Judson Preschool Director Job Description

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Judson Preschool

Preschool Director Job Description

Judson Preschool holds a dear and special place in the hearts of thousands of children and families.  As a program of Judson Memorial Baptist Church, Judson Preschool has been creating a loving and nurturing place for children to learn about themselves and the world around them for more than 46 years. Its recipe for success has been simply having a staff that embodies tremendous experience and warmth and continually focuses on what is most important — happy children. Judson Preschool enjoys a reputation for excellence. The non-denominational, play based, early childhood program is open to children age 33 months until Kindergarten enrollment and meets on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with both a morning and afternoon session. Lunch Bunch and Friday morning programming are offered as additional options.

Position Summary

The Judson Preschool Director is responsible for all aspects of operating a morning and afternoon preschool program. This includes leadership of parent/preschool relationships, staff recruitment and retention, child enrollment processes, curriculum development, classroom management, staff management and development, financial management, and marketing strategies. The Director is a full-time (40 hours per week) employee of Judson Memorial Baptist Church and reports to the Judson Preschool Board of Directors, a seven person Board consisting of preschool parents and members of Judson Church.

Essential Job Functions

  1. Supervise a team of teachers and other staff in the operation of a premier South Minneapolis preschool, including day-to-day operation and routine special events.

  2. Recruit and train teachers and other staff as needed to staff preschool classrooms and special events.

  3. Regularly monitor, evaluate, and develop preschool staff to ensure that a continuous learning culture is developed and fostered and that classroom management practices are continuously improved.

  4. Implement classroom management practices that ensure maintenance of a safe, secure, and orderly preschool environment at all times.

  5. Develop and implement marketing strategies that create interest in the preschool and fuel strong enrollment in both morning and afternoon programs as well as optional programming.

  6. Establish enrollment processes that ensure children are enrolled efficiently, acclimated smoothly into their classrooms, and monitored to ensure success.

  7. Function as primary contact person for parents/guardians on enrollment, assimilation, progress, and all other matters pertaining to the preschool. Conduct parent orientation sessions on a routine basis. Proactively communicate with parents to keep them abreast of matters affecting the preschool and their children through such means as emails, letters and up-to-date website information. Maintain open and positive communication channels with preschool parents/guardians.

  8. Regularly select and/or develop curriculum for a program that is age and developmentally appropriate for a preschool environment where each child is encouraged to reach his/her fullest potential.

  9. Maintain preschool records and facilities in accordance with local and state regulatory agencies and conforming to all applicable health, safety, and licensing requirements, ensuring that the preschool continues to be licensed appropriately. Regularly review and update as needed the Parent Handbook and other preschool operating policies.

  10. Operate Judson Preschool in a fiscally responsible manner. In collaboration with the Board of Directors and Treasurer, develop and monitor an annual budget for the preschool ensuring needs are met, including needed reserves. Oversee accounts receivable and accounts payable processes, ensuring timely collection and disbursement of funds. Maintain prudent purchasing practices and proactively manage any vendor relationships.

  11. Proactively and routinely report to the Board of Directors on enrollment trends and significant issues affecting the preschool. In collaboration with the Treasurer, create financial reports and report on results to the Board of Directors. Attend Board meetings as requested.

  12. Maintain collaborative working relationships with other Judson Church staff members and Church Committees as necessary to ensure adherence to Church building use policies, personnel policies and processes, insurance requirements, property maintenance protocols and other relevant policies and practices.

  13. Keep fully informed of issues and trends which affect preschoolers, their parents and the operation of a preschool education program through such means as reading, seminars and professional associations.

  14. Positively and professionally represent Judson Church to preschool parents, staff and in the community.

Education and Experience

This position requires a current teaching license and experience supervising other staff. The successful individual will be a strong leader with a solid work ethic, possess a passion for teaching children, have excellent communication and relationship skills, and have the ability to function as an effective supervisor and administrator.

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