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capitalization = {n} capitalization (= action of capitalizing)

capitalismo = {n} capitalism

capitalista = {n} capitalist (= owner of capital)

capitanar = {v} to captain

capitano = {n} [Army, Navy] captain {Hence:} capitanar

capitate = {adj} [Bot.] capitate

capitation = {n} capitation

capite (cá-) = {n} head (1. "head of a person or animal"; 2. chief, leader); `capite de ponte, de lecto, etc.' bridgehead, head of a bed, etc. {Hence:} capitano &; capitation; capitello; capitulo &; capital &; capitate; decapitar &; occipite &; sincipite etc.

capitello = {n} [Arch.] capital

Capitolio = {n} Capitol; `capitolio' capitol

capitular = {v} to capitulate {Hence:} capitulation

capitular = {adj} capitular (= pertaining to a ecclesiastical chapter)

capitulation = {n} capitulation

capitulo = {n} chapter (1. "chapter of a books"; 2. "ecclesiastical chapter") {Hence:} capitular (1); capitular (2) &; recapitular &

capo = {n} [Geog.] cape, headland

capon = {n} capon {Hence:} caponera

caponera = {n} 1. caponcote; 2. [Fortif.] caponier

caporal = {n} [Mil.] corporal

cappa = {n} [Clothing] cape {Hence:} cappello &; cappella &; cappotto; cappotta; cappucio &; escappar &

cappella = {n} 1. [Arch.] chapel; 2. chapel choir of singers; `maestro de cappella' choir master; `a cappella' a cappella {Hence:} cappellano-cappellania

cappellania (-ía) = {n} chaplaincy

cappellano = {n} chaplain

cappelleria (-ía) = {n} hat shop

cappellero = {n} hatter

cappelletto = {n} [Veter. Surg.] capelet

cappellina = {n} 1. hood (= coiflike headdress for women); 2. [Med.] capeline

cappello = {n} hat {Hence:} cappellero; cappelleria; cappelletto; cappellina

cappotta = {n} capote (= bonnet with strings for women)

cappotto = {n} capote (= long cloak or overcoat)

cappucina = {n} [Bot.] nasturtium

cappucino = {n} [Eccl.] Capuchin

cappucio = {n} [Clothing] hood (on a robe or mantle; {also:} cowl {Hence:} cappucino; cappucina; incappuciar

capra = {n} goat {Hence:} caprero; capretto; caprin; Capricorno etc.; capro

caprero = {n} goatherd

capretto = {n} kid (1. young goat; 2. kid leather)

capricio = {n} caprice (1. sudden change of mind; 2. [Mus., Art] capriccio) {Hence:} capriciose-capriciositate

capriciose = {adj} capricious

capriciositate = {n} capriciousness

Capri-corno = {n} [Astron.] Capricorn; `capricorno' capricorn beetle

capri-folio = {n} honeysuckle, woodbine

caprin = {adj} goat-like, caprine

capro = {n} he-goat

capsula = {n} I. capsule (1. [Anat., Zool.]; 2. [Bot.]; 3. [Pharm.]; 4. [Chem.] shallow dish for evaporating, etc.); II. cap (1. metal cover that seals a bottle; 2. "percussion cap") {Hence:} capsular (1)-multicapsular etc.; capsular (2)-capsulage

capsulage (-aje) = {n} capping (of a bottle)

capsular (1) = {adj} capsular

capsular (2) = {v} to seal or cap (a bottle)

capt- = {see} `caper'

captar = {v} to inveigle, beguile {Hence:} captation

captation = {n} (act of) inveigling

caption = {n} catching, seizure

captiose = {adj} captious (as in "captions questions")

captivar = {v} 1. to capture; 2. to captivate

captive = {adj} captive (1. held as a prisoner; 2. captivated) {Hence:} captivitate; captivar; captivo

captivitate = {n} captivity

captivo = {n} captive

captura = {n} capture (= act or fact of capturing)

capturar = {v} to capture

car = {adj} dear (1. beloved; 2. expensive) {Hence:} caressa &; caritate &

-car [A] = {n} [occurring in compounds] -car {Hence:} autocar etc. ...

carabina = {n} carbine {Hence:} carabinero

carabinero = {n} carabineer

carambola = {n} 1. [Billiards] carom ball; 2. [Billiards] carom, cannon {Hence:} carambolar

carambolar = {v} [Billiards] to carom, cannon

caramello = {n} caramel (1. burnt sugar; 2. caramel candy)

carat = {n} carat (1. one 24th part; 2. [Weight])

caravana = {n} caravan {Hence:} caravanseralio etc.

caravan-seralio = {n} caravansary, caravanserai

carbon = {n} 1. coal; 2. [Chem.] carbon; `hydrato de carbon' carbohydrate; `carbon de ligno' charcoal (= wood charred in a kiln); `minator de carbon (fossile)' coal miner, collier {Hence:} carbollato &; carbonero; carbonera; carbonic; carbonifere; carbonose; carbonizar-carbonication

carbonatar = {v} [Chem.] to carbonate

carbonato = {n} [Chem.] carbonate {Hence:} carbonatar; discarbonatar; bicarbonato etc.

carbonero = {n} 1. charcoalburner; 2. charcoaldealer, coaldealer

carbonic = {adj} carbonic; `anhydrido carbonic' carbon dioxide

carbonera = {n} coalpit

carbonifere = {adj} carboniferous (= containing carbon or coal)

carbonizar = {v} to carbonize (= to convert into a residue of carbon)

carbonization = {n} carbonization (= act of converting into a residue of carbon)

carbonose = {adj} [Chem.] carbonous

carbunculo = {n} carbuncle (1. smooth, round garnet or other deep-red jewel; 2. [Med.]) {Hence:} carbunculose

carbunculose = {adj} [Med.] carbuncular

carburante = {n} carburetant; {also:} motor-fuel

carburar = {v} [Chem.] to carburet

carburation = {n} [Chem.] carburetion

carburator = {n} carburetor, carburettor

carburo = {n} [Chem.] carburet, carbide {Hence:} carburar-carburation, carburator; discarburar-discarburation; bicarburo etc.

carcerar = {v} to incarcerate

carcerari = {adj} prison

carceration = {n} incarceration

carcere = {n} prison {Hence:} carcerero; carcerari; carcerar-carceration; incarcerar-incarceration, disincarcerar-disincarceration

carcerero = {n} jailer, keeper

carcinoma = {n} [Pathol.] carcinoma

cardar = {v} to card

cardata = {n} cardful (of wool)

cardator = {n} carder

cardatura = {n} carding (1. action of carding; 2. roll of wool or cotton from carding machine)

carderia (-ía) = {n} carding mill

cardia = {n} [Anat.] cardia (= cardiac orifice of the stomach); cardi- [occurring in derivatives and compounds] cardi-, cardio- (= heart) {Hence:} cardiac-cerebro-cardiac etc.; anarcardio &; pericardio &; cardialgia etc.; cardiographo etc.; cardiologia etc.; cardiosclerosis etc.; endocardio etc.

cardiac (-í-) = {adj} cardiac

cardi-algia (-ía) = {n} [Pathol.] cardialgia, heartburn

cardinal (1) = {adj} cardinal (= of first importance); `numeros cardinal' cardinal numbers; `punctos cardinal' cardinal points; `virtutes cardinal' cardinal virtues {Hence:} cardinal (2)-cardinalato

cardinal (2) = {n} cardinal (1. [Eccl.]; 2. cardinal bird)

cardinalato = {n} cardinalate

cardine = {n} hinge {Hence:} cardinal (1) &; discardinar

cardiographia (-ía) = {n} cardiography

cardio-grapho (-ó-) = {n} cardiograph {Hence:} cardiographia

cardio-logia (-ía) = {n} cardiology

cardio-pathia (-ía) = {n} cardiopathy

cardio-sclerosis (-ósis) = {n} [Pathol.] cardiosclerosis

cardo = {n} 1. thistle; 2. [Bot.] cardoon; 3. teasel; card, carding-brush {Hence:} cardata; carderia; cardar-cardator, cardatura

carentia = {n} lack, want (of something); {also:} shortage

carer = {v} to lack, be lacking in {Hence:} carentia

caressa = {n} caress {Hence:} caressar

caressar = {v} to caress

carga = {n} charge (1. load; 2. task, duty; {also:} responsibility, care, trust; 3. impetuous attack)

carga-litteras (-lít-) = {n} letterweight, paperweight

cargamento = {n} I. loading (1. lading; 2. as in "loading of a gun"); II. load, {also:} cargo

carga-papiros (-pí-) = {n} paperweight, letterweight

cargar = {v} I. to load, lade; II. to load, charge (as in "to load or charge a gun"); III. to charge (1. "to charge with electricity etc."; 2. to attack impetuously); `cargar se de' to take upon oneself {Hence:} cargo; carga-montacargas etc.; cargamento; discargar-discarga, discargamento, discargator, discargatorio; incargar; supercargar-supercarga; cargalitteras etc.

cargo = {n} cargo

cariar = {v} [Med.] to rot, affect with caries

cariate = {adj} carious, affected with caries

caribe (1) = {n} Carib

caribe (2) = {adj} 1. Carib; 2. Caribbean; `Mar Caribe' Caribbean Sea; `Insulas Caribe' West Indies, Antilles

caricatura = {n} caricature {Hence:} caricaturista; caricatural; caricaturar

caricatural = {adj} caricaturish

caricaturar = {v} to caricature

caricaturista = {n} caricaturist

carie = {n} caries {Hence:} cariate; cariose; cariar

carillon [F] = {n} carillon, chimes {Hence:} carillonar-carillonamento, carillonator

carillonamento = {n} (action of) playing on chimes or a carillon

carillonar = {v} 1. to play a carillon; 2. to produce by chiming, play on chimes or a carillon

carillonator = {n} carillon player, chimes player

carina = {n} keel (of a ship) {Hence:} carinar-carinage

carinage (-aje) = {n} (act of) careening

carinar = {v} [Nant.] to careen (= to cause to heel over)

Carinthia = {npr} Carinthia

cariose = {adj} carious, affected with carries

caritabile = {adj} charitable

caritate = {n} 1. charity (as in "charity is a Christian virtue"); 2. alms; `facer le caritate' to give alms {Hence:} caritabile-incaritabile

carmino = {n} carmine

carnage (-aje) = {n} carnage

carnal = {adj} carnal

carnalitate = {n} carnality

carnation = {n} 1. complexion, skin coloring; 2. [Art] carnation

carne = {n} 1. flesh; 2. meat (= flesh used as food); `in carne e osso' in the flesh; `carne de cannon' cannon fodder; `carne de un fructo' flesh or pulp of a fruit; `esser in carne' to be fleshy or corpulent {Hence:} carnage; carnation; carnal-carnalitate; carnose-carnositate; carnute; discarnar-discarnate; incarnar &; carnifice etc.: carnivore etc.

carneval = {n} carnival, Shrovetide {Hence:} carnevalesc

carnevalesc = {adj} carnival

carni-fice (-ní-) = {n} hangman, executioner

carni-vore = {adj} carnivorous

carnose = {adj} fleshy

carnositate = {n} fleshiness

carnute = {adj} fleshy

Carola (cá-) = {nprf} Carol

Carolina = {npr} Carolina; `Carolina del Nord' North Carolina; `Carolina del Sud' South Carolina; `le Carolinas' the Caroline Islands

carolinge = {adj} Carolingian, Carlovingian

carolingo = {n} Carolingian, Carlovingian

Carolo (cá-) = {nprm} Charles; `Carolo Magne' Charlemagne {Hence:} Carolina; carolinge-carolingo; Carola

caronia = {n} carrion {Hence:} caroniose

caroniose = {adj} carrion, putrid

carosello = {n} carrousel (1. [Man.]; 2. merry-go-round)

carota = {n} carrot {Hence:} carotina

carotina = {n} [Chem.] carotene, carotin

carpa = {n} [Ichthyol.] carp

carpal = {adj} [Anat.] carpal

Carpates = {nprpl} Carpathians

carpenteria (-ía) = {n} carpentry

carpentero = {n} carpenter {Hence:} carpenteria

carpo = {n} [Anat.] wrist, carpus {Hence:} carpal; metacarpo-metacarpal

carpo- = {n} [occurring in compounds] carpo-, carp- (= fruit) {Hence:} mesocarpio etc. ...

carrafa = {n} carafe

carrear = {n} to cart (= to transport in a cart)

carretta = {n} cart (= two-wheeled vehicle); `carretta de mano' pushcart; wheelbarrow {Hence:} carrettata; carrettero

carrettata = {n} cart-load

carrettero = {n} carter, cart driver

carriera = {n} 1. racecourse; 2. career (= course of continued progress in the life of a person, nation, etc.)

carro = {n} wagon, carriage, car; {also:} carriage (of a typewriter, etc.); `carro funebre' hearse, funeral car; `carro triumphal' [Antiq.] triumphal car or chariot {Hence:} carretta &; carrera; carrossa &; carrear

carrossa = {n} coach (= large closed carriage) {Hence:} carrossero; carrosseria

carrosseria (-ía) = {n} body (of a car, etc.)

carrossero = {n} coachbuilder

carta = {n} 1. card; 2. map; `carta (postal)' (postal) card; `jocar a cartas' to play cards; `dar carta blanc a un persona' to give a person full authority; `(manducar) al carta' (to eat) à la carte; `dar le cartas' to deal cards; `carta de visita' calling card, visiting card {Hence:} cartero; cartera; carton &; cartulario; cartulero; cartar; cartographo etc.; cartomante etc.; cartotheca etc.

cartar = {v} I. to card (1. to provide with cards; 2. to enter upon a card); II. to chart

cartel = {n} cartel (1. written challenge; 2. written agreement as to the exchange or ransom of prisoners; 3. [Com.]) {Hence:} cartelista; cartelizar-cartelization

cartelizar = {v} to cartelize

cartelization = {n} cartelization

cartelista = {n} cartelist

cartero = {n} cardmaker

Carthagine = {npr} Carthage {Hence:} carthaginese

carthaginese = {adj/n} Carthaginian

Carthago = {npr} Carthage

cartera = {n} billfold

cartilagine = {n} cartilage {Hence:} cartilaginose

cartilaginose = {adj} cartilaginous

cartographia (-ía) = {n} cartography

cartographic = {adj} cartographic

carto-grapho (-ó-) = {n} cartographer {Hence:} cartographia; cartographic

carto-mante = {n} fortune teller (using playing cards) {Hence:} cartomantia

cartomantia (-ía) = {n} fortune telling (by means of playing cards), cartomancy

carton = {n} 1. cardboard, pasteboard; 2. cartoon (= design for painting, tapestry, etc.); 3. carton (= cardboard box) {Hence:} cartonero; cartoneria; cartonar-cartonage

cartonage (-aje) = {n} 1. pasteboard work; 2. [Bookbinding] boarding, (binding in) paper boards

cartonar = {v} [Bookbinding] to board, bind in boards

cartoneria (-ía) = {n} 1. cardboard factory; 2. cardboard making

cartonero = {n} cardboard maker

carto-theca = {n} 1. card index, card catalogue; {also:} file; 2. filing cabinet (for cards)

cartucha (-sh-) = {n} [Mil.] cartridge {Hence:} cartucheria; cartuchera

cartucheria (-shería) = {n} cartridge factory

cartuchera (-sh-) = {n} cartridge box, cartridge case

cartulario = {n} chartulary (= collection of title deeds, etc.)

cartulero = {n} chartulary (= keeper of archives)

Cartusia = {npr} Chartreuse (= French monastery founded by St. Bruno); `cartusia' charterhouse, Chartreuse (= any Carthusian monastery) {Hence:} cartusian-cartusiano

cartusian = {adj} Carthusian (= of Chartreuse or Carthusians)

cartusiano = {n} Carthusian (= Carthusian monk)

carvi = {n} caraway

Caryas (cá-) = {npr} [Anc. Geog.] Caryae {Hence:} caryatide

caryatide (-átide) = {n} [Arch.] caryatid

caryo- = {n} [occurring in compounds] 1. caryo-, cary- (= nut); 2. [Biol.] karyo- (= nucleus) {Hence:} caryophyllo etc.; caryopse etc.; caryocinese etc.; caryocinetic etc.

caryo-cinese = {n} [Biol.] karyokinesis, cell division

caryo-cinetic = {adj} [Biol.] karyokinetic

caryo-phyllo (-rió-) = {n} clove pink, gillyflower

cary-opse = {n} [Bot.] caryopsis

cas- = {see} `cader'

cascada = {n} cascade, waterfall {Hence:} cascadar

cascadar = {v} to cascade

casch- = {see} `casco'

caschetto = {n} light open helmet

casco = {n} helmet {Hence:} caschetto

caseina (-ína) = {n} casein

caseo = {n} cheese {Hence:} caseina

caserna = {n} [Mil.] barracks {Hence:} casernero; casernar-casernamento

casernamento = {n} (action of) quartering in barracks

casernar = {v} to quarter in barracks, to barrack

casernero = {n} barrack warden

casino = {n} casino (= public place of amusement)

caso = {n} case (1. special condition; 2. [Gram.]); `in nulle caso' in no case; `in caso de necessitate' in case of need, of necessity; `caso de conscientia' matter of conscience; `in caso que' in case (that) {Hence:} casuista-casuistica; casual-casualitate

caspie = {adj} Caspian; `Mar Caspie' Caspian (Sea)

Caspio = {npr} Caspian

cassa = {n} 1. box, case; 2. cashbox, till ({also:} place, office, establishment, etc. where money is kept, received or paid, as "cashier's desk," "savings bank," "sick fund," etc.); 3. [Mus.] (side-)drum; 4. coffin, casket; `libro de cassa' cashbook; `cassa del tympano' [Anat.] ear-drum {Hence:} cassero; casseria; cassetta; cassista; cassar-discassar, discassamento; incassar-incassamento, disincassar-disincassamento, reincassar-reincassamento

cassar (1) = {v} 1. to box, case; 2. to cash

cassar (2) = {v} to quash, annul; 2. to cashier

cassation = {n} 1. cassation, quashing; 2. cashiering, cashierment; `corte de cassation supreme' Court of Appeals

casse = {adj} null, void {Hence:} cassar-cassation

casseria (-ía) = {n} box factory

cassero = {n} 1. cashier; 2. box maker

casserola = {n} saucepan

cassetta = {n} small box, casket, etc.

cassista = {n} typesetter, compositor

casta = {n} caste

castania = {n} chestnut (= fruit of the chestnut tree) {Hence:} castanietta; castanie

castanie = {adj} chestnut-colored

castanietta = {n} castanet

caste = {adj} chaste; `stilo caste' chaste, chastened style {Hence:} castitate; castigar &; inceste &

castellano = {n} 1. lord (of a manor); 2. castellan

castello = {n} castle (1. fortified seigniorial mansion; 2. [Naut.]); `castello de aqua' water tower {Hence:} castellano

castigamento = {n} chastisement; {also:} castigation

castigar = {v} to chastise; {also:} to castigate; `castigar su stilo' to chasten one's style {Hence:} castigamento; castigation; castigator

castigation = {n} chastisement; castigation

castigator = {n} chastiser; castigator

Castilia = {npr} Castile {Hence:} castilian-castiliano

castilian = {adj} Castilian

castiliano = {n} Castilian (1. inhahitant of Castile; 2. Castilian language, Spanish)

castitate = {n} chastity (= sexual or moral purity)

castor (1) = {n} beaver (1. [Zool.]; 2. beaver hat) {Hence:} castoreo

Castor (2) (cás-) = {npr} Castor (1. [Gr. Mythol.]; 2. [Astron.])

castoreo = {n} castor, castoreum

castrar = {v} to castrate, geld {Hence:} castration; castrator; castrato

castration = {n} castration, gelding

castrato = {n} castrate; eunuch

castrator = {n} castrator, gelder

casu- = {see} `caso'

casual = {adj} 1. inherent in the case; 2. casual (as in "casual profit"); {also:} chance, accidental

casualitate = {n} fortuitousness

casuista (-ísta) = {n} casuist

casuistica (-ís-) = {n} casuistry

cat-' see `cata-'

cata = {adj} each; `cata uno' each (one)

cata- = {prefixo} [`cat-' before `-h-' and vowels; used chiefly in technical terms] cata-, cat- (1. down, downwards; 2. against; 3. reflected) {Hence:} catarrhin etc.; cathodo etc.; catoptro- etc.

cataclysmic = {adj} cataclysmal, cataclysmic

cataclysmo = {n} cataclysm {Hence:} cataclysmic

catacomba = {n} catacomb; `catacombas' catacombs

catafalco = {n} catafalque

catalan = {adj} Catalan {Hence:} catalano

catalano = {n} Catalan (1. inhabitant of Catalonia; 2. Catalan language)

catalepsia (-ía) = {n} catalepsy (1. [Med.]; 2. [Philos.])

cataleptic = {adj} cataleptic {Hence:} cataleptico

cataleptico = {n} cataleptic

catalogar = {v} to catalogue

catalogator = {n} cataloguer

catalogo (-tá-) = {n} catalogue {Hence:} catalogar-catalogator

Catalonia = {npr} Catalonia

catalysar = {v} to catalyze

catalysator = {n} catalyst

catalyse (-ályse) = {n} [Physical Chem.] catalysis {Hence:} catalysar-catalysator

catalytic = {adj} catalytic

cataplasma = {n} [Med.] poultice, cataplasm

catapulta = {n} catapult (1. [Gr. and Rom. Antiq.]; 2. [Aeronaut.])

cataracta = {n} cataract (1. waterfall; 2. [Med.])

catarrhal = {adj} catarrhal

catarrhin = {adj} [Zool.] catarrhine {Hence:} catarrhino

catarrhino = {n} [Zool.] catarrhine; `catarrhinos' Catarrhina

catarrho = {n} catarrh {Hence:} catarrhal; catarrhose

catarrhose = {adj} catarrhous

catastrophe (-tás-) = {n} catastrophe (1. sudden disaster; 2. [Drama]) {Hence:} catastrophic

catastrophic = {adj} catastrophic

catech- = {v} [occurring in derivatives] {Hence:} catechese; catecheta-catechetic; catechumeno-catechumenato; catechizar-catechismo, catechista, catechistic

catechese = {n} catechesis

catecheta = {n} catechist

catechetic = {adj} catechetic, catechetical

catechetica = {n} catechetics

catechizar = {n} 1. [Eccl.] to catechize; 2. to indoctrinate

catechismo = {n} catechism

catechista = {n} catechist

catechistic = {adj} catechistic

catechumenato = {n} catechumenate

catechumeno (-cú-) = {n} [Eccl.] catechumen

categoria (-ía) = {n} category (1. [Philos.]; 2. group or division in a system of classification) {Hence:} categoric

categoric = {adj} categorical, categoric (1. [Philos.] pertaining to a logical category; 2. asserting absolutely)

catena = {n} chain {Hence:} catenari; catenar; concatenar-concatenation; incatenar-incatenamento

catenar = {v} to chain (= to measure with a surveyor's chain)

catenari = {adj} catenary

Catharina = {nprf} Catherine

cathedra (cát-) = {n} 1. chair (in a university); 2. pulpit, rostrum {Hence:} cathedral

cathedral (1) = {adj} cathedral

cathedral (2) = {n} cathedral

cathodic = {adj} cathodic; {also:} [Bot., Med.] kathodic

cathodo (cát-) = {n} [Elec.] cathode {Hence:} cathodic

catholic = {adj} [Eccl.] Catholic {Hence:} catholicismo; catholicizar; anticatholic; anglocatholic etc.

catholicizar = {v} to catholicize

catholicismo = {n} [Eccl.] Catholicism

cation (cá-) = {n} [Phys.] cation

catoptric = {adj} [Phys.] catoptric (= pertaining to a mirror or to reflected light)

catoptrica = {n} catoptrics (= the science of reflected light)

catoptro- = {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] catoptro- , catoptr- (= mirror) {Hence:} catoptric; catoptrica; catoptromantia etc.

catoptro-mantia (-ía) = {n} catoptromancy (= divination by means of mirrors)

catran = {n} tar {Hence:} catraneria; catranose; catranar-catranator

catranar = {v} to tar

catranator = {n} tar sprayer

catraneria (-ía) = {n} tarworks

catranose = {adj} tarry

catta = {n} she-cat

catto = {n} cat (= domestic cat); {also:} tomcat {Hence:} catta; catton

catton = {n} kitten

Caucasia = {npr} Caucasia

caucasian = {adj} Caucasian (1. pertaining to the Caucasus; 2. [Anthropol.] white)

caucasiano = {n} Caucasian (1. native of the Caucasus; 2. white person)

Caucaso (cáu-) = {npr} Caucasus {Hence:} Caucasia; caucasian-caucasiano

cauchu (-ú) = {n} caoutchouc, crude rubber

cauda = {n} 1. tail; {also:} tail end; 2. queue (= line of people, carriages, etc.); 3. train (as in "train of a gown"); `piano de cauda' grand piano; `facer cauda' to stand in line, to queue up {Hence:} caudal; caudate; caudatario

caudal = {adj} caudal

caudatario = {n} trainbearer (= one who holds up the train of a robe or gown)

caudate = {adj} caudate, caudated

caule = {n} cabbage; `caule de Brussel' Brussels sprouts; `caule flor' cauliflower {Hence:} caule-rapa etc.

caule-rapa = {n} kohlrabi

causa = {n} 1. cause; 2. case (= lawsuit); `causa prime' prime cause, first cause; `causa final' final cause; `a causa de' because of {Hence:} causal-causalitate; causar-causation, causative, causator; concausa-concausal

causal = {adj} causal

causalitate = {n} causality (= relation of cause and effect)

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