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Affinity Program - Partner APPLICATION
Thank you for your interest in the Kern County Bar Association (KCBA) Affinity Program Partnership. We think this is a wonderful way to build bridges in our business community, and we hope you find the program to be even more than you expected.
Once accepted as an Affinity Partner, you will receive the following Benefits:

  • Free Full-Page advertisement in the Res Ipsa Loquitur (RIL) – our high quality, full color magazine

  • The opportunity to submit educational/informational articles to the RIL for un-paid publication

  • A 10% Discount on all RIL Advertising orders

  • Link to your Website from our public and ‘Members ONLY’ sections of our Website

  • Listing on our public and ‘Members Only’ sections of our Website with a brief description of your services and on our Members Only section a detailed expose of the discount you afford our members!

  • One Complimentary Associate Membership

    • Be fully ‘plugged-in’ to the happenings of Membership

    • Networking from an insider position with ‘Partner’ status

  • First right of refusal to be a Sponsor of our popular Member events

    • Networking opportunities with clout as a valued Partner and Sponsor

    • Mention in the event program materials

    • Table for materials and/or display provided when available

    • Recognition on Sponsor Board and/or from the Podium

  • Opportunity to host a Members event in order to provide information on topics of interest to our Membership (event proposal must be submitted and approved by Board)

  • Recognition with prominence in our Membership marketing materials distributed to all members and potential members throughout Kern County

  • The ability to provide your promotional materials at the KCBA offices for our Members information and distribution

  • Accessibility and prominence with our Membership

    • Through the Welcome Gift you will drive our members to visit your establishment!

    • Through the discount offer you will keep them coming back as clients of your business!

We also want you to please note the Affinity Partner Program Requirements:

  • Annual Affinity Partner Fee of $2,000

    • (Exclusive Partner status for your entity grouping may be available – please inquire of the KCBA Executive Director if you would like further details)

  • Annual Welcome Gift to each KCBA Member

    • The ‘Gift’ is to be determined and provided by the Affinity Partner. It should have a minimum retail value of $10 and be approved by KCBA

    • Provision of a Welcome Gift announcement advertising piece to be included in each of our membership packets for distribution by KCBA

  • Discount product or service offer to all KCBA Members

    • Percentage of discount on item(s) and/or services offered is to be determined by the Affinity Partner, but must be approved by KCBA and must be availed throughout the membership year

  • Annual Advertising Minimum of $1,000 in the KCBA magazine, the Res Ipsa Loquitur, to promote services and/or products

    • Type, size, and frequency of advertising to be determined by Affinity Partner, but ad must be in compliance with standard RIL advertising protocol

Kern County Bar Association

Affinity Program Application

Through the completion and submission of your application to the Kern County Bar Association Affinity Program you are indicating your acceptance of program parameters, and your intention to comply with the requirements of the program as indicated.
You are applying to participate in the KCBA Affinity Program as a:  PARTNER  FRIEND
Contact Name: Title:
Contact Phone #: E-mail:
Name of Business:
Location(s) of Business:

Mailing Address:
Business Phone #: Website:
Brief Description of Business: `

How long has the Business been operating in Kern County:
Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau? Chamber of Commerce?
Proposed Welcome Gift: Retail Value:
Proposed offered Member Discount:

Restrictions to use of Member Discount (if any):
Other Comments of Interest:

Name of Person submitting the Application:
Title: Date Submitted:
Are you authorized to proceed with becoming an Affinity Program Participant with KCBA: Yes No
If not, who is? Title:

Signature of Applicant

Thank you for your interest and submission. Your application will be reviewed by the Kern County Bar Association and you will be notified immediately of the receipt of your application and within the next 10 days as to the status of your application. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact the KCBA Executive Director at (661) 334-4700, or the program assistant at .

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