Inviting entries from Artists for Art Residency 2016 at Liwa, uae

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Inviting entries from Artists for Art Residency 2016 at Liwa, UAE.

We welcome proposals from the artists (Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Photography, sculpture, installation and new media). The selection committee will review your application and selected candidate will be contacted.

Liwa is one of the most famous desert in empty quarter. we offer food and accommodation, swimming pool plus working atmosphere for artists. there is a gallery for exhibitions. Two days program coasts 500 AED including food, accommodation and materials and 1000 AED for one week.
Please fill up the contact details and send through e-mail to



DATE OF BIRTH (mm/dd/yyyy)

BIRTH PLACE (city, country)



Passport No

Issued in

Expiry Date

Mailing Address (street - bldg/apt./floor – city – state/province/region - country)

TELEPHONE (country code-area code-number)

Mobile number




Medium (drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography, installation or new media)

Rules and regulations

  • Drug and alcohol is not allowed inside ArtHub Liwa.

  • You should follow the rules and regulations of UAE.

  • It is not allowed to make any form of creative works against the country, religion, minorities, women and children.

  • one art work (100x80 cm) should be submitted to ArtHub

  • Canvas will be provided


Declaration: I hereby certify that the above statements are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that a false statement may disqualify me for benefits.


Download 7.98 Kb.

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