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Curriculum Vitae

Judith Jack Halberstam

Department Address Home Address
Depts of English, Gender Studies and ASE 4720 Baltimore St

USC LA, CA 90042

LA, CA 90089 email: halberst@usc.edu
Current Position
Full Professor of English, American Studies and Ethnicity, and Gender Studies, USC
Areas of specialization: cultural studies, queer theory, Visual Culture, Gothic literature and the horror film, popular culture, film and video, feminist theory, gender studies.
1991 Ph.D. in English Literature, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN.

1989 M.A. in English Literature, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN.

1985 B.A., Highest Honors in English, University of California, Berkeley.
Skin Shows: Gothic Horror and The Technology of Monsters. Durham, N.C.: Duke University Press, 1995.

Posthuman Bodies. Co-Edited with Ira Livingston, Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 1995.

Female Masculinity. Durham, N.C.: Duke University Press, 1998.

**Translated into Spanish, Egales Press, Madrid, 2008.

The Drag King Book. With Del LaGrace Volcano. London: Serpent’s Tail, 1999.

In A Queer Time and Place: Transgender Bodies, Subcultural Lives. New York: NYU

Press, 2005. **Translated in Italian, 2010.

The Queer Art of Failure. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2011.
Books in Progress (under contract)
Gaga Feminism: Pregnant Men, Heteroflexible Women and The End of Normal (under contract to Beacon Press, forthcoming 2012)
“Bats” (under contract to Reaktion Books, Animal Series).

Fellowships, Honors and Prizes 1995-Present

2011: Invited Visiting Distinguished Professor, week of seminars/lectures at

University of Pittsburgh, February, 2011.
Invited Distinguished Visitor, Princeton University, March, 2011.
2010: Invited Visiting Professor, University of Manitoba, week of seminars and

lectures. March, 2010.

2009: Invited Participant at UC Irvine’s Humanities Research Institute.

2009: USC GE Teaching Award for Undergraduate Education

Invited to offer an NEH Seminar for faculty in Queer Studies, SUNY

Potsdam, NY.

Invited to offer a Seminar in Queer Studies, Lund University, Sweden.

Invited to offer a Seminar in Queer Studies, Tübingen University, Germany.

2008: Invited to be Visiting Professor at University of Western Sydney

2007/8: Invited to be Distinguished Visiting Professor at Duke University

2007: Invited to be Distinguished Visiting Professor at Univ of Alberta, Canada

2006: Nominated for Lambda Book Award for In A Queer Time and Place.

2006: Invited to be Visiting Professor of Gender Studies at Harvard Univ.

2004-6: Invited to be Visiting Professor of Gender Studies, Summer Sessions,

University of Basel, Switzerland.

2004: UCHRI Seminar, “Queer Locations,” Convener

2001: Compton-Noll Award for Best LGBT Essay

2001: UCSD Humanities Center Fellowship

1999: Awarded the Publisher’s Triangle Judy Grahn Award for Lesbian Non-Fiction for Female Masculinity

1998: Nominated for two Lambda Book Awards for Female Masculinity

1996/7: REFLAGS Visiting Professor of Gay and Lesbian Studies at Yale University

1995-6: Draper Postdoctoral Fellow, Liberal Studies, NYU

“Queer Faces: Photography and Subcultural Lives” in Visual Culture Reader, 3rd Edition, ed.

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“Keeping Time with Lesbians on Ecstasy” in Queer Times, Queer Becomings, eds E.L.

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“Unfound,” in Cruising the Archive: Documents, ONE Archive, 2011.
“Unbecoming: Queer Negativity/Radical Passivity” in Sex, Gender and Time in Fiction and

Culture, eds. Ben Davies and Jana Funke (London: Palgrave, April 2011).
“Not So Lonesome Cowboys,” in William Handley ed. The Brokeback Book: From Story to

Cultural Phenomenon (Lincoln, Nebraska: University of Nebraska Press, 2011).
“Animal Sociality Beyond the Homo/Hetero Binary” in Poli: Politique de l’Image, Fall 2010,

Paris. Also published in special issue of Women and Performance.

Book Review of Alison Oram’s Her Husband Was A Woman! Women’s Gender-Crossing in

Modern British Popular Culture, in American Historical Review (June 2010): 894-895.
“Animation,” in Profession, 2009, Special Issue on “How We Teach Now,” MLA Publications,

Fall 2009. Pp. 44-49.

“Beyond Broadway and Main: A Response to the Presidential Address,” American Quarterly,

Volume 61, Number 1, March 2009: pp. 33-38.

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Volume #3, Special Issue on “Small Things,” Autumn 2008, Copenhagen, Denmark: pp.

“Sweet Tea and the Queer Art of Digression." in Two Truths and a Lie by Scott Turner

Schofield. Ypsilanti, MI: Homofactus Press, 2008. pp. 9–12.

“Drag Animation, Crazy Art and the Rise of the Kingpins,” catalogue essay for The Kingpins

show: “The Great Undead.” Sydney, AUS, 2008.

“Animating Revolt/Revolting Animation: Penguin Love, Doll Sex and the Spectacle of the

Queer Non-Human” in Queering the Non/Human, eds. Noreen Giffney & Myra J. Hird

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Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Studies, eds Molly McGarry and George Haggerty (London and New York: Blackwell, 2007).
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“What’s Queer About Queer Studies Now?” Special Issue of Social Text, co-edited with David

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“Queer Studies Now” in A Companion to Gender Studies, eds. Philomena Essed, David Theo

Goldberg, Audrey Kobayashi (London and New York: Blackwell, 2004).

“Pimp My Bride” (article on reality marriage TV shows) in The Nation (June 17, 2004).
“Neo-Splatter: The Bride of Chucky and the Horror of Heteronormativity,” translated into

German and published in Splatter Movies: Essays zum modernen Horrorfilm" (Berlin: Bertz + Fischer, 2004).

“La Mirada Transgenerica,” translation of my article, “The Transgender Gaze,” into Spanish for

Lectora, by Grup de Recerca Dones i TextualitatDepartament de Filologia Espanyola.

“Cabello/Carceller: Swimming to Utopia,” art catalogue for exhibit “En Construccion,” Sala

Verionicas, Murcia, Spain.

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Special Issue on Reimagining Communities, eds. Anne-Marie Fortier and Sara Ahmed,

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“Oh Behave! Austin Powers and the Drag Kings” in GLQ “Special Issue: Men and Lesbianism,” Volume 7 #3 (2001): 425-452. Winner of the Compton-Noll Prize, 2001.
“La Fabrique des Monstres: Frankenstein de Mary Shelley” translation and reprint of Chapter 2 from Skin Shows in “L’Homme Artificiel,” Otrante: Art and Litterature Fantastiques (1999): 68-83.
“Interview mit Judith Halberstam von Juliane Rebentisch und Marc Siegel” in Texte Zur Kunst (Marz 2000): 104-117.
“Posthuman Bodies, An Interview” by James Grisolia, MD in San Diego Physician, Vol. 87, #3 (March 2000): 18-19.
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“Masculinity Without Men,” an interview of Judith Halberstam by Annamarie Jagose in Genders #29 (Spring 1999): 25 pp. [http://www.genders.org/g29/g29_halberstam.html]
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Selected Lectures 2005-2011
“Queer Studies Workshop” and open lecture, invited keynote/seminar leader, University of Saarlandes, Saarbrücken, Germany, June 29-July 1, 2011.
“Transgenders in a Global Frame,” invited keynote speaker, First International University Congress on Gender, Feminism and Diversities, Institute for Women's Studies at the National University, Heredia, Costa Rica, 20-24 June, 2011.
“Gender Studies in the 21st Century,” George Soros Foundation sponsored invited lectures in Kiev and Uzgorod, Ukraine at a seminar for Gender Studies teachers from Post-Soviet Countries, May 2-9, 2011.
“Going Gaga,” invited speaker, Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, May 4, 2011.
“Import, Export, Transport,” invited keynote speaker, Queer Studies Conference, University of Vienna, Austria, April 28-30, 2011.
“The Queer Art of Failure,” The Spring 2011 Weiss lecturer in Feminist Theory and Practice, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT, April 7-8, 2011.
“Flying the Coop: Stop Motion Animation and the Cinema of Escape,” invited speaker, Gender Studies, University of Conneticut, Storrs, April 4-5, 2011.
“Postmemory and the Holocaust in Transnational Contexts,” convener of seminar for American Comparative Literature Association with Marianne Hirsch, Brett Kaplan and Macarena Gomez-Barris, Vancouver, Canada, March 31-April 2.
“The Killer in Me is the Killer in You: Homosexuality and Fascism,” invited speaker at Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, March 17-18, 2011.
“Shadow Feminism,” invited speaker, dialogue with Lauren Berlant for Journal of Narrative Theory, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilante, MI, March 15-16.
“Manifesto for a Critical Ethnic Studies,” invited plenary speaker, UC Riverside, March 11-12, 2011.
“Neo-Liberalism and the Politics of Marriage,” invited participant, workshop, UC Santa Barbara, March 7-8, 2011.
“Gaga Feminism,” invited lecture at Sydney Gay Pride, Sydney Australia, February 18, 2011.
“Going Gaga,” keynote lecture at conference on The Erotics of the Image at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia, February 15-18, 2011.
“Flying the Coop: Stop Motion Animation and the Cinema of Escape,” invited speaker Dept of Film and Digital Media, UC Santa Cruz, January 10, 2011.
Series of talks in Italy – Rome, Bologna and Turin – on the occasion of the appearance of a translated book of my essays in Italian, December, 2010.
“Gender and Bio-medical Advances of the 21st Century,” invited panelist at event sponsored by the University of Cambridge, Gender Studies Department and The Guardian Newspaper and broadcast to listeners through the Guardian’s website. December 1, 2010.
“New Genders,” invited keynote speaker, Queer Studies Conference, Bilbao Spain, November 11-13, 2010.
“Pregnant Men and Heteroflexible Women: The End of Gender As We Know It,” invited speaker, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT. October 21-22, 2010.
“The Killer in Me is the Killer in You: Homosexuality and Fascism,” invited speaker at University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. Part of lecture series sponsored by the Holocaust Studies Center. Also gave a workshop: “Like A Pelican in the Wilderness: The Afterlife of the Kinderstransport.” October 11-12, 2010.
“The Killer in Me is the Killer in You: Homosexuality and Fascism,” invited keynote at “Queer Ethics” conference, Berlin, Germany. September 23-25, 2010.
“Gaga Feminism,” McMaster College, Ottawa, Canada, September 17, 2010.
“Queer Feminisms,” invited speaker, University of Sao Carlos, Brazil, August 17, 2010. Lectures

at University of Rio de Janeiro and Florianoplis also.

“Contemporary Femininity in the Age of Gaga,” invited speaker and seminar leader, University

of Minnesota, Pride Week, June 24-25, 2010.

“Gaga Feminism,” invited lecture, Femina Potens Art Gallery, San Francisco, CA, June 22,

“Flying the Coop: Stop Motion Animation and the Cinema of Escape,” invited speaker at

International Conference, “Suspenseful Times and the Moving Image,” Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel, June 9-12, 2010.
“Unbecoming,” invited lecture, University of Zurich, Switzerland, April 26, 2010.
“Shadow Feminisms,” invited speaker, Tenth Annual York Cultural History Conference,

University of York, England, 22-24 April, 2010.

“Gaga Feminism,” invited lecture, Butler University, Indianapolis, IN, April 8, 2010.
“Transgender in a Global Frame,” invited plenary speaker, Queer Studies in an International

Frame, University of Miami, Florida, April 2-3, 2010.

“The Queer Art of Failure,” invited lecture, New College of Florida, April 1, 2010.
“Calling All Angels: Phony Femininities in the Age of Gaga,” Plenary Speaker, The New School

Conference – No Longer in Exile: The Legacy and Future of Gender Studies, March 27, 2010.

“Gaga Feminism,” Keynote Speaker, Southeastern Women’s Studies Association, University of

South Carolina, March 25, 2010.

“The Queer Art of Failure,” invited speaker, Montclair College, NY, March 4, 2010.
“Rethinking Gay Marriage,” invited panelist, USC Law School, March 3, 2010.
“Queer Animation,” invited conference participant, The Science of the Moving Image,

Claremont College, February 18-20, 2010.

“The Killer in Me is the Killer in You: Homosexuality and Fascism,” invited speaker, Pomona

College, Claremont, CA, February 4, 2010.

“The Killer in Me is the Killer in You: Homosexuality and Fascism,” invited speaker, University

of Queensland, Center for the History of European Discourses, December 7, 2009.

“Shadow Feminisms,” Keynote Speaker, Translegality Conference, Griffith University,

December 2, 2009.

“Transgender in a Global Frame,” Invited Lecture, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, November 26,

2009. Also spoke at ICU, Tokyo, November 27, 2009.

“Seminar on Queer Theory,” invited instructor at University of Prague with Professor Robert

McRuer, November 2-5, 2009.

“Queer Faces: Photography and Subcultural Lives,” invited lecture, Art Institute, Prague,

Czechoslovakia, November 6, 2009.

“Shadow Feminisms,” invited lecture, Gender Studies, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ,

October 20, 2009.

“The Killer in Me is the Killer in You: Homosexuality and Fascism,” invited speaker, Tufts

University, October 21, 2009.

“The Killer in Me is the Killer in You: Homosexuality and Fascism,” invited speaker, SCA at

New York University, October 19, 2009.

“Queer Negativity,” invited lecture, Drew University, New Jersey, September 23-24, 2009.
“Animating Animals,” Keynote speaker, Conference on “Meet Animal Meat,” Center for Gender

Research, University of Uppsala, Sweden, May 22, 2009.

“Feminism and Negation,” invited lecture, University of Lund, Sweden, May 18, 2009.
“Queer Theory and Negativity,” invited speaker, Theory Now Conference, University of Bergen,

Norway, May 14-17, 2009.

“Queer Faces,” invited plenary speaker, Fotografica Bogotá 2009, Bogotá, Colombia, May 3-6,

“Queer Negativity,” Keynote Speaker, Queer Studies Symposium, University of Maryland,

Baltimore, Maryland, April 16-18, 2009.
“Feminism and Negation,” invited speaker, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA, April 15,

“Sexuality and Space,” invited speaker in lecture series, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY,

March 30, 2009.
“Global Female Masculinities,” invited colloquium speaker, Pacific University, Portland Oregon,

March 19, 2009.

“Unthinking Sex,” invited speaker, “Rethinking Sex Conference,” University of Pennsylvania,

Philadelphia, PA, March 5, 2009.

“Cut Ups: Feminism, Performance, Collage,” invited annual lecture in the Center for

Interdisciplinary Studies, Leeds University, England, February 17, 2009.

“Collage and Queer/Feminist Negativity,” invited speaker, Center for the Study of Women and

Gender, Sociology Department, Warwick University, England, February 16, 2009.

“The Queer Art of Failure,” invited speaker, 7th International Contemporary Art Experts Forum

of ARCO'09, Madrid, Spain, 11-16 February, 2009.

“The Bats and the Bees: Science, Culture, Sex,” Invited panelist. Session Linked to the

Presidential Forum, MLA 2008, San Francisco, CA Dec 28, 2008.

“Queering Masculinity in a Global Frame,” Keynote, Il Coloquio Internacional De Estudios

Sobre Varones Y Masculinidades, Medillin, Colombia, December 1-5, 2008.
“Female Masculinity,” invited speaker, Universidad De Los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia,

December 2, 2008.

“Queer Temporality, Masochism and Negation,” Keynote Address, Sexualities In and Out of

Time Conference, Edinburgh University, Scotland, November 27-29, 2008.
“The Problem of Global Translation: Female/Queer Masculinities in a Same-Sex World,” invited

discussant for panel on my work at American Anthropological Association, San

Francisco, CA, October 20-21, 2008.
“Queer Negativity,” Keynote Address, Conference: “Out of the Cube: Aesthetic, Political,

Medical, and Discursive Approaches to Gendered Identities” SUNY Buffalo, Sept. 25-27,

“The First Cut is the Deepest: Collage and Queer/Feminist Negation,” invited plenary speaker

for What is Feminism Now Conference, Columbia University, NY NY, September 18-20,

“Queer Animation,” public lecture by Invitation at Powerhouse Museum, Sydney Australia,

August 1, 2008 (275 people in attendance).

“Short Cuts: Collage and the Art of the Unnatural,” invited speaker to Feminist Art Conference

at Vitoria-Gasteiz: Centro Cultural Montehermoso – June 2008.

Book presentations of Spanish translation of Female Masculinity (Egales Press) at University of

Madrid and Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona, May 2008.

“Silly Objects, Goofy Archives and the Politics of Knowledge, ASCA, University of

Amsterdam, NL, March 26-29, 2008.

“Queer Animation,” Faculty in Residence, Sexuality and Gender Lecture Series, University of

Pennsylvania, February 20-23, 2008.

“Bees, Biopirates and the Queer Art of Cross Pollenation,” Keynote Speaker for “Biocultures

Conference,” University of Illinois, Chicago, November 16-18, 2007; also delivered as

inaugural lecture for the Birkbeck University Center for Gender and Sexuality Studies,

May 2008.

“Global Female Masculinities,” Universidad Autonomia, Mexico City, MX. October 24-26,

“Animating Revolt!” Lecture presented at Miami Univerity (10/21/07); Emory University, 10/27/07); Indiana University, 1/24/08; University of Pennsylvania, 2/21/08; Lewis and Clark University, 3/13/08; Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 4/17/08

“Gender Troubles,” Invited Speaker for a Conference on “The Influence of Judith Butler,”

Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland. July 23, 2007.

“Losing Hope, Finding Nemo and Dreaming of Alternatives,” plenary speaker with Rosi

Braidotti, Stuart Hall, Doreen Massey, Dick Hebdige, Kuan-Hsing Chen, Ian Eng, University of East London, Cultural Studies Now: An International Conference, July 21-24, 2007.

“What’s Your Theory?,” invited speaker at Needles Club, London. July 19, 2007.
“Comparative Transgenders: Gender Variance and Global Gays,” keynote address, GLBT

Annual Conference, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel. May 28-June 2. Also gave one seminar.

“Animating Revolt,” Keynote Speaker, American Studies Association in Finland, Tampere,

Finland, May 26, 2007.

Invited lecturer/seminar, Queen Christina Center for Women’s Studies, University of Helsinki,

Helsinki, Finland, May 21-25, 2007. 3 seminars and 3 public lectures.

“Queer Art and Performance,” invited speaker, Wärme Mai Festival, Zurich, Switzerland, May

18, 2007.

“Pixarvolt: Revolutionary Themes in Animated Films for Children,” guest speaker at curated art

show on subcultures, Zurich, Switzerland, May 17, 2007.

“What’s New in Queer Studies?” Invited participant in a 2 day seminar for Nordic Graduate

Studies, University of Lund, Lund, Sweden, May 7-10.

“Animating Revolt,” invited speaker, American Studies, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities,

Minneapolis, MN, April 26, 2007.

Distinguished Visiting Lecturer, Carleton College, April 25-29, 2007. 2 lectures and 3 seminars.
“Queer Abstraction,” invited speaker, School for the Art Institute of Chicago, “Gender At Issue

Lecture Series, 2006-7,” Chicago, IL. April 9, 2007.

“The Anti-Social Turn in Queer Theory,” invited lecture, University of Vienna, Vienna Austria,

March 21, 2007. Also, 2 other lectures on queer art in Vienna, March 22, 23 2007.

“The Anti-Social Turn in Queer Theory,” inaugural lecture for The Center for Sex and Gender,

Roehampton University, London, March 14, 2007.

“Animated Films for Children,” Keynote Address, Cultural Studies Conference, Kansas State

University, Manhattan, Kansas, March 10-12, 2007.

“Animating Revolt/Revolting Animation,” invited speaker in the Annual Ropes Lecture Series,

February 6-8.

Distinguished Visiting Professor, University of Alberta, Canada, January, 2007. Gave a series of

4 lectures and 2 seminars.

“Manifesto for an Anti-Anti Utopian Queer Studies,” invited opening lecture for art show in

Berlin, “Normal Love,”January, 2007, curated by Renate Lorez.

“Decency and the Question of Gender Variance,” invited lecture at conference on The Politics of

Decency, University of Jyväskylä, November, 2006.

“Zwischenzug: The Aesthetic of the Unexpected,” invited lecture for closing night of the art

show, “Das Achte Feld: Gender, Life and Desire in the Arts since the 1960’s,” Museum

Ludwig, Köln, Germany, November 12, 2006.
“Transbiology,” invited speaker, The Pembroke Center, Brown University, lecture series on

“Mediated Embodiment,” October 17, 2006.

“Transbiology,” plenary speaker, European Association of Science Studies and Technology,

Lausanne, Switzerland, August 24, 2006..

“Transgender in a Global Frame,” invited lecture, University of Basel, Switzerland, July 6, 2006.
“Bois, Girls and Trans-generations,” invited participant at “Girl Conference” organized by

Angela McRobbie, Goldsmiths College, London, June 21-22 2006.

Invited resident at the Kent Center for Law, Sexuality and Gender, University of Kent, UK,

June 18 – July 1, 2006.

“Gender Studies in a Global Frame,” invited seminar participant, Dubrovnik, Croatia, May 22-26

“In A Queer Time and Space,” invited speaker in Rome and Bologna, Italy, May 15th- 19th 2006.

“Transgender in a Global Frame,” invited seminar, University of Frankfurt, Germany, May 11th

2006. Also, speaker at Counter-University event, Frankfurt, May 12th.

“Re-Visioning Gender: The Future of Gender Studies,” plenary speaker, Re-Visioning Gender

Conference, Braunschweig University, Germany, May 4 2006.

“Notes on Failure,” invited speaker at the Unit for Criticism and Theory, University of Illinois,

Champaign, April 14th 2006.

“Queer Covers: Big Mama Thorton, Lesbians on Ecstasy and the Recycling of Political Culture,”

invited lecture, McGill University, April 6 2006.

“Queering the Western: Brokeback Mountain in Context,” invited presenter of clip show at the

International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, BFI London, March 30, 2006.

“Neo-Liberalism and the University,” invited speaker on a plenary session at Association for

Asian American Studies, Atlanta GA, March 24, 2006.

“In A Queer Time and Place,” special panel arranged on my book, In A Queer Time and Place,

at American Association of Geography in Chicago, March 8, 2006.

“Notes on Failure,” keynote speaker at Graduate Student conference on “Failure,” UC Irvine,

March 1-3, 2006.

“Notes on Failure,” invited speaker, Boston University, Feb. 24, 2006.
“Transgender in a Global Frame,” invited plenary speaker at Transforming Knowledge Conference, University of Chicago, February 16-18, 2006.
“Notes on Failure,” invited speaker, UT Austin, Jan. 26, 2006.
“Queer Theory and Female Masculinity,” keynote address at the 2nd Annual Conference on

Lesbian Politics, Valencia, Spain, December 8, 2005.

“Notes on Failure” invited speaker at University of Sussex and Kent University Center for

Gender and Law, England, December 6-7.

“Forget Family: Queer Studies and Anti-Oedipal Discourse,” invited plenary speaker at the

National Conference on Family Relations, Phoenix, AZ, November 17, 2005.

“Notes on Failure,” keynote speaker, graduate student conference on Academia and Activism,

University of Florida, Gainesville, Oct. 28, 2005.

“Transgender Films,” invited workshop presenter, Queer Film Festival, Hamburg, Germany,

October, 13, 2005.

“Queer Abstraction,” invited plenary speaker for Art History Conference “Art and

Transgression,” Lausanne Switzerland, October 15, 2005.

“Notes on Failure,” invited speaker, King’s College, London, October, 11, 2005.
“Gender Politics and Globlization,” keynote address at “Transgressing Gender Conference,”

Zagreb, Croatia, Oct. 7, 2005.

“Notes on Failure,” distinguished annual guest lecture, West Virginia University, Morgantown,

WV, Sept. 30, 2005.

“Notes on Failure,” invited speaker, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, September 16, 2005.
“Rural Space and Queer Identities,” Keynote speaker at conference on “Remote Sexualities” in

the Faroe Islands, August 25-27, 2005.

“Comparative Female Masculinities,” panel participant, conference on “Queer Asia,” Bangkok,

Thailand, July 8, 2005.

“Queer Cultural Studies,” week long seminar for Gender Zentrum, University of Basel,

Switzerland, June 27-July 3.

“Queer Abstraction, “ invited speaker at conference on “Aesthetics” for the Bavarian Association

of American Studies, Munich, Germany, June 9-11, 2005.

“Queer Forgetting,” Frei Universitat, Berlin, Germany, June 6, 2005.
“Masculinities and Feminism,” seminar on masculinities, Uppsala University, Sweden, May 25,

“Art and Activism,” keynote speaker, conference on “Art and Activism,” University of Malmo,

Malmo, Sweden, May 20, 2005.
“Queer Theory,” guest lecturer at University of Copenhagen, Denmark, May 18, 2005.
“Queer Abstraction,” invited lecture at Chelsea College, London, May 17, 2005.
“Queer Forgetting,” invited speaker, Goldsmith College, London, May 16, 2005.

“Queer Scapes,” invited lecture at an art show on “Gender and Performance,” Valencia, Spain,

May 10, 2005.
“Queer Forgetting,” Banquet Speaker at The Association for Women in Psychology, Tampa,

FLA, Feb. 27, 2005.

“Queer Forgetting,” University of Kansas, Lawrence, Jan. 31, 2005. Also given as a keynote at

Claremont, CA Feb 19th, 2005.

Teaching 2008-2011
Speed and Temporality, Freshman Seminar, Spring 2008; Introduction to Gender and Sexuality, Undergraduate Lecture Class, Spring 2008. Introduction to American Studies, Graduate Seminar, Fall 2008; Feminist Theory, Graduate Seminar, Fall 2008. Liberal Studies, MA Class, Spring 2009; SWMS 210, Spring 2009; LTEN 290 – Intro to Cultural Studies, Spring 2009; SWMS 2010, Fall 2009. AMST 452: Race, Gender and Sexuality, Spring 2010; SWMS 560 - Feminist Theory, Spring 2010; Visual Culture Grad Seminar: Sociology of the Image, Spring 2010; ARLT 101g: The Holocaust – Issues of Gender and Sexuality, Fall 2010.

Editorial Experience

Series Editor with Lisa Lowe for Perverse Modernities: Race, Sex and the Break‑Up of Knowledge, a book series which contributes to the general project of the critique of

modernity by soliciting book projects that engage the problems of "knowing," "historicizing," “enacting” or "narrating" forms, communities, and practices that are constitutively occluded by disciplinary modes of western modernity. PERVERSE MODERNITIES calls for work that studies processes through which gender, race, and sexuality are linked and mutually articulated media of subject formation and social relations, and how such subjects and relations are reproduced and sustained by cultural texts and practices, and significantly, which subjects, texts, and practices can and must be the sites of critical reformulations and alternatives to dominant formations within modernity.
Editorial Boards: GLQ; Third Space: A Journal of Feminist Theory and Culture;

Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies; Subjectivity Journal.

Reviewer: Signs: A Journal of Women in Culture and Society, National Women's

Studies Journal, Victorian Studies, GLQ,, Sexualities, NWSA, Cultural Critique, Gender

and Language.
Manuscript reader: for Routledge, Rutgers University Press, SUNY Press, Columbia

University Press, Chicago University Press, Duke University Press, Oxford University

Press, Michigan University Press, Minnesota.

Professor Lisa Duggan, Department of Social and Cultural Analysis, NYU

Professor Saidiya Hartman, Columbia University
Professor Marianne Hirsch, Columbia University
Professor Lisa Lowe, Department of Literature, UC San Diego

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