 to 1.00, 3rd - 1.41 to 1.00, 4th - 1.00 to 1.00, 5th - 0.75 to 1.00, 6th - 0.65 to 1.00, R - 5.03 to 1.00.


A shell and tube transmission oil cooler shall be provided using engine coolant to control the transmission oil temperature.  The cooler shall have an aluminum shell and copper tubes.  The cooler shall be assembled using pressed in rubber tube sheets to mechanically create a reliable seal between the coolant and the oil.

DOWNSHIFT MODE (w/engine brake)

The transmission shall be provided with an aggressive downshift mode.

This shall provided earlier transmission downshifts to 2nd gear, resulting in improved engine braking performance.


Drivelines shall be a heavy-duty metal tube and be equipped with universal joints.

The shafts shall be dynamically balanced before installation.

A splined slip joint shall be provided in each driveshaft.


Dual steering gears, with integral heavy-duty power steering, shall be provided.  For reduced system temperatures, the power steering shall incorporate an air to oil cooler and a hydraulic pump with integral pressure and flow control.  All power steering lines shall have wire braded lines with crimped fittings.

A tilt and telescopic steering column shall be provided to improve fit for a broader range of driver configurations.


The steering wheel shall be 18.00" in diameter, have tilting and telescoping capabilities, and a four (4)-spoke design.


The steering wheel shall have an emblem containing the fire apparatus manufacturer's logo and customer name.  The customer name shall appear as: State of Delaware


A one (1)-piece, stainless steel bumper shall be attached to the front of the frame.

A 9.00" channel shall be mounted directly behind the bumper for additional strength.

The bumper shall be extended 10.00" from front face of cab.


Provisions for mounting and wiring a mechanical siren shall be provided.  All required 12 volt power cables and brackets/reinforcement shall be provided.


Mounted to the frame extension shall be lift and tow mounts.  The lift and tow mounts shall be designed and positioned to adapt to certain tow truck lift systems.

The lift and tow mounts with eyes shall be painted the same color as the frame.


 This truck shall be equipped with a lift and tow package with integral tow eyes.


A gravel pan, constructed of bright aluminum treadplate, shall be furnished between the bumper and cab face.  The gravel pan shall be properly supported from the underside to prevent flexing and vibration of the aluminum treadplate.

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