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confrontation = {n} confrontation

confucian = {adj} Confucian

confucianismo = {n} Confucianism

confuciano = {n} Confucian

Confucio = {npr} Confucius [B.C. 551-478, Chinese philosopher] {Hence:} confucian-confucianismo, confuciano

confunder [-fund-/-fus-] = {v} I. to (cause to) merge, intermingle; II. to confuse (= to fail to distinguish between); III. to confound, confuse (1. to throw into disorder; 2. to bewilder, perplex; {also:} to baffle) {Hence:} confusion; confuse

confus- see confunder

confuse = {adj} confused (1. as in "a confused mass"; 2. disconcerted, embarrassed; {also:} baffled)

confusion = {n} confusion (1. disorder; 2. embarrassment; also: bafflement; 3. [Law])

confutar = {v} to confute (= to refute) {Hence:} confutation

confutation = {n} confutation

congedar = {v} to bow out; dismiss

congedo = {n} leave (= permission to depart); prender congedo to take (one's) leave {Hence:} congedar

congelabile = {adj} congealable

congelamento = {n} congealment

congelar = {v} to congeal (= to cause to solidify by cooling) {Hence:} congelamento; congelabile; congelation; congelator

congelation = {n} congealment, congelation

congelator = {n} congealer

congenial = {adj} congenial {Hence:} congenialitate; incongenial

congenialitate = {n} congeniality

congenite = {adj} congenital

congerer [-ger-/-gest-] = {v} to congest (= to cause an obstructive accumulation); {also:} [Med.] {Hence:} congerie; congestion-congestionar; congrestive

congerie = {n} congeries

congest- see congerer

congestion = {n} congestion; {also:} [Med.]

congestionar = {v} [Med.] to congest

congestive = {adj} congestive

conglomerar = {v} to conglomerate {Hence:} conglomerato; conglomeration

conglomeration = {n} conglomeration

conglomerato = {n} conglomerate

conglutinar = {v} to glue together, conglutinate {Hence:} conglutination; conglutinative

conglutination = {n} conglutination

conglutinative = {adj} conglutinative

Congo = {npr} Congo; Congo Belge Belgian Congo; Congo Francese French Congo {Hence:} congolese

congolese = {adj/n} Congoese, Congolese

congratular = {v} to rejolce with (someone at good fortune), congratulate {Hence:} congratulation; congratulatori

congratulation = {n} felicitation, congratulation

congratulatori = {adj} congratulatory; littera gratulatori letter of congratulation or felicitation

congred- [-gred-/-gress-] = {v} [occurring in derivatives] {Hence:} congresso-congressista

congregar = {v} to congregate (= to collect into a mass or crowd) {Hence:} congregation-congregational-congregationalismo, congregationalista

congregation = {n} congregation (1. assembly, gathering of people; 2. body of people assembled for religious worship; 3. religious company or order; 4. Committee of the Roman College of Cardinals)

congregational = {adj} congregational; {also:} [Eccl.] Congregational

congregationalismo = {n} Congregationalism

congregationalista = {n} Congregationalist

congress- see congred-

congressista = {n} member of a congress; {also:} congressman

congresso = {n} congress (1. convention, conference; 2. lawmaking body of a republic)

congrue = {adj} congruous {Hence:} congruitate; incongrue-incongruitate

congruente 1. ppr of congruer; 2. {adj} congruent; {also:} [Math.]

congruentia = {n} congruence; {also:} [Math.]

congruer = {v} to coincide, harmonize {Hence:} congrue &: congruente-congruentia, incongruente-incongruentia

congruitate = {n} congruity, harmony

conic = {adj} conic; section conic [Math.] conic section

conicitate = {n} conicity

conifere = {adj} [Bot.] coniferous (= bearing cones)

coniferes = {npl} [Bot.] Coniferae

coni-forme = {adj} cone-shaped, coniform

conilio = {n} rabbit

coni-rostre = {adj} [Zool.] conirostral {Hence:} conirostro

conirostro = {n} [Zool.] coniroster

conject- see conjicer

conjectura = {n} conjecture

conjectural = {adj} conjectural (= based on conjecture)

conjecturar = {v} to conjecture, make conjectures

conjicer [-jic-/ject-] = {v} to conjecture, make conjectures {Hence:} conjectura-conjectural, conjecturar

conjugabile = {adj} [Gram.] conjugable

conjugal = {adj} conjugal

conjugar = {v} 1. to yoke together; 2. [Gram.] to conjugate {Hence:} conjugabile; conjugation-conjugational; conjugate

conjugate 1. pp of conjugar; 2. {adj} [Bot.] conjugate

conjugation = {n} [Gram.] conjugation

conjugational = {adj} [Gram.] conjugational

conjuge (cón-) = {n} spouse, consort {Hence:} conjugal

conjunct- see conjunger

conjuncte = {adj} conjunct, conjoint

conjunctemente = {adv} conjointly, conjunctly, jointly, together; conjunctemente con in conjunction with, together with

conjunction = {n} conjunction (1. union; 2. [Astrol., Astron.]; 3. [Gram.])

conjunctiva = {n} [Anat.] conjunctiva {Hence:} conjunctivitis

conjunctive = {adj} conjunctive, connective

conjunctivitis (-ítis) = {n} conjunctivitis

conjunctivo = {n} [Gram.] subjunctive (mood)

conjunctor = {n} conjoiner

conjunctura = {n} 1. [Anat.] articulation, joint; 2. conjuncture, juncture

conjunger [-jung-/junct-] = {v} to conjoin, unite, combine {Hence:} conjunction; conjunctive-conjunctivo, conjunctiva &; conjunctor; conjunctura; conjuncte

conjurar = {v} 1. to conspire, plot together; 2. to entreat, beseech, conjure {Hence:} conjuration

conjuration = {n} 1. conspiracy; 2. (solemn) entreaty

connatural = {adj} inborn, natural, connatural

connecter [-nect-/-nex-] = {v} to connect {Hence:} connexion; connexive; connexe; connective

connective = {adj} connective; texito connective [Anat.] connective tissue

connex- see connecter

connexe = {adj} connected

connexion = {n} connection, connexion (= union)

connexive = {adj} connective

conniventia = {n} connivance

conniver = {v} to connive {Hence:} conniventia

connubial = {adj} connubial

connubio = {n} marriage, matrimony {Hence:} connubial

cono = {n} cone (1. [Math.]; 2. [Bot.]) {Hence:} conic-conicitate; conifere; coniforme etc.

conquest- see conquirer

conquesta = {n} conquest (1. act of conquering a country, etc.; 2. conquered territory, etc.)

conquirente = {n} conqueror

conquirer [-quir-/-quest-/-quisit-] = {v} to conquer (= to gain dominion over) {Hence:} conquirente; conquesta; conquisitor

conquisit- see conquirer

conquisitor = {n} conqueror

consanguinee = {adj} consanguineous

consanguinitate = {n} consanguinity (= blood relationship)

conscie = {adj} -; conscie de conscious of

consciente = {adj} conscious {Hence:} conscientia &; inconsciente-inconscientia; subconsciente-subconscientia

conscientia = {n} 1. consciousness; 2. conscience; caso de conscientia matter of conscience; libertate de conscientia freedom of religion; sin conscientia unscrupulous; perder conscientia to faint, lose consciousness {Hence:} conscientiose

conscientiose = {adj} conscientious

conscriber [-scrib-/-script-] = {v} to enroll, conscript {Hence:} conscription; conscripto

conscript- see conscriber

conscription = {n} [Mil.] conscription

conscripto = {n} [Mil.] conscript

consecrar = {v} to consecrate (1. to make sacred or holy; 2. to dedicate to some purpose; 3. to sanction) {Hence:} consecration; consecrator

consecration = {n} consecration (1. action of consecrating; 2. [R.C.Ch.] Consecration; 3. sanction)

consecrator = {n} consecrator

consecut- see consequer

consecutive = {adj} 1. consecutive, successive; 2. consequent, resulting

consens- see consentir

consenso = {n} consensus {Hence:} consensual

consensu- see consenso

consensual = {adj} [Law] consensual

consentimento = {n} consent

consentir [-sent-/-sens-] = {v} to consent {Hence:} consentimento; consenso &

consequente = {adj} 1. consequent (= following as a result or conclusion); 2. consistent (in reasoning, behavior, etc.) consequente {n} consequent (1. [Math.]; 2. apodosis of a conditional proposition); per consequente consequently

consequentia = {n} consequence (1. outcome, result; 2. inference);

in consequentia in consequence, accordingly; esser de consequentia to be of consequence, be important; in consequentia de in consequence of

consequential = {adj} consequential

consequer [-sequ-/-secut-] = {v} to be the consequence of {Hence:} consequente-consequentia-consequential-inconsequential, inconsequente-inconsequentia; consecutive

conserva = {n} [Pharm.] conserve; conservas preserves, canned goods, etc.; in conserva canned, preserved

conservabile = {adj} conservable

conservar = {v} to conserve (1. to preserve from harm; 2. to keep, retain); conservar (fructos, etc.) to preserve (fruit, etc.); (persona) ben conservate well-preserved (person) {Hence:} conserva; conservabile; conservation; conservative; conservator; conservatori; conservatorio

conservation = {n} conservation, preservation; conservation del energia conservation of energy

conservative = {adj} conservative (= conserving, preserving)

conservator = {n} 1. conservator (= one who conserves, preserves);

2. [Pol.] conservative

conservatori = {adj} conservatory, conservative

conservatorio = {n} conservatory (1. [Mus.]; 2. greenhouse)

considerabile = {adj} considerable

considerar = {v} 1. to consider (= to give consideration to); 2. to esteem, think highly of; considerar como to consider (= to view as, judge to be, etc.);

toto (ben) considerate all things considered; considerante que considering that {Hence:} considerabile; consideration; considerate-inconsiderate; reconsiderar

considerate I. pp of considerar; II. {adj} 1. circumspect, prudent; 2. esteemed

consideration = {n} consideration (1. act of considering; 2. esteem); in consideration de in consideration of, on account of; esser sin consideration to be inconsiderate; prender in consideration to take into consideration

consignar = {v} to consign (1. to deposit; 2. [Com.] {Hence:} consignation; consignator; consignatario

consignatario = {n} [Com.] consignee

consignation = {n} 1. consignation (= act of consigning or depositing); 2. consignment

consignator = {n} consigner

consiliabile = {adj} advisable

consiliar = {v} to counsel, advise

consiliator = {n} counsellor, adviser

consiliero = {n} 1. counsellor, adviser; 2. councillor; consiliero municipal town councillor

consilio = {n} 1. counsel, piece of advice; 2. council (= a body of advisers); {also:} board (as in "board of directors"); prender consilio de un persona to seek someone's advice; consilio de administration board of directors; consilio de guerra 1. council of war; 2. court-martial; consilio te ministros the Cabinet; sala del consilio board-room {Hence:} consiliero; consiliar-consiliabile, consiliator

consistente I. ppr of consister; II. {adj} consistent (1. possessing firmness or coherence; 2. accordant, congruous)

consistentia = {n} consistency (1. degree of firmness or density; 2. congruity, harmony of parts)

consister = {v} to consist; consister de to consist of; consister in to consist in {Hence:} consistente-consistentia, inconsistente-inconsistentia; consistorio &

consistorial = {adj} [Eccl.] consistorial

consistorio = {n} [Eccl.] consistory {Hence:} consistorial

consociar = {v} to consociate (= to bring into consociation) {Hence:} consociation

consociation = {n} consociation

consola = {n} console (1. support in the form of a wall bracket; 2. console table)

consolabile = {adj} consolable

consolar = {v} to console, comfort {Hence:} consolabile-inconsolabile; consolation; consolator; consolatori; consolate-disconsolate, inconsolate

consolate 1. pp of consolar; 2. {adj} consoled, comforted

consolation = {n} consolation

consolator = {n} consoler, comforter

consolatori = {adj} consolatory, comforting

consolida (-só-) = {n} [Bot.] comfrey, consolida

consolidar = {v} to consolidate (= to strengthen); debita consolidate funded debt {Hence:} consolida; consolidation; consolidative

consolidation = {n} consolidation (= strengthening)

consolidative = {adj} consolidative

consommé [F] = {n} consommé

consonante 1. ppr of consonar; 2. {adj} [Mus., Phonet.] consonant consonante {n} consonant

consonar = {v} to be consonant, harmonize {Hence:} consonante-inconsonante, consonante (2)-semiconsonante

consorte = {n} 1. consort; 2. associate (= partner, confederate); prince consorte prince consort

conspicue = {adj} conspicuous (= eminent, distinguished) {Hence:} inconspicue

conspirar = {v} to conspire (1. to act together; 2. to plot) {Hence:} conspiration; conspirator

conspiration = {n} 1. concerted action; 2. conspiracy, plot

conspirator = {n} conspirator, plotter

conspuer = {v} to spit upon (contemptuously); {also:} to despise

constante = {adj} 1. constant; 2. established (as in "established fact") {Hence:} constantia; inconstante-inconstantia

constante = {n} [Math.] constant

constantia = {n} constancy Constantia {npr} Constance (1. [Geog.]; 2. nprf); Laco de Constantia Lake of Constance

constantinian = {adj} Constantinian

Constantino = {nprm} Constantine {Hence:} constantinian; Constantinopole etc.

Constantino-pole = {npr} Constantinople {Hence:} constantinopolita-constantinopolitan

constantinopolita = {n} Constantinopolite (= inhabitant of Constantinople)

constantinopolitan = {adj} of Constantinople

constar = {v} to be (an) established (fact) {Hence:} constante &

constat (cóns-) = {n} [Law] constat {Hence:} constatar

constatar = {v} to establish (as a fact); {also:} to state

constellar = {v} to star, constellate {Hence:} constellation; constellate

constellate 1. pp of constellar; 2. {adj} constellate, (set) in a constellation

constellation = {n} [Astron.] constellation

consternar = {v} to dismay, appall {Hence:} consternation

consternation = {n} consternation

constipar = {v} to constipate {Hence:} constipation; constipate

constipate 1. pp of constipar; 2. {adj} constipated, costive

constipation = {n} constipation

constituente = {adj} constituent (1. component; 2. having the power to frame or alter a political constitution)

constituer [-stitu-/-stitut-] = {v} I. to constitute (1. to make up; 2. to appoint; 3. to set up, establish); II. to settle (as in "to settle an annuity upon someone") {Hence:} constituente; constitution-constitutional, constitutionalitate, anticonstitutional, inconstitutional-inconstitutionalitate; constitutive; constitutor; reconstituer-reconstitution

constitut- see constituer

constitution = {n} I. constitution (1. action of constituting; 2. law, decree; 3. "political constitution"; 4. composition; 5. physical make-up of a person); II. settling, settlement (as in "the settlement of an annuity upon someone")

constitutional = {adj} constitutional (= in conformity with the constitution of a nation)

constitutionalitate = {n} constitutionality

constitutive = {adj} constitutive (= essential)

constitutor = {n} constitutor (= one who constitutes)

constrict- see constringer

constriction = {n} constriction

constrictive = {adj} constrictive

constrictor = {n} [Anat.] constrictor

constringente 1. ppr of constringer; 2. {adj} constringent

constringer [-string-/-strict-] = {v} constrain (1. to compel; 2. to compress, clasp tightly) {Hence:} constringente; constriction; constrictive; constrictor

construct- see construer

construction = {n} construction (1. act of constructing; 2. thing constructed)

constructive = {adj} constructive

constructor = {n} constructor

construer [-stru-/-struct-] = {v} 1. to construct; 2. to construe {Hence:} construction; constructive; constructor; reconstruer-reconstruction

consubstantial = {adj} [Theol.] consubstantial {Hence:} consubstantialitate

consubstantialitate = {n} [Theol.] consubstantiality

consubstantiation = {n} [Theol.] consubstantiation

consuete = {adj} accustomed, usual, wonted {Hence:} consuetude-consuetudinari

consuetude = {n} consuetude, custom

consuetudinari = {adj} consuetudinary, customary; derecto consuetudinari common law

consul- [-sul-/-sult-] = {v} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] {Hence:} consultor; jurisconsulto etc.; consultar-consulta, consultation, consultative

consular = {adj} consular (1. [Rom. Hist.]; 2. [Foreign Service])

consulato = {n} consulate (1. [Rom. Hist.]; 2. [Foreign Service])

consule = {n} consul (1. [Rom. Hist.]; 2. [Foreign Service]) {Hence:} consulato; consular; proconsule-proconsulato

consult- see consul-

consulta = {n} consultation, deliberation

consultar = {v} to consult (1. to confer; 2. to ask advice of)

consultation = {n} consultation, deliberation

consultative = {adj} consultative, advisory

consultor = {n} adviser, consultant

consumer [-sum-/-sumpt-] = {v} to consume; consumer se de to be consumed with {Hence:} consumo; consumibile; consumption; consumptive; consumitor

consumibile = {adj} consumable

consumitor = {n} consumer (1. one who destroys or uses up; 2. [Com.])

consummar = {v} to consummate {Hence:} consummation; consummator; consummate

consummate = {adj} consummate

consummation = {n} consummation (= completion, fulfillment)

consummator = {n} consummator

consumo = {n} consumption (= process of consuming; {also:} the amount consumed)

consumpt- see consumer

consumption = {n} consumption (1. act of consuming; 2. [Pathol.])

consumptive = {adj} consumptive

cont- see contra-

contabile = {adj} bookkeeping, accounting; experto contabile accountant {Hence:} contabilitate

contabile = {n} accountant

contabilitate = {n} bookkeeping, accountancy

contact- see continger

contacto = {n} contact; in contacto in contact, in touch

contagion = {n} contagion (= transmission of a disease by contact) {Hence:} contagiose

contagiose = {adj} contagious

contal = {adj} of an earl or count, comital

contaminabile = {adj} contaminable

contaminar = {v} to contaminate {Hence:} contaminabile; contamination; contaminator; incontaminate; discontaminar-discontamination

contamination = {n} contamination (= act of contaminating)

contaminator = {n} contaminator

contante 1. ppr of contar; 2. {adj} -; moneta contante cash, ready money

contar = {v} 1. to count; 2. to tell, relate; contar super to count on {Hence:} conto; contante; contabile &; contator; discontar &

contato = {n} county, earldom

contator = {n} 1. counter (= person or thing that counts); 2. meter (for gas, electricity, etc.); contator Geiger [Atomic Phys.] Geiger counter

conte = {n} earl, count {Hence:} contessa; contato; contal; viceconte etc.

contemner [-ternn-/-tempt-] = {v} to view with contempt, contemn {Hence:} contemptibile; contemptor; contempto-contemptuose

contemplar = {v} to contemplate (= to gaze upon or view thoughtfully) {Hence:} contemplation; contemplative; contemplator

contemplation = {n} contemplation (1. act of gazing upon or viewing thoughtfully; 2. meditation on spiritual things)

contemplative = {adj} contemplative

contemplator = {n} contemplator

contemporanee = {adj} contemporaneous, contemporary {Hence:} contemporaneitate; contemporaneo

contemporaneitate = {n} contemporaneousness

contemporaneo = {n} contemporary

contempt- see contemner

contemptibile = {adj} contemptible

contempto = {n} contempt

contemptor = {n} contemner, despiser

contemptuose = {adj} contemptuous

contendente = {n} contester, contender

contender [-tend-/-tent-] = {v} to contend (= to fight, struggle, dispute, etc.) {Hence:} contentente; contention-contentiose; contenditor

contenditor = {n} contester, contender

content- see contender; continer

contentabile = {adj} contentable (= easily contented)

contentamento = {n} contentment, content

contentar = {v} to content; contentar se de or con to be content with

contente = {adj} content, contented; contente de satisfied with {Hence:} contentar-contentamento, contentabile-incontentabile; discontente-discontentar-discontentamento; malcontente; miscontente; contento (1); contento (2)-discontento

contention = {n} 1. exertion (of faculties); 2. contention (= act of arguing, disputing)

contentiose = {adj} contentious (1. quarrelsome, fond of arguing; 2. involving contention in a dispute)

contento (1) = {n} content, contents

contento (2) = {n} content, contentment

conter- [-ter-/-trit-] = {v} [occurring in derivatives] {Hence:} contrition; contrite

contermine = {adj} conterminous, bordering

contessa = {n} countess

contestabile aj contestable

contestante = {n} contestant (as in "the contestant of a will")

contestar = {v} to contest (= to call in question) {Hence:} contestante; contestabile-incontestabile-incontestabilitate; contestation

contestation = {n} 1. contestation; 2. controversy, contest

contexer [-tex-/-text-] = {v} to interweave {Hence:} contextura; contexto

context- see contexer

contexto = {n} context

contextura = {n} contexture

contigue = {adj} contiguous, adjoining {Hence:} contiguitate

contiguitate = {n} contiguity

continental = {adj} continental (= pertaining to, or characteristic of, a continent)

continente = {adj} 1. continent; 2. not intermittent continente {n} continent (= one of the six great masses of land on the earth)

continentia = {n} continence

continer [-tin-/-tent-] = {v} 1. to contain (= to hold, comprise); 2. to control, restrain; continer se to contain oneself {Hence:} continente-continentia, incontinente-incontinentia, continente (2)-continental; contente &

contingente 1. ppr of continger; 2. {adj} contingent (= of uncertain occurrence) contingente {n} contingent (1. accidental or unexpected event; 2. share, quota)

contingentia = {n} contingency (1. quality of being contingent or accidental; 2. accidental or unexpected event)

continger [-ting-/-tact-] = {v} 1. to touch, be in contact with; 2. to happen (accidentally) {Hence:} contingente-contengentia; contacto

continuabile = {adj} continuable

continuar = {v} to continue; continuar a facer un cosa to continue to do something

continuation = {n} continuation

continuative = {adj} continuative (= expressing or making for continuity)

continuator = {n} continuator, continuer

continue = {adj} continuous; currente continue [Elec.] continuous current; febre continue continued fever; fraction continue [Math.] continued fraction {Hence:} continuitate; continuar-continuabile, continuation, continuative, continuator; discontinue-discontinuitate, discontinuar-discontinuation

continuitate = {n} continuity (1. continuousness; 2. continuum); solution de continuitate solution of continuity (1. [Med.]; 2. interruption)

conto = {n} I. account (1. calculation; 2. [Com.]); II. story, tale; conto currente current account; dar conto de to account for; a conto [Com.] on account; a conto de [Com.] to the account of

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