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cuppella = {n} 1. small cup; 2. cupel {Hence:} cuppellar-cuppellation

cuppellar = {v} to cupel

cuppellation = {n} cupellation

cupric = {adj} [(Chem.] cupric

cuprifere = {adj} copper-bearing, cupriferous

cuprite = {n} [Mineral.] cuprite

cupro = {n} 1. [Metal.] copper; 2. brass-wind instrument; cupros [Mus.] brass, brass winds {Hence:} cuprite; cupric; cuprifere; cuprose

cuprose = {adj} cuprous, copper

cupula = {n} [Bot.] cupule {Hence:} cupulifere-cupuliferas

cupuliferas (-í-) = {npl} [Bot.] Cupuliferae

cupulifere = {adj} cupuliferous

cura = {n} 1. [Med.] treatment; 2. cure of souls; 3. [R.C.Ch.] function, residence, etc. of a priest {Hence:} incuria; curar-curetta &, curabile-curabilitate, incurabile-incurabilitate, curatela, curation, curative, curator, curato, procurur &, pedicuro etc.; sinecura etc.

curabile = {adj} curable

curabilitate = {n} curability

curar = {v} 1. [Med.] to treat; specif.: to dress (a wound); 2. [Med.] to cure; 3. to nurse (a sick person)

curatela = {n} 1. [Law] guardianship; 2. [Law] trusteeship (= function of the administrator of a trust fund)

curation = {n} cure, healing

curative = {adj} curative, healing

curato = {n} curate, curé

curator = {n} 1. [Law] guardian (of a minor); 2. [Law] trustee (= administrator of a trust fund); 3. curator (of a museum, etc.)

curetta = {n} [Surg.] curette {Hence:} curettar-curettage

curettage (-aje) = {n} curettage

curettar = {v} [Surg.] to curette

curiose = {adj} curious (1. desirous of seeing or knowing; 2. deserving or exciting curiosity) {Hence:} curiositate; incuriose

curiositate = {n} curiosity (1. desire to see or know; 2. curious object)

currente = {adj} I. running, flowing; II. current (1. generally used or accepted; 2.present); le cinque del currente the fifth inst.; conto currente current account currente {n} current; currente de aere draft, current of air; currente electric electric current; currente continue direct current; currente alternative alternating current; al currente well acquainted, well informed; esser al currente (de) to be well informed (about); tener al currente (de) to keep well informed (about)

currer [curr-/curs-] = {v} to run (= to move swiftly); currer (le mundo, etc.) to roam about (the world, etc.); currer periculo (de) to run the risk (of) {Hence:} currero; curriculo; currente; cursive-cursiva; cursor; curso-cursero; cursa; accurrer; concurrer &; decurr- &; discurrer &; excurr- &; incurrer &; intercurr- &; occurrer &; percurrer &; precurr- &; recurrer &; succurrer &

currero = {n} 1. courier (= messenger); 2. mail (letters, papers, etc., sent by post); 3. mailman, postman

curriculo = {n} curriculum

curriculum vitae [L] curriculum vitae

curs- see currer

cursa = {n} 1. run, (action of) running; 2. race, (action of) racing; 3. (taxi, etc.) trip

cursero = {n} 1. courser; 2. war horse

cursiva = {n} cursive

cursive = {adj} cursive (as in "cursive script")

curso = {n} I. run, running (= action of running); II. course (1. trend, path; 2. "course of lectures, studies, etc."); III. piracy; curso de aqua watercourse, stream; sequer un curso de [School] to take a course in; in le curso de in the course of; haber curso to be in circulation, in current use, etc.; viage de longe curso sea voyage

cursor = {n} runner (= one who runs)

curtar = {v} to shorten, make shorter

curte = {adj} short (= not long); memoria curte short memory; haber le vista curte to be near-sighted or short-sighted; esser curte de (moneta) to be short of (money); curte circuito short circuit; unda curte [Radio] short wave; secar curte to cut short {Hence:} curtitate; curtar; accurtar &

curtitate = {n} shortness

curva = {n} curve (= curved line)

curvar = {v} to curve (= to cause to curve)

curvatura = {n} curve, curvature

curve = {adj} curved {Hence:} curvar-curvatura, incurvar &, recurrar; curvilinee etc.; curva-curvetta &

curvetta = {n} curvet {Hence:} curvettar

curvettar = {v} to curvet (= to execute a curvet)

curvi-linee = {adj} curvilinear

-cusar = {v} [occurring in derivatives] {Hence:} accusar &; excusar &; recusar &

cuspidal = {adj} cuspidal, cuspal

cuspidate = {adj} cusped, cuspated, cuspidate

cuspide (cús-) = {n} cusp; {also:} [Arch.; Math.; Bot.] {Hence:} cuspidal; cuspidate; cuspidiforme etc.; multicuspide etc.; bicuspide etc.

cuspidi-forme = {adj} cusp-shaped

custode = {n} guardian, custodian {Hence:} custodia-custodial, custodiar

custodia = {n} 1. custody (= safekeeping, care); 2. [Eccl.] custodial

custodial = {adj} custodial

custodiar = {v} to keep in one's custody, safeguard, care for

cutanee = {adj} cutaneous; maladia cutanee skin disease {Hence:} intercutanee; subcutanee

-cutar see executar

cute = {n} skin (= true skin); {also:} cutis, derma {Hence:} cutanee &; cuticula &

-cuter [-cut-/-cuss-] = {v} [occurring in compounds] {Hence:} concuter &; discuter &; percuter &; succuter &

cuticula = {n} cuticle (1. scarfskin, epidermis; 2. "cuticle surrounding finger and toenails") {Hence:} cuticular

cuticular = {adj} cuticular

-cution see execution

cutter [A] = {n} cutter (= small sailboat with one mast)

cyan-amido (-ná-) = {n} [Chem.] cyanamide

cyan-hydric = {adj} [Chem.] hydrocyanic

cyanic = {adj} [Chem.] cyanic

cyano (cí-) = {n} 1. [Antill.] cyanus; 2. cyan, cyan blue; 3. [Bot.] bluebottle, cornflower {Hence:} cyanosis; cyanuro; cyanic-hydrocyanic etc.; cyanometro etc.; cyanogramma etc.; cyanographo etc.; cyanamido etc.; cyanhydric etc.; cyanogeno etc.; anthocyanina etc.

cyano-geno (-ó-) = {n} [Chem.] cyanogen

cyano-gramma = {n} blueprint (as in "blueprint of a projected building")

cyano-graphia (-ía) = {n} blueprinting

cyano-grapho (-ógrapho) = {n} blueprinting apparatus

cyano-metro (-ó-) = {n} cyanometer (= instrument for measuring degrees of blueness)

cyanosis (-ósis) = {n} [Pathol.] cyanosis

cyano-typo (-ótypo) = {n} blueprint, cyanotype

cyanuro = {n} [Chem.] cyanide

cyclamino = {n} [Bot.] cyclamen

cyclic = {adj} cyclic

cyclismo = {n} (sport of) cycling

cyclista = {n} cyclist

cyclo (1) = {n} cycle (1. as in "cycle of the seasons"; 2. [Lit.]); cyclo lunar lunar cycle; cyclo solar solar cycle {Hence:} cyclic-bicyclic (1) etc.; cycloide; encyclic &; cyclotron etc.; motorcyclo etc.; bicyclo etc.; hemicyclo etc.; kilocyclo etc.

cyclo (2) = {n} cycle (= bicycle, tricycle, etc.) {Hence:} cyclismo; cyclista

cycloide = {n} cycloid

cyclon = {n} cyclone {Hence:} cyclonal; anticyclon

cyclonal = {adj} cyclonal, cyclonic

cyclope = {n} Cyclops (1. [Gr. Mythol.]; 2. [Zool]) {Hence:} cyclopic

cyclopic = {adj} Cyclopean

cyclo-tron = {n} cyclotron

cydonia = {n} quince

cygno = {n} swan; canto del cygno swan song; Cygno [Astron.] Cygnus

cylindrage (-aje) = {n} (process of) cylindering

cylindrar = {v} to cylinder

cylindrata = {n} volume or contents of a cylinder

cylindric = {adj} cylindrical

cylindri-forme = {adj} cylindriform

cylindro = {n} cylinder (1. [Geom., etc.]; 2. [Mech.] piston-chamber); (cappello) cylindro top hat {Hence:} cylindrata; cylindric; cylindroide; cylindrar-cylindrage; cylindriforme etc.; cylindrocephale etc.; semicylindro etc.

cylindro-cellular = {adj} cylindrocellular

cylindro-cephale (-éfale) = {adj} cylindrocephalic

cylindroide = {n} cylindroid

cymbalero = {n} cymbalist

cymbalo (cím-) = {n} cymbal {Hence:} cymbalero

cyn- = {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] cyn-, cyno- (= dog) {Hence:} cynic &, cynismo; cynocephale etc.; cynophile etc.; cynegetic etc.

cyn-egetic = {adj} cynegetic (= pertaining to the chase)

cynic = {adj} cynic (1. [Philos.]; 2. cynical) {Hence:} cynico

cynico = {n} cynic (1. [Philos.]; 2. cynical person)

cynismo = {n} cynicism

cyno-cephale = {adj} cynocephalous, cynocephalic, dog-headed

cynocephalo (-cé-) = {n} [Zool.] Cynocephalus, Papio

cyno-phile = {adj} cynophile, dog-loving

cypresso = {n} cypress, cypress tree

Cypriano = {nprm} Cyprian; Sancte Cypriano St. Cyprian

Cypride (cí-) = {npr} Cypris, Aphrodite; cypride [Zool.] Cypris

cyprie = {adj} Cyprian (1. of Cyprus, Cypriote; 2. of Aphrodite)

cyprio = {n} Cyprian, Cypriote

cypriota = {adj/n} Cypriote

Cypro = {npr} Cyprus {Hence:} Cypride; cyprie-cypno-Cypriano; cypriota

cyst-algia (-ía) = {n} cystalgia

cyste = {n} [Med.; Biol.] cyst, cystis {Hence:} cystitis; cystic; cystose; cystalgia etc.; cystiforme etc.; macrocyste etc.; microcyste etc.

cystic = {adj} [Med.; Biol.] cystic

cysti-forme = {adj} cystiform

cystitis (-ítis) = {n} [Med.] cystitis

cystose = {adj} cystose, cystous

cysto-tomia (-ía) = {n} cystotomy

cyto- = {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] cyto-, cyt- [Biol.] (= cell) {Hence:} cytoplasma etc.; lymphocyto etc.; leucocyto etc.; phagocyto etc.

cyto-plasma = {n} [Biol.] cytoplasm

czar (tsar) [R] = {n} czar, tsar {Hence:} czarina; czarismo; czarista; czarian

czardas [Hu.] = {n} czardas

czarevich (tsarévitch) [R] = {n} czarevich, tsarevich

czarevna (ts-) [R] = {n} czarevna, tsarevna

czarian (ts-) = {adj} czarian, tsarian

czarina (ts-) = {n} czarina, tsarina

czarismo (ts-) = {n} czarism, tsarism

czarista (ts-) = {n/adj} czarist, tsarist

da capo [I] [Mus.] da capo

dactylic = {adj} dactylic

dactylo (dác-) = {n} 1. date (= fruit of the date palm); 2. [Pros ] dactyl {Hence:} dactylic; dactylographo etc.; dactylosocpia etc.; tetradactyle etc.; pterodactylo etc.

dactylographar = {v} to typewrite, type

dactylographia (-ía) = {n} typewriting, typing

dactytographic = {adj} (pertaining to a) typewriter

dactylo-grapho (-ó-) = {n} 1. typewriter (= typing machine); 2. typist {Hence:} dactylographia; dactylographic; dactylographar

dactylo-logia (-ía) = {n} dactylology

dactylo-scopia (-ía) = {n} dactyloscopy, fingerprint identification

daga = {n} dagger {Hence:} dagar

dagar = {v} to stab (with a dagger)

Dahl, A. = {npr} [Swedish botanist] {Hence:} dahlia

dahlia (dál-) = {n} [Bot.] dahlia

Dalton, John = {npr} [1766-1844; chemist, who was color-blind] {Hence:} daltonismo; daltonian

daltonian = {adj} Daltonian; {also:} color-blind

daltonismo = {n} Daltonism; {also:} color blindness

dama = {n} 1. lady; 2. [Checkers] king; dama de honor lady-in-waiting; joco de damas (game of) checkers; jocar a damas to play checkers

damascar = {v} to damask (= to weave or adorn with damask ornamentation)

damascen = {adj} Damascene (= of Damascus)

damascenage (-aje) = {n} damascene (work)

damascenar = {v} to damascene

damascenator = {n} damascener

damasceno = {n} 1. Damascene (= inhabitant of Damascus); 2. damson

Damasco = {npr} Damascus; damasco damask (= damask silk) {Hence:} damascen-damascenar-damascenage, damascenator, damasceno; damascar

damnabile = {adj} damnable (= deserving damnation)

damnar = {v} [Theol.] to damn {Hence:} damnabile; damnation; condemnar &

damnation = {n} [Theol.] damnation

damnificar = {v} to damage, damnify

damno = {n} harm, damage; injury, loss {Hence:} damnose-damnositate; damnar &; damnificar; indemne &

damnose = {adj} harmful, injurious

damnositate = {n} harmfulness, injuriousness

dan = {adj} Danish {Hence:} dano-danese; Danmark etc.

danese = {adj} Danish danese {n} 1. Danish (language); 2. Dane (= native of Denmark); 3. (great) Dane

Daniel = {nprm} Daniel

Dan-mark = {npr} Denmark

dano = {n} 1. Dane (= native of Denmark); 2. (great) Dane

dansa = {n} dance (1. dancing; 2. [Mus.]); dansa macabre danse macabre, dance of Death

dansar = {v} to dance {Hence:} dansa-contradansa; dansator

dansator = {n} dancer

danubian = {adj} Danubian

Danubio = {npr} Danube {Hence:} danubian

dar = {v} to give; dar super to overlook (as in "the window overlooks the garden") {Hence:} dative-dativo; dator; dato; data &; adder &; eder &; perder &; render &

dardane = {adj} Dardanian Trojan

Dardanellos = {nprpl} Dardanelles

Dardania = {npr} Dardania

Dardano (dár-) = {npr} [Mythol.] Dardanus {Hence:} Dardanellos; Dardania; dardane-dardano

dardano (dár-) = {n} Dardanian, Trojan

darsena (dár-) = {n} dock, wet dock

Darwin, Charles = {npr} [1809-1882; English naturalist, proponent of the theory of evolution bearing his name] {Hence:} darwinismo; darwinista; darwinian

darwinian = {adj} Darwinian

darwinismo = {n} Darwinism

darwinista = {n} Darwinist, Darwinian

data = {n} date ("date according to the calendar") {Hence:} datario; dataria; datar-antedatar, postdatar; antedata

datar = {v} to date (= to mark with a date); datar de to date from

dataria = {n} [Eccl.] datary, dataria

datario = {n} [Eccl.] datary (= head of the datary)

dative = {adj} [Law] dative

dativo = {n} dative

dato = {n} 1. die (= one of a pair of dice); 2. datum; datos 1. dice; 2. data

dator = {n} giver

dattilo (dá-) = {n} date (= fruit of the date palm)

David = {nprm} David

de = {prep} I. from; {also:} since; II. of (1. belonging or pertaining to; 2. made of); III. with, by means of; de (+inf) to; for de nove, de nocte, pensar de, etc. cf. nove, nocte, pensar, etc. {Hence:} [deinde] etc.

-de- [occurring in compounds] -de- (= to divide) {Hence:} geodesia etc.; geodetic etc.

dea = {n} goddess

dead heat [A] = {n} [Horse Racing] dead heat

deambular = {v} to ambulate; to stroll about, saunter

deambulation = {n} deambulation, stroll

deambulatori = {adj} deambulatory, sauntering

debatter = {v} to debate; debatter se to struggle {Hence:} debatto; debattibile

debattibile = {adj} debatable

debatto = {n} debate

deber = {v} 1. to have to, be supposed to, etc. (must, shall, ought); 2. to owe {Hence:} debitor; debite-debito-debitar; debita-indebitar

deber = {n} 1. duty (= obligation); 2. [School] assignment

debile = {adj} weakly, feeble, debile {Hence:} debilitate-debilitar-debilitation

debilitar = {v} to debilitate, weaken, enfeeble

debilitate = {n} debility

debilitation = {n} debilitation

debita (dé-) = {n} debt; debita de honor debt of honor; debita flottante floating debt

debitar = {v} to debit

debite (dé-) 1. pp of deber; 2. {adj} due, owing

debitemente = {adv} duly, properly

debito (dé-) = {n} 1. debit; 2. due (= that which is due legally or morally)

debitor = {n} debtor

début [F] = {n} debut (= first public appearance of an actor, singer, etc.)

débutant [F] = {n} debutant

débutante [F] = {n} debutante

debutar = {v} to make one's debut

deca- = {adj} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] dec-, deca- (= ten) {Hence:} decade; decalogo etc.; decametro etc.; decapode etc.; decagon etc.; decasyllabe etc.

decade (dé-) = {n} decade (1. period of ten days; 2. division of a book consisting of ten parts)

decadente = {adj} decadent

decadentia = {n} decadence

decader = {v} to decline, decay, become decadent {Hence:} decadente-decadentia

deca-gon = {adj} decagonal, decagon {Hence:} decagono

decagono = {n} [Geom.] decagon

deca-gramma = {n} decagram

deca-hedro = {n} [Geom.l decahedron

deca-litro (-á-) = {n} decaliter

deca-logo (-á-) = {n} Decalog(ue)

deca-metro (-á-) = {n} decameter (1. [Pros.]; 2. [Meas.])

decanato = {n} deanship, deanery

decano = {n} dean (1. head of a cathedral chapter; 2. senior member of a faculty or any other body) {Hence:} decanato

decapitar = {v} to behead, decapitate {Hence:} decapitation

decapitation = {n} beheading, decapitation

deca-pode (-á-) = {adj} decapod, decapodous {Hence:} decapodo

decapodo (-á-) = {n} [Zool.] decapod; decapodos Decapoda

deca-stereo = {n} [Metric System] decastere

deca-syllabe (-sí-) = {adj} decasyllabic {Hence:} decasyllabo

decasyllabo (-sí-) = {n} decasyllable, decasyllabic

dece = {adj} ten {Hence:} decime &; decennio etc.; dece-cinque etc.; duodeco etc.; dece-prime etc.; decigramma etc.; decemviro etc.; decuple etc.; decuplicar etc.

dece-cinque = {adj} fifteen

deceder [-ced-/-cess-] = {v} 1. to depart, withdraw; 2. to die, decease {Hence:} decesso; predecessor

dece-duo (-dú-) = {adj} twelve

decembre = {n} December

decemviral = {adj} decemviral

decemvirato = {n} decemvirate

decem-viro (-cém-) = {n} [Rom. Antiq.] decemvir {Hence:} decemvirato; decemviral

dec-ennio = {n} decade (= period of ten years)

dece-non- see dece-nove

dece-none (-nó-) = {adj} nineteenth; le decenone parte, le dece-nono the nineteenth part, the nineteenth

dece-nove = {adj} nineteen {Hence:} dece-none; dece-novesime

dece-novesime (-ésime) = {adj} nineteenth

decente = {adj} decent (1. in accordance with propriety or good taste; 2. respectable) {Hence:} decentia; indecente-indecentia

decentia = {n} decency

dece-octesime (-ésime) = {adj} eighteenth

dece-octo = {adj} eighteen {Hence:} dece-octesime

dece-prime = {adj} eleventh; le dece-prime parte, le dece-primo the eleventh part, the eleventh

decept- see deciper

deception = {n} deception, deceit

deceptor = {n} deceiver

dece-quarte = {adj} fourteenth

dece-quatro = {adj} fourteen

dece-quinte = {adj} fifteenth

decerner [-cern-/-cret-] = {v} to decree {Hence:} decretori; decreto-decretal-decretalista, decretar

dece-secunde = {adj} twelfth; le dece-secunde parte, le dece-secundo the twelfth part, the twelfth

dece-septe = {adj} seventeen {Hence:} dece-septime

dece-septim- see dece-septe

dece-septime (-sép-) = {adj} seventeenth; le dece-septime parte, le dece-septimo the seventeenth part, the seventeenth

dece-sex = {adj} sixteen

dece-sexte = {adj} sixteenth

decess- see deceder

decesso = {n} death, decease

dece-tertie = {adj} thirteenth

dece-tres (-trés) = {adj} thirteen

dece-un = {adj} eleven

deci-ar = {n} deciare (= one tenth part of an are)

decider [-cid-/-cis-] = {v} to decide (1. to determine, settle; 2. to cause to reach a decision); decider se to decide, make up one's mind; decider de un cosa to decide, determine something {Hence:} decision-indecision; decisive; decise-indecise

decifrabile = {adj} decipherable

deciframento = {n} (act of) deciphering

decifrar = {v} to decipher {Hence:} deciframento; decifrabile-indecifrabile; decifrator

decifrator = {n} decipherer

deci-gramma = {n} decigram

deci-litro (-cí-) = {n} deciliter

decim- see dece

decima (dé-) = {n} tithe

decimal = {adj} decimal

decimar = {v} 1. to decimate; 2. to levy tithes on

decimation = {n} 1. decimation; 2. tithing

decimator = {n} 1. decimator; 2. tithe collector, tithe man

decime (dé-) = {adj} tenth; le decime parte, le decimo the tenth part, tenth {Hence:} decimal; decima-decimar-decimation, decimator

deci-metro (-cí-) = {n} decimeter

deciper [-cip/-cept-] = {v} to deceive (= to cause to believe the false, or disbelieve the truth) {Hence:} deception; deceptor

decis- see decider

decise = {adj} decided (1. firm, resolute; 2. clear, definite)

decision = {n} decision (1. act of deciding; 2. firmness, resolution)

decisive = {adj} decisive (= settling something beyond question)

deci-stereo = {n} [Metric System] decistere

declamar = {v} to declaim (1. to recite; 2. to speak in an impassioned manner); declamar contra (un cosa) to declaim against (a thing) {Hence:} declamation; declamator; declamatori

declamation = {n} declamation, declaiming

declamator = {n} declaimer, one who recites

declamatori = {adj} declamatory (= or peraining to rhetorical declaiming)

declarar = {v} to declare (1. to proclaim; 2. "to declare dutiable goods"); (un epidemia, revolution, etc.) se declarava (an epidemic, a revolution, etc.) broke out {Hence:} declaration; declarative; declaratori

declaration = {n} declaration (= formal announcement, strong statement)

declarative = {adj} declarative

declaratori = {adj} [Law] declaratory

declinabile = {adj} declinable (1. rejectable; 2. [Gram.])

declinar = {v} I. to decline (1. to fall, sink; 2. to refuse, reject; 3. [Gram.]); II. [Astron., Magnet.] to deviate (1. to have declination or latitude; 2. to vary from the true magnetic meridian) {Hence:} declino; declinabile-indeclinabile; declination; declinator; declinatori; declinometro etc.

declination = {n} I. declination (1. downward bend, slope; 2. [Astron., Magnet.]); II. [Gram.] declension; III. decline (= process of sinking into a lower or inferior position)

declinator = {n} decliner (= one who declines, rejects)

declinatori = {adj} declinatory

declino = {n} decline; {also:} sinking, wane

declino-metro (-ó-) = {n} declinometer

decocer [-coc-/-coct-] = {v} to decoct {Hence:} decoction

decoct- see decocer

decoction = {n} decoction (= action of decocting)

decollar = {v} to behead, decollate {Hence:} decollation

decollation = {n} beheading, decollation

decomponer [-pon-/-posit-] = {v} to decompose (= to cause to decompose); {also:} to rot (= to cause to rot or decay) {Hence:} decomponibile; decomposition

decomponibile = {adj} decomposable

decomposit- see decomponer

decomposition = {n} decomposition; {also:} rot, decay

decorar = {v} to decorate (1. to adorn; 2. to confer a medal, ribbon, etc., on) {Hence:} decoration; decorative; decorator; decorato

decoration = {n} decoration (1. action of decorating; 2. ornament; 3. medal, cross, ribbon, etc.); decoration (de theatro) stage setting

decorative = {adj} decorative

decorato = {n} one decorated (as for bravery, etc.)

decorator = {n} decorator

decorose = {adj} decorous

decorticar = {v} to strip the bark from

decortication = {n} barking, decortication

decorum (-có-) = {n} decorum {Hence:} decorose-indecorose; decorar &

decrepitar = {v} to crackle, decrepitate {Hence:} decrepitation

decrepitation = {n} decrepitation

decrepite (-cré-) = {adj} decrepit {Hence:} decrepitude

decrepitude = {n} decrepitude

decrescendo [I] = {n} [Mus.] decrescendo

decrescentia = {n} decrease

decrescer = {v} to decrease; le riviera decresce the river is falling, going down {Hence:} decrescimento; decrescentia

decrescimento = {n} decrease

decret- see decerner

decretal = {n} [Eccl.] decretal

decretalista = {n} [Ecc].] decretist

decretar = {v} to decree

decreto = {n} decree

decretori = {adj} 1. decretory; 2. decisive

-decta = {n} [occurring in compounds] -dect- (= receiver) {Hence:} pandectas etc.

decu- see dece

decuplar = {v} to decuple

decu-ple (dé-) = {adj} decuple, tenfold {Hence:} decuplar

decu-plicar = {v} to decuple

decurr- = {v} [occurring in derivatives] {Hence:} decurrente

decurrente = {adj} [Bot.] decurrent

dedicar = {v} to dedicate (1. to set apart for a sacred or solemn purpose; 2. to inscribe, address as a mark of gratitude, esteem, etc.); dedicar se a to dedicate or devote oneself to {Hence:} dedication; dedicatori

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