Jonathan Swift "Gulliver`s Travels"

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Grade 7

  1. Jonathan Swift “Gulliver`s Travels”;

  2. Oscar Wilde “The Picture of Dorian Gray”;

  3. Ralph Moody “Little Britches”;

  4. Agatha Christie “Best Detective Stories”;

  5. Archibald Cronin “Shannon`s Way”;

  6. Karen Hesse “Letters from Rifka”;

  7. Charles Dickens “A Tale of Two Cities”;

  8. Charles Dickens “Great Expectations”;

  9. Charles Dickens “Oliver Twist”;

  10. Thomas Hardy “Tess of the d`Urbervilles”;

  11. W. Somerset Maugham “The Moon and Sixpence”;

  12. John Grisham “The Pelican Brief”

  13. John Grisham “The Panther”;

  14. Scott Fitzgerald “The Cut – Glass Bowl and Other Stories”;

  15. Arthur Hailey “Airport”;

  16. Julia Fitzgerald “Daughter of the Gods”

Download 4.49 Kb.

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