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argentin' adj. I. silvery, argentine (1. silvercolored; 2. silver-toned); II. Argentine

Argentina (1) = {npr} Argentina

argentina (2) = {n} [Zool.] argentine

argentino = {n} Argentine, Argentino

argento = {n} silver; `argento vive' quicksilver, mercury {Hence:} argentano; argentero; argenteria; argentee; argentifere; argentin-argentino, argentina, Argentina; argentose; argentar-argentator, argentate, disargentar

argentose = {adj} containing silver, argentous

argilla = {n} clay, argil {Hence:} argillaria; argillose

argillaria = {n} clay-pit

argillose = {adj} clayey

Argo = {npr} [Gr. Mythol.] Argo {Hence:} Argonauta etc.

argon (ár-) = {n} [(Chem.] argon

Argo-nauta = {npr} [Gr. Mythol.] Argonaut; `argonauta' 1. pioneer, explorer etc.; 2. [Zool.] argonaut

argot [F] = {n} argot; {also:} slang {Hence:} argotic

argotic = {adj} argotic; {also:} slangy (as in "a slangy expression")

arguer = {v} 1. to argue (= to offer arguments for or against); 2. to show, make clear; 3. to infer {Hence:} argumento &; arguibile; argute &

arguibile = {adj} arguable, debatable

argumentar = {v} to argue (= to offer arguments for or against)

argumentation = {n} argumentation

argumentative = {adj} 1. [Lit.] expository, giving the argument of; 2. argumentative (= containing a process of reasoning)

argumento = {n} argument (1. reason offered in proof; 2. summary) {Hence:} argumentar-argumentation, argumentative

argute = {adj} 1. clear (to the ear); shrill, piercing; 2. keen, quick-witted, subtle {Hence:} argutia-argutiose, argutiar

argutia = {n} 1. quick-wittedness; subtlety; 2. quibble, cavil; 3. witticism

argutiar = {v} to quibble, cavil

argutiose = {adj} quibbling, caviling

argyr-anthe = {adj} argyranthous

argyric = {adj} argyric

argyrite = {n} [Mineral.] argyrite

argyro- = {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] argyro-, argyr- (= silver) {Hence:} argyrite; argyric; argyroneta etc.; argyranthe etc.; lithargyro etc.

argyro-neta = {n} [Zool.] Argyroneta, water spider

-ari = {suffixo adjective} [used with nouns] -ary (= pertaining to ..., consisting of ..., etc.) {Hence:} -ario; legendari etc.; cotonari etc.; sanitari etc.; nonagenari etc.

aria [I] = {n} [Mus.] aria {Hence:} arietta; ariose-arioso

Ariadna = {nprf} [Gr. Mythol.] Ariadne; `filo de Ariadna' Ariadne's clew

aride (á-) = {adj} arid {Hence:} ariditate

ariditate = {n} aridity

Aries (á-) = {npr} [Astron.] Aries, Ram

arietar = {v} to ram

arietari = {adj} ram, ram's (= of a ram or battering ram)

arietation = {n} ramming, arietation

ariete = {n} 1. ram; 2. battering ram; {also:} [Rom. Antiq.] aries; `ariete hydraulic' hydraulic ram; `Ariete' [Astron.] Aries, Ram {Hence:} arietari; arietar-arietation

arietta = {n} [Mus.] arietta

-ario (1) = {suffixo substantive} [used with nouns] -ary, -arian, -aire (= person concerned with ... or characterized by ...) {Hence:} missionario etc.; pensionario etc.; millionario etc.

-ario (2) = {suffixo substantive} [used with nouns] -ary, -arium (1. collection of ...; 2. place containing ... or place containing a collection of ...) {Hence:} aquario etc.; aviario etc.; granario etc.

ariose = {adj} [Mus.] ariose, arioso

arioso = {n} [Mus.] arioso

arist- = {adj} [occurring in compounds] aristo-, arist- (= best) {Hence:} aristocrate etc.; aristocratia etc.; aristocratic etc.

aristo-crate (-ó-) = {n} aristocrat

aristo-cratia (-ía) = {n} aristocracy

aristo-cratic = {adj} aristocratic

Aristotele = {npr} [Gr. Philos.] Aristotle {Hence:} aristotelismo; aristotelic

aristotelic = {adj} Aristotelian

aristotelismo = {n} Aristotelianism

arithme- = {v} [occurring in derivatives]

arithmetic = {adj} arithmetic, arithmetical

arithmetica = {n} arithmetic; `arithmetica superior' higher arithmetic

arithmetico = {n} arithmetician

arithmo- = {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] arithmo-, arithm- (= number) {Hence:} arithme-arithmetic-arithmetico, arithmetica; arithmometro etc.; arithmomantia etc.; logarithmo etc.

arithmo-mantia (-ía) = {n} arithmomancy

arithmo-metro (-ó-) = {n} arithmometer

Arlequin = {npr} Harlequin; `arlequin' harlequin, buffoon {Hence:} arlequinada

arlequinada = {n} harlequinade; {also:} buffoonery

arma = {n} arm (1. weapon; 2. branch of the military service); `armas blanc' side-arms; `armas de foco' fire-arms; `homine de armas' man-at-arms; `prender le armas' to take up arms; `armas' [Her.] arms {Hence:} armero; armar-armamento, armatura, armea, disarmar-disarmamento, rearmar-rearmamento; armistitio etc.; armipotente etc.

armamento = {n} 1. armament (= equipment with arms); 2. commissioning (of a ship)

armar = {v} to arm (1. to supply with weapons; 2. to equip, fit out); `armar un persona cavallero' to dub someone a knight; `armar se de patientia' to exercise patience

armario = {n} wardrobe, cupboard

armatura = {n} 1. armor; 2. [Magnet., Elec.] armature; 3. frame, framework

armea (-éa) = {n} army; `armea aeree' air force

Armenia = {npr} Armenia {Hence:} armeniaca; armenie-armenio

armeniaca (-í-) = {n} apricot

armenie = {adj} Armenian

armenio (1) = {n} Armenian (1. Armenian language; 2. inhabitant of Armenia)

armenio (2) = {n} ermine (1. the animal "ermine"; 2. ermine fur)

armero = {n} armorer (1. manufacturer of arms; 2. official in charge of armament or arms)

armi-potente = {adj} armipotent

armi-stitio = {n} armistice

aroma [-ma/-mat-] = {n} aroma {Hence:} aromatic; aromatizar-aromatization

aromat- = {see} `aroma'

aromate (-ó-) = {n} aroma {Hence:} aromatic; aromatizar-aromatization

aromatic = {adj} aromatic, fragrant

aromatizar = {v} to aromatize

aromatization = {n} aromatization

arpeggio [I] = {n} [Mus.] arpeggio

arrangiamento (-ja-) = {n} arrangement (1. order; 2. preparation, plan)

arrangiar (-ja-) = {v} to arrange (1. to set in order; 2. to contrive; 3. to settle, straighten out); `arrangiar se' to manage, get along {Hence:} arrangiamento

arrentar = {v} to rent or let (for hire)

arrestar = {v} to arrest (1. to stop, bring to a standstill; 2. to seize (someone) by legal authority) {Hence:} arresto; arrestation

arrestation = {n} 1. arresting, stopping (= bringing to a standstill); 2. arrest (= act of seizing someone by legal authority)

arresto = {n} 1. arresting, stopping (= bringing to a standstill); 2. arrest (= apprehension by legal authority)

arretrar = {v} 1. to draw backwards; 2. to delay; `arretrar se' 1. to withdraw, draw (oneself) back; 2. to be behindhand or in arrears

arretrate = 1 {pp} of `arretrar'; 2. {adj} behindhand, in arrears; `pagamento arretrate' overdue payment; `soldo arretrate' [Mil.] back pay

arretrato = {n} arrears

arrha = {n} [Law] earnest, earnest money

arrivar = {v} to arrive {Hence:} arrivismo; arrivista; arrivata

arrivata = {n} arrival

arrivismo = {n} unscrupulous ambition

arrivista = {n} (social) climber

arrogante = {adj} arrogant

arrogantia = {n} arrogance

arrogar = {v} to arrogate (1. [Rom. Law] to adrogate; 2. to claim as one's own); `arrogar se' to arrogate to oneself {Hence:} arrogante-arrogantia; arrogation

arrogation = {n} arrogation (1. act of making exorbitant claims; 2. [Rom. Law])

arrotundar = {v} to round, make round

arrugar = {v} to wrinkle, crease; `arrugar le fronte' to frown

arsen- = {see} `arsenico'

arsenal = {n} 1. dockyard; 2. arsenal

arsenical = {adj} arsenical; [Chem.] arsenic

arsenico = {n} arsenic {Hence:} arsenical; arsenite; arsenium; arseniose-arseniophosphato etc.

arsenio- = {see} `arseniose'

arsenio-phosphato = {n} arseniophosphate

arseniose = {adj} arsenious

arsenio-sulfato = {n} arseniosulfate

arsenite = {n} [Chem.] arsenite

arsenium (-sé-) = {n} arsenium, arsenic

arte = {n} art (1. "fine art"; 2. skill); `opera de arte' work of art; `artes liberal' liberal arts; `belle artes' fine arts {Hence:} artisano; artista-artistic; artifice etc.; artefacto etc.

arte-facto = {n} artifact, man-made product

arteria = {n} artery {Hence:} arterial; arteriosclerosis etc.; arteriotomia etc.

arterial = {adj} arterial; `sanguine arterial' arterial blood; `pression arterial' blood pressure

arterio-sclerosis (-ósis) = {n} arteriosclerosis

arterio-tomia (-ía) = {n} arteriotomy

arthritic = {adj} [Pathol.] arthritic

arthritis (-ítis) = {n} [Pathol.] arthritis

arthritismo = {n} [Pathol.] arthritism

arthro- = {n} [occurring in derivatives and compounds] arthro- (= joint) {Hence:} arthritis-arthritismo, arthritic; arthropode etc.

arthro-pode (-ró-) = {adj} arthropod {Hence:} arthropodo

arthropodo (-ró-) = {n} arthropod; arthropodos [Zool.] Arthropoda

artichoc = {n} artichoke

articulabile = {adj} pronounceable (that can be articulated)

articular (1) = {adj} articular

articular (2) = {v} to articulate (1. to form, move in, a joint; 2. to speak distinctly)

articulate = {adj} articulate (1. jointed; 2. uttered in distinct syllables)

articulation = {n} articulation (1. [Anat.] joint; 2. enunciation)

articulista = {n} writer of articles

articulo = {n} I. [Anat.] joint; II. article (1. paragraph, section; 2. "article in a magazine, newspapcr, etc.); 3. "article of merchandise"; 4. [Gram]); `articulo de fide' article of faith; `articulo de fundo' editorial, leading article; `articulo definite (indefinite)' definite (indefinite) article {Hence:} articulista; articular (1); articular (2)-articulabile-inarticulabile, articulation, articulate-inarticulate, multiarticulate etc., multarticulate etc.; disarticular-disarticulation

arti-fice (-tí-) = {n} artificer (= skilled or artistic worker) {Hence:} artificio-artificial, artificiose

artificial = {adj} artificial; `seta artificial' rayon

artificio = {n} artifice, trick; `foco de artificio' fireworks

artificiose = {adj} artful, crafty

artillar = {v} to arm (= to equip with artillery) {Hence:} artilleria-artillerista

artilleria (-ía) = {n} artillery; ordnance, gunnery; `artilleria de campania' field artillery; `artilleria a cavallo' horse artillery

artillerista = {n} artilleryman

artisano = {n} artisan

artista = {n} artist

artistic = {adj} artistic

Arya [Skr.] = {n} Arya, Aryan {Hence:} aryan-aryano

aryan = {adj} Aryan (1. Indo-Iranian; 2. Indo-European)

aryano = {n} Aryan (1. Indo-Iranian; 2. Indo-European)

asbesto = {n} asbestos

ascendente = {n} 1. ancestor; 2. ascendant, ascendancy

ascendentia = {n} ancestry (= ancestral lineage)

ascender [-scend-/-scens-] = {v} to ascend {Hence:} ascendente-ascendentia; ascension-ascensional, ascensionista; ascensor

ascens- = {see} `ascender'

ascension = {n} ascent, ascension; `le Ascension' the Ascension

ascensional = {adj} ascensional

ascensionista = {n} mountain climber, ascensionist

ascensor = {n} elevator, lift

ascese = {n} ascetic practice; asceticism

asceta = {n} ascetic {Hence:} ascetismo; ascetic; ascetica

ascetic = {adj} ascetic, ascetical

ascetica = {n} ascetics; ascetical theology

ascetismo = {n} asceticism

asclepiadaceas = {npl} [Bot.] Asclepiadaceae

asclepiades (-í-) = {npl} [Bot.] Asclepias

Asclepio = {nprm} [Gr. Mythol.] Asclepius {Hence:} asclepiades-asclepiadaceas

ascolta = {n} 1. listening, hearing; 2. eavesdropping; 3. listening place or post

ascoltamento = {n} listening

ascoltar = {v} to listen to (1. to hearken to; 2. to mind, heed) {Hence:} ascolta; ascoltamento; ascoltator

ascoltator = {n} listener

ascriber [-scrib-/-script-] = {v} to ascribe, attribute {Hence:} ascription

ascript- = {see} `ascriber'

ascription = {n} ascription

asepsis = {n} asepsis

aseptic = {adj} aseptic

aseptico = {n} aseptic

asexual = {adj} asexual, sexless

Asia = {npr} Asia (1. Roman Province in Asia Minor; 2. the continent Asia); `Asia Minor' Asia Minor {Hence:} asiatic-asiatico; Australasia etc.

asiatic = {adj} Asiatic (1. pertaining to Asia; 2. [Rhet.] florid, ornate)

asiatico = {n} Asiatic

asineria (-ía) = {n} 1. asininity; 2. asinine act

asinero = {n} donkey driver

asinin = {adj} asinine

asininitate = {n} asininity

asino (á-) = {n} donkey, ass {Hence:} asinero; asineria; asinin-asininitate

asparago (-pá-) = {n} asparagus; `asparago plumose' asparagus fern

aspect- = {see} `aspic-'

aspecto = {n} aspect (1. look, appearance; 2. "one of the aspects of a question"; 3. [Astrol.])

asperar = {v} to make rough, roughen

aspere (á-) = {adj} rough, harsh {Hence:} asperitate; asperar-exasperar &

asperger [-sperg-/-spers-] = {v} to besprinkle {Hence:} aspersion; aspersorio

asperitate = {n} roughness, harshness, asperity

aspers- = {see} `asperger'

aspersion = {n} (act of) sprinkling, aspersion

aspersorio = {n} [Eccl.] aspergillum

asphalto = {n} asphalt

aspic [F] = {n} [Cookery] aspic

aspic- [-spic-/-spect-] = {v} [occurring in derivatives] {Hence:} aspecto

aspirante = {n} 1. aspirant; 2. [Mil., Nav.] midshipman, cadet, etc.

aspirar = {v} 1. to aspire (= to desire earnestly); 2. [Phonet.] to aspirate; 3. to inhale; `aspirar a' to aspire to {Hence:} aspirante; aspiration; aspirator

aspiration = {n} I. aspiration (1. desire for; 2. [Phonet.] action of aspirating); II. inspiration, inhaling

aspirator = {n} 1. [Mech.] aspirator; 2. vacuum cleaner

aspirina = {n} aspirin

asplenio = {n} [Bot.] Asplenium; {also:} spleenwort

assalir [-sal-/-salt-] = {v} to attack, assail {Hence:} assalto-assaltar-assaltator; assalitor

assalitor = {n} attacker, assailant, assailer

assalt- = {see} `assalir'

assaltar = {v} to attack, assault, assail

assaltator = {n} attacker, assaulter, assailant

assalto = {n} attack, assault

assassinamento = {n} murder(ing), assassinating

assassinar = {v} to assassinate, murder

assassination = {n} assassination

assassinato = {n} murder

assassinator = {n} assassin, murderer

assassino = {n} 1. Assassin; 2. assassin, murderer; {attrib.} murderous, killing {Hence:} assassinar-assassinamento, assassination, assassinator, assassinato

assatis (-sá-) = {adv} 1. enough; 2. rather (= fairly, quite)

asse = {n} I. [Rom. Antiq.] as; II. ace (1. [Cards, Dice, etc.]; 2. highly skilled person; {also:} [Aviation])

assecurabile = {adj} insurable

assecurantia = {n} 1. assurance (= positive statement); 2. [Com.] insurance

assecurar = {v} I. to secure (= to make firm or fast); II. to assure (= to state positively); III. [Com.] to insure; `assecurar se de un cosa' to make sure of, ascertain, something; `assecurar se de un persona' to lay hold of, apprehend, a person; `assecurar se que' to make sure that {Hence:} assecurantia; assecurabile; assecurator; reassecurar-reassecurantia

assecurator = {n} insurer, assurer, underwriter

assediar = {v} to besiege

assediator = {n} besieger

assedio = {n} siege (= act of besieging) {Hence:} assediar-assediator

assemblar = {v} to assemble (= to gather or fit together) {Hence:} assemblea; reassemblar

assemblea (-éa) = {n} assembly, meeting

assentimento = {n} assent

assentir = {v} to assent {Hence:} assentimento

asserer [-ser-/-sert-] = {v} to assert, affirm {Hence:} assertion; assertive; assertor; assertori

assert- = {see} `asserer'

assertion = {n} assertion, affirmation

assertive = {adj} assertive, affirmative

assertor = {n} asserter, assertor

assertori = {adj} assertory, affirming

assess- = {see} `assider'

assessor = {n} assessor (as in "assessor to a judge, magistrate, etc.")

assetar = {v} to make thirsty

assetate = 1 {pp} of `assetar'; 2. {adj} thirsty, thirsting

asseverar = {v} to affirm positively, asseverate {Hence:} asseverative

asseverative = {adj} asseverating, asseverative

*assi (-sí) = {adv} thus, so; `assi . . como' as ... as; `(un libro) assi (belle)' so (beautiful a book), such (a beautiful book) (= `si')

assider [-sid-/-sess-] = {v} to sit (by or near) {Hence:} assidue &; assessor

assidue = {adj} assiduous {Hence:} assiduitate

assiduitate = {n} assiduity

assignabile = {adj} assignable

assignar = {v} to assign (1. to allot; 2. to fix, determine) {Hence:} assignabile; assignation

assignation = {n} assignation, assignment (1. act of allotting; 2. [Law] transfer of property, a right, etc.)

assimilabile = {adj} assimilable

assimilar = {v} I. to assimilate (1. to make like; 2. to absorb); II. to liken, compare {Hence:} assimilabile; assimilation; assimilative; assimilator; disassimilar &

assimilation = {n} I. assimilation (1. action of making like; 2. absorption); II. likening, comparison

assimilative = {adj} assimilative

assimilator = {n} [Physiol.] assimilator

assistente = {n} assistant

assistentia = {n} 1. assistance; 2. attendance; `assistentia public' (poor) relief; `assistentia social' social welfare

assister = {v} to assist, help; `assister a' to attend, be present at {Hence:} assistente-assistentia

associar = {v} to associate (= to connect, combine) {Hence:} association; associato; disassociar

association = {n} association (1. act of connecting, combining; 2. group of people joined together for some purpose)

associato = {n} 1. associate (= business partner); 2. member of an association

assonante = 1 {ppr} of `assonar'; 2. {adj} assonant

assonantia = {n} assonance; {also:} [Pros.]

assonar = {v} to assonate (= to put or be in assonance) {Hence:} assonante-assonantia

assortimento = {n} assortment (= collection of various kinds of goods)

assortir = {v} to sort, assort {Hence:} assortimento

assumer [-sum-/-sumpt-] = {v} to assume (= to take to or upon oneself) {Hence:} assumption; reassumer

assumpt- = {see} `assumer'

assumption = {n} assumption (1. taking to or upon oneself; 2. [Logic]); `le Assumption' [Eccl.] the Assumption

assurdar = {v} 1. to deafen (= to stun with noise); 2. to mute, muffle

Assyria = {npr} Assyria {Hence:} assyrie-assyrio; assyriologo etc.

assyrie = {adj} Assyrian

assyrio = {n} Assyrian

assyriologia (-ía) = {n} Assyriology

assyrio-logo (-ólogo) = {n} Assyriologist, Assyriologue {Hence:} assyriologia

astere = {n} I. star (1. heavenly body; 2. starshaped figure, etc.); II. [Bot.] aster {Hence:} asteria; asterisco; asterismo; asteroide

asteria = {n} 1. starfish; 2. asteriated opal

asterisco = {n} [Print.] asterisk

asterismo = {n} [Astron.] asterism

asteroide = {n} [Astron.] asteroid

asthen- = {adj} [occurring in derivatives] asthen- (= weak)

asthenia (-ía) = {n} asthenia

asthenic = {adj} asthenic

asthenico = {n} asthenic

asthma [-ma/-mat-] = {n} asthma {Hence:} asthmatic-antiasthmatic; asthmatico

asthmat- = {see} `asthma'

asthmatic = {adj} asthmatic

asthmatico = {n} asthmatic

astigmatic = {adj} astigmatic

astigmatismo = {n} astigmatism

-astra = {suffixo substantive fem} [used with nouns] step- (as in "stepmother") {Hence:} matrastra

astral = {adj} astral; `corpore astral' astral body

astrict- = {see} `astringer'

astriction = {n} astriction

astrictive = {adj} astringent, astrictive

astringente (1) = 1 {ppr} of `astringer'; 2. {adj} astringent

astringente (2) = {n} astringent

astringentia = {n} astringency

astringer [-string-/-strict-] = {v} to astringe {Hence:} astringente-astringentia; astriction; astrictive

astro = {n} star (1. heavenly body; 2. starshaped figure, etc.) {Hence:} astral; disastro &; astrophotographia etc.; astrolatria etc.; astrophysic etc.; astronomo etc.; astrolabio etc.

-astro = {suffixo substantive} [used with nouns] 1. -aster (= inferior or worthless ...); 2. step- (as in "stepfather") {Hence:} -astra; poetastro etc.; patrastro etc.

astro-labio = {n} astrolabe

astro-latria (-ía) = {n} astrolatry

astrologia (-ía) = {n} astrology

astrologic = {adj} astrological

astro-logo (-tró-) = {n} astrologer {Hence:} astrologia; astrologic

astronomia (-ía) = {n} astronomy

astronomic = {adj} astronomic, astronomical

astro-nomo (-tró-) = {n} astronomer {Hence:} astronomia; astronomic

astro-photographia (-ía) = {n} astrophotography {Hence:} astrophotographic

astrophotographic = {adj} astrophotographic

astro-physic = {adj} astrophysical {Hence:} astrophysica

astrophysica = {n} astrophysics

astute = {adj} astute (1. sagacious; 2. crafty) {Hence:} astutia

astutia = {n} astuteness; {also:} wiliness, cunning

asylo = {n} asylum (1. shelter, refuge; 2. institution for protection or relief); `derecto de asylo' right of sanctuary; `asylo de nocte' night-shelter, flop-house

asymmetre (-sím-) = {adj} asymmetric, asymmetrical

asymmetria (-ía) = {n} asymmetry

asymmetric = {adj} asymmetric

-ata = {suffixo substantive} [used with nouns] -ful (= contents of or quantity contained in one ...) {Hence:} buccata etc.; carrettata etc.; coclearata etc.; furcata etc.

-ata , -ato = [suffixo substantive] [used with verbs to form nouns] (= action, product, result, or place of ... -ing)

atavic = {adj} atavistic

atavismo = {n} atavism

atavista = {n} atavist

atavistic = {adj} atavistic

atavo (á-) = {n} forefather, ancestor {Hence:} atavismo; atavista-atavistic; atavic

ataxia (-ía) = {n} [Pathol.] ataxia, ataxy; `ataxia locomotor' locomotor ataxia

-ate = {suffixo adjective} [used with nouns] -ate, -ated, -ed (= having a ... or ...s) {Hence:} litterate etc.; vertebrate etc.; decorate etc.

atele (-té-) = {n} spider monkey; Ateles

-atelia (-ía) = {n} [occurring in compounds] {Hence:} philatelia etc.

atettar = {n} to give the breast to, suckle

athee = {adj} atheist, atheistic; godless {Hence:} atheismo; atheista; atheo

atheismo = {n} atheism

atheista = {n} atheist

athematic = {adj} athematic; {specif.:} [Gram., Mus.]

Athena = {npr} [Gr. Mythol.] Athena {Hence:} Atheneo

Athenas (-té-) = {npr} Athens {Hence:} atheniese

Atheneo (-éo) = {npr} Athenaeum (1. [Gr. Hist.]; 2. [Rom. Hist.]); `atheneo' athenaeum (= meeting place or organization for the study of letters)

atheniese = {adj/n} Athenian

atheo = {n} atheist

athleta = {n} athlete {Hence:} athletismo; athletic; athletica

athletic = {adj} athletic

athletica = {n} athletics

athletismo = {n} athleticism; athletics

athlo- = {n} [occurring in compounds] athlo- (= contest) {Hence:} pentathlo etc.

-ation = {suffixo substantive} [used with verbs in `-ar'; {note:} `-ation' + `-ose' = `-atiose'] -ation (= action or result of {Hence:} deviation etc.; installation etc.; ventilation etc.

-ative = {suffixo adjective} [used with verbs in `-ar'] -ative (1. tending to ...; 2. having the function of {Hence:} comparative etc.; cooperative etc.

Atlanta = {npr} Atlanta

Atlante = {npr} [Gr. Mythol.] Atlas; `atlante' atlas (1. [Arch.]; 2. [Anat.]) {Hence:} Atlantida; atlantic; Atlanta

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