September 2016 Board Report

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Website Technology

September 2016 Board Report

Survey Monkey

Due to privacy concerns over the NALTA ballot for elected board members, NALTA was previously utilizing 2 Survey Monkey accounts. Working with Terra, we came up with a way to ensure that she was the only person to view the election results allowing me to eliminate one of the Survey Monkey accounts. Cancelling one of the Survey Monkey accounts results in an annual savings of $300.

Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot currently handles NALTA’s member management. NALTA’s annual plan with Wild Apricot expired in August of 2016. After carefully examining the number of members in our database as well as the number of emails that needed to be sent out, I was able to downgrade NALTA’s plan to a lower level plan on a month to month basis until the new website is available. When the new website becomes available, NALTA will no longer need to rely on 3rd parties for member management. Changing our member management plan resulted in a monthly savings of $140. However, I only expect to pay for month to month service for 3 months.

NALTA Computers

While Performing pre-conference maintenance on the NALTA laptops, I noticed that one of the older Dell laptops used for Registration was damaged when shipped back from Portland. The laptop in question still boots up perfectly fine, but the screen was cracked making it impossible to view the screen fully. This won’t be an issue for this year’s conference as we still have 4 “newer” laptops, and 3 working older machines. I’ll address the computer situation next year to see if we will need to add another laptop to replace the broken one. Also, I insured the A/V equipment when shipping them to Atlanta this year to protect our equipment.

NALTA Website

Jeff at SiteMender (previously Two Roads Media) has submitted the new website to me. The website is not quite ready, but we have a fully functional demo available to display at conference. The last step of the website is the content. I will be working closely with Jeff in the next month to determine the layout of the new website and deciding on which content to bring over. Any feedback from the board on this would be greatly appreciated.

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