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This document includes important information regarding IT services, facilities and your responsibilities as a user in the Oulu University of Applied Sciences and the School of Engineering. Please read carefully through the instructions.

In case of questions or comments please refer to the IT-Services by phone (010 27 21100) or by e-mail ( The IT-Services’ office is open during the terms (autumn and spring) from 8 a.m. to 17 p.m. (weekdays) and between terms from 8 a.m. to 16 p.m. (weekdays). It is located in the C-wing of the School of Engineering.

About E-mail
As a student of Oulu UAS you are entitled to a student e-mail account. Your student e-mail address consists of your “user name” and “”, that is,

User Name and Password
In order to access your student e-mail account you need, of course, a user name (“käyttäjätunnus”) and a password (“salasana”). Your user name and password is mentioned below. In addition, it is written on the user account sheet which you have received separately from the International Office.
Your user name (part before @): ____________________
Your password: ____________________
It is recommended that you change your password at the first time you log on (see more below: ‘Using E-Mail’).

Using E-mail
You are able to read your e-mails either with PINE or with WebMail. You can read your e-mail (when not being on campus) by using WebMail. WebMail can be accessed at

Changing the e-mail password via WebMail

The password can be changed by using WebMail ( You can change your password with the password option found under the My Account link in the sidebar. The web form asks for your old password (the password given here in the IT information). You have to type your new password twice. The new password is operational within half an hour, after you have changed it (the old password can be used until then). Please make sure that the password you use is complex enough, for example “dandia37”. The password should include 8 characters.

Changing the e-mail password via the Putty programme
As an alternative, you may change your password by using the Putty programme, which can be found on every school computer:
(1) Start Putty.exe (Host:

(2) Sign in:

User name: student e-mail (digits before @)

Password: see IT information

(3) Write passwd and press Enter

(4) You will be asked first to enter the old password: Write it and press Enter

(5) Then you will be asked to enter the new password: Write it and press Enter

(6) You will be asked to confirm the new password: Re-enter resp. write it again and press Enter

In case the password has been changed successfully, the programme announces:

passwd (SYSTEM): passwd successfully changed for ktunnus.

(7) Write exit and press Enter
In case you have forgotten your password, you will have to come to the IT-services office. You must have your identity papers with you! If you are unable to come to the office within office hours, you might want to contact the IT-services ( for a suitable time.

Forwarding e-mails automatically to another account via the Putty programme
You may automatically forward messages from your student e-mail account to an alternative e-mail address by adding a forwarding command via the Putty programme:
(1) Start Putty.exe (Host:

(2) Sign in:

User name: student e-mail (digits before @)

Password: see IT information

(3) Write pico .forward and press Enter

(4) Write on one line the address you wish the e-mails being forwarded to

(5) Press Ctrl + O ja and then Enter

(6) Write exit and press Enter

(5) Press Ctrl + X and accept by pressing Y and then Enter

(6) Write exit and press Enter

ASIO Database
About ASIO
ASIO is a database and administration software to maintain student information. Through ASIO you can:
- register as a student

- check and change your contact information

- register to studies

- check your study attainments after courses and print them

- create your personal curriculum

- give your feedback as a student

- change your password to ASIO

- join the student union OSAKO (via this link:

More information about ASIO:

User Name and Password
Your user name to ASIO is your student number, for example A1234, see below or first page. Your password is, at first, the first four digits of your birth date. For instance, if you were born 10.03.1983, the password would be 1003. However, if you have a Finnish identity number, the initial password will be the four last digits of your Finnish identity number. Please change your password as soon as possible (see below)!
Your user name (student number): ____________________
Your password (see paragraph above): ____________________

Using ASIO
The link to access ASIO is
N.B.! If you access the page above from outside the network of Oulu UAS you need to log on first with your e-mail’s user name and password! Then you may proceed by logging on to the ASIO database with the user name and password mentioned above.
Change the language to English from the English flag. Now you are ready to use ASIO. In order to change features you will have to log on with your user name and password.
The password for ASIO can be changed from the Student main menu ( > English). There is a link "change your password" where you get to change your password: You must enter your ASIO user name and password (to the pop-up window), and after that you can change your password. In case you don't know your ASIO user name, you can get it from the International Office. In case you have forgotten the password you need for student functions (ASIO), you can get a new password from the International Office.
Joining the Student Union

For joining the student union OSAKO and the local field-specific student association OTE,

please click on the following link and log on with your ASIO user name and password:
Read the instructions given (regarding payment, passport picture as jpg-file). When you have successfully signed up via, please choose as an option the blue student card, as you are regarded as a full-time student.
More information about OSAKO at and about OTE can be gained at (web site currently only in Finnish, but they speak English very well – check out their office nearby the Student Union shop on the ground floor of the School of Engineering ;-)

Further Instructions
Further instructions about using IT services and facilities can be obtained from There is a link providing information also in English, but detailed information is available only in Finnish. Please ask your tutor for help if needed, or turn to the IT-Services’s office.

- Basic instructions

- User accounts and passwords

- Internet connections and browser settings

- E-mail

- Home pages, FTP and news groups

- Hardware (and information about printing)
Self-access centres are located at:

- Learning centre (Oppimiskeskus) beside the library of the School of Music, Dance and Media and in the library of the School of Engineering.

The paper for printing must be bought by students themselves. Paper is sold for example in the Student Association “OTE ry” paperstore on the ground floor, in the assembly hall of the School of Engineering.

Computer User Responsibilities
The computer resources (meaning hardware, software and network) of Oulu University of Applied Science must be used in a manner that is consistent with the educational purposes and environment. All users of computer resources are

expected to act in a spirit of mutual respect and cooperation. To get an user account, users have to accept and comply with the regulations stated in this document.

As a user of Oulu University of Applied Science computer resources:
1§ After getting a new account you must change your password immediately with passwd-command.
2§ You are responsible for the safeguarding of your computer account. For your account, you should change your password frequently and should not disclose it to anyone. You should take all necessary precautions in

protecting the account, no matter what type of computer resources you are using. You should never let anyone else use your account.

3§ You must have a valid authorized account to use computer resources that require one: On these systems you should never even try to use other accounts than your own.
4§ You should always act according to reason and never misuse the resources in nonchalance. Remeber that the access to computer resources is more of a privilege than a right. Like any privilege, it brings with it responsibilities. (For example before downloading a large file from the Internet, check first if you can find it from a closer distance, for example download the file rather from a Finnish mirror site than from a site in another country.)
5§ You are personally responsible for the protection and backup of your own files. Oulu University of Applied Science cannot accept responsibility for any losses incurred.
6§ You may not engage in unauthorized duplication, alteration or destruction of data, programs or software. You may not transmit or disclose data, programs or software belonging to others and may not duplicate copyrighted material. You may not use computer resources to engage in abuse of computer personnel or other users. Such abuse includes the sending of abusive, anonymous, or unsolicited messages within Oulu University of Applied Science or beyond via network facilities. Sending chain letters, spam or suchlike is forbidden. You may not use our computer resources for

business or illegal purposes. You may not engage in abusive or improper use of computer hardware. This includes, but is not limited to, tampering with equipment, unauthorized attempts at repairing equipment and unauthorized removal of equipment components.

7§ You may not knowingly use any system to produce system failure or degraded performance. Cracking computers is illegal by Finnish Law. (Finnish Penal Code, Chapter 38)
8§ You may not circumvent system protection facilities. If you find a safety bug, you should inform it to IT services immediately.
9§ Never read, copy, delete or execute other peoples´ non-public files if you for some reason find them available to you. If someone has forgotten to logout, please do it for him. If the non-public files are available for you for other reasons, you should notify IT services immediately.
10§ Always observe the research community network ethics. Please read
You are expected to be familiar with these regulations. These regulations are subject to revision. You are expected to be familiar with any revisions in regulations. Revisions will be informed on the bulletin board and web pages of IT Services. University reserves the right to monitor under appropriate conditions, all data contained in the system to protect the integrity of the system and to insure compliance with regulations.
Any user who is found to be in violation of these rules shall be subject to the following:
Suspension and/or termination of computer privileges; Disciplinary action by appropriate officials;

Referral to law enforcement authorities for criminal prosecution; Other legal action, including action to recover civil damages and penalties.


Opening hours of the School of Engineering
The doors are officially open for entering from 7.30 – 19.15 (Mon.-Fri.).

You may stay at the school till 21.00.

In case of vacations and special days, the exceptional opening times will be separately informed.

There are two libraries in the Kotkantie campus.

  • Library of Engineering, opening hours: Mon-Thu 7:45-17:45, Fri 9:00-17:45

  • Library of Music, Dance and Media: Mon, Wed, Thu 9:00-16:00, Tue 9:00-17:45, Fri 9:00-15:00

You are entitled to use both of the libraries. The library cards can be applied for and received at the libraries.

There are two student restaurants in the Kotkantie campus: restaurant Kultturelli and restaurant Kotkanpoika. For lunch serving times and opening hours, please see the restaurants’ info signs.

Computers and printing
If you need to use computers or print study material, you may use the computers and printers in the library and in the learning centres. Other computer classes (numbers 1-9) are used for teaching purposes only and they are not open for general use. For printing, you need to have your own papers (can be bought from the Student Union shop on the ground floor/1st floor).
The learning centres are open 8:00-16:00 and located as follows:

  • Ground floor/1st floor, room 1468 (next to the Library of Music, Dance and Media), mainly for the students of Information Technology, Automation Engineering and Medical Engineering

  • 2nd floor, room 2500, mainly for the students of Mechanical Engineering

  • 3rd floor, room 3526, mainly for the students of Civil Engineering.

In case of students of Laboratory Sciences and Building Services (HVAC) the computer facilities are separately shown by the teachers.

In order to stay and work later at the school, you need to have a special permission. If you have an urgent need to use computers later in the evenings or on weekends, please contact the international coordinators.

The copying machines for students’ use are located in as well as in the front of the Student Union shop and in the libraries (the ones in libraries work with coins only). The cheapest copying can be done with the copying machines of the Student Union. You can either buy a copying card or pay the copies in cash to the shop. If you have paid the Student Union membership fee, the copies are half price.

If you need to fax something important, you may ask help from the international office.

Student Union shop
The Student Union shop (maintained by the field-specific student association OTE) is located on the ground floor/1st floor.
You may purchase there sweets, ‘haalarit”, copies and other study items. At the shop you will also be able to pick up your student card once you’ve ordered it (within 1-2 weeks after your online application).
In order to join the student union OSAKO and OTE and to get the student card, please click on the following link and log on with your ASIO user name and password:
Further information about ASIO is available at the IT-Information sheet.
More information about the student union OSAKO at, and about OTE can be gained at (web site currently only in Finnish, but they speak English very well – check out their office nearby the Student Union shop ;-)

Info desk & janitors
In case you are missing information about a room, teacher or some services mentioned above, you may also always consult the janitors on the ground floor’s info desk. Moreover, your student tutors as well as the international coordinators are at your service.


As some things in the local study culture, methods and rules may differ from the ones that you have used to, we have collected few tips and some information that we hope you find useful. However, please note that detailed information and instructions for each course are given by the teacher in question.

One study hour is equivalent to 45 minutes of contact teaching. In most of the cases, the classes start at quarter past i.e. if the starting time of the class is marked for example at 10:00, the contact teaching starts at 10:15.

Info TV
There are info televisions on each floor. In case of a sudden change in teaching (class cancellation, room change etc.), the information will be on the info TV. N.B! Do agree with teachers of each class how they will inform you about possible changes.

The teachers will let you know the requirements of each course in terms of lecture participation, study exercises & tasks, exams and assessment methods. Each exchange student is entitled to an ECTS grading.

The following table shows how ECTS grades are applied to the grading system of Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Some study attainments can also be assessed on the grading scale pass/fail.

Oulu UAS grade ECTS grade

5 excellent A

4 very good B

3 good C

2 satisfactory C

1 sufficient E

0 fail F or FX

Contacting the teachers

The e-mail addresses of the staff are formed in the following way: (without any Scandinavian alphabet ä=a)

You may find contact information of every teacher on our staff website at:

The website is mainly in Finnish, but by clicking the name of the teacher, you may see the phone number, e-mail address and the number of the room (“huone”).

Study Rules

Each student is expected to follow the academic study rules and i.e. no cheating in study attainments or exam situations is allowed. Student violating these rules can be punished. The Degree and Assessment Regulations of the university can be fully read at:

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