Jack Broadhurst Indian Ocean Trade vs. Atlantic Ocean Trade

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Indian Ocean Trade vs. Atlantic Ocean Trade

Indian Ocean Trade:

  1. Muslim cities provided important demand for products…boosted Indian Ocean trade.

  2. Ming sent expeditions (led by Zheng He) all around Indian Ocean to promote trade…used Junks.

  3. Ming eventually stopped trading in order to focus on internal affairs instead.

  4. Port of Malacca was an important trading city between India and China.

  5. 1498: Vasco Da Gama arrives in Calicut to promote trade for Portuguese.

  6. Gujarat: Important trading and manufacturing city in world of Indian ocean trade.

  7. Portuguese began raiding port cities on Indian Ocean…took control over them, and monopolized Indian Ocean trade.

  8. Some traders resisted Portuguese…were punished harshly.

  9. Portuguese sought to control trade routes, not territory.

Atlantic Ocean Trade:

  1. Columbian Exchange: Exchange of foods, crops, diseases, animals/livestock between the New and Old Worlds

  2. Triangular Trade: Traders take goods such as rum and textiles from Europe to Africa, take slaves from Africa to America, takes sugar/tobacco from America to Europe, cycle repeats itself.

  3. Middle Passage: The crossing of slaves from Europe to the Americas, on which many died.

  4. Atlantic Trade based on sugar, tobacco and slaves.

  5. Main players were Western European powers such as Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, England, France.

  6. Western Europeans relied on trade

  7. Increase in demand for sugar and tobacco in Europe led to increased demand for labor, which led to increased demand for slaves, which led to increased importation of slaves from Africa.

  8. Many African kingdoms sold POW’s to European traders to take to America as slaves.

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