Job Description Job Title: Youth Associate Support Coordinator Location

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Job Description

Job Title: Youth Associate Support Coordinator

Location: Great Yarmouth and Waveney

Accountable to: Great Yarmouth and Waveney MIND

Responsible to: Hub Manager

Job Purpose

To develop, deliver and monitor the Associate Programme for the Wellbeing service. This role will implement the Associate programme and encourage people seeking help from Wellbeing to actively engage in it.

This position will be appointed for 18.5 hours a week, actual working arrangements by discussion to meet the requirements of the role

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • Coordinate and deliver the Youth Associate Programme in accordance with the requirements of the Wellbeing Service.

  • Deliver Mind First Aid training to Youth Wellbeing Service Users, supporting and enabling them to become Associates

  • Create and deliver a programme to youth service users with the aim of developing their social networks to aid their recovery

  • Create and deliver a programme of bespoke mental health workshops that reflect the needs and issues of the local community (young people)

  • Create and deliver a programme of social events that encourage individuals to connect with their community

  • Assist the Adult Associate Support Coordination in the production of bi-monthly magazine by providing suitable content

  • Enable Youth Wellbeing service users to access employment support, where appropriate, through the Employment Support Interface Manager

  • Support and encourage young people accessing the service to contribute to and develop the service

  • Recruit Youth Associates to become Ambassadors and/or Peer Support Workers offering ongoing training, support and supervision for the duration of their engagement with the service

  • Create a local youth peer network that promotes the service, contributes to its development and delivery and monitors its impact in line with the requirements of the service

  • Work with local relevant organisations, primary and secondary services, businesses, education providers and communities to promote the service for youth service users

  • Improve uptake of Wellbeing by working closely with local under- served members of the community

  • Support and share best practice with all Adult and Youth Associate Support Coordinators

  • Work with Wellbeing Staff to develop training, integrate the Associate Programme with clinical interventions and to encourage service user co-facilitation in the delivery of the service.

  • Maintain outcomes databases for Wellbeing monitoring and performance markers.

  • Attend regular team meetings as required

  • To carry out other duties as needed within the requirements of this role

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