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Details of WMSEA requirements and Application Form
“Weaving the Mekong into Southeast Asia: WMSEA”

Fellowship Program

(Chulalongkorn University with financial support of the Rockefeller Foundation)

Southeast Asian Studies

Graduate School, Chulalongkorn University,

Bangkok , Thailand

Tel: (662) 2189848, (662) 2189849 Fax: (662) 252-4837

E-mail: wmsea@chula.ac.th


For MA in Southeast Asian Studies

For WMSEA fellowship



Application Requirements:

  1. An essay written on a separate sheet of paper with your full name clearly marked on the top of each page, not exceeding two typed pages. The essay should include a brief description of your study or research plan, field of interest, and your reasons for wishing to pursue them. Include reasons which tie your plan to study in the MA program in Southeast Asian Studies at Chulalongkorn University to your future academic and/or career goals, and the reasons why you need financial support from the fellowship.

Your research plan is the most important part and will be seriously considered. The topic of your research should be on areas related to Southeast Asian cross border issues

  1. Test of English Proficiency: Accepted are TOEFL, IELTS or local English Language Test, i.e. CU-TEP in Thailand, ITP: Institutional Testing Program in Cambodia. In case you do not have an English Test score, other evidence showing your good command of English must be provided; for example, a transcript with English course scores or grades.

  2. Original copy of the transcript of your bachelor’s degree study

  3. Original copy of your bachelor’s degree

  4. 2 letters of recommendation preferably one from the applicant's professor, the other from the applicant’s employer.

  5. Completed application form* with the applicant’s two-inch photo attached on it.

Applicant’s Qualifications:

  • Age: 20 - 35 years old

  • Nationality: Lao, Cambodian, Vietnamese or Thai

  • Residence: permanent resident of Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, or Thailand, and ready to return home after graduation

  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in any field of study with good academic records

  • Career: relevant to Southeast Asian Studies

  • Interest: keen in issues concerning Southeast Asia

Selection Schedules


Year 2009

Year 2010

Application period

January - April

January - April

Interview shortlist announcement



Interview in candidates’ homecountry

June and July

June and July

Final selection announcement



Please submit completed application form with documents required to:

Selection Committee

Weaving the Mekong into Southeast Asia” Fellowship Program

Southeast Asian Studies Program

Graduate School, Chulalongkorn University

Wittayakit Building (Siam Square), 13th Floor, Room 1326.2

Bangkok 10330 Thailand

Deadline Your application must be received no later than Friday 17 April 2009 (WMSEA 2009) and no later than Friday 16 April 2010 (WMSEA 2010).



Photograph here

(1 Original Copy)


“Weaving the Mekong into Southeast Asia” Fellowship Program 2009/2010

(Chulalongkorn University with Support of the Rockefeller Foundation)
Please type or write legibly.
1. Name (Mr., Mrs., Miss, please state if other)

First Middle Last

2. Address:

2.1 Home Address

Telephone: Fax:

2.2 Postal Address (if the same as 2.1, write “as 2.1”)

Telephone: Fax:

Email :

3. Birthdate Age Place of Birth

4. Nationality Sex

5. Marital Status

6. Passport Number (if you have a valid passport, please enclose a copy of the page with your photo on) Expiry date

7. Are you a permanent resident of any country other than the country of your nationality? ( ) yes, (country name) ( ) No

8. Topic of interest or your specialization:

9. Current employment (if applicable)



Name of institution/office/company


Telephone: Fax: e-mail:

10. Native Language

11. Knowledge of Southeast Asian language

(Please specify the language and your proficiency; good/fair/poor)

Speaking Writing Reading Listening

Language _______ _______ ______ _______

Language _______ _______ ______ _______

Language _______ _______ ______ _______

12. Latest TOEFL Score or equivalence

13. Education and Training (if necessary, you can attach extra pages):


Name of institution, City


Degree or



High School














14. Are you currently under any other grants or support program? (If so, please name the supporting program, and the amount of support receiving).

15. Are you applying for financial support from other funding sources? ( ) yes ( ) no.

If yes, please specify the organization / source :

16. Have you received any Grants, fellowship, or study support before? ( ) yes ( ) no

If yes, please specify the organization / source :

I hereby certify that the information I have given in this application is complete and accurate. I agree that upon admission I will subject to the rules and regulations of Chulalongkorn University.

Signature of applicant Date

Additional Information
1. How did you know the “WMSEA: Weaving the Mekong into Southeast Asia” Fellowship Program? (can be more than one)

[ ] newspaper [ ] brochure/poster [ ] internet [ ] conference at

[ ] others

2. Your application will be considered for the Year 2009 and 2010 [ ] Yes [ ] No

Application Form is available for download: http://www.weavingmekong.org

Download 35.4 Kb.

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