Joshua Lamoreaux also listed as Josue Lamoureux and Josué Lamoureux

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National Archives in Paris, France; ‘Baptism records of the French Reformed Church of Cozes, Saintonge, France, found, copied and translated by Kenn Garner in 1988 under the [code] Manuscript section #Cote MS 284. The manuscript has been translated from Old French into English and indexed and is available at the Salt Lake Family History Center. The record covers a time period from 3 Jan 1655 through 13 Oct 1658.

National Archives in Paris, France, "Protestant Fugitive List from Santonge," Dated 1687; COTE TT 265, item 25 thru 29; Copied and Translated by Kenn Garner, 199? [I have given this complete list to the Mesa Family History Center of the Church of Jesus Christ Of latter Day Saints.] I have a copy of this list.

National Archives in Paris, France, “A Record of the Protestant French Temples, 1665 & Recommendations of What to Do With Them” Cote TT 265; items 18-24

National Geog. Soc., Special Publication #45 dealing with Loyalist papers, Washington DC, 1980.

Nauvoo Temple Baptism Records, 1840, film #183,376.

"New Windsor, Orange Co, New York Presbyterian Church Records 1774-1796" lists Isaac and Hannah Pringle or Prindle Lamoureux's marriage.

NY Area Key Chronology by ?? from Phoenix Capitol Library.

New York City Wills, 1706 – 1790;” Isabelle Cluff, Found; 23 Aug 2000

NY Colonial Manuscripts Vol 51 p 125B, NY State Archives [I have a copy.]

New York French Church records, Staten Island, New York, 1694-1886 - LDS Film #509,193 item 7

NY G&B Record, The Matthysen-Bankers of Sleepy Hollow in NY G&B Record vol XL, 1909

NY Historical Society, Vol KVIII, pg 74 - list of freeman; from Isabelle Cluff, Nov 2000

NY, State of NY, Report of the State Historian 1897, Colonial series v 2, containing, “Muster Roll, 13 May 1760 Capt. Haight Co” [From Isabelle] Mesa FHC US, NY, H2, 3.

O’Callaghaw, Edmund, Calendar of Historic Manuscripts in the Office of the Secretary of State, Albany, N.Y.1664-1776 part II The Gregg Press, Ridgewood, N.Y., 1968. (SLC-LDS-HFC - US/CAN 974.7 A3c Vol 2 , p 348)

O'Callaghan, E. B.., MD, Documentary History of the State of New York, arranged under direction of Morgan, the Hon C,. Sec of State, Albany, 1849. [Contains the 1703 census of NYC. From Tom Lamoreaux, SLC, 1988]

Parker, A.J., Landmarks of Albany Co, NY, part 3 p 206 [I don't have this, it's from Isabelle L Cluff]

"Protestant Fugitive List from Santonge", Dated 1687; French National Archives COTE TT 265, item 25 thru 29; Copied and Translated by Kenn Garner, 199? [I have this complete list.]

Reaman, G. Elmore , The Trail of the Huguenots in Europe, the United States, South Africa and Canada, 1966

Records of French Church of Bristol, England

"Records of French Church of New Rochelle," Copied by LCH Cole, SLC, LDS Film # 017795

Records of French Church of New York at Fresh Kill, Staten Island. See NOTE for pre- 1700

Records of Shawangunk Church, from David Kendall Martin & Isabelle

Records of the French Church of Staten Island, LDS Film #509,193 item #7

Registers of the Births, Marriages, & Deaths of the Eglise Francoise A la Nouvelle York from 1688 to 1804, edt. Rev. Alfred V Whittmeyer; Collections of the Huguenot Society of America vol. I (Neww York) 1886 (Baltimore 1968) this is how David Kendall Martin listed his source for these records.

Registers of French Church of New York City (de Nouvelle york) p 72; Found in Collections of the Huguenot Society of America, vol I, See NOTE for 1700

Registers of the St John’s Anglican Church in Gagetown, Queens Co., New Brunswick, Canada. [Specifically 17 Feb 1794 to 30 May 1805.] SLFH film #85,9584, in Mesa.

Rivierre Jean, The Gold Book, Vol IV, handwritten, by a Protestant pastor who, for two years from 1961-63, found by Allen Steele

Roberts, James, New York in the Revolution as Colony & State, Second edition,1898, Press of Brandlow Printing Co. This is

in SLC FHC. I also found it in Mesa, "Bound with: NY in Rev as Colony & State, Compiled by Fredric G Mather, vol II, 1901 Supplement, Genealogical Publishing Co"

Robinson, Wade, posted on RootsWeb in response to my enquiry Oct 2001.

His source is?? “Muster roles of NY Provincial Troops" Ernest F. DeLancy, A Heritage Classic

Roll of infants baptized in the French Church of Delft, Holland since 9 Feb 1620” LDS Film #117519 SLFHC

part of Leiden Collection Jandein Film #199852; Lamoreaux Film #199862

Ruttenber & Clard, The History of Orange County, New York

Seacord, Morgan, Biographical Sketches & Index of the Huguenot Settlers of New Rochelle,1687-1776, 1941. SLFHC

Shonnard, Frederic, & Spooner, W. W., History of Westchester Co, NY, From Early Settlement to the Year 1900, The NY History Co, 1900, & Harbor Hill Books, 1974, [MFHC, June 1998. Contains descriptions of each area in Co.]

Smith, Carl William, “A Line Of Descent, French Huguenot Émigré, Andre’ Lamoreaux, 1660-1706,”

Smith, Page, “A People's History of the American Revolution,” A New Age Now Begins, vol 1, Penguin Books, 1976. [MPL Apr 1998]

Smith, Roland, Idaho, Family Group Record on disk.

Stein-Schneideer, Rev Herbert L, " A Brief History of the Huguenots, Washington, DC, 1973.

State of NY, Report of the State Historian 1897, Colonial series v 2, containing, “Muster Roll, 13 May 1760 Capt. Haight Co” [From Isabelle] Mesa FHC US, NY, H2, 3.

Stock, Abigail Lamoreaux, letters to Andrew Jackson Lamoureux dated 12/16/1919 & 12/19/1919, Isabelle Cluff has these. I have a copy.

Stokes, I.N. Phelps, The Iconography of Manhattan Island 1498 * 1909, NY 1915 [This record is a wonderful in depth history of NYC. I have only the chapter on British rule.]

Stone, William L. "History of New York City From The Discovery To The Present Day", Pub: New York: Virtue & Yorston, 12 Dey Street. 1872.

Swiggett, H., War out of Niagara, 1933; [Mesa Public Library 1996]

Tepper, M., American Passenger Arrival Records, 1988 [Ph Cap Lib]

Toronto Newspaper "...rol", on County News page Brougham, 25 Oct 1938 [From Isabelle]

TreeMaker, from Isabelle

Valentine, David T, History of the City if New York, 1853, Doc of NY, 1703 Census of NY

Van Cott, Annie A., The Female Ancestors of Losee Van Cott in America and Europe, SLC, 1937, in the possession of a grandson, Robert Van Cott, Mesa. [I have parts copied. My pages have handwritten notes all over them.. Some of her information is mixed up.] She lists her sources as Dos. Hist of the Dutch Congregation of Oyster Bay by Stoutenburgh; Adventures for God by Haight; Records of Huntington; N.Y. Record; Holland Soc Year book 1896, 1897. 1904; N.Y. Historical Society Collections v 2; Early Settlers of King Co, by Bergen; King Co Genealogical Club Collections; etc.

Van der Zee, H & B, A Sweet and Alien Land, the Story of Dutch New York, NY, Viking Press. [Mesa Public Lib.]

Weiss, M. Charles., History of the French Protestant Refugee from The Revocation of the Edit of Nantes to Our Day, vol 11854, translated by Henry W Herbert New York Stringer & Townsend [SLC-FHC]

Wilkinson, J.B., "Annals of Binghamton" NY, 1840. quoted in "Latourette Annals in America," L.E. Latourette [at age 81?]

Will of Josue' Lamoureux, written 1817, registered 27 Sept 1830, in Toronto Canada

Williams, Jeanna T, "Passionate pacifist wrote of conditions during war," "The Woman of 1776",

Woman's Forum, (section C, page 1), Arizona Republic Newspaper, Friday, May 7, 1996.

Williams, T. Harry, The History of American Wars from 1745 to 1918, Alfred A Knopf, NY 1981

Wittmeyer, Rev. A V, An Historical Sketch of L'eglise Francoise a Nouvelle York from 1638 to 1804, New York 1886.

Wittmeyer, Alfred V., the Rev,. Registers of the Births, Marriages, and Deaths, of the "Eglise Francoise a' la Nouvelle York", from 1688 to 1804, Baltimore, 1968. Reprinted from the collections of the Hug. Soc of Am.. [In Mesa FHC of LDS]

Wright, Esmond, [Prof of Am Revolution at London Univ.] The Fire of Liberty, St Martin's Press, [England? after 1972?] I found it in MPL east branch, Apr 1998.

Wright, Ester Clark, The Loyalist of New Brunswick, 1955: MFHC 1996 &1997, Family Search Genealogy site

Yesteryears Magazine, March 1968 p 16 [116?] & 120

Zeinert, Karen, Those Remarkable Women of the American Revolution, Millbrook Press, 1996

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***My notes are in brackets [ ]

See also: “The Huguenots; Lamoreaux, LaTour, Masse & Mercereau Family; 1600’s in France,” “1690’s in Holland & England,”” New York City in the 1700's, THE LOSEE FAMILY HISTORY IN NEW YORK.” New York City in the 1700's, THE Masse & Mercereau FAMILY HISTORY IN NEW YORK.”
For further generations see my other timelines:

"1776 The Lamoreaux Family in New York in the American Revolution" "Canada, the Lamoreaux Family 1783-1837"

"Kirtland, The Lamoreaux Family in Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, & Iowa" "Nauvoo & the Temple Bell, 1840-1850”

Lamoreaux Family,1850 to Salt Lake City" and “Lamoreaux Pioneers to Utah and Arizona”

These have been posted on the internet under, under the Lamoreaux name biography section.


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***My notes are in brackets [ ] My ancestors are bolded. akrc

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