The Pause Project partnership Game Proposal Document

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The Pause Project partnership

Game Proposal Document

Initial Outline of software to be developed

Steven Battersby


This document describes the initial design proposed for the simulation deliverable element of the PAUSE project. The conceptual design of the pedagogic approach and the gameplay approach is extensively integrated to lead to measurable, reliable, reflective learning, which is a suitable approach to creating attitudinal change, or creating the readiness for change. The developing design model incorporates a wide range of modalities, and it is beyond the scope of the PAUSE project to realise them all, however, they are described here for completeness, and for anticipated post-project expansion of functionality. The document has been completed via the amalgamation of collated data, project definition documents as provided by the project partner consortium.


Version History 3

Overview of Aims and Objectives 4

Project Rationale 4

Project Demographics 4

Hardware Specification 5

Simulation Overview 5

Simulation Purpose 6

Context of Use 6

Outline of Game Play Mechanics 6

Notes on Game Play Mechanics 6

Potential Game Play Schematics 8

Dual Simulation Experience 8

Interactive Exploratory Simulation 8

Potential Game Dialogue Systems 8

The Hub and Spoke Dialogue System 8

Rationale for Hub and Spoke – Social Learning Theory 9

Potential Implementation of Hub and Spoke – Mass Effect Style Paraphrasing 10

Artefacts of Game Play 13

Genre 13

Camera 13

Controls 13

Saving and Loading 14

Saving of Multiplayer Data 15

Simulation Interface 15

Game and/or Simulation Editor 15

Game and/or Simulation Player 15

Game and/or Simulation Framework 15

Functionality related notes 15

Menu and Screen Descriptions 16

Game/Simulation World 17

Items 17

Game/Simulation Levels 18

Scenario One – At the Job Centre 18

Scenario Two – Job Centre Plus 20

Scenario Three – The Job Interview 20

Scenario Four – Support or Hindrance 20

Game Progression 21

Characters 21

Concerns and or Highlighted Issues 24

Miscellaneous Notes 24

Version History

The following table outlines the primary changes made to the document throughout the course of development and the project life cycle.






Steven Battersby


First Draft of document including exemplar content developed via WP document.

Edit: Completed for the 2nd Transnational meeting in Nykoping Sweden


Steven Battersby


First Draft of document including summary of content provided by project partners following evaluation of collated data as presented by consortium during the Nottingham transnational.

Please note asset bibles are not to be populated for this release.

Completed for the 11.11.11 project deliverable WP4


Steven Battersby


Full refactor of document including separation of Asset Bibles into separate documents.


Steven Battersby


Request for additional documentation to be provided by the partnership to finalise scenario outlines and rudimentary asset definition.


Steven Battersby


Refactor of document – preparation of the removal of initial game editor content to separate document.

Table : Game Proposal Document Version History

Please detail here any changes that you have made to this document and the date the change occurred.

Overview of Aims and Objectives

The Promoting Acceptance Using Simulated Environments (PAUSE) Project aims to remove attitudinal and discriminatory barriers to employment for newly arrived migrants and refugees in the European Community.

The PAUSE project aims to utilise games technologies to produce single and multiplayer games based learning scenarios scoped via user sensitive inclusive design with project stakeholders in the UK, Sweden and Italy.

It is envisaged that the production of interactive 3D scenarios to demonstrate and address the key internal and external attitudinal barriers to employment for this target group, would allow the the target audience to overcome these issues by their own supported problem solving within these scenarios

To include stakeholders in producing the narratives for the scenarios to ensure that the real issues for the target group, which are creating the barriers to employment are addressed

To ensure that end user groups are included throughout each phase of the project.

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