Kids in Parks track trail Network Expansion Project Grant Application

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Kids in Parks TRACK Trail Network Expansion Project

Grant Application
This application should be submitted to Michelle Wells at the NC Recreation & Park Association by 5pm on April 19, 2012. Please type your information in the form below and send as a word document to You will receive confirmation of your application being received within 24 hours.


County: Burke

Park & Recreation Agency Name: Morganton Parks and Recreation 
Park Information:

Name of Park where TRACK Trail will be: Catawba Meadows Park

Street Address of Park: 200 Catawba Meadows Dr

City: Morganton State: NC Zip: 28655

Park Director’s Name:  Daniel Stines

Phone (include area code): 828-438-5371

This location is owned and managed by our local park and recreation agency?  Yes or  No

TRACK Trail Manager who is responsible for reporting to KIP

Name: Daniel Stines

Agency (if applicable): Morganton Parks and Recreation 

Phone (include area code): 828-438-5371


Information of Person filling out this Form:

Name: Daniel Stines

Agency (if applicable): Morganton Parks and Recreation 

Phone (include area code): 828-438-5371



For questions with character limits, MS Word can provide you this information by using the “Word Count” function located under the “Review” tab.

Provide a brief narrative about your Park/Site in detail (i.e. size, amenities, sport fields, playgrounds, pet area, etc…):

250 words or less:

Catawba Meadows Park has grown to be one of Western North Carolina's most recognized regional park and sports complexes. Catawba Measdows park hosts 1500-2000 baseball and softball teams annually on its nine field complex. There are 100's of events hosted at the park annually ranging from weddings, bike ralleys, fundraisers, foot races, to several festivals such as the Red, White and Bluegrass Festival and Art in the Park. Catawba Medows borders 1.8 miles of the Catawba river, offers three access points to the greenway system as well access to a canoe/kayak portage. This park is also the location of the Bean Stalk Journeys zipline tour, one of the best canopy tours in the state. Catawba Meadows houses 2 regulation sand volleyball courts, three paviolion shelters, natural adventure system, restrooms and shower facilities. The Kids in Parks Track Trail system will accommodate and compliment our 18 hole Disc Golf Course located on a 32 acre portion of the 232 total acreage. Our disc course was designed by Harold Duvall of Innova Disc Golf and installed by Eagle Scout Tyler Lindell, Troop 189. 

Describe the trail you wish to become a TRACK Trail in detail. (Length, difficulty, trail condition, trail surface, trail amenities, trail uses, etc…)

250 words or less:

Our goal is to improve our existing disc golf course with the addition of the Track Trail program and make it a Nature Disc Golf Trail. The existing area is on a 32 acre track of property located at Catawba Meadows Park. The terrain is easy to moderate with gradual topography. The length of a complete 18 hole game is approximately 1.1-1.3 miles depending on if you play amatuer or advanced distances. Trail conditions remain usable year round, terrain surface is grass and natural matterial. Trail contains one foot bridge and offers some rolling topography. Amenities consist of restrooms, covered pavilions and water. This facility is used for a variety of things such as camping for festivals, boy scouts, Great American Backyard Campout as well we use it for the Over Mountain Victory reinactment field day for the local school system. The fact this course is located primarily in a meadow opens the door for a number of different activities annually. 

Describe the type of experience your visitors will have on the TRACK Trail at your site. (What will they see or hear? What will they be able to do? Etc…)

250 words or less:

The people who come to enjoy this Track Trail will have the opportunity to enjoy everything the park has to offer. Catawba Meadows Park was designed to maintain a natural setting and to not take away from the natural beauty the site already contained. Limited natural disturbance has been practiced throughout the entire development of this property and it shows with undesturbed buffer zones, facilities and amenities built with natural matterials and the addition of over 900 native tree's planted. Visitors will experience a wonderment of nature while in the park. They may enjoy a stroll along the Certified Birder Friendly greenway where they will spot a variety of birds from Red Tail Hawks, Robins to Bluejays. Its not uncommon to spot a white tail or two early in the AM nor is it out of the ordinary to spot a fox. The Catawba River adds to the lush ecosystem giving chance to spot box turtles sun bathing or whooping cranes taking launch.There is a vast amount of biodiverity at this park visitors will have the oportunity to experience. 

How do you plan to ensure your TRACK Trail will have a long and vibrant role in the community?

250 words or less:

Morganton Parks and Recreation takes pride in all of our involvments, entities and amenities within our agency. We take pride in our partnerships, therefore uphold all agreements to ensure both agencies are saticified with the output of the program. Our hopes are that with the continued growth of disc golf advocates this program will spawn some new interest in our natural environment especially with our youth. We host several disc golf tournaments per year which produce a lot of activity on the course/trail. There is a lot of pottential to make this Track Trail interactive with both disc golf events as well some of the field days we host on site. There will also be added incentive for when we advertise Back Yard Campouts to offer a interpretive nature walk. This addition to the course can be an added feed to the overall Outdoor Programs for our agency. This Trail system will be a part of our routine maintenance therefore any damage will be repaired effeniently as well updates will be made regularly. This Track Trail would be a great addition to an already thriving environment. 

Describe how the TRACK Trail will be incorporated into your existing interpretive / educational programming.

250 words or less:

The Track Trail program will accommodate our existing Outdoor Programs in the means of offering additional amenities that offer options of having more in house programming without leaving our park settings. Track Trail will create a great interpretive outdoor adventure for younger age groups who may not qualify for our more remote outings. There will be several opportunities per year to incorporate the Track Trail program with events, campouts as well other organizations. A Nature Identification Walk will compliment our Back Yard Camp Out, open opportunities for Scouts to earn merit while on their retreats as well give the everyday disc golfer some added educational information about the area they are playing in. 

Does the trail have any other designation? Or, any other partners associated with it?

200 words or less:

Catawba Meadows Disc Golf Course is part of the designated Over Mountain Victory Trail that is also part of our Greenway system. 

Please tell us about the population this TRACK Trail will serve. Will this TRACK Trail target one or more of the potentially underserved/at-risk-populations?

250 words or less:

The existing Disc Golf course is accessible by a variety of abilities and populations. Our goals are to provide quality programming and facilities for all of our citizens within the community regardless of the population type. In addition we strive to meet all requirments for all population types so that everyone has the option of participating in recreation, leisure or extra curricular activities. 

Briefly describe the “typical” visitor to your park?

200 words or less:

Catawba Meadows welcomes a variety of people, local citizens, tourist as well business travlers. On a typical day our park mostly hosts our local citizens and neaby neighbors. Weekends the park becomes more regional and we have folks traveling from all over Western NC. During our festival times Catawba Meadows becomes the host to international travelers for up to a week. 

How much visitation does your park receive annually?

200 words or less:

Catawba Meadows Park host 15-20 team baseball/softball tournaments nearly 40 week ends out of the year, close to a dozens festivals and several hundred picnic paviolion reservations annually. It is safe to say that nearly two hundred thousand visitors enter this park annually whether it is for a picnic, tournament, discgolf or baseball/softball or festival. Regardless the event we are here to accommodate. 

Community Partners: List community partners and the role they will play in supporting the TRACK Trail. (Partners may be contacted)
Name of Agency/Group: B.A.D Disc Golf Club

Contact Person: Jay Pendley


City: Morganton State: NC Zip: 28655

Email:       Phone: 828-443-4954

Describe your Partnership: Disc golf course adopted through this club. 

Name of Agency/Group: Over Mountain Victory Trail Association

Contact Person: Paul Carson 

Address: 2635 Park Rd

City: Blacksburge State: SC Zip: 29702

Email: Phone: 864-936-3477

Describe your Partnership: Dedicated Over Mountain Victory Trail Site

Name of Agency/Group: Innova Disc Golf 

Contact Person: Harold Duvall

Address: 2850 Commerce Dr

City: Rockhill  State: SC Zip: 29730

Email: Phone: 800-476-3968

Describe your Partnership: Course designer, supplier and consultant. 

You may also include additional letters of support from partner groups.

By submitting this application, we agree to adhere to the guidelines and requirements outlined in this application if selected as a TRACK Trail site. Typing your name below and submitting this application is equivalent to your electronic signature.
Park & Recreation Director: Gary Leonhardt 
TRACK Trail Manager: Daniel Stines 

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