Jerky Packson and the Battle in the Center

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Karl Mouchantaf

December 13th, 2015


Fantasy Story

Jerky Packson and the Battle in the Center

Jerky’s day started like this…

It was a sunny morning and Jerky and his friends were about to go and defeat the evil Funky Monkey.

Jerky is a 12 year old kid with short, strait, dark brown haired kid with eyes the color of the ocean.

“This is it… I guess.” said Jerky Packson.

“Yeah.” Said his friend Gogabo.

Gogabo is a body less creature with long legs three fingers on each hand and has hairy stinky armpits. He also has three eyes, two noses, and very curly hair.

“Let go seaweed brains, we have to get going!” shouted Karim.

Karim is a 12 year old with black hair and he is a satyr. (the top part of a human and the bottom half of a horse).

So we jumped down into a hole which was one of the many trillion entrances to the Labyrinth. When we got into the Labyrinth it was dark and gloomy. We stood in silence then it became lighter, though it was dim so Jerky couldn’t see that well but when he took a few steps forward a floating double-headed talking baby dragon popped up and he said, “pick a side, any side!” Then Karim said “Don’t do it!” But Jerky did not care so he said, “Unlock the right door… Now!”

The path kept twisting and turning until it became a long strait path. Then they bumped into an old man. “are you okay sir, I am so sorry.” But the person didn’t care so they kept going. When they got further in they heard a voice in the distance. So they quietly got closer until they noticed that the voice was the voice of their archenemy Funky Monkey. He had a deep voice. It was a mean cold voice. “Stay here, I will be back.” Whispered Jerky. He took out his sword and started creeping in the shadow, once he got close he jumped and swung his sword but Funky Monkey was quick, so once he noticed Jerky he moved to the side and took his sword out and they started fighting.

They got cuts and scratches and they got really tired. Soon when they were out of breath they collapsed. Karim rushed towards Jerky and gave him a special medicine, Jerky stood up and SLASH! He killed Funky Monkey.

When Jerky got home, he heard a BANG! Jerky rushed to see what it was. It was a …


To know what happens next, read the Second book… Jerky Packson and the trip to the moon
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