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Backlinking: Article Marketing

Posted by Ashton Pereira

Mar 2

As mentioned in the previous post about backlinking, it is an important part of the off page SEO process. It will effectively help you to rise your rankings in Google.

This article is about gaining free backlinks using article marketing.

What is article marketing?

Firstly, for those who don’t know, article marketing refers to a type of advertising or promotion where a business (or a website) writes short articles and publishes it around the web to:

1) Gain more exposure about their brand/product. It acts like a flashy graphic ad, but is more effective because it has quality content.

2) It also has a link back to the main website of the business at the bottom, gaining a backlinking, as well as directing traffic back through to the website hoping to convert that into sales.

Who can do article marketing?

Anyone can do article marketing.

Where can I do article marketing?

As your goal is to publish short articles around the web, the prime objective for you is to look for article directories. An article directory is a website that allows anyone to come along and become an author on the site. Once they are an author it allows them to publish articles on their directory. They can now gain backlinks to their website.

How can I do article marketing?

Firstly, here is a big list of free article directories that I’ve tried to approximately rank from “best” to “least best”, click here to download the list of article directories. Credit does go out to a few other sites on the web for some of those directories, but then I mixed and matches a couple of lists around to make a more complete one. Keep in mind that some of those directories may be a lot easier to submit to, and some are more tougher (restrictions). But I have included that max amount of links you can put in your article there as well, so please be aware.

Now what you have to do is go to those directory sites and sign up for an account. Then start publishing your articles. Keep in mind that you CANNOT use the same article from your own website on the directory.  There is absolutely no point using duplicate content because it will eliminate the directory page from ranking anywhere in Google, and may also harm your normal site. It’s best to either get a person to rewrite your article, you rewrite it, or just write a totally different but relevant article on the same topic.

If the directory allows links in the article body, then put a few links back to your website, otherwise it should allow links in the “author signature” or “resource box” which also displays on the same page, but at the bottom of the article. This means you still get your backlinks and can still pass on traffic to your website.

Here’s a very important thing to remember. When linking back to your website, ensure that you hyperlink the same text that is your keyword for the page, and also what you want to rank for. This is what I mean:

Do NOT link like this: Click here to go to Google.

Rather you should be doing this: To find out more, go to Google.

The reason is because, it helps the “relevancy” of the link when Google scans through. They will see that you’re getting backlinked for the term “Google” and so when people search “Google”, you will start rising up the ranks. So use that same concept but swap the hyperlinked text where the keyword you want to rank for! If you’re still unsure about this, please comment below and I’ll help you guys out.

Why should I do article marketing?

As I’ve said before, it’s imporant for gaining backlinks. It’s not the only way, over the next few days I’ll be showing you guys other methods. But, it’s an effective method that is also free. It shouldn’t be done solely rather, combine this with the methods I will be teaching you over the next few days, and you will have an overall effective off page SEO strategy working for your website.

Before I finish, you will realise that submitting unique articles over and over again to different directories can be time consuming and pretty tough. A solution that is available is Article Marketing Robot. I’m only recommending it here because I personally am using it now for all my websites. The way I use it is like this:

- I have an outsourced worker who takes my articles from my website and spins them using syntax that is compatible with AMR.

- Then I take them and load up AMR, and put those articles straight in.

- I click a button, and I get signed up to the list of about 1500+ article directories on AMR, obviously not all are successful to signup on, so I only end up on about 70-80% of them.

- Then I select the spin formatted article, and click Submit, and it will automatically submit that one article uniquely to all the different directories. Along with the article, I have to also add a spun version of the “authors resource box”, which has all my backlinks.

- After that, there are again some more errors, but I usually successfully get about 600+ articles published out on directories within about 15min. (Takes 15min because I have to actually type the “security” codes for some of the sites – they will just pop up and you type em in).

So I recommend this product, but if you’re on a budget, start off doing it manually. You can also get a Free 5 Day Trial of Article Marketing Robot which is currently available, just go to that link and there will be a DOWNLOAD link for a free 5 day trial.

That’s all for article marketing, hope you guys learned something. A reminder that I did include a link to a free list of article directories up at the half mark of this post, so I hope you guys make use of that. I look forward to sharing my strategies for the other backlinking processes over the next few days!

Good luck and keep taking ACTION!

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WIN an iPad 16gb with WiFi!!

Posted by Ashton Pereira

Feb 26

Hey guys!

How would you like to own your very own iPad 16gb with Wifi? Well, as part of a promotion I’m running for TheBigVenture, you have a chance to WIN one!

How do I enter?

All you have to do is visit The Big Venture Facebook Fan Page and “Like” it! Don’t worry, if your already a fan before this competition began, you are still eligible to WIN!

Entrants can be from anywhere around the world, and at any ages! (As long as you can receive a shipped iPad from the US – there shouldn’t be any issues).

How will the competition work?

At 12.00am EST on April 1, 2011, the competition will be closed. Then I will be gathering all the “Fans” of The Big Venture Facebook Fan Page and putting them in the draw to WIN an iPad 16gb with WiFi. One lucky winner will be chosen! Until then, all you have to do is simply become a FAN! If you’re already a fan, not to worry, you are still eligible to WIN!

When is the winner announced?

The winner will be announced on April 1, 2011. Their name will be posted on the The Big Venture Facebook Fan Page and also on I will then contact them regarding their win, to attain their details and ship them their NEW iPad 16gb with Wifi!

So what are you waiting for?!? Get on The Big Venture Facebook Fan Page and become a fan NOW! Then spread the great news to all your family and friends so that one of you can WIN a NEW iPad!

Loquax Competitions

UK Competitions at
Guide to UK competitions and prize draws exclusively for UK residents. Enter free online comps. Win holidays, cars, cash, and other great prizes. Try our Comps Newsletter full of UK competitions, prize draws, and more.

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Off Page SEO: Backlinking

Posted by Ashton Pereira

Feb 25

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about how you can Make Your On Page SEO Count. In it, I emphasised how important it is to have quality on page SEO for 2 main reasons:

1) A lot of the time the top websites for a keyword search don’t necessarily have great on page SEO. So by you adopting quality on page SEO, along with the equal amount of off page SEO as the other sites, you can not only reach the ranking they have, but even surpass them.

2) Google reads on page SEO as “relevance” to a certain keyword. If a page has the keyword “weight loss” appearing a fair bit, Google realises what it’s about and will start to push it up the weight loss rankings.

Those are just a few points, for the full post of on page SEO tips, I advise you to read Make Your On Page SEO Count.

Now to off page SEO. The main area of off page SEO is backlinking. For those who don’t know, backlinking is the process whereby your website is receiving a link from another website. So if there’s a website called “xyz” and another called “abc”, and the owner of “abc” posted a link to “xyz” on their site, then “xyz” will have a backlink from “abc”.

Why is backlinking important? Well, here is my opinion on it all. As I stated in the on page SEO post, I believe Google has two main factors in their rankings (among many other smaller factors). One is relevance, which is discussed in detail in the on page SEO post, and the other is trust.

Google is a business and their customers are the public who use their search engine. They want to give their customers good experiences and have them coming back again in the future. So Google needs to have top quality websites ranking at the top of their searches. Due to this necessity, Google has to not only put relevant websites to the top of their ranks, but also trusted websites.

Obviously, since the Internet is simply too large for Google to manually go to every website and check how trustworthy it is, they look to backlinks. They basically believe that if another website is linking to yours, then your website must be a somewhat trusted one with some quality content on it. So they are happy to push you up the rankings. Please note that one backlink really isn’t going to do much, and that when I talk about this stuff I’m talking about backlinks in the tens, hundreds and even thousands before drastic ranking changes can happen, depending on the targeted keyword.

Now there is one more important aspect of backlinking. It’s something known online as “link juice”. As you would have realised by now, backlinks can come from various sources (different websites), and each of these websites can vary in “trust” themselves. This “trust” is determind by Google’s PageRank (PR). So if a site has a high PR, they have lots of backlinks coming to their site. If a site has a low PR, they don’t have many backlinks coming to their site. For backlinks, if you can get a link from a site with a high PR (5+), which has already gained “trust” in Google, it is going to mean more than a link from a site with a low PR (<1). Keep in mind that all sites start off with 0 PR.

So, this “quality” of the incoming link is referred to as link juice, and it’s an important aspect of backlinking because it’s estimated (by the “experts”) that one PR5 backlink is as valuable as five PR1 backlinks. This means that it’s suggested to try and get high PR backlinks, but the truth is that you can even more easily get many of lower PR backlinks.

Also, it’s best when you get a link to your site from another site, without you giving them a link. This is known as a “one way” link and holds more value.

Hopefully you understand the basic theory behind backlinking, because in the next few days I’m going to be posting up a few different methods allowing you to begin backlinking to your sites. I will show you how to gain free backlinks from quality sources that are mainly PR1 sites but also go right up to PR6.

The main strategies you can use to gain backlinks are article marketing, forums/comments, blogging, social/video media, and of course, organic backlinking. I’ll also put up a post on some advanced backlinking strategies at the end.

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Learn How To Do Affiliate Marketing

Posted by Ashton Pereira

Feb 24

Everytime I tell someone that I do affiliate marketing, I get asked two questions.

1) What is it?

I’ve actually answered this a few times on The Big Venture, but quite simply, it’s the marketing of someone elses product/s where each time you refer a customer to them, and it turns into a sale of a product, you receive a commission. Here’s a great diagram explaining it:

Now the second question is:

2) How can I do it?

People want to learn how to start affiliate marketing themselves. Now it’s actually not that hard to understand the concept, and then get started. The problem is that people, once they get the ideas down pat, don’t know where to go to begin. They get stuck with all the steps, and either, do things in the wrong order, or completely miss some of the most important parts of the affiliate marketing process.

So I decided to help you guys out and basically throw up regular posts on here to guide you to starting up your own affliliate marketing website from scratch. Every few days I’ll be putting up a new post here in this category, so just keep checking it out

By the way, here’s a little affiliate marketing joke for those who get it… For those who don’t… I hope by the end of my tutorial you do

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First Sale!

Posted by Ashton Pereira

Feb 23

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while since my last post, but I’ve been super busy. Uni has made it’s start and all that stuff has just been taking up my time in the day, and then at night I’ve just been working on here, or taking a break from it all.

The great news is that I’ve made my first sale! It came on Site 5 (the only completed one), which is my “secret” website. As I’ve said several times before, I will be revealing what it is at the end of 4M400.

It was only a sale of $15.10 profit to me, but it’s something. I’ve taken 2 things away from it:

1) What I’m doing is working, or at least something is working.

2) Since it’s working, I have to NOW keep doing MORE of it!

It’s all about action now. So I’m going to have to cut this post short because I need to head off now. But I’m going to take a bit of time off in the next few days to get a few posts out on general IM advice from everything I’ve been through so far, and do yet another full summary of my sites at the end of the week.

Good luck with your sites guys!

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Day 30 – Week 5 – 4M400

Posted by Ashton Pereira

Feb 17

*Rankings Update Below*

I’ve definitely gotten a bit more back on track again lately with this challenge. Over the last few days, I’ve gotten the final site of mine up online, and should be completed soon. So that makes all 5 online, 1 fully completed (just backlinking now), 3 that are about 10-25 articles away, and 1 which I need to just upload everything on.

At this point I’m feeling that things are going really slow, so I want to push on really hard. Still no sales unfortunately, and rankings are really jumpy on the pages I have up. In response to my last post, I received some feedback from a follower, Kel, whom I really do thank for their advice to throw up some info regarding rankings, search volumes of keywords, backlinks etc.

Before I do post the ranking information for each site, I’d like to remind you guys that I did decide to make each site into an authority site initially now, so they have a lot of keywords targeted along with plenty of pages on them. Anyway, here they are:

Site 1 (Fitness Niche)

Pages online: 29

Keywords targetted: 30
Rankings for keywords in Google: Between 1-10 (0), Between 11-20 (1), Between 20-50 (2), 50+ (27).
PageRank: 0
Backlinks: 56 (according to
Alexa: 5,956,652
Weekly traffic: 25 visits
Sales per week: $0

Site 2 (Health niche)

Pages online: 26

Keywords targetted: 24
Rankings for Keywords in Google: Between 1-10 (0), Between 11-20 (0), Between 20-50 (0), 50+ (24).
PageRank: 0
Backlinks: 2 (according to
Alexa: 6,678,491
Weekly traffic: 44 visits
Sales per week: $0

Site 3 (Money Niche)

Pages online: 23

Keywords targetted: 24
Rankings for keywords in Google: Between 1-10 (6), Between 11-20 (5), Between 20-50 (7), 50+ (6).
PageRank: 1
Backlinks: 172 (according to
Alexa: 1,972,690
Weekly traffic: 131 visits
Sales per week: $0

Site 4 (Love Niche)

Pages online: 5

Keywords targetted: 5
Rankings for keywords in Google: Between 1-10 (0), Between 11-20 (0), Between 20-50 (0), 50+ (5).
PageRank: 0
Backlinks: 1 (according to
Alexa: -
Weekly traffic: 11 visits
Sales per week: $0

Site 5 (Special)

Pages online: 141

Keywords targetted: 141
Rankings for keywords in Google: Between 1-10 (1), Between 11-20 (1), Between 20-50 (7), 50+ (132).
PageRank: 0
Backlinks: 126 (according to
Alexa: 2,676,626
Weekly traffic: 49 visits
Sales per week: $0

Finally, ALL keywords for all sites (except Site 5 – everything will be revealed at the end of 4M400), have “exact” search volume globally of over 500. “Broad” volume from 1500+, so they are fairly decent quality keywords.

As you can see, I’ve been doing a lot of work on Site 5. A bulk of that was done by me, and the rest by my full time writer. I hope you guys enjoyed these figures, and I hope to get them all going better soon. I know a lot of you are probably thinking what is the “Special” site, well as I said a few times in the beginning of 4M400, I won’t be revealing it at all until the end of the challenge, so stay in the loop.

You could also probably see that Site 3 is ranking really well. I don’t know if that’s because I bought a domain which only just expired (maybe had some age on it?) or if I picked easy keywords. Problem is, I’m not seeing much conversion into sales much. Traffic is alright, but conversion isn’t. I still can improve the traffic I think, but I am looking to improve keywords and add more soon though.

What’s going on in the business now?

- I’m putting up more pages with articles for Sites 1-4, meaning more keywords targeted, more traffic, and hopefully sales!

- I have my writer going crazy with more articles for the first 4 sites, mainly site 3 and 4, I want to get those up soon and completed like Site 5. (They won’t be as big as Site 5 though).

- I have my outsourced worker spinning my articles and submitting them to SEOLV. I’m trying to get him to start submitting to directories but he’s having problems, so I’m a bit stuck there. Definitely a hurdle I will have to jump over.

- I am also looking to invest in Article Marketing Robot. I’ve heard it’s good, and am playing around with the trial. If anyone has some insight into AMR let me know below, I’m definitely interested.

Kel, I hope I put up the information you were looking for, if not, please let me know. And if there is any other information any of you guys want to know, see, hear, look at, smell, whatever! Just let me know, and I’ll upload it CB account shots will be up when sales come in too!

‘Til next time, good luck with all your ventures! And take ACTION!

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Day 26 – Week 4 – 4M400

Posted by Ashton Pereira

Feb 13

Sorry about the delayed post. I’ve been incredibly busy with regular life lately, and a bit in business. Met up with a mate who’s also into business and we just spat a few ideas around, and I sort of got sidetracked with it for that day.

Anyway, I’m back on track and have been piling up more articles on all my websites. One other thing I’ve done is also began the transfer of my full time worker from spinning articles to spinning articles AND submitting them to SEO Link Vine and big PR article directories. So that’s giving me MORE time, and getting MORE work done in that side of the business.

The main thing now is backlinking! I have a few pages ranking from 10 to 30 or so, so that’s good as well. But still trying to get the backlinks piling in. I’ve even contemplated another outsourced full time worker, but I don’t have that sort of cash, so as soon as I get at least $100-200 a month coming in, I’m grabbing another worker.

So things are doing good now overall, and really it’s just work work work. Closer to the end of the first month I’m going to give a big run down of everything and write a whole bunch of posts about how you can do it yourself and get to where I am after this first month! So keep looking for that!

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Day 20 – Week 3 – 4M400

Posted by Ashton Pereira

Feb 7

Been a rough few days, to be honest. Haven’t done anywhere near as much work as I would have liked to. Been totally caught up with a lot of crap lately in real life. I guess this comes down to how much I want to achieve this 4M400. And when I think about it all, there’s nearly nothing in life I want more than the freedom to do what I want and have control of my finances.

At the moment, I’ve got one of my writers bringing in new content for the websites (getting to the point where some sites are having 50-60 articles bought now, so that I can load em up later). And another writer is still spinning 2 articles a day for SEOLV.

I’ve got about 25 articles submitted into SEOLV so far, and those are slowly getting me some long term backlinks. I’ve also, done by myself, taken those spun articles and put them into Ezine. I have to now put them into other directories. It’s an annoying task, so I might outsource it to the writer doing the spins, and have him submit and gain backlinks as well.

In terms of the sites. One is totally complete, and has a few 20-40 ranked pages. Another has 18 pages up on it so far, that have been indexed, none ranking in the top 50 though. The others are still working in progress. I’ve realised how slow I am going now compared to how I started, and I’ve decided to just kickstart. In the next 7 days I’m dedicating 8+ hours to this work.

I really need to get moving to achieve this goal, and with uni coming up in only 2-3 weeks, I don’t have a lot of days left where I can work the full day. So the time is now.

Any sales? Obviously none. Still waiting to rank first for terms. It’s all about getting that #1. I know that in 1-2 years I should be able to get them, but in 4 months? Have I outdone myself here by setting this crazy goal? No, I don’t think so. And I think it might come down to my “secret weapon” site, all I’ll say is it’s all targeted buying keywords, but low search volume. You guys could probably figure it out now. I’ve decided that as soon as around about the end 2 month mark comes, I’m going to focus on that, because within 5 days I could potentially rank top 3 on Google for some of those terms.

All in all, I’d say this is my first down in my long journey of ups and downs. The best part about it is that I’ve learned so much from it. I’ve learned NOT to think that by having outsourced workers, everything is going to get done still. Especially when I’m still performing core tasks in the business. I can’t outsource any of that yet though until the revenue comes in, so off I go to do it. And I’ve also learned that without action you will go nowhere, while the whole world around you keeps moving forward. I don’t want to “lose” the race.

Anyway, keep following! Thankyou all for your support

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Do I Need to Use Automation Software?

Posted by Ashton Pereira

Feb 4

This is a tough question to answer, and I’ll explain why. Firstly, when I saw automation software, what I mean is tools like SEOLinkVine and AMAThey are simply sites, which hold huge networks of blogs, that are submitted by people like you and me, and then have other people or even the same (usually affiliate marketers or anyone that needs backlinks) come in and submit articles to these blogs. They do this by submitting the articles through the software, then the programs automatically publish them on the blogs in relevant niches when the owners approve of them.

Basically from everything I’ve read online, there are people who believe that the automation software works, and those who don’t. Here are the basic arguments from both sides:

Automation software DOESN’T work

- The first argument being that all the articles are sent to small, pathetic, little blogs which never get indexed by Google, nor do they have any PR, so having articles on them end up meaning that you really get no recognition.

- The second argument links from the above; that even if you got some recognition from a backlink from one of the blogs, that it won’t last long, considering most of these blogs were just chucked into the network  and a fair few will “expire” once the domains run out, because people won’t bother to renew it if it’s not bringing in cash flow (unlikely for blogs like these, if not monetized properly).

- The third argument is that EVEN if you get 5 quality links from 5 index blogs, they may only be as good as 1 link. Why? Because most of these networks run by these programs, run “promos” and competitions where they offer prizes to the person who submits the most blogs. This results in the same person submitting hundreds of blogs from their ONE hosting location. This ONE hosting location means ONE IP address for ALL their blogs. So many links on their blogs, will only be the equivalent of ONE link from ONE IP in the eyes of Google.

- The fourth argument is that for most of these backlinks you never see them. Are they really there? Do the “50 published articles” really exist?

Automation software DOES work

- One big argument is all the people claiming to have increased ranks because of it. Myself being one of them. I used AMAutomation back in 2009 for my first site ever built. I only used it for about 2-3 months, but I know that I actually do have some backlinks which were originally from using AMA. I also hold a few good Google ranks which I also assume partly were because of AMA’s work.

- Another smaller argument that stems from the above, is that it all works, but not in the short term. Rather, it’s a fantastic tool for the long term. This way, it gives you HUGE amounts of small PR backlinks. Allowing Google to give you some more stable rankings, while you use your big PR powerhouses to link you up the SERPs.

That’s really about it, but all that matters to be honest. If there are any I forgot, please feel free to post them in the comments.

So now my opinion. Do you need to use an automation software? Yes I believe you do. I, myself, am using one and I wouldn’ t be suggesting that you should too, unless I was. I’ll give you my reasons why, and HOW I use it in my business:

- It allows for backlinks (good or bad, all that matters is the backlinks). This will allow for stability whether Google sees it or not, it doesn’t matter. It will slowly bring up your rankings in the long term, and yes even though some blogs aren’t even indexed, there are the others which are, and some go on to become PR1 or maybe more, in the next few months/years.

- Most of the higher end softwares offer spinning tools, which I highly recommend. DO NOT buy into any automation package without spinning tools. This is why I ONLY recommend SEOLinkVine and AMAutomation. Yes there are others that do offer the same things, but those are my favourites because I’ve used both. Currently I’m using only SEOLinkVine, but when the cash is there, I’ll be onto AMAutomation in a giffy.

- Using the spinning tool, what I do is take all the “unique” articles and submit them manually to all the directories I know. Not only does this save TONS of $$ on rewriters of articles, but also, while you get the backlinks from these more recognised directories, you’re also still getting those other automatic backlinks from smaller blogs. So it really is fantastic.

So overall, yes I reckon if you have the cash, invest into automation in one way or another. It’s basically like outsourcing your banklinking to a robot. BUT you have to ensure that you do not just leave it at that. You should also combine AMA or SEOLV with some sort of quality PR linking strategies, whether that be directory submissions or even forum/web 2.0 postings. Automation serves are a really fundamental tool, but it’s not going to get you to the top quick enough without any supplement work from other strategies.

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Day 15 – Week 3 – 4M400

Posted by Ashton Pereira

Feb 3

Wow, just noticed that I’m now into my 3rd week of 4M400. It’s really going fast, that’s for sure…

As you all know I’ve got my outsourcer now working on spinning articles, but I’ve also got some other big news. After tons, and I mean TONS of research, reading articles, forums, blogs etc. I made a big decision for my business. It may not seem that big to some, but I feel it’s big to me.

Rather than investing in AMA, as I said I was going to, since I had used it in the past and it worked wonders. I have decided to go for SEOLinkVine.

Now I did a lot of research into this, and basically from what I read, SEOLinkVine came out slightly on top. Now I’ve been submitting some spun articles to it for only 1 day, and within 24 hours I already have quite a few published articles. AMA does this exact same job though, but considering they were the same price, I was happy to go with SEOLinkVine.

I will let you guys know how it all goes though at the end of the 4M400 and whether it was a mistake or not. Either way, something like SEOLV is for the long haul, and is there to build for months and years to come.

So right now here’s the update for my business:

- Been busy with Uni preparation plus just been busy with general family stuff and the like, so I am still currently developing most of my sites, however 1 is pretty much complete. So that’s a good start. With the rest, I’m just putting out 20 articles, then 10 every week or so, so that I can have my VA spin ONLY the articles I’ve uploaded.

If you sort of don’t understand that. What I mean is to; get all my sites out with 20 pages. Then get backlinks to all of those, then gradually put more pages on each, only having to backlink those newer ones again. THEN work on all. This way Google sees newer content regularly, plus I can get a few on each ranking faster.

- The other thing that’s happening is I have my 2 workers working.

1) My writer from USA. She’s still busy writing content. What’s crazy is that I’ve decided to also turn these sites into authority sites while I’m here doing this challenge. That means I’m starting off with only 20-30 articles each, but having her write more content so that as time goes on I’ll have these are 50+ articles on these sites. Whether that happens within this 4M400 or not is another story. There will probably be a bulk of 20-30 out there making me money by 4 months, but then the rest will come in at the latter stages of this challenge.

2) My VA from the Phillipines.  He’s doing my spinning at the moment. It’s fantastic quality spinning, and I’m then chucking these into SEOLinkVine, not only for long term backlinks, but also “more” articles from the spins. So that I can shove those into directories for more backlinks.

So that’s life at the moment. Half developing still, and half backlinking. I want to get the second part outsourced soon, probably don’t have the funds to do it at the moment, maybe in 1-2 months if a few sales come in.

Anyway, thanks for reading guys! Hope you enjoyed

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